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January 24, 1974     The Florala News
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January 24, 1974

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I IMAGE SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED / USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. ] PAGE THE FLORALA NEWS - THURSDAY' 9 *************************** ' To To Keep You Better [' LAUR|L HILL O4bi,1 The WERE THE Informed i vTe e Barring further rue r Mill r ~ By Sgt. Bdly Wayne Rogers I a break in the weather, and area over the / | WILDCAT ~~ [~, V~ ...... | continued support at the citi_ the mainstay _tll~i A.+(AI~ --''I" "=" To many poopte [axe rue troumes . .. , zens, theLaurelHillCityCoun- employees co~mseleet~ law enforcement officer for The potice officer ts a fl f " v in ~,-,,-1 ...... c eel that 1974 will be aban- econom, _ ,,, +,,~F,-~ ~or granted In order for an of- necesslt mr existance ix ner year for city imnrove TOo, ~97a ~,~ / o,OWL ~~~ ~ "-- ....... ficertdagdjbhehas scipty~stprsperwehave ments'especiallyinstreetpav--=r~Sgpt~~;ri/!~ to know all the details of any to 5ave rules or guidelines to ins and an additional ,,urn,, as to be bro"+'ht tl~ at "- P~ :ituat~In T:e mhOest d:?g~o:s ~ePh:e:l~: fa~rS~rlvm~gm[ ~l~t?/s~sltet? the ~un~c,- pP,:uteri re turbance (the family quarrel) of other people. The council in nlanni sos This oneratioll J~ ~.~ inn art . _ ng - . -~ ,+ ~ When an assistance call is re- In order for an al P Y sion Thursday night, discussed employ some 4(lilon, At~1 + ]~,i problem of not taking sides on government, they have to des- totting the breaks in order to "Laurel HiII MM~ty-'o; ~f;M any issue. There arethree troy civil law and order. As vrovide the needed services to in~areahastl~l'~l~,~,~ / ~'1~"~"J~~'~'~4"~"~'~'~4"'1~'~'~ ~eived we are faced with the to over throw our society, or these potentials, hopefully of on-rational .~R o~ :i;~= ~~.'liii!i ~,: ~ ways to make an( arrest, on- long as we have strong in the residents of the cry a smile from tMIlban~ ~':J ' '+ view. bv a warrant or sworn forcement of all laws, we as On "h^ "-"" ..... ~--" ......... '~ ~!~ ~~ affidavit, which someone a town, state or nauon win.not cil reported the survey had been 1974 could I~.+u~ / i'++ + $ -; ~~ ~ swears that some criminal act fall in the hands ox a complete completed and grade work had for much neel~ ~ 1 has been committed, and good power that can make as do as been started on West Second for the heai~,~ | ~ ] #~ i:!~1 probably cause or good reason they see fit. We are being Avenue, the second street that fare of Laurei ~t~,.- I ~ ~ ~ ~~il to believe, tested daffy by communistic council had desienated forpav- ,.,,.,.=mddlFq~l]| ~.][| ~~!~+~ The officer has to see an actions. - in.g in a meeting a few months ~" -~ ........ ~ unlawful act committed or so e People, please do not think ba k Okaloosa county ' T i ~ ]~ iki~ ~ ............. c_ with .............. ~ ~ 9 !~+i~ | ~ ~';~t ~ one has to swear on an affi- for a mmme [nat mey advent commissioners. The other .-JU davit that it happened and has already got a root started. We designated street was Fourth ~ " ...... !~ ~! to appear in court to testify must be strong and we canonly Street South from the Assembly ~'1~ | ii!iiii/ ~ ~ against whomever he signs or do so by your help, co-opera- of God Church to a connector i~'/ ~: ~ +':" ae~'ses against. The officer tion, and concern. This islink .+r-m,, the ~.-'" ~"~ ...~'~"I ~ r~ ~i'~'" ~''" Hair color * Red has to serve he paper on the your world we just enforcestreet eastward to the cross ~ ~ EL-" i B I Godwin Chosen Member Of I " All-State CoachingStuff ,, Congratulations are agamgi- Also accompaning lum, for the Robert Roho James, andRo- yen to Coach Godwin, who was first time, are two Wildcats, manuel "BuIl" Gundrum. named "Coach of the Year", a few weeks ago, and now has been chosen as one of the All- State Coaches The All-State Sweetheart Ball Underwc I game will be played this sum- Y il mar in Tuscaloosa for all who II want to watch our beloved coach. F H A Officers and the _ F.FIAI president met last Tues- 'rum II JUNIORS START day to begin making plans foz ans the F.H.A. and F.F.A. Sweet- [] WORK ON heart Ball. The Sweethea~ SEMESTER'S END Ball will be Friday, the, ninth DDg'tJM of February, from eighto clock By Angelia Crousby [] rn v,-, until ten thirty o clock. Semestertests are finally i The Junior class is beginning Plans for the theme, decor- through to get everything in order to ations, andrefreshments are As they have been before. start the Prom. A band cam- acing mane. oy me F.H.A. me.m- Believe me we're not sad and [] ~, :mittee was set up to choose burs. This.will be the first blue. ~the band from agencies in A la- year that we nave had a. memo. We know there sball come more. ,expecting an e cellent p . ~~__..~ Which hopeftttty will end soon. - ..~..~._~ - tiVeseptember,dUty with1973.the UnitedLonnStateSe v 1 ed within the next week or so-, TRAININGMrs.. +__,! __tl~A~[.~e4wflnam I 14'5~itot We will also a din this ear achers all have drame0~ ~ been din thethe varN i~ous:my b~r: ramaf9t s~e anN dE mW azxC mOurnN Safe 7Rs%V rA etTuIra O inn ~pl~!t~fl~l:I*~Pl~vi_y~~'I ~:+bama because of easier until- , g Y , The te ~cation and because of the cost have the F.H.A. and F.F.A. our brains. " of out of state agencies. A Sweethearts. Again the start to stuff theme committee is also going With facts and figures to furtb'r to be set up. This committee ~ . pain. is in charge of selecting a .~ ~,~../ ~.~ Now here the huff and puff! theme for the prom. After the ~ ~ ~ili'~.~k//~~ Our poor brain's wheels turn theme has been selected+ the , ~, 4F~=~M~v~ ~" round and round supplies for the prom will be ~ , ~4111~*~ . Until we're forced to swoon: ordered. The Juniors are work- ~--'~ ~/,'~ ~ And all you hear are mournxm ing hard this year, and theYrare ~"n_ ~ ~ sounds --,............. ~ :' ~::~L~:~'~:~:~ ........ Navy at Montgomery, Alabama Council also discussed the . ....~ 1 +", " " on 10 January, 1974. Ronald ~-ontribution that ,~''~0~Vel " ..~ ~~~ is the brother of Lonnie John- ~~~'m'j~e; 4~ "~ ~~ son. AN, USN, of Red Lee, ~MrsNinwt~n~tT. "~'S;'l~ ~~ ~)boasn~A~aHdEpbeenZmsintche .~SCS TO ADMINISTER ei'~l vy og i "has 101st Airborne tl ee Pvt Porter p duty since Sep e , _Pvt. Pol~er ~ GI~ ~ Both men enlisted in the Ad- .r. ....... map rettu-,9;_. Iiv, le: ~;~ vanced Electronics Field and t'I~UUIIA~i ~/~y-tadi.sJ~' n are guaranteed Class "A .... B" _ ........... ~'on+s'~.: ~t~..;~ ~~ ~~~ and "C" Schools in Electro- .. ~ovm..gmn. ~oumy A~ UX- ~,~,e~ ^~,,,~ qty,1G~d ~~Wlf~l~g~ ~,~ .: ~ nics nee wm ve responmme xore acu. mea-~.Lu~_ t; ~~'~i ~~l~m~-'~'{P~ Jo'hnson will receive his bit- administering the new 1974 Squad and u~'~tl~': ~1 ~~_~ ~~~ Y~{ .~( sic training or "Boot Camp" Rural Environmental Causer, sire physica~e'+ ~ at the Naval Traini Cam vation Program The new pro- his eight w .i,, I .... ~ round, Orlando, Florida. Our- gram, which replaces and to- his eight w , ~ ng - -~ ~~ in~ th~ basic trainin~ he will difies the old REAP, has se- __ ,din~ t+ml ~~ ~~~"~ receive instruct/on concerning verdi new aspects of interest COUNTY ] ~~ H~"t'Z~~'~ -h-'hoard orientation fire- to uovmgton t;ounty residents. '.~rs ..... ......... ]l~ii~~. ,. +'~~ ~~@~' ~l~'~'t~ng, damnge cantonal, na_ According to Mr. R. R. Do, n- NU~S[T041~'~I ...... val history and seamanship aldson, ~u uoun[y t~zecutive ,.vn~. ,- ll,S ,_t ..... WANTED - F HS Senior w..k.o..n~fll h~orantedleave Director, the new cost shar- + .i[ 'uq Basketball Center. 6' 3" With after ..... completion ofe basic train- ins phase of the program, could |N FL ORA; t+0tals Long Arms. Has Great Re- ~ ,n~, ,ha nrior to renoi.tin, to be_ e~remely benflcml to Coy-'N FL O' A 'gct;'l,',l boumUng Ability. Shoots Mean h,, n,-~t .~,.h~ r',~mm~na lngton County farmers. It, pro- Cnvinwtcm ~I[IIMs.~ Free Throw. Information concerning the rides for a minimum o 5.0% 'I ........... ~ ............................... Navy an p og . . . visits Florals IP~,,~ ~[~'~ ~, mvntlsthl~ tn N~w m~n and wo- the user mr all expenses ne She is here o~~ .~\ -~ School is Blessed with New .-m., ..... ~/" ....... ~ ~ ~ :': ~+ ~:~. ramincurs while establishmg con- aY ...... :~: "terservauon or forestry prac- m .... ~,~,~ ............................ :~ .... : ......... :,.:your local Navy Reerm , I until 4:00 p~ ............. ':"~' : .... Garrett whose office is tacos on his land, including a- until 4t~0~0 Pr~mS~ I ....... ~ in An hor costs Also under the 1974 ted hro es ~i located on C(;~'t Square - . .. . fle'e" is~o~at-ed ~]I II ml Lunc ,, om Tabl ,, ~ ......... :~i dalusin, phone~.22-7385, program,aRbor elect an appncantto apply for a sin-Can bet services ~-d[[re ~ , (,~: ~~ all County re1 gle one year program or con- charee.. -Mrs.J Surprise, Surprise Nowacquainted with the new lunch- " ~ servatinn improvement, or so- ~iveimmtmi~t~ IV;,~ who was the pessimist who said, room tables. These colorful ..... HUNT lecta 3 to. 10 year continu- ~ a'~ui~s~"~.d~['~ 'I believe in Santa additions area bigimprele- Iltltlm---mm ltm I~mm~l ~:': iri!~ ........ ins.pros.ram. The e~ended ~-~'i~pifT+ iat~ ' Claus?' Well, that personmay meat over the old'tables. Some I ]fl]tlql I M AIMI Fred wayne nut emlstea m period o! ume now ann ec cough, and pOP,lib... the United States NawatMont- will be most beneficml tothos~ -ava~l'a'ble"-TB .~q~ in well believe it! The Florala people even say they make eat- I qPa it ql= ~ _ ~.~ I i%+:~ gomery on 10 January, 1974. wishing rather extensive con, sk-in]est and ft~, -" High School lunchroom has new ing more fun! Maybe so and I | HA I ~ ~,j~..~ I ...... ~ ....... ..... on ..... ~' ..... Fred is the son of Mr. and servation improvementsd~t~s.- J[qOIII ~~i Mrs. Fred Hunt of Route 1, '.heir land, but preferrinlg, to -'" ~g~i'n,"~'" let tt',~_ "t + lunchroom tables to prove it we students are really blessed I ~Y I 1~ When did these precious axli- . I _ ~ ~. I~ ]~l eles arrive? Well, they were show t hmr .ap I ...~-+ ~.-':~ ~' ~L ~Florida, Alabama. spread them out over a period serqices are s~]r a Id ~ Hunt will receive his basic of years, one, regardle~ 1L " put up over the Christmas half- elation mr. these nne ta.~es. " .... , : ' : training or "Boot Camp" at All applications must be ~,~p_~ ----- J[$~li~ mm days Need I say more9 I will Eat in the mncnroom ann netp , ........ .__._ :_ m " " " ,^,. .... ~ .,v,~ ,,dro of these what gums up ouugeL~ ta : i~~ the Naval Training Command, made directly to the AgES -T'he next s~,. "'~ anyway. ,.~+.= -=-, s,,'~ "-'~ M The day after everyone re- beauties! yearn mgsout-s~ippmge~- '~ Orlando, Florida. During this County Office. Complete in- Florata-w]il I~Pei, l~ turned from Christmas vaca- lugs. -t~en r. nagwe., ..e ~ ,~ ] ._ ~ i~;~',q:g basle training, he will receive formation and details on the. i974- ....... ][ . "~ tion, the student body became Pickens (S. C.) Sentinal. ~ ""~ ] i~l Instruction concerning ship- specific program will beavafl- " .... ~qlli., II ......... board orientation, flreflghting, able in the very near future. 1 -" ' l FOUR MONTHS TO GO no;iN:th2:gtjshqujt:oSmOe::e" ,damage control, naval h/story, Mr. Donaldson also said be WANTED - F.H.S., J,~i0r. and seamanship, does have the basic infor- ., ..~IZ~IIII~ mmml With 0nly four months to go men* of ordering and reeeiving yogure in err pting."-i~liza- r'ghtt nutalk'ng -w"hen .~ Basketball Forward. 6 1 Lea- ~ Hunt will be granted leave marion on the program that ~hE U~J "1 per. Often dunks the ball. Has ~ after completion of basic traln- Ires been authorized by The ~fig ~t,,/~A~j many students are makingrings .... ~ ,,,;.~, ~,~ g~n v S points per game average, tug and prior to reporting to ~ecretary of Agriculture for ~ fl (~.I I plans. Some seniors are won- Sophomores are looking for- .oet n ,/,~ ~,v~-:~, ---~.~,~" his first duty station, cost sharing. Fourteen sepa- ~ ~Y~ --~I i: during if THE college will de- ward to being able to get into tucxyLt~arustown~-u .... Information concerning the rate practices 'have been an- ~ //'~t1 i~ ' cept them while others aretry- clubs which are closed to fresh- , ............ Navy and the various programs aouneed, plus. two which deal ~..~ ~/]i(~_ ing to decide on greenor yellow man and sophomores ~am]i]es used to De CUll- for their bridesmaids andsome And finallyfreshmenhavede- sidered shiftless if they lived m it1 A t m ~ ~ available to Navy men and wo- wflh county projects affecting f~'~l ~] IIn I~ ~KU men may be obtained from conservation peculiar to apar- -~_ have given their services tothe eided school isn't really a from payday to payday.Now .......... your local' Navy Recruiter, ticular county. This year's ~jT~le~=~|. ii government, horror house it s a great place they wish they could. --~reo REWARD If eRher'-la"er is ..... Chief Garrett, whose office is program places added empha- ~n'4"''--~r ._ IIi{[tlNJ i . . . of learning. W. Grown, The Bergen .... , .... - ^..,~.., t v~ ~ .. zu prmr to the much anticipa- located on South Court Square sis on Forest"X practices, "Busines* i~,~ -'w1 i Junmrs are maxingpianson So with only four more months (N J ) Citizen ?+t.:.u,t,,.,,~,= ..... .t,a~e..~. ~t- ted Florala-Andalusia game. in Andalusia Phone222-7385. whichcouldo~eritdditionalin- barrow-ifyott*lt I ,~r,~+r~rom+ ~e o,o, +--m--"--, n ... +.+..,.,+ won +:+ ~won +o" ~_eUC. tm.,p.tb _On+ e ~asketball victory will be " ~:t. to some of our appli- along with getting the excite- the]~eat semester ever.