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January 27, 1972     The Florala News
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January 27, 1972

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3E ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. PLORALA NEWS " THURSDAY, JANUARY 27, 1972 PAGE 5 - PERSONALS - and Mr. ned Mrs. Bill Holl/s Mr. Charlie Robertson Ch. rti ip attended the Camellia Show in ' CLAIMS • LETTER TO EDITOR L u t h e r (I nr c h P a c a t e s OF CHARLIE | Editor Dr. Marvin D. Hall of Hunts- Fort Walton, Sunday afternoon. Mr. Ernest Manning has re- turned home from a Pensa- RTSON |i Florala News I i rifle, Ala., was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Black- cola Hospital and is now a pa- Florala, Alabama In Evange stic Seminar Mr and Mrs. Merton Reeves well of Pensacola wereguests tient in the Florala Memorial B?, a resident of East Fifth 'r Saturday and Sunday. of Mr. and Mrs. J. E• Scar- Hospital. Mr.~2harlie A Robertson, -= Dear Editor, "fine First Lutheran Church of study of evangelism through Mrs. DeVoe Blackwell of borough in Lockhart, last week. ue in Florala, passed away If you e over age 65, andyou The Laurel Hill City council Florala Joined with "OurSavior participation of both pastors and Pensacola spent the weekend Mr. and Mrs. Byron Cawthon 'day, January 22, 1972 in haven't enrolled in Medicare has recently acted in their of- Mr. andmrs. Miller Barrow of Birmingham, Ala. werevisi- orala hospital He was a Medical Insurance, January, ficials' capacity, and I might Luthern Church" of Crestvlew, members of the church. Af- in Florala with her parents, were guestsof Miss Flora D. tors in Florala Sunday and at- lent of Florala• for the past February, and March1972, could add, by their own choosing, in Florida, in an evangelical se- ter an inspiring song-fest, they Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Manning. -seven years and was well be your last chance, a way that has brought embar- minor held in Crestvtew on Jan- returned to their home parishes Mct~ean m ue~umaK ~prmgs, tended services at the Me- al in clothing and shoe This is a general enrollment rassment to the concerned cit- wary 17, 18 and 19. This sere- with renewed determination to Mr. and Mrs. George Hart- thodist Church. Mr. and Mrs. in Florala for over fifty period that is provided for those izens, and worst of all I think, inar was an mtenswe training enlist lay members to become ley have returned to their homerowMr'wereandguestsMrS" ofMillerMiss FloraBar- of Cawth°nFloralaWere former residents until his retirement in of you who did not enroll when brought upon themselves a cer- program organized for the bene- evangelists to visit and help in St• Augustine, Fla., after D. McLean and Miss Eloise • fit of many Lathers pastors in people who wishtoheartheGos, spending a week at their home Terrin in DeFuniak, Thursday. The many friends of Mrs • you were 65. In addition, those rain degree of a shadow that re- the Southern Conference of the pel of Jesus Christ. in Florala and with her mother, T.A. Goodwin will be pleased lvors are his wife, Mrs. who dropped the medical insur- flects toward this action. Missouri Synod. Ministers who Mrs. Nettle Johnston, who is a Rohertson of Florala;one once and now want to re-enroll This criticism is not so attended came from Missis- lrldustry is Cited patient in the Opp Hospital. , Mrs. Arthur Robertson of to know that she has returned Arthur Robertson of can do so during this period, much of what the council did, sippi, Louisiana, Alabama and MObile was called home this home from the Florala Memor- ; two daughters Mrs For those of you born between but the method and timing and Florida. 'Phe successful ergo- For Pclyroll Sal)ing$ Mr. and Mrs. Merton Reeves weekend on account of the ial Hospital recovering from a Cannon of Florala Mrsl October 2, 1903 and October l, the way they did it. nization of the clinic was a illness and death of his father, broken arm. r Clark of Atlanta, Go.; 1904, this will be your last It revolves solely around a result of careful planning by Bo~d Plan Support ~n.dchildren and one great chance to sign up. letter, a "As we see it" let- Reverend H. GeneReichel,pas- Dr. Charls E. Walker, M~ a~b-r~ ~ nild. Your medical insurance coy- ter that was compiled and mailed tor of the Lathers Churches in :ral services were held erage will not begin until July out on Monday, January 17, on Floralaand Crestview. Under Secretary of the Aelgn ! tELL US ABOUT IT! [ [ V morning at I0 o'clock i, 1972, and it is possible your the eve of a special election After" studying diligently all Treasury, presented a special ',Vans Funeral HomeCha- premium could be slightly high- Tuesday, January 18, that had ~ h Reverend Raymond Wi- er. If you re not enrolled and been called for the purpose of day, the young pastors returned award to the National Asso- ~ am officiating Burial want to, call your Social Se- allowing the voters tovote"Yes to the church in the evening to ciation of Manufacturers to -i ,~ the Chapel Hill'Cemetery curtLy Office at Andalusia WX- or No" on whether or not coun- participate with lay evangelists recognize its outstanding per--" ~ beenIF YOUvisltinghaVeorhadif ayouViSitor,have lfbeenYOU onhaVea ~ansFuneralHomedirec- 6300 and they can take your ap- cil would appoint a Marshall as they called on homes in the formance in the 1971 U.S. ! ! trip tell us at The Florala News office ~=.~.=----= plication over the phone, and establish a Municipal court vicinity of the church to share Industrial Payroll Savings so we can put it in the paper, and a police department, the joy of salvation with others. Campaign. Secretary Walker ~ ~ ~•~_~ "['~~ This issue, like all issues, The success of the seminarwas also presented an award to IF MORE CONVENIENT mallyournews ~b had opposition, and rightly so, an inspiration to the young min- ~(~/~) tows but be sureto sign it sowewiK ~Ib ~ because that's the good old de- Isters who expressed their up- Edward J. Dwyer, Chairman L mocratic way. preciation of the friendliness of the Board, ESB Inc., know who to contact if weneedmore in- formation. We will not use signatures IN IqFTH STREfr - Iq.OIIALA, ALAeAMA ~442 The letter was mailed out over of people tn this locality. NAM's 1971 Chairman, and in the paper. Would also help is you the signature of Council Presi- Reverend I~. Gone Reichel Chairman of the NAM Say- "If you hit the eeillng over gave your telephone number. LE NcRAE ............ PUBLISHER - EDITOR lOOI}M AM ............. ASSOCIATE EDIT01 WOODHAM .........ASSOCIATE EDITOR T. IIcR/t ................... ASSlSTAN aaMBB pW~p "l~Id =~ Florala, Alsbama I~I¢I - RATES " .k: ." .: :." ." .- ," .-." ." .:.." ...." : :, ..® - IITAII.lil 1911 - IqllLIIIIIO WIWRI.¥ ~ ~UR~V FOR WEEK AHEAD Locate your birthdate in sections below. Then read ~p_e'rsonal message for each day of week ahead. ~FRI., JAN• 28, THROUGH THURS., FEB. 3 _~ries t Mar. 21-Apr. 191 Pluto C) I ~. 28: Good news by letter from a friend likely. a. 29: Emphasis~is on home affairs and security• ~. 30: Recognize your potentials. Develop them• ,O. 31: Remember resolutions about diet and dates. ~ 1: One in authority grants special recognition• T.~. 2: Add to possessions and make timely changes. m. 3: Before retiring tonight check all locks• ~Taurus I Apr. 20- May 20 I Venus 2 I ~. 28: One you respect highly returns compliment. • 29: Steer clear of a senseless argument• .~Y. 30: Cooperate with a Libra person today. Me ~,.. 3h You 11 learn by teaching subordinates• - :Y. 1: Check tax figures and take inventory. ~. 2: A character of past makes re-appearance• ~...3: Be independent. Go it alone, if possible. I R~ Gemini I May 21 - June 20T Mercury ~ I ii~It. 28. Show gratitude to those who favor you. A. 29: Aspects coincide with travel and visiting. • 30: Trust your intuition. Develop own style• • 31i Depending on relatives would be an error. • 1: Co-worker may make a strange request. • 2: Some sacrifices may be necessary today• ~: Confide in an Aquarius individual. ' ~ Cancer ! June 21 - July 22 I Moon (~ [ ~R. 28: An exciting letter is due any time now. S,a.. 29: Be choosy in accepting social invitations. ~- 30: You shotildn't be careless in money matters• ?,0. 31: Let the other fellow make that decision• :2. 1: Some turbulent elements work against you. ~t. 2: Your mental abilities are above par today. ~..~: Handle first things first and be prompt. ' ~ Leo I July 23 - Aug. 22 [ Sun ~ I ~" 28' Strong emotional tide runs your direction. • 291 Friends and social life can be distracting. • • • . , . ~. ~01 Y:u':l~i?i~ykaYcc];n~f~r~it°ul~tPr~;:el~nances W.: 1: A. M. hours best for dealing with loved ones. ?~a. 2: Current trends unsettle you and associates. Reciprocate any hospitality you've received. l l~yirgo ! Aug. 23- Sept. 22 I Mercury ~ I S~' 28: Challenge competition wisely. Be firm. t~' 29: Have no part of a romantic intrigue. :Y- 30: New vehture could prove to be successful. ~0. 31: Unless you can repay, don't accept favors. ~ 1: Aspects cause you to be changeable, moody. ?L~. 2: Cheer up! The world is not against you. ~.~.._3: Too milch money is wasted on gadgets. ' ~ Libra I Sept. 23 - Oct. 22 ] Venus ~ I 28: Heart interests and family affairs favored• 29: You can turn troubles into triumphs. 30: Oldtime friend conjures up fond memories• 31: Health or work may reach a climax. 1: Let your work come first. Give it priority• 2: Let others run your errands. Get organized. 3: Promote original ideas. Never let up. Scorpio I Oct. 23 - Nov. 21 t Mars ~ I 28: Associate with persons of kindled tastes• 29: Don't be indiscreet in what you write. 30: Take care of urgent financial matters. 31: Important good news or gift may arrive• l Decisive action improves money picture now. 2: New opportunity shines brightly• Grasp it• 3: Fatigue and business pressures indicated. ittariusI Nov. 22 - Dec. 21 ! Jupiter ~ I 28: You're in good focus today. Get action. 29: Selling, buying and trading all favored• 30: Wrong information could lead to losses• 31: Try )our own wings, if others fail you. 1: Be smart. Take a back seat gracefully. 2: Others are demanding. Present a firm front• 3: Spend some time with elders who're lonely. Capricornr Dec. 22 -Jan. 19 ! Saturn 17 I Welcome romance with open heart, mind. 29: ClassifiBd ad may develop an opportunity. 30: Fine day to attend to personal finances. 31: Please your mate with pleasant surprise. 1: Do needed repair jobs. Don't put them off. 2: Developments pose problems in relationships. 3: Greedy person may try to impose upon you. AquariusI Jan. 20 - Feb. 18 ! Uranus ~ I 28: You'll need sense of humor plus patience. 9: Stick with friends thru thick and thin. 30: Don't bark unless you expect to bite. 31: Possible money gains indicated today• 1: Be wary of schemers. Keep purse strings tied• 2: Surprises bring changes that you II like• Keep even steady pace and don't over-work. * r Pisces I Feb. 19 - Mar. ,20 Neptune Uj I 28: Short cuts in mind area t going to work. 29: Not considered a good day for decisions. 30: Hunch or dream has a special mesns:ge. 31: Let dear ones know your intentio s. 1: Be brief in statements but not rudely so. 2: Good money day, but be conservative. 3: Your povulai~ity ,isstrengthened~,,--~-:.. ,,.#,,.~. now. dent John W. Harrison, and ac- cording to Harrison had appro- val of the other councilmen, W. A. McGowan, T. J. Jones, Everett Sanders and Douglas Rogers. Harrison reminded that no special council meeting was announced prior to the letters appearance. There wasn't one, according to Harrison, as a body. Instead Harrison said, "I contacted each member at different times and places and asked their opinion on whether or not the letter be compiled and each said yes." Then Har- rison said "When the letter was completed, I again contacted each member as before and each approved the letter prior to their mailing." As to whether the ex- pense of stationary and stamps were charged to the city, Har- rison said, "No, I paid for them myself." was assisted in the evangelistic program and visits by the fol- lowing people from Florala: Mrs. Glennis McClellan, Mrs. Catherine Prater and Mrs. Maude E. McClellan. The evangelists from Crest- view who helped are Mrs. Mae Anderson, Mrs. Ruth Heaton, Mrs. Evelyn Moore, Mrs. Pa- tricia Reicbel and Mr. Ken Ste- phens. Reverend Hans F. Wte- denmann of Eustis, Florida, de- livered the opening sermon on Monday evening. The pastors were enthusiastic about the positive value of a SECOND TELEVISED GRADUATE COURSE The second televised gra- duate course from the Univer- I am a firm believer that ev- sity of Alabama will be taught eryone, including those elected at Lurleen B. Wallace State are entitled to his opinion on Junior College duringtheSpring all issues, but I question the ti- semester. ming of mailing the letter. Was Individuals may register for the council against the issue? the course when the class meets The letter's contents strongly at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb- hinted that they were. If so, ruary 1, on the campus of LBW. why didn't they express their op- HED: "Curriculum Develop- inions in a public meeting? Was meat in Higher Education" will the council's intentions of dis- be presented each Tuesday eminating any information that evening from 5:30 to 8:30 at they thought would be of bene- the Andalusia college. Class fit to the voters on the eve of members will receive 3 se- the election be more beneficial, mester hours credit for the than if the information had been fourteen sessions. presented and discussed in Classes will view televised called community meetings? instruction originating at the University of Alabama from 5:30 Did the council select the eve to 7:00. The remainder of the of the special election to mail the letters to cause confusion in the period will consist of individual voters' decision, or to make and group activities to be under their point that they were against the direction of a staff member it? The letters very forcefully of the University. reminded the voters that the The course will direct its at- charter had provisions for reaLiGn to the principles of cur- council authority to impose a 12 riculum development with mill ad valorim tax, and this, emphasis on current issues the coucil's letter said, wouldbe and trends in instructional pro- the source of income if needed gram development. should the issue be approved. The first televised graduate The letters posed these and course, held during the fall at other questions to the voters, LBW, was well received and who had only a few hours to make most successful. Class mem- their decision before casting bers included educators and their vote in a very important others seeking graduate cre- election. To me every elec- dit from throughout Covington, ties is an important one. Crenshaw, Butler, Conecuh and This 'is the second time the Escambia counties. citizens of this City has had ~~~ to cope with this type of uncalled for council action. Back a few years ago, the vo- ters were asked to vote in a "Yes" or "No" referendum for the purpose of approving or ~... ~w,v~ ~_ wa~w disapproving council borrowing ~. . funds to install the present wa- ter system. This time the coun- cil admittedly held a secret meeting at one of the member's home and compiled their "As we see it" information, which unlike the present letter in ques- tion, was full of favorable in- formation, leaders. A majority of the One good thing, depending on how the individual looks at the latest episode, has come out of all this, and that is the city's concerned citizens are in the mood to seek Legislation forbid- ding this type action by elected officials. Is this action covered by Flo- rida's State Sunshine Law? If not, shouldn't it be ammencJed to do so? Jack Davis. A Concerned Citizen, Box 3 Laurel Hlll~ Fla. 32567 Education Award Made The 1971 Alpha Kappa Psi Award for outstanding con- tributions to the improve- ment of higher education was presented to the A. H. Robins Company of Richmond, Va., at the 76th Annual Congress of American Industry of the programs have problems with the police, but it may be pos- sible to avoid this difficulty with the proper perspective and approach. Do not assume that all police officers accept only the law enforcement outlook. Re- member, however, that it is necessary for them to under- stand your point of view in order to understand your problem. Try to involve them in the planning phase of your project. If they are persons with an enlightened point of view and some degree of power, they can be very help- ful to you as your program develops. If the officers in your area do not share your views or cannot relate to the youth, try to maintain enough contact with them so that they feel involved, but do not ings Bonds Campaign. As a result of the NAM campaign, 1,546 companies with more than 3 million em- ployees pledged their support of the Payroll Savings Plan. More than 300 trade and manufacturing associations affiliated with the NAM through the National Indus- trial Council also participated. The Treasury's Liberty Bell award was presented to Mr. Dwyer, inscribed: "Ed- ward J. Dwyer, for notable patriotic service in NAM's 1971 U. S. Industrial Payroll Savings Campaign." • GUM CHEWER'S MOUTH: goes without saying. Catholic Digest --November. - CARD OF THANKS - We wish to express to each and everyone our deep appreciation and for the love and sympathy you all did for me in the death of my husband, John H. Har- rison. May God bless all Of you is my prayer. Martha Harrison 1-27-1tpd - LEGAL NOTICE - ESTATE OF LIZZIE TILLIS, Deceased PROBATE COURT Letters Testamentary of said deceased having been granted to the undersigned on the 21 day of January, 1972, by the Hen. Leland Enzor, Judge of the Pro- bate Court of Covington County, notice is hereby given that all persons having claims against said estate are hereby required to present the same within time allowed by law or the same will be barred. Is~ Lecv Barnes. E~e,,tviv Estate of Lizzie Ttllis, Deceased 1-27-3tc - LEGAL NOTICE - GENERAL MOTORS ACCEP- TANCE CORPORATION will sell at Public Sale for cash on February 8, 1972, at McDaniel Motor Co., Florala, Ala., the following: 71 Chev. Vega 2D 0385 GMAC reserves the right to bid at such sale. The collateral involved is pre- sently stored and may be seen AT McDaniel Motor Company. Florala, Ala. GENERAL MOTORS ACCEP- TANCE CORPORATION 1341-49943 - LEGAL NOTICE - ESTATE OF MANUEL W. WARREN. OECEASED PROBATE COURT Letters of Administration of said de- ceased having been granted to the under- signed on the lOth day of January, 1972 by the Hon. Leland Enzor, Judge of the Probate Court of Covington County, no- rice is here by given that all persons having claims against said estate are hereby required to present the same within time allowed by law or the same will be b~rred. /s/ Mose Warren 1-13-3tc LEGAL NOTICE THE STATE OF ALABAMA COVINGTON COUNTY PROBATE COURT In the Matter of the Estate of Mattie Mills McPhsil, Deased. Letters Testamentary ss Executor of the Will of Mattie Mills McPhail, de- ceased, having been granted to the under- signed on the 7 day of January, 1972 by the Hon Leland Enzor. Judge of Probste of said County. notice is hereby given that all persons having claims against said estate ere hereby required National Association of give them the opportunity to to present the same within the time Manufacturers• make decisions about yourallowed by law. or the same will be barred. The Robins Company regu- programs. /s/0uncan A, McPhail, and Mattie LOU McPhail Southard larly supports and aids medi- Somehow the proper bal- 1-13-3tc col research and schools of once has to be created and pharmacy in universities tbe technique for doing this . LEGAL NOTICE - throughout the country,will vary with the different Chairman E. C. Robins also elements that exist in your PRORATE COURT has personally contributed communities.It does network ESTATE OF IrA LEE FANCHER. DECEASED $50 million to his Alma Mater, to your advantage to sponsor Letters Testamentary on the Estate of the University of Richmond. activities that do not relate said a.ceased hav,ng o.en granted to the to the youth because of the undersigned un the Ist day of December, 1971, by the Hon, Laland Enzor, Judge heavy involvement of restric- of Probate Court of Covington County, The domestic electrical rive or unresponsive officers, not,co is hereby g,~*, that a" persoos having claims against said estate are manufacturing industry is On the other hand you can- hereby required to present thesamewith- expected to employ 2.8 million not afford to ignore the law ~n time allowed by I~wor the same will be barred. /s/Alene Holland Miller employees in 1972. enforcement personnel. 12-30-3tc that new regulation perhaps you'd better reinforce the roof before feeding this owe.-~ NOTICE - All wa,t ads and Cards of Thanks must be paid when placed except those carry- ing regular established monthly accounts. 1-27-tfc FOR SALE - Aluminum cover for 3/4 ton Chevrolet pick-up body. Also 3 HP Rote Spader. Call 8-3197. Marcus Gunter. 1-25-1tpd LOCAL FAMILY - with good credit, able to handle 20.00 payments can arrange to excel- lent purchase on this famous small piano. Write for de- tails and inspection. Joplin Piano, Box 103, Panama City, Florida 32401. 1-25-1tpd FOR SALE - One Welch Pony with saddle and bridle. Nice for children• Call 8-5962. 1-27-2tpd SPINET-CONSOLE PIANO - Wanted responsible party to take over spinet piano. Easy terms. Can be seen locally• Write Cre- dit Manager, P. O. Box 276, Shelbyville, Indiana 46176. 1-27-4tpd FOR SALE - Pecan trees. See MATHIS PECAN NURSERY, Paxton. 1-27-tfc TELEPHONE 8-0425 or 8-0088. FOR RENT - 12x60 Mobile Home. Private lot. Washing machine. Central Air and Heat. Phone 8-3395. 1-27-3tc THANKS - The receipt book that had been misplaced at The Florala News has been returned. It had been included in office supply purchases. Personnelof The Florala News are grateful for the return of this record of subscriptions. GUARANTEED % RETURN ON INVESTMENT HAVE A - NEW CAR - NEW HOME - BANK ACCOUNT PROCESS PAPER WORK ONLY. Invest $2,000.00 - - ,- $25,000 per year potential CALL COLLECT 41%883-7811 or WRITE TEEN & TWENTY COSMETIC CORP. 2740 So. Glenstone Suite 105 Springfieldr Me. 65804 FOR SALE - Pecan,peach, per- FOR SALE - Pianos, I00 pin- simon, scuppernong andvarious sos from which to select• Re- fruit trees. Also camellias, builts, trade-ins, and new azaleas and various orna- Spinets. Just say- charge it menials. Late afternoon and $195•00 and up. HARPER FUR- weekends. DEAN'S NURSERY• NITURE CO., Evergreen, Ala. Samson Highway. Phone 8-2711, 8-5-tic nights. I- 13- ffc FOR SALE OR RENT - 5- room, 2-bedroom house. Locat- ed on East 3rd Avenue. Tele- phone home 8-2527, office 8- 1451 or see CLYDE LOVE. 1-13-4tc IF YOU ARE BOTHERED with roaches, ants, rats, mice, or water bugs, call 8-1765 in Flor- ala, or 493-4336 collect in Opp. ATOMIC EXTERMINATOR of- fer~ bonded and insured termite control. The number to call is 8-1765, Florala. 10-12-tic FOR SALE - 1956 Chevrolet. 2-door.. Good paint job. Clean car. Must see to avoreciate. See Albert Kimbro at Gunter- Dunn. I- 2% ltc WOMEN - Need work'? Hours irregular. Watkins has income opportunity. Average $2.74 hour from home. Write: Mrs Sherry Kitterman, Dept. 1-4 MS., Box 2447,Memphis,Tennessee, 38102 1-27-1tc ill II I CHAIN SAW and LAWN MOWER REPAIRS ALL WORK GUARANTEED ALSO PARTS FOR MOST ALL LAWN MOWERS AND SAWS W00drow Adam SALES AND SERVICE PAXTON, FLORIDA -- '' TYPEWRITERS 8rid ADDING MACHINES CLEANED AND I PAIRF Walker BUSINESS MACHINES COURT SQUARE ANDALUSIA, ALA. CHURCHES, SCHOOL GROUPS, Civic Clubs, Scouts! $50 Cash is yours everytime l0 mem- bers each sell l0 Canisters of Nationally-advertised candy at $1.00 a can using our "50-50" Funds Raising Plan. FUN, FAST, EASY. Send no money. 30 days to pay. Write Verne Col- lier, Dept. W-FN-1, 900 North 19th, Birmingham, Alabama 35203. 1-20-3tpd OFFICE SUPPLIES - If we don't have it we'll get it for you. Large selection in stock at all times. THE FLORALA NEWS OFFICE SUPPLY DEPT. Comfortable dwelling, con- venient location, priced tc sell. 4 lots, city utilities, with three rental units, Ex- cellent investment. It needs repair but it is priced so low you can af- ford complete repairs, A nice Lockhart location. 8 room dwelling, priced to sell at $7,000.00. Good investment. Prime commercial pro- perty abutting U. S. High- way 331 in Paxton, Flor- ida. A real buy. Brick store building, West 5th Avenue, Florala. A real bargain. Ideal Spoil Work and live conveniently. Comfortable home and next door busi- ness. Ideal for couple. ALREADY FINANCED. 1-20-tfcROYCE & CO., INC. Flo- I ! rala,Alabama. Mrs. SIGN PAINTING - Shop located 2 1/2 miles south of ~l°rala~l ILUcllle S. Cox, Liscensed Real Estate Broker. P. O. Springs). Box 346. Telephone 858- on Hwy. 85 (Clear ,. = STARS & Phone 4-1825. 7373. STRIPES• Thos. Holley, Owner. 1-13-ffc l-6-tfc THURS.-FRI.-SAT. JAN. 27-28-29 DOUBLE FEATUREI MGM Dresen,s JO[ COCK[M HOMBRE MEANS MANI PAUL NEWMAN IS "HOMBRE" III