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January 27, 2016     The Florala News
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January 27, 2016

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PAGE4 THE FLORALA NEWS - WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27, 2016 The Florala News' editorial section is intended to provide our readers and citizens as com. plete an opportunity to express themselves with as few restrictions as possible. Profanity, direct or implied, and attacks on one's person rather than on actions or deeds are not ac- ceptable. Publication on. this page in NO WAY REFLECTS A GREEMENT OR ENDORSE- MENT BY THIS NEWSPAPER. P i Reporters don't need a license, same publication that got into trouble last fall as tant, they erode the confidence the public has in but they do need integrity the result of an article written by one of its own them and in all news reporters. reporters, Sabrina Rubin Erdely. She claimed The majority of journalists adhere to the rules Activist actor Scan Penn should be used to con- that a young woman was raped in a University of and stick to the facts; they know that there's swift troversial media coverage by now, considering Virginia fraternity house. But, the Columbia Uni- justice for writers who stray. But, too many re- some of the outrageous statements he has made versity Graduate School of Journalism conducted porters have been taking liberties in recent years over the past few years. But his recent attempt an independent inquiry and found that the story and getting away with it, especially some of those to identify himself as a journalist after publish- was made up. who cover social and political issues. ing an "interview" with drug kingpin E1 Chapo "it was no mistake on Erdely's part. She was "Indeed, news reporters do not need a license caused quite a stir, said Dan Weber, president of using the fabricated rape to make a point: that to practice their profession, but they are bound the Association of Mature American Citizens. sexual assault is a problem on many college cam- by a code of ethics. They must stick to the facts. "Penn is no journalist and the narrative hepuses. It was not a very honest or ethical way to They do not take advantage of the stories they penned [apology] is what the Statesman Jour- deal with such an important problem," said We- are covering to promote a personal agenda. The nal described in an editorial as 'a vanity project, ber. integrity principle needs to be taken seriously by movie treatment, friendly chat between celebrity And then there was the incident involving those who would be news men and women and, if and sociopath.' Whatever you call it, Penn's antics George Stephanopoulos at ABC-TV News. Every- they stray, there are editors who strictly enforce put a new focus on the quality of media coverage one knows that he was had long-standing ties to the code. Editorials are for the editorial pages," in the 21st Century, a time when so-called citi- the Clinton family, but few knew he had been con- Weber concluded. zen journalists abound on the Internet and social tributing tens of thousands of dollars to the Clin- media. They lack sources, report rumors as fact ton Foundation. Stephanopoulos used his position - The Association of Mature American Citizens and put pressure on traditional reporters to get as a "reporter" to take on Clinton critic Peter Sch- [] is a vibrant, vital senior on top of the story, whatever it may be," according weizer who authored the book, Clinton Cash.advocacy organization that takes its marching to Weber. Even the liberal New York Times described the orders from its members. They act and speak on Penn insisted that you don't need a license to incident as a case of Stephanopoulos "facing accu- their behalf, protecting their interests and offering practice journalism, the AMAC chief noted. But, sations that he was effectively trying to buy favor a practical insight on how to best solve the prob- he added, reporters do need integrity. "It's their with his former employers as Mrs. Clinton seeks lems they face today. Live long and make a dif- job to provide the facts; it is our prerogative to the presidency for a second time." ference by joining today at interpret those facts. We don't need their spin." Without integrity journalists become irrel-amac. It is interesting to note that it was Rolling evant, Weber explained. They become "partisan Stone magazine that published Penn's article, the hacks, hitmen for personal causes. More impor- [ ............................. ,q [ I by Joseph J. Horton and choose to exercise well. We have direct control I expect that I confuse a lot of people at the gym over our exercise behaviors, but do not have direct where I work out. I have been asked more than control over our weight. There is a small movement once why I breathe so hard. The short answer is promoting the weight-inclusive perspective. Pro- that I do high-intensity interval workouts where I ponents say we should focus on controlling what raise my heart rate and then recover before begin- we can directly control---our diet and exercise. If ning another interval. Some people have looked at we embrace exercise for its benefits, including be- me strangely when I talk to myself, probably some- ing able to take hikes without soreness the next what loudly because I am wearing headphones, day and buying the large bag of dog food without But I suspect there is something about me that is straining our backs, we will be better off than if we more confusing than either of these, become frustrated by failing to achieve thinness Many are surely confused because I am pudgy; and giving up healthfuLbehaviors. those who are blunt might even say fat. I have: A hdabl'el ut" sel i61trly review of these issues been regularly doing intense workouts for years, is provided by Dr. Tracy Tylka from Ohio State yet I do not have the physique expected of such a University and her colleagues from several institu- person, i am not alone; the expectation that exer- tions. It was published in the peer-reviewed "Jour- cise will result in massive weight loss and a buff nal of Obesity." They report that multiple random- body often fails to materialize, ized clinical-trial studies show the advantages to The current popular thinking about weight is a weight-inclusive intervention over a weight-nor- the weight-normative perspective which states mative diet-based intervention. Participants who that better health results from being thin, and ef- were part of weight-inclusive programs, such as forts to improve health should focus on promoting Health at Every Size, demonstrated improvements thinness. Thus, losing enough weight to be healthy on objective physiological measures such as blood is defined as achieving a BMI between 18.5 and pressure and cholesterol levels. They also exer- 24.9. There are many of us who can improve our cised more and had more healthful diets. Finally diets and exercise more and not achieve a BMI in those in weight-inclusive programs experienced this range, psychological benefits such as improved self-es- Despite associations between being overweight teem. When people focus on the behaviors they can and having poor health, the weight-normative posi- control, rather than on their weight, they are not tion may result in poorer health. It is well accepted only happier but healthier. that weight cycling, or yo-yo dieting, is worse than To my friends who began the new year with being somewhat overweight. Yet if people have hopes of a buff body: stick with the exercise even if difficulty achieving or maintaining weight loss, we you are still portly. Hunger and weight are complex are at least tacitly encouraging them to experience and are still being researched. Our bodies were en- weight cycling, gineered for a world in which famines were inevi- Another problem with focusing on weight is table. Some of us may simply have been endowed that when people fail to achieve their weight goals by our Creator to be well prepared for the next despite vigorous efforts they may get discouraged famine. Have the confidence to practice a healthful and give up. If the goal is thinness and we cannot lifestyle for the many benefits beyond elusive buff- become thin, we might as well stop eating health- ness. You will feel better and live better. fully and exercising. But exercise has many more benefits than mere weight maintenance. Exercise - Dr. Joseph J. Horton is professor of psychology reduces the risk for many physical illnesses and it at GroveCity College and the Working Group Coor- promotes mental health, dinator for Marriage and Family with The Center No one can go to the gym and adjust their weight for Vision & Values. He is also a researcher on Posi- according to their wishes. We can go to the gym rive Youth Development. 1 2 3 m m m t3 16 m m 19 III 25 26 27 m m m 35 4O m m m 44 i m m 48 III 57 58 59 m m m 65 m m 69 ..... m m 72 StatePoint Media THEME: SUPER BOWL Stadium 5. End of "cholesterol" ACROSS 6. Asia's " of the Mo- 1. October stones ment" 6. "The bone's con-7. Rascal nected to the back bone"8. Rid of impurities 9. Show appreciation 9. Like most U.S. campus- 13. Set to zero es 14. Down Under bird 10. A siren's song, e.g. 15. James Blunt's " 11. Seed cover Beautiful" 12. Banana skin 16. Actor Owen 15. Beefeater 17. Credit card rate 20. Elf perch 18. Bone-chilling 22. Acorn producer 19. To begin with 24. Mollusks with two shells 21. *NFL Comissioner hinged together 23. Doh, re, mi, fa, __, la, 25. Scrawny one ti, doh 26. Remember this battle 24. Beacon light 27. "Taras Bulba" author 25. Actors' group 29. Wang or Bradley 28. First name in jeans 31. *Walter Payton does it 30. Russian grandmaster in "The Super Bowl Shuf- 35. Heidi's shoe fie" 37. Bulgarian money 32. Tissue growth 39. Actress Watts 33. Yemeni neighbor 40. Indian music 34. *Given name of man 41. 100 centimes the trophy is named after , LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: 43. *Teams have an often- 36. Cheap trinket .... sive and defensive one for 38. Not in favor , "" "' The Florala News welcomes Letters to the Editor the game 42. Fast food option All letters will be published at the discretion of the ,44. Frenchman's love 45. Dog stand staple editor/publisher. No letter will be published that does not bear46. Charlie "Bird" Parker's 49. Jodie Foster's '08 mov- sax ie" 's Island" the actual name of the writer and their city or town of 47. Pop group "'N" 51. *-G -me day residence. A contact number or e-mail address is required but 48. *Like Super Bowl 50 54. Mythological princess 50. Virginia Institute of Ma- of Colchis will not be published. Letters cannot be returned, rine Science 56. Fixed look 52. Epitome of easiness 57. Not a word? The Florala News 53. Margarita fruit 58. One of #65 Across 55. Throw one under it? 59. Bit attachment 57. *Expensive big game 60. Links to a posted photo purchase 61. First one on a ship 61. *Three-time Super Bowl 62. Pavarotti's song MVP 63. Hitler's Eagle's 65. Some are bright 64. Aphrodite's lover 66. Chain letters 67. *Represented last year 68. Defter by Seahawks 69. Mr. Ed's remark 70. Young newt last week's solution 71. DO like phoenix 72. Sunbathes 73. High or low card 74. "The Second Coming" poet DOWN 1. Black and white "killer" 2. Fox coat, e~g. 3. "Clueless" catch phrase 4. *Played this year at __