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January 20, 1972     The Florala News
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January 20, 1972

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IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED• ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. PAGE 2 I I lll I I I [ [ HEART ATTACK! THE SILENT EPIDEMIC, PART II This Is the second of a series of three articles presented by the Alabama Heart Asso. ciation to inform readers of this newspaper about the latest ad- vances in combating heart at- tack.) H It is estimated that more than 670,000 men and women will die of heart attack this year ac- coning to the Alabama Heart Association. "l'nis staggering number of fatalities is more than the individual population of half a dozen different states. What is especially shocking is that more than half, or 350,000 of these fatalities will occur outside the hospital. But, what is even more dis- couraging about these out-of- hospital deaths is that many of these men and women have "hearts too good to die." These are the heart attack victims that physicians predict could sur- vive if they would act quickly to receive specialized hospital coronary care. What can be done to prevent these needless deaths? Alabama Heart Association says the answer is simple. Peo- ple must learn to recognize and accept the warning signs of heart attack when they ap- pear, and take immediate steps to receive medical attention. When heart attack occurs, ac- cording to the Heart Asso- ciation, these are the usual warning signs or symptoms: *A prolonged heavy pressure or squeezing pain in the center of the chest behind the breast- bone. *The pain may also spread to the arms, shoulder, neck or jaw. *The pain or discomfort is often accompanied by sweating, nan sea, vomiting, and shortness of breath may occur. Sometimes these symptoms may subside, and'then return. Studies in leading hospitals where heart attack victims were admitted to coronary careunits reveal that the patients con- vinced themselves at the onset of symptoms thatthey were suf- fering from "indigestion," "stomach-aches," and avarie- ty of other minor complaints. No attempt was madebythese patients to seek medical care until pain was so severe, that despite protests, a wife, relative, or friend intervened and either called the family physician, or got the sufferer to the hospital as fast as pos- sible. This delay in seeking treat- ment after symptoms appear ts crucial, for the first few hours after heart attack is the cri- tical period when sudden death is most likely to occur. The most common complica- tion that follows deprivation of an adequate supply of oxygen- bearing blood to the heart Is ventricular fibrillation, This is where the muscle fibers of the heart contract incoordinately and the blood-pumping ability of the heart fails. Unless the victim receives immediate treatment, sudden death occurs. The result of delay is heed- ing the warning signs of heart attack and can be read in the mortality statistics of men and women who fail to get immed- iate medical treatment. The Heart Association estt- Unemployment Compensation Payments Up Unemployment compensation benefit payments in December climbed to a 10-year high, ac- cording to a survey by the Ala- bama Department of Industrial Relations. More than $4.5 million were paid to some 28,650 claimants during the month. The size of the average payment was $45.82, an increase of $4.34 over the same time last year. New claims for unemploy- ment compensation totaled more than 16,600 and represents a big Jump over the previous month and the same time a year ago. Most of the new claims came from workers idled by equip- ment changeover in atranspor- fatten equipment plant, the shut- down of a pipe foundry, cur- tailed activity in other foun- dries, completion of a contract in a fabrication plant, seasonal layoffs in mobile home plants, scattered layoffs in apparel plants, and increasing job.. lessness among construction workers because of weather conditions and the completion of projects. According to the Industrial Relations survey, claims by men increased substantially. Much of the increase was among construction workers and fac- tory workers. However, claims by women declined to the lowest level in five years. The major source of new claims by women was among apparel plant employees. Major declines in newclalms were reported byunemployment compensation offices in Ensley, Birmingham, Bessemer and Anniston. Reporting increases were the Tuscaloosa, Decatur, Russellville and Montgomery offlces. mates that ff all heart attack victims who survive Just a few hours were to receive special- tzed treatment in a hospital coronary care unit, then the annual heart attack fatalities could be reduced byup to 50,000 lives. How the coronary care unit makes this possible will be discussed in the third and final article in this series. Fine Program Year For Boy Scouts The Alabama-Florida Coun- cil, Boy Scouts of America, con.. slating of Barbour, Coffee, Cov- ington, Dale, Geneva, Henry, Houston, and Pike counties in Alabama, and Jackson and Cal- houn counties in Florida, Just completed one of its most successful years. With a total of 108 Cub Packs serving 2,120 Cub Scouts, these boys earned 463 separate advancements in rank, and 1,123 Webelos activity awards. 28 Packs earned the summertime pack award, conducting at least three pack activities during the summer. 128 Boy Scout troops served 2,243 boy Scouts, showing a total of 434 rank advancements, and a total of l,lS2 merit badges, earned. 24 young men received the Eagle award, the highest award in Scouting. 30 Explorer Posts served 418 young men and women with a program of occupational adven- ture and study. Adding to the allure of the New Explor- ing Program, were a Road Ral- ly, a Rifle and Skeet Shoot, and a National Explorer Con- gress. Fifty-three troops and posts spent at least five days and nights in a long-term camp, plus 2,140 boys and adults that participated in one of the lo- cal camporees. Camp Rotary Canoe Base at Eufaula was one of the most used program areas, with over 1,200 boys and adults canoeing from 10 to 200 miles each. These can- oelsts were on many rivers and lakes in Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama and Florida. Work being done at Camp Ala- flor, near New Brockton, by the U. S. Soil Conservation Service, and the 46th Engineer Construc- tion Battalion, will provide fish- tng, water skiing, sailing and motor boating opportunities for the boys and girls in scouting. SALMON AGAIN THRIVES IN PACIFIC NW The famed sockeye salmon, delight of gourmet as well as fisherman, again is thriving and proliferating in the Paci- fic Northwest. The return of the delectable game fish to the western Cana- dian-U.S, border country has been made possible by unusual cooperation between govern- ment and industry, according to the magazine Petroleum Today. Shortly after the turn of the century, a series of man-made slides into the Fraser river system seriously endangered the sockeye by shutting off its spawning grounds. The catch in the rivers, bays and estuaries in and adjoining the system fell off alarmingly. Then, in the I930's Canada and the U. S. formed a commis- sion to study the problem. Af- ter careful investigation, the cause of the fish's demise-- the slides-- was determined, and more about the sockeye's needs and habits were learned. The Canadian-U.S. commis- sion sought the aid of industry in the fi~zht to save the salmon. I.~mbermen took pains to see that river banks and spawning beds were not torn up dur- ing logging operations. Oil re- fineries, pulp mills and utilities companies upgraded their water treating systems. One oil refinery determined t.hat the best type of treatment for its waste water at the time was with evaporation lagoons, and these were installed. Another used biological oxi- dation and seepage pits to keep its water salmon-pure. Petroleum Today says the sockeye is returning to its old spawning grounds in increas- ing numbers, and the story of its return demonstrates how man is learning to live in harmony with nature. Only 83 cents of every in- come tax dollar goes to pay for services to U. S, citizens. The remaining 17 cents is re- quired to pay the interest on the national debt, Sen. Harry F. Byrd. (Ind.-Va.) l)oints out. U. S. consumption of news- print is about 95 pounds per year for each of its 200 mil- lion people. The per capita consumption in China is .375 of a pound. Economic Stabilization My landlord has just raised my rent, but won't show me any records justifying the increase. Can I refuse to pay? Tires are much more easily cut on wet roads. If you should get a flat tire, pull as far off the road as possible and set up some type of flare or re- flective device so that oncom- ing traffic will see you. Questions and Answers Rm~mue Sendce Tenants may refuse to pay ad- ded rental charges unless the landlord makes available records showing the base price for the units, and the reason for any increase between the base price and the maximum price he was allowed to charge during the freeze. The IRS has cautioned landlords against raising rents- -even within Price Commission guidelines-- unless they keep complete re- cords on rental practices and make the records available to tenants whose rents are to be increased. Do wholesalers have to com- ply with the base price posting requiremtns applicable to re- tailers? No. Does an employer have to ap- ply to the Internal Revenue Ser- vice for permission to make re- troactive payments for services performed during the freeze by employees receiving less than $2 per hour straight time or for one-time fringe benefit in- creases which came due for during the freeze? No. In these cases, em- ployers may make retroactive payments on their own determi- nation, subiect only to compli- : Features the Ice Magic Automatic Ice Maker. Performance proven in 3 rot~lion homes Now. Save $42.95. Whirlpool 15 cu. ft. Frost- Free Refrigerator. And Combination Freezer. You'll never defrost again. Even in the 147 lb. capacity freezer section. 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Are state unemployment compensation payments sub- ject to controls in Phase ll? ata~e unemployment com- pensation payments are not wages or prices within the meaning of the governing sta- tute and are not controlled. This is true v~h~ther or not a particular state's program is funded in whole or in part by employer contributions. Do the economic controls ap- ply to college tuition charges? Yes, tuition, as well as room and board are covered. Do prenotifiers and reporting firms use the same form to notify the Price Commission of price increases? Yes. Form PC-I (PC-IR for retailers and wholesalers) should be used by both firms with annual sales of $I00 mil- lion or more to notify the Price Commission in advance of price increases and file quarterly re- ports and those firms with an- nual sales between $50-100 mil- lion that are merely required to report quarterly. The Price Commission will process re- quests for price increases only if submitted on those forms or facsimile copies. These forms are available at Internal Re- venue Service offices. All other manufacturing, ser- vice and professional firms who do not have to file Form PC-1 to validate their price in- creases, but must mail cords of such increase, files may find the for computing and the files any price into effect. Service charges ity, parking meter tolls were subject while licenses and as vehicle licenses ing tickets were the same situation Phase It? Yes. Unless specifi tered by regulation or~ rulings, policy by the Cost of and interpretations the Office of Emer paredness continue to cable after Nov. 13, Save $50. Magnavox 25" Automatic COLOR T.V. $ Mediterranean Styling in Dark Oak. Featuring today's largest color. Plus automatic fine tuning. Chroma Circuit. Tint control, Color purifier. TAC Total Automatic Color - electronically tunes in crisp, natural color, eliminating the need for adjustment. Magnavox. 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