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Florala , Alabama
January 10, 1974     The Florala News
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January 10, 1974

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IMAGE SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ' ~LOR~ USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. , ,--,~,=. ,, THE FLORALA NEWS THURSDAY, , payment will be made for curt- " Leola Norris Maddox, threeiii:!i!~ ,~__,~~~!~ IA . ~ B ing the qualifying infested spots sons, Harold and Farriel ~ " I rl I I v ~ c In | ~ I I IP ~ I so that we can control these - -- Maddox of Plant City Flo- ..... ............... ...u..--.--.--..--..--. remote areas. 1 "W~ rida and doyt Maddox'ofthe _ _ _ For further information on ! I ~ A.-'~ U.S. Marines stationed in u: n n r A I1~ am ~ | J~ d~, ~, ~ l~ 111 subsidy contracts, you are ad- - J..L~ ~ Guantanamo; two daughters, ,:::~ ....... ~;~i+i Illln Ikl ~mP Inlll ~l. II IWI * ~UUll ~ vised to contact the Alabama Delores C reach of Stone Mona- ~ ;)~+1 Forestry Commission office in , , , tain, Georgia and VerleneRoss i ~ :~ : :" ~ ; ~!~g~:~ ~j The Laurel Hill City Coin- 8 p.m. January 25 at theCrest- Covington County, or Ranger Route Florala Alabama He of Destin, Florida;threebroth- eel in regular session Thurs- view Country Club. Mintues Henderson at telephone num-JOHNSON was a' native of' Walton County- ers, Almon Maddox and Roy day night, voted to rotate Coin- of last meeting and monthly her 222-4041 in Andalusia.financi 1 ................ ~ v'~"~r~n ' WWlwith'h'~R~in' C' Maddx f Flrala and Ed i i - .ell president and pro-.tem dut- a statement were up- ,~ Mr. Henry Graver Johnson, bow Division and a member of Maddox of Lockhart, Alabama ~et/:rjlXxm::tpnPermiOdn~.eitnd proved. [ I~l-... ~. age 79, passed. away .Sunday, the First Baptist Church. and a host of other relatives and ~,'d pis g P c~ .m Tt, [ 11 ~ W ~ January b, l~'tq in a v.A. adS- Survivors include his wife trlenas. water services in an area adja- 3outnern vine I pital. He was a native of Mrs Lida Tyson Williams oi Funeral services were con- cent to the north city limits. I Ozark, Alabama and a former Florala. one" dauehter Mrs ducted Saturday, December ?.9, rfrornt In the council reorganizing, I~A~tl,~ G~iIil i~snIPI ~lLIr resident of Florala for 55 U~z-I Fozzins ofMiami' two from the Mulberry Funeral thePoe, Councilman Jimmy Johnson, nLP~&m~ OILlll [ ........ ~ ~v-- years. He was a Veteran of ~'r~nddan~hlprs" one ~reat Home by Rev. Browning and ibeautlf m al~ b council pro-tern since June of . o .... } WWl and a member oftheFirst ~randdau=hier-'three sisters Rev. Whidden with interment 1973, was elected council Active In Alabamal - Baptist Church ~,- ala~-~ ~orn of Birmln-' in Willow Oak Cemetery. ~ilt-inc n ..... ~,s.,.~. ,,.,.vo ~ b- ' president and cou cllman Aus- [ ~erv|ce~le[I Surwvors include his wife ham Mrs Vesta Linhart of ........ :'. ...... ................ ~-- ~those tin Clary was elected presi- -- ..... I Mrs. Mary Alma Johnson of ~V~n~ and" Mrs Irene Smith :::~!?:~:~i~!i{i!~!}~:i!~:i~!:~ili:~}~i}iiii~ "tOtak, dent pro-tern. The change el- . rorest. ~anger. ^. c:. lien- .. .......... Florala; one daughter, Mrs. "f ~-..1 ::i}~!: i;/:::~ ~ainst a ~eeCr'l~;e;mm3d~artoelmYt~lellf?rst p:;~;t:::i~ni~:maj~str1:_ lis~t3edve:t~ea~3~ti~d~Yaptts;:vy Ibba~emIErarll:ri)d:hnonsi:f " Fun;~ services were held ~t 'iego+rs"~l'rthi meetin in Januar to the June sued a report that the Southern at Montgomery, on Z7 Decem- t,~r~ mr~ n ~, C,~..m- .f 2:O0 p...Satur~y from the ~]]J~~..~ lobby meetin[. Y Pine Beetle is still active in her, 1973. _Randall is the son ~:l'oral'a','-Mrs. ":Ntyrt'ie Log'gon ~nape~ofo~vans :uneralHowme ~::~:: .: i,rmin, Approval of extending the wa- Covington County. . ot mr_ and. ^mrs.. J...vlctor of Titusville, Florida; one lqa'mso'n"o~f'ic'~atin'~=~3'uri"al'~'as ~r ~~:~:l i ~ext ter service was made, pending Because ofthecontm.uedpre- w_ya~ ~r__ot ~o~_w. ~tewart nephew, Comer Eugene Ste- i, th, Ch~-~ ui~" Com,t,~, l[ " ~ ~'~l['(~ I ~ h" approval from the Okaloosa sence of the beetle in some Sh~t,Opp, .. wart and three grandchildren. :,'-ql~"Evans+'~';,neral H~,=~'~l'i" l~':+:',~l ~1+ rop, ~......,.. ~......, .., r-.....,,~ areas of the county aerial wyatt enlisted in me ~avy's t:. ...... , ..... , ............ " ......... - ~7%~ ~:~. ~..J~lll ~ in fror s~ion'er~s tootle" right o~f~'wa';of flights are be!ng m.a~le, to de- C.ACHE Program which pro- duc~te'~'l'~':3~e~rues~a;~orn~ng recting. ! ~~-ll~l~! a county road that extends .t.ect the .extent of m.e ln tesia- vlaes mr six from the First Baptist Church [ ~~~ north from city limits to the tlon, sala li.anger lie.naerson !a.y o etoregomg on actlveuuty, of Florala with Reverend Free- MAD~OX home of Mrs. Eloise Stokes. and .the l anuowners involved ~ya[[ w21l report...~or a.cuv.e man Williamson officiating ~~+ In other action council vat- wl~ ne contacted_ . . . amy on zq June, l~..vt.. ^lie Is Burial was in the Greenwood Mr Albert J Maddox a ~!i* ' xoinsure that all inlested a senior at upp feign bcnool " ' :~: ::::!ii;:: ed to conduct awater consump- _ ......... Memorial Cemeterywlth Evans former resident of Florala tiontotalforthemonthsofJune, trees are controlled, Ranger :cn?iv:~lutg~a~3ate netore ms Funeral Home directing, passed away December 26,1973 July and August of 1973, for Henderson annou, nced that, the . . Y.. . ._ at his home in Mulberry, Flu- the purpose of determining ac- forestry t;ommlsslon has _ mmrmanon concerning me rida He was an Alabama ha- ~3~FORE LEAVING, Russell tual amount of water that's again initiated the program of l~avy, and.......... the various programs tA/mn i 1A M t h,,,~ "ho,,,,,,,.i..b .it'"'m......... many; .~'v'~rc: .......... f~.~tvls ................. 7nc'h~riah ca ....... ~....~.-d being used, prior to consider-subsidy payment contracts. ~:nn~le ~3 oN~?Yn~Proa~ W3r"" ......... in Coffee and Covington Coun-bye to Dr. Antoinette Eaton. Di-RTFA#ORA##~OS R MCI oK E i, ing any future expansion of the . ~ome small .spots ox nee tie . . a y .. .. ~Y.~.. Mr. Clyde C. Williams, age ties, several years of which was rector of the March of Dimes Birth municipal water system,damage are not nemg.cut aug lOCal .~avy tcecrulter, . cn.|et 79, passed away Thursday, in Florala. He was a resident Defects Center at Chil0ren's Has- Also council made plans to to the remoteness ann rough, WhOSe. o mce ]~ m: January 3, 1974 in an Anda- of Florida during the last years petal. Co/umbus, Ohio. and tells KI~ attend the league of munici- topography, Ranger Header- eaten at...~naams~a on court lusia Nursing Home. He was of his life. her he'd like to be adoctor too. He pality meeting scheduled for son explained, but a subsidy mluare, vnone zz~.-.#a~, a life long resident of Stella He is survived by his wife, has had surgery for open spine i ............... A - -1, - -- -- --,-- -- I,'-'m, -: Open Monday- Saturday "1 .... I Ill1 m'--n l' l II ll l 8:00-5:3Op.m. J I :~!i!i!iiiiiiii:iq~ll~l~ll rm~mml~F~l~ll~mll= Close AINoon Thursday I "The Odd It AIR I LooK~~ I " - I WH,4T [ .,,, IIl i idle++++ 0+ [ - : EIII After we've found dozens of items I | ~. ~ --,~~ ~ ~ -- -- ::iiiiii~ii!~i::~i::!:.!i/ ~b .... --~ ~ . . that k,~UST BE SOLD regardless of or,g,nal cost or for-. ! ! IV BA B~ ~iii!~i!i!: ~AVE ~KUM mer price, To movethismerchandiseasquicklyas I )~J| !..'1 SLliBroyhillE, I Ill/''."" ""$1 :r::~ ~[~];~ ~A~ ' " " 'O "+ ") ^l "$ " A .o.. +'O w9 ,put Special Togs on each piece end ,e=~111I' REPORT[~4EMBER( ~/OF' ,:,,,,,..~,::t,:: .~,~,~.s, ? ][~!2~'~"~'r'~"/" '"~L~"t~FDlC~ Vi.p~ I!'j~`~71,~,~N' I ~J JJ I~l~l iiiiii/ 11~v/0 |~1~ dr~ ~lv//.i duced the prices to rock bottom! Listed below ore I I I ~ J~ JJ /J ~ , ~, ~ : . " /t/ only a few of the home furnishing buys that can be I l':-I l # 11nnF ' r OFF FOR 3 DAYS ' yourscrtf~ntasticsavings: But better hurry . . , Some ! I .... ~ -- items are one=ofoaokind and will go fast! I I Dozens of Famous Ndme Brand Items We Didn+t Even Know We Had Are Priced Low To Go! I ~11 ii I Broo kwood ~ t Br oyhill 4-" Piece French Craftma st er Early American I 18k~ ~P~ I ~. [ SOFA a CHAIR NI POSTUREREST }BEDROOM SUITE / SOFA a CHAIR n POLICE 1:1 7''''''" | in lovely print with quilted cover. Solo I l~P~v~nt.+e+ I I with maple trim. l +,,,,,me:m), ' Ie Ihos +co h,on "h Go ..mow ! I " ' " " " " " ! ^ I P.I arrests have bfeen made 'mAP' ads R $399 95 -- Dresser has broken mirror Reg $399 95 "" ,,'li w 2"49,no' 5 ides No 1 PIECE sofa .nd Howord choir GROUP with Herculon 95/ Ion , $OO9 sl 9 +. ,. ~F" P,ece " Reg. $159.95 Mosterp,ece Jr" . ~ ,Now. ' ,~ ~ g ~ " ''i '/~l / 7 -PIECE "Re9 $99 DINETTE 95 '' I [ ~:~e~wg! 'nP ~ep0ahii!i i i i ~?~ii ?U;hT u+hhe8 !::Ikud?rl~ JannU+!Y I ~_E~' 'i l-~iil~~ I II '~~~ ~'~~I~ ~Idl~N' ~E~+, cover and matching tabJ ,. ~ C O LO !. / Reg. $459.95 m[ BEDROOM SUITE I CC R T.V. I I dl;%eP;n? %U+torWj +"au I e I al a ,n= Ima`*"o'n su`'" ,.aod.$o,$$.,, m,.o,, } Fren?h sfyiewithpeconfinish'h' utmHCfine,un,ng, tot' outomohc color I = m, Iand battery. / owe_ I~ ~ W "~" I1~ ~1 chest l~ld Cathedral headboard fini shed in pecan I fine tuning, tot' " Ilk ~ ~ UW | 1 , Broyhill+on, sh A bank :" SOFA & CHAIR . I . tn gold Scotchguard treated fabrtc I " "' J ~'ow ll~lll~ ~r J Now ~JF~ 4~" J "~d'es Ehina cubinet, | ,e dO " --'~" " I ./ ~ I. I li: A A AdP~dP~ I Whidp=ol 17 cu. ft. I Wh; poo, 16 lb. L A a I:l the best place I +w+2 yy,Nj RI,FRIGERATOR I WASHER %, .o:Z,l,# -+!1 to funnel . I ~ Completely no frost. J 2 speed~ith perma-press cycle ~Jl 1 I I / "1 f ( POLELITE I SOFA & CHAIR 1 r illql q i + ~X;[ ~ ~ Reg $9995 S ' ' Now [199 ~; ~ $57 , j I s2o,00o, ever+ t~e o+ lo+~ +o~ ~+l~i~:i ..... .ow I your business, safe deposit, travelers cheO Now J the list is almost endless. ~(~Lu[ ~~, I Ii n ~,n"e' -,IP "It ~ I n ll,1 1 ,, ~ i I Add to this extremely attractive intere~t' i ...,.o \ ,I I.JI~i/CII~. UUI II / +.,o..+,,,, II becomes a real working partner. WewO - ~ .... ' .... ~ .... / that are guaranteed and your bank is oO In heavy black vinyl Reg. $249.95 FURNITURE & APPLIANCES with 25" Oven tO be your banker! / Choir hun slight domoge jl~ ..... 01~ I / ~ .... Reg. $229.95 |I The: ~an[: Of $ i , q' )~)0 . ~ ,i,, ,. ~'" $ i ,:, ~1 Flo l .o. I I I I' p FLORALA, ALABAMA PHONE -,56s .o., I I ] , i I " ,,,|n! . ,tln n nn , ,! "--- I I I1 I IJ II I n tJ I ,, . i I J I I I I JJ" ~ roll= ~,~ ~1~