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January 30, 1975     The Florala News
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January 30, 1975

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! IMA~IE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. e USE~SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. NUAaLA NEWS - THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 1975 iness to come before the Coun- cil, a motion was made by Zorn and seconded by Mickler to ad- journ. Carried with all in PAGE 7 e tones Left Unturned In on triers are y ore favor. oe .og o, arming i Summer a a ouncl eehn January 27, 1975, at the Acti- , vities Building, Florala State By Mary Ellen Haynes Associate County Extension Chairman lb [ a regular meet- Bated by him to receive fines at 1823 W. 12 Avenue in Flo- Park at 6:00 p.m • !orals City Coun- when money order could not rain. If you are planning on can- has been tempered to with- will not seal. Check by run- Lids used on vacuum packed ;~t~v~.~ ~o.~~ oOt~,n~ ~o.on ~, Zorn . rod.on m~ ~, .ck Why ning this summer, you will want stand contrast in temperature, ning your finger around the foods such as pickles can't be lb. irk, Florala, Ala- seconded by Anderson. All Zorn and seconded by S y.bfl to use the best containers pos- In other words, it does not jar mouth -- this is the best used in cannin The e Ih ~y 13, 1975 in favor Mickler ol salary for uity . g. s re- oz' ]Mayor Joe R. A letter was read by Mayor Clerk at $110.00 per week and sible• Standard canning jars break as easily as mayonnaise way to discover a rough place, quire special equipment to get will be what you want -- those or peanut butter type jars do. Don't overlook the seam in the lid on the "ar so th t " • ~cilmembers: Vie- Evans which commended the the empioymem of Shirtey l a It h, Jack Zorn, Sy- Police Department for their Miller in the clerk's office at A inWithlargethe lettersmanufacturer'Son the sidenameof bandTOO' thewerehOmemadeCanningto fit lidstand_and the jar. _ gives an. air tight seal. OZ.oz ~Venia Hutchinson kindness when a non-resident $95.00 per week. In favor of G ~l rw e n I n the jar -- Ball, Kerr, Knox, ard canning jars -- not the ferM°::ing ht%meflc~nne~:lP;;e havC:?n::~e:fa~lg; ¢~:n gr°e~mo~° • [ouncilman Wilson had a wreck in Florala on motion: Zorn, Mickler and Hazel-Atlas, Bernardin, etc. other types, lids.which have a red or grey tag jars from the water bath oz. i Clerk Linda S. December 31, 1974. Anderson. Opposed: None. You may also find the word If the canning jar has a nick s.ea!ing compound. ,C.heck the canner.Do not use cooking oz. Mayor Evans presented to Abstaining: Hutchinson. Mo- 1975? . . g_ ey o not hold the has the regular size mouth, discard this jar because fi pound is smooth ana. eve~ If jar firmly enough and it will oz Reverend JoeCouncil the following ordi- tion carried. Mason, which means the jar or rough place at the mouth, na to De sure me seanng cam- ton s. for th d • rid McLain Chief nance. Mayor Evans read a state- The standard canning jar It ts not, ulscara me na tceaa sit and br ak oz. |laB. Shirley Mil ANORDINANCE merit from City Clerk, Linda • p e . Two of the the directions which come with leadin "ar man , - -- ------ • . g l ufacturerssell , Cassady, George BE IT ORDAINED BYTHE Cas.sady, m regards to• her Although there are many the hds. canning tongs for $1.25 and ~,? hell Williams, Le- CITY COUNCIL OF FLORALA, posmon as t:ity LlerK ann ner values to gardening, in 1975the Kerr has changed its seal- 1 75 "~" [ ALABAMA AS FOLLOWS: intentions: primary reason for growing a It Is Insane To Consider Going s ing compound, changm`g, what Jar fillers and apple corer- oz. ~ Section 1 The City of Flo- TO: The Honorable Mayor garden is to produce food. you should do to the. nd be- slicers are good to have. Most Dl'mtS ialled to order by rala in compliance with Sec- Joe R. Evans and the Members Home food production in re- Ire. an(] after canning. ~o housewares counters sell oz is. Lewis Eilan~l lion 1 (a) of Act No. 699 adop- of the City Nouncil: . cent years has not seemed ira- reaa very carefully the di- these. • ]) in prayer. Minu- ted at the 1969 Regular Ses- .Because oi a personal con- portant. Plentiful supplies at To War Over Middle East Oil! rections given on the lid box Corers for yea oz. |bet 16, 1974 were sion of the Legislature of Ala- fhct between myself and COBB- relatively low cost were taken Mayonnaise type jar lids toes are also vr)y°rhJ~$al. ~he followin~ car- hams does hereby designate cilwoman Hutchinson, I here- for granted. Those days are should not be used in canning. Your county Extension office |inutes wererequ- the chemical analysis of the by tender my restgnahon, el- over. ,, By Bill Dickinson These do not auow me jar to has the address of the manu- OZ ' " " • [Incflwoman Hutch- breath by use of the photo- fective at the end of the work- Gardening costs will be up exhaust. As the food is 'cook- facturer of these useful items. dE• [;shotguns were re- electric intoximeter as thetest day on 24, January 1975. also. But, if you have the de- It is insane to even consi- but each nation only undercut ing ' in the canner, steam is The home canner may now • " al ,,~ ~n traded foranis- to be administered by its of- Other than my problems with sire, a garden site, and the tier going to war over Middle the other and made its ownpri- ,generated. If tMs Is not - purchase tin cans only in lots "~' [McClellan. There ricers approved by the State Councilwoman Hutchinson, I know-how it can be a verypro- East oil!" strongly remarked rate little oil deal with the .m.w.e¢l to escape, .pressure is of 100 or more. If using cans, oz. ~'ther corrections, Department of Health pur- nave enjoyea every aspect of fitable venture. With these Congressman William L. Middle East oil-producing bum up m me lar ann can a can sealer must also be nl.mts~were adopted with suant to Section 2 (b) of Act. .my work as, City Clerk:. It has ingredients you can get atleast "Bill" Dickinson to the Annual countries." cause it to break or the lid boughtThe Extension ffice ni t e_ . O ..... "" ~ No. 699 adopted at the 1969 Been rewarmng to nave me con- a 10 to 1 return on investment. Meeting of the Andalusia Cham- Dickinson said that insteadof to buckle. Mayon a se yp has the address for ordering ~lt.[ of business was Regular Session of the Legis- fidence of my Mayor and co- Where else can you expect such her of Commerce Thursday talking about going to war over lids can be used for jelly amy. these. lb. ..the Water Works lature of Alabama, to deter- worzers, a return? Ihe term of Trent mine the alcoholic content of You have my concern for The middleman always gets night, January 9. Middle East oil we should be Standard jar bands (rings) For other information on food Dickinson was commenting on working to achieve energy self- should not be rusty or bent. If nreservation ennt~et v,anr I~ry 25, 1975 Any the blood of any person law- all your future endeavors, blamed for the high cost of food. Secretary of State Henry Kis- sufficiency, they. are they will not give a Jaunty Exten~iono'ffic'e. ""'" ira City Clerk prior fully arrested for any of- .. , Sincerely, With home grown vegetables singer's remarks that he could goou seal Ib pncil meeting of fully arrested for any offense ~.maa ~. tzassauy there is no middleman. They not rule out the use of mill- ' ~975. arising out of acts alleged to Mayor Evans stated todo not have to be hauled long tary force against Middle East ~lants tncies of J T have been committed while the Council that he would talk with distances. This will make the oil-producing,,nations, but that Dr. Henry C. Nichols, : •-" |. C. Strickland on person was driving a motor Mrs. Cassady and see if she commercially produced veget- such action would be consid- I~ .. ._ ,~_ .. ! ! ." ._ ._ b Ilion Board to be vehicle on the public highways would reconsider. Alsodiscus- ables more readily available to ered only in the gravest Pier- .L~UIII.I'UIIIII~ ~L_..s~t meeting January of the state while under the sed was the policy where the those who can't garden, gency." M.D., P.A. pro,,½ influence of intoxicating li-.Mayor was in charge of the The taste and qualityoffresh "What possible rationale, )z. leportcoverin~De- quor Administration of the City and home grown vegetables areva- what possible reason could • _ • o .s ANNOUNCES )z [Irough January 12 - Section 2. This ordinance the Council set policy, lues that can only be expert- there be for sendingU.S, troops lnsec[s In DOll - • [resented to COBB" shall become effective as soon Councilman Victor Anderson enced. The nutritional valueof to the Middle East? Whatemer- The Opening Of His Practice m. |Report covering as adopted and published as gave a report onthe property many fresh vegetables is great- gency is so grave that more Am- )z. pcember showin~ reauired by law. the t:ity is consiaering Buying er than that of those rammer- erican blood should be spilled ~ ~[n~t )z |drills. ~ /~DOPTI~D AND APPROVED on the Lake for future site for cially grown. With all the new on foreign soil?" zffi ,,~,~o,~ IN ,,', nJl McClellan re- THIS 13 DAY OF JANUARY City Hall. The Council ap- home freezers, pressure cook- The Alabama Congressman ,vpm [~ouncil in re~ards 1975. proved a motion made by Coun- ers, and jars, a lot of veget- pointed out that the U.S. is not ....... Family Medicine [stem being con- JOE R. EVANScilman Anderson and seconded shies will be processed at totally dependent on Middle East is.eros, dv).ng in the .sou )z. ~ncilman JackZorn Mayor by Councilman Zorn that the home. It is a very comfort- oil and that Arab oil accounts ann mlurmg m.e roots ann un- WITH . ~LeagueandConn- ATTEST: property formerly the Colonial ing feeling to know that you for only seven to eight percent derground portmnsofthestems |rrson to check w'lth LINDA S. CASSADY Hotel. site and now Flamingo have a good supply under your of total U. S. consumption, are . se!dom, controlled by o ,z. n in re ards Cit Clerk Trailer Lot be purchased by the Consultatsons In Anatomical, ~--~,byagen~esastto°Y 1-30-1tc Cityfor future use as a site roof. Dickinson noted that Kis-s.praymgmeaeove-grounapor- Other reasons for gardening singer intimated U. S. troops tins of the plants. . , . . . lnlury Irom these InsecTs, |tion of adoption for a City Hall. The Council include the value of the family would be commited only if there Chnlcal And Surgical d~s to be voted on A motion made by Council- authorized Mayor Evans to pro- working together, freshair, ex- ximate~nci1.. was an effort toward the which include cutworms, flea ~" ;F' meeung ofman Zorn for suspension of reed with securing this pro- ercise, and for the modern "actual stragulation of the in- beetle larvae, white-fringed Pathology and ta~975 rules for immediate con- perty for the City and to pre- youngster it can be a real dustrialized world." "I don't beetles and white grubs, should ~lellan also pre- sideration of said ordinance sent the Council with a pur- learning experience that will know of any commitment we be prevented by applying an ~ncil need for uni- after Mayor Evans had read chase plan for such. stick with him the rest of his have to comit troops to protect insecticide to the soil before IN ASSOCIATION wrrH 110 [cilwomanHutchin_ to Council the above or- Next item of business was life. Western Europe," Dickinson the garden is planted. P had checked with dinance. Seconded by Court- window condition at City Hall. The value of a garden is re- said. "If the situation is so Use either chlordane or dis- Dr. Sherman Johnsoll ~rtment and uni- cilwoman Mickler. In favor, Windows are in bad condition cognized by everyone, fromthe bad," he asked, "then why zinon as a soil insecticide. Apply one of these insecticides IN- PAXTON, FLORIDA [L needed. CouncilAnderson, Hutchinson, Mick- and have started falling out• President of the United States aren't they speaking outintheir to soil that has been plow- l"~hief to take bids ler and Zorn. Opposed: None. Motion made by Mickler and on down. With the criticalfood own behalf?" 1 .l~[, 27 shirts, and Motion carried for considers- seconded by Zorn that Vernon situation developing, we owe it Dickinson said the Onlycoun- ed Or spaded. These chemi- [VlOtion made by tion of ordinance at this time. Gomillion board these windows to our families, the nation and try we owe allegiance to is the cals may be applied in either LOCATED ON .IIGHWAY 33 , ONE MILE SOUTH OF Jseconded by Mick-Mayar Evans read to the up with exterior plywood which the world to produce all wecan U. S. and pointed out that not a spray or as granules. THE ALABAMA-FLORIDA STATELINE 'il - M~avor. Mayor Ev- council the above Ordinance is to be painted at a price of at home. However, don't gar- one ofourEuropeanallieswould If chlordane spray is used, OFF~CE HOURS: TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS" - Oni~hat Councilwoman in full length. Councilman $21.00 per window for I4 to 16 den if you don't have a site even allow the U. S. to fly over mix at the rate of 10 table- 9:0o- ~2:00, 2:o0- 6:o0 Plant.i~ist Chief MeClel- Zorn made a motion for adop- windows in the City Hall build- where plants willgrow, energyj their country October a year spoons of 40 percent wettable SATURDAYS " 2:00 - 6:00 PHONE: 834-7405 ileeCn°~ae~ powder per gallon. Apply 21/2 Pecifications for tion, seconded by Councilwo- ing• Motion passed with all in and know-how. Your county ago when we went to the aid of gallons of mix per 1,000square VISITS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY man Mickler. In favor - An- favor. Extension office can furnish a Israel. : ~lellan related to derson, Hutchinson, Mickler Monthly bills were presented lot of know-bow, but the en- He continued, "The U.S. feet of garden space. If chlordane granules are problem of receiv- and Zorn. Opposed: None. to Council and with motion by ergy is up to you. tried to organize the European used, apply at th~ rate of two money order late Motion carried. Mayor Evans Zorn and seconded by Hutchin- To garden is: Patriotism, on Sunday. Since aes have problems wanting to pay fi- [ authorized Chief ~r person desig- instructed that Ordinance be published for two weeks in the Florala News. A request for street light was approved for Ralph Brooks DOWNTOWN OP PHONE 493-4222 CINEMAII THUR. THRU WED. JAN. 30 TO FEB. 5 ,7AC AWARDS! TECHNICOLOR@ & UNIVERSAL PICTURe_ Matinee Sat. & Sun. At 1:30 Bath Theatres TWIN I THUR. 31-F EB 6 son were approved for payment with all in favor. Mayor Evans appointed Councilwoman Hutchinson to check with J. C. Bryant of Six- th Avenue Cleaners on a past cleaning bill. A report from Lewis Eiland of the Planning Board re- flecting a request of study from the Rescue Squad in securing land for building for equipment. Securing a site for City Hall was mentioned to include land for rescue squad. A report that a meeting would be held Wednesday night, January 15, 1975 in relation to tennis courts for Florala and other recrea- tional needs. The Council approved the re- ceiving of bids for a street sweeper for the Street De- partment as well as spray to control insects this spring and summer. A report on conditions of drainage and street work in the area of me old armory hall was given by Victor Anderson. Drainage is in critical stage and much work is needed in cleaning out the drainage sys- tem. Mrs. Lynette Zessin was appointed to Library Board of the City of Florala. There being no further bus- good economics, exercise, healthy, and a spiritual reju- venation• With the hi-centennial cele- bration just around the corner, what better way to get back to the basic foundation of this country than tilling the soil? IRON LACKING IN By Mary Ellen Haynes Mrs. Mary Ellen Haynes, As- sociate County Extension Chairman says that iron is lack- ing in the diets of a large num- ber of families. Iron is an im- portant mineral needed to make bemoglobin, the red substance that carries oxygen to all parts of the body. Quick-cooking cream of wheat is a good iron rich food to add to the diet. Quick-cook- ing cereal contains more iron per cup than the longer cooking variety. Cereal may be served hot for breakfast with milk or butter• Li A new law permits you to set up your own Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Your Form Bureau Agent Has All The Oetail Free AUTO/FIRE/LIFE/HEALTH mmwmmmm~mcmmmm ~mmm| e ,$ m gmm m |~mm | mm. I Mail Or Call Agent Above I I t Please fureish me Information I I about the TAX FRll IU Plan. ! I I I Name ................................. I I Address ............................... I I City ....................... State .... Up lee omesoooooleeeooeeeseleetoo°oee o oo countries into a solid block against the Arab oil embargo, For variety, hot cereal may be topped with brown sugar or chopped, dried, cooked fruits such as apricots, prunes, or peacbes. Fresh fruits, includ- ing berries and bananas, please children. Cream of wheat may be used to supplement other meals, too• The dry cereal may be added to hamburger or meat loaf mixtures. Baked goods can be enriched by adding the dry, quick-cooking cream of wheat to biscuits, corn bread, pan- cakes and muffins. Grits may also be cooked with cream of wheat• pounds of five per cent chlor- dane per 1,000 square feet. If diazinon is used, mix at the rate of three tablespoons of 25 per cent emulsifiable con- centrate per gallon. Apply 2 1/2 gallons of mixed spray per 1,000 square feet of gar- den space. If diazinon granules are used, apply at the rate of 2 1/9- pounds of two per cent dis- zinon per 1,000 square feet. Chlordane should be worked into tbe top three to five inches of soil immediately apply ap- plication. Since diazinon tends to move downward, it should be incorporated with the top two to three inches of soil im- mediately after application. SPICED TEA IS CHILL CHASER When frost decorates the window panes and the wind blows chill, there's nothing more pleasant than a steaming cup of hot tea to chase away the chills• Even nicer is spiced tea, aromatic and bracing, guaranteed to compensate for your lowered thermostat. Invite a few friends around on a cold afternoon. Brew up a pot of your Special Spicy Tea and serve with slices of pound or nut cake. The recipe below makes two quarts, enough for twelve teacup servings. SPECIAL SPICY TEA 2 quarts boiling water1 teaspoon cracked allspice 12 teabags or ~A cup Rind of I lemon loose tea Thinly sliced lemons Pour boiling water over tea, allspice and lemon rind. Cover and let stand for 5 minutes. Strain into a warmed teapot. Garnish with sliced lemons. Add sugar to taste if desired. GLENDALE, FLORIDA I )CHUCK ROAST" LB PORK NECK SAUSAGE MEAT L.. BACON LB. LIVER LB. CHUCK STEAK LB. SIRLOIN STEAK LB. RIB ROAST L B. RIB STEAK LB. ROUND STEAK LB. e GROUND ,B. L C UT & WRAPPED I~ 100 to 150 lb. per half L B. C UT & WRAPPED i% or WHOLE HOG L..' OPEN 7 A.M. CLOSEr) 4:~~¢'A'~"'-... ORDI~RS MAY BE PICKED UP UNTIL-7:00 P.M. THIS PLANT IS ............ THE ONLY PLANT IN WALTON COUNTY THAT KILLS, PROCESSES AND SELLS PRODUCTS UNDER INSPECTION IN WALTON COUNTRY. theatre Open s ly At 6:00 s At 6:30 Open Til 8:30 t iL