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January 1, 1976     The Florala News
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January 1, 1976

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IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED• ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. " ...... O:,:L.: "" ItO.,. :: v , . Pd ESTABLI -ED 1gO0 Location Of 105 Consecutlve Annual Masonic Celebrations On Beautiful Lake Jackson And Gateway To The Gulf Coast Shootout Injuries Predictions ~Ire Good For 1976 And Better For 1977 f~o~,lerdl~ to evervthir~, you read from the experts, the world's YL !s_expect-~J- to~s~ow a gradual and steady recovery in m_mnatlon expected to drop, etc. we noted the printing industry's forecast for 1976 tipped es With 69~ of those questioned favoring a positive out- ~"t'o lB. Most felt that economic pressures will at long last t~;. ease, gradually giving way to an increasing expansive ] not for all these good forecasts, I would be tempted to and see ill couldn't be as successful as some, draw- food stamps.. Not really. to coutinue to have the good health to be able to stay basis. At least we are providing a service and appreciated by most citizens. It has been to be a real pleasure to serve the citizens of Flu- areas. ill be as good as you and I make it -- so let's very best effort to whatever task is at hand and a happy and prosperous New Year for all. not the best of years -- we have seen better and we So, our complaints are few. Nonetheless, it 1976 can and will be improved upon. an international forecast coordinated Y of Pennsylvania economists, is relatively optimis- which says: "Atthe global level, world trade production have just come through a severe recessJen to show significant improvement in 1976 and are: - Real world industrial growth 0.6 percent this year, is expected to re- ' growih in 1976 and 6.2 in 1977. in the USSR and six European centrnHy planned average close to 6 per cent over the next two countries showed a 5.2 per cent growth rate in LINK. countries, faced with declining markets in the will show less than 4.5 per cent growth this year with 5.6 per cent and 6.7 per cent growth in respectively. of domestic price inflation world wide is an an- cent for 1975. The forecast says this should 7.5 per cent next year and to 5.7 per cent in the developing nations in Africa, Asia, South Am- East, however, the report isn't as optimis- increase in the inflatioo rate to 14.4 per cent il.5 per cent in 19"/5, before falling off somewhat iu 1977. Was Your Christmas? clan, it was very quiet and especially nice r members all at home and feeling good. The wea- too good but since we do not have any small child- to get out and ride new bikes and play games, put a damper on our family gut-to-aether. dinner at Mum McRae's and about all I can contributed was the making of the dressing. Be- turkey, Mum cooked a hen so that I would of broth for making the dressing and boiled a fresh Added to that, we enjoyed fresh frozen butter beans, carrots, dumplings, fresh coconut cake, lane cake Cake and plenty of that strong Kimbro coffee or tea. is about the only thing Larry complains about at his ~k|He thinks it is entirely too strong. It'sgnedto Faster Court On Agenda an extra dab of cream. Oh yes, and we had plenty ~ade some that I particularly liked - 6 eggs separated. When the Covington Coun- ty Grand Jury meets January 5 it will start in motion several changes expected to make court activities smoother and faster moving. District Attorney Frank Me- Gill said this week that an es- rambled 175 cases are expected Whites until stiff. Beat yolks separately adding 1/3 nng to taste - You can use 1 T spoon rum flavor- r. To this add 1/~ pint whipped cream and whites - chill and eat with spoon. It is so thick But it sure is good and oh, how many calories! Sters, Hester Morgan of Andalusia and Libby Klmbro Joined us for dinner and it is always a pleasure to ,ibby and Hester. Neither of them have immediate any time they will, we ask them to join us and the day more enjoyable. Hester is one of those get home before dark and is frightened and nervous the weather is bad. So, she was miserable early L When the wind was blowing so furiously, but when so did Hester and we all relaxed and made to be put before the Grand Jury for its consideration dur- victions, particularly cases in- volving individuals convicted of selling drugs. The week will be a full one for the Grand Jury, courthouse sources concede, but even at that it will be lighter than some in recent years. One problem area expected to be accented shortly after the Grand Jury convenes is that of space to house prisoners. Pre- sent occupancy rate of the coun- ty jail is between 45 and 50, ins the week of activities, an ins the week of activities, and this will be slightly less than Grand Jury At last count there were ap- proximately 17 prisoners in this category and the rest of the inmates in the county jail were awaiting trail on felony charges. "We really don't know what we will do," one deputy said, "we know the situation is like- ly to become worse if we have an influx of prisoners." Early Gathering Of Tax Records Important Job Two Men, One Serious Two men were injured, one of them seriously, Monday night, December 22, when fight- ing erupted in a county spot, and turned to a shotgun duel before it ended. Reports from the Sheriff's office just prior to press time listed the injured as Walter Harrell of Florala and Marlon Fowler of Route 2, Red Level. Fowler was hospitalized in An- dalusia Monday night, then transferred to a Pensacola hos- pital. Officers said the investiga- tion into the incident is not complete, and charges had not been filed late Tuesday. The investigation is expected to con- tinue for a day or so, as state- ments are taken from a number of witnesses. Deputies revealed that the in- cident apparently started with an argument at The Drip Rock Club on a county road about two miles off the Andalusia-Florala highway Monday evening, and involved Fowler and the pro- prietor of the business, Ray- mond Heisler. Fowler reportedly left the scene and returned around II p.m. and the argument turned into a fight. He walked out of the building threatening to get WILDCATS ROLL WITH VICTORIES ON • BASKETBALL COURT After getting a late start into the basketball season because of the state football playoffs, the Florala Wildcats began the re- gular season by playing Luverne in Florala under their new head coach, George Lancaster. The Wildcats held a slim 27-24 half- time lead; however, a third- quarter spurt in which Florala doubled the scoring of Luverne, put the game away for the Wild- cats. The final score was 57- '39, with Arthur Hooks with 16 points, leading the scoring for the Wildcats. Next Florala ventured to Elba where the Wildcats again were slow getting started. But, in the 3rd quarter, the Wild- cats came from behind to lead the Elba Tigers and win the game 55-51. High point men for the Wildcats were Willie Williams and Arthur Hooks. Stranghn was the next op- ponent for the Wildcats. The Wildcats again took a slim vic- tory by the score of 70 to 67. Willie Williams was high point man with 25 points. The Wildcats met its toughest opponent when they went to New Brockton to play the Game- cocks. The Wildcats came from his gun, and returned, shooting several persons present, offi- cers said. The threat sent the owner and visitors scurrying to the back room, and Fowler stood outside the building with his shotgun leveled in the direction of the building, reports reveal- ed. Walter Harrell, a visitor, peeked out a window of the build- ing to see what was happening, and Fowler allegedly fired two shots at him, the first chipping part of the block from the building, which struck Harrell in the face and the second strik- ing him in the head as he look- ed around the window. Three buckshot pellets struck him in the scalp, officers said. Fowler reportedly, fired ano- ther shot at the window, and at that time, Heisler, the oper- ator of The Drip Rock Club, returned his fire with a shot- gun, striking Fowler and he fled the scene. Heisler then called county authorities, and deputies later found Fowler at a house trailer about a mile and a half from the scene. They reported that he had been struck by at least four pellets, three in the arm and one in the cen- ter of the left eye. He was immediately carried to Anda- lusia Hospital, treated and transferred to Pensacola fa- cility Tuesday morning. Harrell was treated at the hospital Monday night, then released. He was going to Pen- .... uacola Tuesday, authorities said, to an eye specialist. EARLY FILING OF INCOME "FAX REAPS FAST REFUND Taxpayers who file their re- turns in January or early Feb- ruary can expect any refund due in four to five weeks or roughly half the lime late fliers will have to wait, Dwight T. Bap- tist, IRS District Director for Alabama, said. In urging taxpayers'to file early, Baptist said that indivi- duals who delay filing until late March or April -- the peak fil- ing time -- may have to wait for their refunds as long as I0 weeks. Another advantage to filing early, according to the Alabama district director, is avoidance of careless errors often made by last-minute fliers who are rushed. These errors -- which frequently involve incorrect arithmetic, use of the wrong tax table, or failure to sign the return -- can further de- lay processing of the return Christmas day. the average for juries in the the Sheriff's department sta- behind; however, they lost by as well as the refund check. "Use Psychology, Bear" past few years, tes, with a capacity of about a score of 70-80... Baptist said that taxpayers One of the primary changed 60. Occupancy already sen- Ever have to hunt for a mis- This year it will probably be Next, the Wildcats oeat Plea- should begin now to gather their ~t not be a bad idea for Couch Bear Bryant to use the One of the primary changes tenced and awaiting acceptance placed wallet or purse just be- to the advantage of many for- sant Home by a score of 96- records, such as receipts or will be that the jury will be one of State PrisOns. Federalcourt fore leaving the house? It has mer 1040 taxpayers to use the 80 with Willie Williams being cancelled checks, to substan- Ier'~C|~logy on Leroy Cook as was used by his high school of three scheduled for the year orders have forbidden the prio to be one of life's most frus- Form 1040A because the stan- the high point scorer again, tiate ilemized medical deduc- F~-c~ach-" the story is being told around New Orleans,, site instead of the normal two. sons to accept additional lama- trating experiences. Similar- dard deduction has been in- The Wildcats' final game tions, charitable contributions, r~lng Sugar Bowl game Wednesday night when Barns "We're trying to cut down on tes until certain conditions in ly, the last minute search for creased -- one of a number of prior to the Andalusia Christ- and others. With records in State. nmentthe load facing a jury and give the prisons have been changed, records needed to fill out tax tax breaks provided for by the mas Tournament, was with Red order, Baptist added, the tag- t~the fifth youngest of six sons and his enviro them time to adequately con- forms can be just as frustrat- Tax Reduction Act of 1975. Level, who has a very strong payer can begin to fill out the ~1~ to look out-for himself. He never had many material sider each case and still finish ins - particularly when the " team this year. The Tigers beat tax return as soon as the tax c~s as a child, so when something did belong to him -- a in a ,, reasonable amount of search begins on the evening of the Wildcats by a slim margin, package arrives by mail with- ~rly good stick, an old baseball or maybe :a frog -- he ~,-'t witha ferocity known only to a boy with four older time, McGiII said. The past MEMBERS URGED April 15th. For enmple, a Police ,,-- ,o the next two weeks. several court teams have seen taxpayer who hasn't had the the grand jury using the entire time to gather together records ~0tball coach at Abbeyville High School:, where L,eroy week, and handling in excess of TO GET ADVANCE of all charitable contributions Arrest ~, Put that ferocity to good use. "Leroy, he said, you 200 cases during some week- or medical expenses could be .to p!,zy football and you are going to be what we call long sessions, in addition to overlooking items, makinger. G y PI ys I ~Ve end. • considering possible criminal BANQUET TICKETS rors in haste, and short-chang- t n e a n ~r~r"' said Lerny. violations, grand juries and lng himself or herself at tax Huckabaa roy," said the coach, "I want you to start every game charged with the responsibility Florala Quarterback Club time. , L~ that is your football the other team is us/ng out there, of checking the books, roads and President Danny Harrison re- That s why the Internal Re- S g B ~:,,Leroy, it's your football and you should get it away other county and government minds members and other in- venue Service urges taxpayers The Florala Police Depart- ~ a r o wl operations to certify the status terested persons to please make to gather their tax records now, ment last Sunday, December 21, r~,,, said Leroy. this way that a two-time All-American defensive end of county business. This has arrangements to get advance so they will be ready to fill out arrested Wain HuckabhaofFlo- been a next-to-impossible task tickets for the 1975 Football their returns when their tax rnla and charged him with sell- in .the past few years, because Banquet which is being planned package arrives in the mail ing in Alabama Controlled Sub- "It gives me a great deal of her of the baud relates directly | 9Ys when you've worked for what you got and worn of the number of cases to go for Saturday night, January 10, around the first of the year and stance - the sale of marijuana, pride being in one of the largest to my career as hand director. ~lOWns from big brothers and picked cotton for~ a penny before the jury and the time at the FHS gymnasium, have all substantiating records a felony, and finest bands in the coun- I have had the chance this year LYou've got an edge on the cily boys. "Tbey never pulled required to henr witnesses and Club members will not be unhand. Ofcouree, there'sal- Police Chief Paul Mitchell try," says Micky Gautney, a to direct the hand at pep ral- [~3.00 dollars a day", he said. review the facts on these cas- charged but must pick up a tic- ways been an added advantage said the sale was made in the member of the University of lies." ~y standing 6-4 and weighing between Z05-ZZ0, he is ket so that those responsible for to getting an early start ontax- presence of officers. He was Alabama "Million Dollar strong and he attributes it all togrowing up in Abbey- eScases scheduled forconside- preparing the meal will know es. Persons who file their re- transferred to the Covington Band." ~na -- His quickness and agility he attributes to play- ration when the grand jury how many to plan for. Nonmem- turns in January can expect County Jail in Andalusia, .and Gautuey, a senior from Flo- [~lltsture baseball" as a bey. As in any baseball game, meets this January include mur- her tickets will be $5.00. Tic- their refunds in four to five was held on $Z5,000 bend. rala, will appear with the UA be Quick to run the bases. And, in the cow pasture, der, several assault with intent kets may,be obtained attheFHS weeks, while taxpayers whofile Mitchell said that Huckahaa band during halftime of the Su- be agile to run the bases safely. And you would slide to murder charges, numerous Principal s office, Evans Fun- later can experience refund will be charged also with vie- gar Bowl Football Classic bet- ~nly if the game depended on it. burglary and grand larceny ~,th comes from returning home each summer and charges along with a variety of the log mill. After spending an Alabama summer other felony criminal charges. trees, nothing is left under your sun-burned skin, One category of crimes, of. ~les. facials indicated, that of drug that each summer and you don't think of football as violations, have taken a notice- ' says Cook. "Football is just fun." able dip in recent months, lar- es to make up for Alabama's humiliation by Missouri ply attributed to a get tough ~levision, first game of the season, by at least break- policy of local law enforcement son Tide bowl game jinx, in New Orleans Wednesday officers withrngardto~lrugvio- t~-" Sugar Bowl, against Penn State. __ lations, and a h~mber of stiff I~tt football back to Alabama, Leroy. We're all for It! sentences handed down on con- eral Home or the Dinner Bell waits of as long as eight weeks. Restaurant. During the process of the program, an election and in- stallation of officers for the 1976 football year will be con- ducted. QB members are reminded of a meeting Wednesday night, January 7, at the Dinner Bell Restaurant. Make plans sow to attend. Getting an early start makes good sense whether a taxpayer files the Form 1040 or the short Form 1040A. With respect to the choice of forms, this year the IRS will send Form rl040A to some 15 million Americans who fried on Form 10401ast yearbe- caune these taxpayers could have used the short form. lating parole. He was jailed in Ohio and Alabama with the transportation of a stolen ve- hicle, but was presently on pa- role whun caught selling mari- juana. Mitchell added that, upon con- viction of the present charge, Huckabua could have his parole revoked and face additional pri- son time accessed in the mari- Juana sale. ween Alabama and Penn State on New Year's Eve. This marks the lath appearance on televi- sion by the "Million Dollar Band" in the last six years. With a career planned in mu- sic, Gantney is gaining experi- ence in his future field. 'Tm a potential ha~! director and play first chair baritone," he explained. "Being a mere- Gautney and the 300 band members at Alabama devote ap- proximately 15 hours eachweek to rehearsals and performan- ces. This figure does not in- elude time spent traveling to and from each game. "The University band has s long and illustrious tradition," added Gautney. "I was in the hand in 1969 under Colonel But- ler before joining the Marines." Gautney was a member of the All-State Band for four years and served three years in the Marines. He Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Gauthey of Florala.