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January 4, 2012     The Florala News
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January 4, 2012

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PAGE 4 THE FLORALA NEWS - WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4, 2012 I Comments Letter to the Editor The Florala News' editorial section is intended to provide our readers and citizens as complete an opportunity to express themselves with as few re- strictions as possible. Profanity, direct or implied, and attacks on one's per- son rather than on actions or deeds are not acceptable. Publication on this page in NO WAY REFLECTS AGREEMENT OR ENDORSEMENT BY THIS NEWSPAPER. No trip to south Florida would be complete without stop- ping off at Walt Disney World even if it was just for an hour or two. Getting into Downtown Disney is always free and a good way to get one's Disney fix when a week's worth is not quite on the agenda yet. The week between Christmas and New Year's Day is the busiest time at The Most Magical Place on Earth, but I thought everyone would be at a park and not at Downtown Disney. Boy, was I wrong. Last week began with a rather sad time for us. On Christ- mas Eve we put Cydney on a plane to go to Arizona to spend time with her father and his family. I knew she would have a good time, and was excited for her to go, but knew I would miss her nonetheless. And any time my kids are away from me is an anxious time for me. It's all out of my control and I worry until they are back in my presence. When I got her text that she had landed safely, I breathed a small sigh of relief knowing at least she was back on the ground. Wednesday found us driving down to Boynton Beach to spend some time, and New Year's, with Amanda's parents. Things between them have been a bit strained over the years, as is the case for a lot of families, and I knew that it would do them all some good and begin the healing process. I figured since we were going right by Disney World, why not stop in for a few minutes since Amanda had never been. Since the kids and I are absolutely in love with the place, I had to get her to drink the Disney World KoolAid, so to speak. Come April, she's going to be immersed in it for nine  days, so I had tQ get her ready! Driving into the area around Disney World, I quickly re- alized that it might not have been a good idea to "drop by" when we did. Traffic was not very favorable, but seeing that it was close to 5:00, I shrugged it off as rush hour traffic. It didn't take long to get to the entrance to Downtown Disney, but traffic wasn't any better. I couldn't figure out why it was so bad on a Wednesday afternoon. Usually people are coming and going on the weekend, but seeing as though Christmas had just passed, I figured it was people getting out of dodge when they knew what was good for them. We pressed on and when I reached the parking area to Down- town Disney, I knew it was going to be a madhouse. We luckily found a parking space near where we were go- ing and began the trek into a sea of people. Let me tell you, knowing where you're going is such a benefit and I led the way going in and out of folks who had no clue. We got our little treats we had gone for and quickly got out Of there. Interestingly enough, the next day I was on Twitter and found out why it was so crazy in Downtown Disney. All four Disney World parks had reached capacity just before we got there. When they reach capacity, they shut the gates down and won't allow anyone else to come in. And what do ya do when you can't get into one of the major parks? You go to, yep you guessed it, Downtown Disney. It didn't take too much longer to get to Boynton Beach. Once we got back on the Florida Turnpike, it was about two hours to her parents' house. They live in a very nice gated community and her father met us at the gate to get us in. That evening we spent catching up and pigging out on homemade lasagna, sandwiches, chips and dip and all kinds of yummy Christmas goodies. On Thursday, I had an experience I wll never forget. We had gone to nearby Delray Beach to let Dylan swim in the ocean a bit and walk around the nice little shops that lined the road. He found some seashells and we had a great time window shopping and stopping in at the Starbucks. On the way back to the car, we passed a very large antique shop that Dylan wanted to go into. Amanda had some apprehen- sion, and said something as we walked in, but I didn't hear her. We got maybe twenty to thirty steps inside and I began feeling something I had never felt before. It was like a light- headed, almost not really altogether there feeling. I kept getting pulses of something in my head that was the weird- est thing I have ever experienced. Amanda later told me, CROSSWORD Counting the Year's Blessings Have you heard any good news lately? Bad news abounds. It's been another tough year. Economic woes continue. Greece and Italy are on the verge of bankruptcy. Unemploy- ment is still high in the United States (around 8.6 percent), and the stock market has taken a beating. With approxi- mately $108 billion in insured catastrophic losses, 2011 is the second costliest year in history for the worldwide insur- ance industry. Hundreds of thousands have joined the Oc- cupy Movement in cities around the world to call attention to economic ills. Their activities, combined with those of the Tea Party movement and the massive demonstrations in Artb :S,ip0impted "Time" ngazine to name the pro- testor[is:"Persbn of the Year." " ....... Other problems also plague our world. More people, an estimated 27 million worldwide, are enslaved today than at any time in history. In March, a massive earthquake and tsunami killed almost 16,000 people in Japan. More than 150 tornadoes, leaving 550 people dead, ripped through the United States this year, most notably in Joplin, Missouri and Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Scandals rocked Penn State and Syracuse universities. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported this month that one in five American women say that she has been sexually assaulted at some time. Such headlines top newspapers, television news pro- grams, and Internet news sites every day. Unfortunately, good news is harder to find. Search the Internet, however, and you will find sites such as CNN "He- roes; .... Happy News; .... Real News," which includes "Com- pelling Stories, Always Positive;" the "Good News Net- work'" which features "News to Enthuse; .... Only Positive News;" "Daily Inspire News," which presents "the brighter side of news;" and "Positive News." Such sites feature sto- ries of ordinary people who saved the lives of others, good Samaritans who returned money and jewelry they found, individuals who paid other people's water or heating bills, BY DR. GARY SCOTT SMITH and people who are working to create a healthy, more ful- filling world. Consider other good news. Stories ot individual determi- nation and resilience are plentiful. A British centenarian of Indian ancestry, Fauja Singh, finished the Toronto Mara- thon in October. Hedda Bolgar, a 102-year-old therapist based in Los Angeles, still counsels clients four days a week and trains other psychologists. Despite the global economic slump, some economic prog- ress is occurring. A recent United Nations study reports that poverty in Latin America has decreased by 38 percent in the past 20 years. During this same period, microloans have helped create thousands of new businesses, and jobs and have lifted millions out of poverty in the world's de- veloping nations. These loans, which are repaid on time in more than 90 percent of cases, enable money to recirculate throughout poor communities. Several entrepreneurs are partnering with survivors of the devastating January 2010 earthquake in Haiti to move beyond simply providing food and shelter, as important as this goal remains. They are establishing a culinary school, a music conservatory, and a center to provide loans to social- ly-conscious businesses. Muhammad Yunus, who led the way in creating microloans for the poor, is helping to fund a vocational and computer-training school in Port-au-Prince. In the United States, hundreds of community-based or- ganizations and thousands of churches sponsor programs to assist the indigent. For example, since 2008, Gina Keatley's nonprofit, Nourishing NYC, has supplied fresh food and nutrition information gratis to almost 100,000 residents of Harlem and the Bronx. Meanwhile, Arizona Cardinals run- ning back Jason Wright retired from the NFL and gave up a multi-million dollar contract so that he could attend the see BLESSINGS page5 LETTER TO THE EDITOR Editor, What is happening to our young people or maybe some- one else? Here lately I have had two of my outside solar lights vandalized. I think I know who is doing it. I had po- lice officers up here and they told me what to do to catch whoever is doing this. Believe me if I found out who is doing this I will make it hot for someone and you will go to court and maybe jail also. I have got the devil in me that won't wait. If you don't want to get in frouble you better bring the light tops back and put them where they belong. I will catch you if I have to stay up all night long. Is/Barlara Sue Dennis Editor, As a member of this community, a graduate of Paxton High School, a volunteer with the American Cancer Soci- ety and a cancer survivor, a HUGE "THANK YOU" to the staff and students at Paxton High School for the successful "Cats Against Cancer" basketball tournament. A fund rais- er of this magnitude takes tremendous time and effort. The money raised for cancer research will help in the ongoing battle to find a cure for all cancers. The cancer awareness brought to everyone's attention can help save lives by early detection. Each of us will be touched by cancer at some time in our life. Thanks to awesome events like "Cats Against Cancer," this fight can be won. I'm here today as a 16-year cancer survivor because people like you contributed to can- cer research. GO BOBCATS!!! /s/Mary Perkins Paxton, FL Editor, The Sponsor Support Group and Residents of Florala Health and Rehab would like to thank our community and everyone who participated in our Bake Sale on Saturday, 17th of December at the Piggly Wiggly. Thanks to you, our fund-raiser was a great success. The residents of Flo- rala Health and Rehab, and our Sponsor Support, stuffed 40 stockings that were donated to the Carver center. This event truly brought the spirit of Christmas into our home and into the hearts of our residents. Sponsor Support Group and Residents Florala Health and Rehab The Florala News as we got outside after I got out of there as soon as I could, that she believed it was the energy of so many people who were represented in that antique/consignment store. That the majority of those pieces were probably from estate sales and still had quite a bit of energy attached to them. I knew it was nothing I ate or drank beforehand, as I didn't have anything differerit or unusual, and I felt better immediately after exiting the store and for the rest of the day. The next day, Amanda's father took the day off from work and we spent it in Ft. Lauderdale, going to the beach and walking around the shopping areas there. They let Dy- lan pick where we ate later in the day and he picked the most interesting looking place called Da Big Kahuna be- cause he said it looked, and I quote, "promising." The boy just cracks me up. We spent some time that evening with Shane, a good friend of her parents, at his place and had a really fun time. We took Dylan to swim in the heated pool at his complex and he loved every minute of it. We were a bit sad to leave, but I know we all enjoyed spending time with one another. We had to pick up Cydney at the airport in Panama City Beach on Sunday afternoon, so we got up and quickly headed out. She missed her flight coming home and that was another experience. But she made it home about three hours later and that's all that mattered in the end. I hope everyone had a great New Year's holiday. I know I did. 1 2 3 6 10 I 14 i Is I 16 17 i 18 i ! 25 26 27 35 4O 44 48 = 58 59 65--   69"1  72"   24 29 m in 46 5O i 66 67 7O 73 m PRESENTED BY 8 '1 '4 Where volunteering begins. n , StatePoint Media THEME: 2011 in Review ACROSS 1. Presumptuously daring 6. He has final say at the plate 9. Where to get pampered, pl. 13. Scoundrel 14. Needlefish 15. Diver's lung 16. Independent African ruler 17. Big Island necklace 18. Type of paint 19. *Deposed despot 21. *Atlantis was the last one 23. Right-angle building exten- sion 24. Another spelling for #16 Across 25. Bon Jovi 28. Like Jekyll and Hyde's per- sonality 30. *Arab 35. Stratfor-upon- , Shake- speare's birthplace 37. "The Man Who Too Much" 39. Become established 40. Holy Father 41. It cuts edge of yard 43. Verde National Park 44. A rooster to farmers? 46. Ready and eager 47. Eurasian duck 48. Scandinavian, e.g. 50. It can be wringed? 52. Greed or sloth, e.g. 53. Diamonds or hearts, e.g. 55. Nervous twitching 57. *They were super 61. *Royal beau 65. Autumn color 66. Witness 68. Polynesian lingdom 69. Like a new car 70. Employ. 71. Homework assignment 72. *Pitched at Occupy Wall Street 73.6th sense? 74. Reminiscent of the past DOWN 1. Big talk 2. '[Rome" in Italy 3. Matured, as in wine 13- m ...... i ...... i 4. Like Elvis's famous shoes 5. Official messenger of news 6. Tangerine/grapefruit hybrid 7: Legendary West 8. Rainbow-producing device 9. Jazz singing 10. Stroke on a green 11. Cain's unfortunate brother 12. Original home of the Sax- ons 15. Eats noisily 20. Stroke of luck 22. Her counterpart 24. Graceful or refined 25. *Site of nuclear disaster 26. Convex molding 27. With no face value 29. *Retired from "60 Minutes" 31. Roentgen Equivalent Man, pl. 32. Particulars 33. One born to Japanese im- migrants 34. Chewed on 36. Smart but awkward 38. "The Way We " 42. Straight muscles 45. It loves company 49. Mixed breed puppy 51. Out of 54. October's "Time," e.g. 56. Bring to an end 57. Well-mannered Emily 58. Heart feeling 59. Body part that can double 60. Superman's last name 61. "Read'era and " 62. In or of the present month 63. Petri dish gel 64. Clinic 67. Female suffix last week's solution