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January 30, 1975     The Florala News
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January 30, 1975

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IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED• ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• USI SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT• REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED• ~RY 3~ Now that brings us to the latest reports of UFO happenings in the mid-west where animals are reported as being stolen by ~ UFO crewmen. On the Tomorrow's show with Tom Snyder, host, last Wednesday night, a report was heard of that strange happen- ing. In two of the mid-west states a couple of dozen animals, mostly cows, had been killed, the heart taken out, the blood inter~e~ by drained from the body and the sexual organs taken. The mutila- ted bodies were left on the ground but there were no signs loon. Lucile McRae of footprints, going or leaving the carcass and nothing to give any clue as to who might have been guilty of the killing - except that strange crafts had been seen in the area. I haven't seen II • .~IDHOG DAY - Sunday, Feb. 2, is groundhog day and if anything in the papers about tlis report but the Tomorrow show lUl ]ljlgent sees his shadow we are in for six more weeks of which is at 12 o clock at night Monday through Thursday, pro- LI~I~. According to legend, the groundhog pokes Ills head raises to give a later report of the strange happenings. This ~is burrow on "Groundhog Day" to look around to see report was made Wednesday night prior to the regular program £'1| weather prospect might be If he sees his shadow e and because of it the entire scheduled program was not given as "ylCk into his den to finish his Winter sleep and escape the had been planned. Snyder asked, in a telephone :onservation, ~dSther. If he does not see his shadow Mr. Groundhog is why the outerspace crewmen did not take the entire animal in- .1 to come on out of his den and begin searching for food stead of these particular parts and he was informed that there is that i~11 us that spring is wel! on its way. reports of several missing cows that can't be explained and is aratio~l late fall the Groundhog fat and lazy takqs to his hole betrayed to have been taken aboard the spacecrafts. t hospTeal cold weather sets 'in He falls'into a deep sleep, Now if that isn't cause for alarm, what can be? Frankly muc~lthing slows down, his bo(fy temperature drops and his I'm not at all brave and I don't want to see one of those space- hese ~s on the fat he accumulated during the summer. He crafts and I sure do not want to get a visit from any of the crew- p hibernation until early spring - when he is supposed men. I don't want to be the first person to shoot UFO crewmen Leon~ out on February 2 to see if the weather is favorable but shoot I would if encountered with them - or some earthly ricklat~ to stay above ground. But scientific folk say that the creature, as for that. o. } of Feb. 2 is just a bunch of "ground hog-wash." Professor Carr maintains the UFO cover up is the worst-kept feather myths go back in history originating with the secret in American and he wants the story -the true UFO tnerican Indians centuries ago In some areas ground- story told. He says that "We're talking about a mighty armada __is observed with parades a'nd celebration. Andit's o[iit~i!i i~;~vh~eattl~;;mt~e~~~iistwe~::~he~O:~i~i~m~ii! l~redict what the groundhog will do, though we all know | may not poke his head out on Feb. 2 - in southern phey have been known to leave their dens before Feb. 2. r wa3n't told that he was not to come out until Ground vessels, or huge carrier ships, generally hover above the ran- !. Fooling "Mother Nature" ain't nice, Mr. Groundhog. ges of Earth aircraft. I FEEDERS - We keep bird feeders at our house and it Carr says although the 12 spacemen at Wright-Patterson ap- peared youthful an autopsy on one indicated the tiny being was [aj pleasure to watch the birds as they come and go. We several centuries old. tu birds (Cardinal) blue jays, mockingbirds, brown This addition to what we have already being hearing about [s. robins Bobwhiies, doves, and what we call the strange crafts and spacemen, makes us wonder if the airplanes • ~), a beautiful bird In the snrin¢ we will start having and crews of ours that disappeared from the face of the earth jmingbird, the Yellowhammer ~nd ~many other fascina- without a trace or any indication as to what became of them, if ~s we enjoy all summer During the spring and summer they might have been kidnapped by these super spacemen and our Llot of birds nesting all over the place and spend a lot of men are now living among the occupants of another planet. |King up baby birds and putting them back into the nests. Maybe theses spacemen, if they be, will bringthem back to earth, ~ a few weeks before the Martins will arrive and we will if they did kidnap them. Then again things could be so wonderful | ~ching them building their nests and chasing the sparrows, on that neighboring planet that our men elect to remain there [ ~- house a mockingbird claims one corner at the back of where apparently we are to believe you live for centuries. / le as her territory and the other birds have to slip in to | |er while she is out scouting around the area. A brown We don't know the truth about UFO's but in the meantime you can believe the stories or you can think it is just so much bunk ;[ controls a spot back of the kitchen where we have a and that all these people are making up these tales. I believe ~nd the other birds have the same problem as mose something is happening that is unexplainable. In the meantime . pQl~o the mocking bird corner, but they manage to make it to we can just let our imagination run as wild as we might enjoy. - -,'per and some days keep the old brown thrasher busy Professor Cart has made a study of what he reports and claims ] her territory The red birds chase out the sparrows facts to back him up. I just let my imagination run around but m]~ p@t[ jays but the mocking bird and the thrasher keep close I don't have anything to bPck up what I think all this might be and L -'"~,er the two feeders near the kitchen and chases other I'm allowing my thought to run wild, wild. But then I always ask ~en they return from their wandering, the question, Did you believe we would go to the moon ten years [blv the weather has been so cold or else the birds are ago?" Some people still do not believe anyone has set foot on [eady for spring, but none of the birds at our house have the moon but the fact is right before our eyes. We HAVE been ~gmg during these past two weeks. I remember last to the moon and there is a great possibility that crafts and crew- jof my sisters visited me and they said they couldn't men from outerspace are coming to our earth. ! [] lpcause of the singing the birds did all night. That was Of course, we need proof before we start getting upset as to ! "7 .~irds. We have a pyracantha covered with berries, these crafts from outerspace but then I will keep an open mind as ~on the wall at the back of the'house which a mocking- to the possibility that it could be. ~ms as her territory and she chases off everything that .~en near the berries A little later she will have a con- ONE DOLLAR BILL - Altering a one dollar bill to resemble • w,t on her hands chasing the robins which will be heading a twenty dollar bill is the newest thing showing up in cash regi- I ~lf°r awhile will be coverin~ the area A couple of years sters. Several incidents of that sort have shown up in Fort Wal- -- |eking bird took up residenc~e in a holiy et the edge of the ton Beach and couid arrive in towns like ours any time, so watch ! sue fought constantly for weeks protecing that holly and those bills when they are oassed on to you at the cash register. ~esthat holly trees was the only one on the place that still: Several stores at Fort Walton Beach have reported the problem ~e . All the others had been stripped of the berries by the~ with ends from tens and twenties being taped to a one dollar L~l q~of the red-breasted robins. We have one holly that is al bill and passed for the larger denomination. So, watch for them. 1 ~ot a bird that we do not know but comes early every.. • l~d takes to that particular holly. This bird is similar !o, SPIRO AGNEW - Former Vicb President Spiro Agnew didn't but much ller therels alwa s hunureas do so bad resigning from the national position nor has it hurt him to ~i prettier and sma -" y . |m that holly at one time. It is amlost as if a cloudhas be kicked out of the legal profession when it comes to making ~ltr the Yard. This bird sorta favors the red bird, bm mey money. He is reported as on the way of becoming a multi- -~re get close to the holly where Mrs. Mockingbird lives, millionaire as a real estate partner in the Walter Dilbeck em- ' ~ lr ~. d s and the robins really eat up those berries and the pire. Deilbeck said the deal with Agnew "called for me to pay ~' plrd fights from early morning until dusk and the fea- him $100,000 a year ~r four years,plus one.third of the profits ~metimes fly. It is always an all day battle but thus far for the first year, and half of the profits of the other three." ~}kingbird has won unscarred by battle It remains un- Agnew is on his way to becominga multimillionaire by bringing "- I tie that one mockingbird can fight off thousands of robins foreign money in, mostly Arab, into the business. ~ "her tree," but she does and never looks any the worse [of it but some days she chases those birds until she is McGOVERNISM CLOUD - Did you read the column entitled, • ~,.~ly worn out and will sit in "her tree" with her tongue "There's Silver Lining in McGovernism Cloud." Do you reckon we are going to join up with McGovern and his wild, wild, I y~ut-honest. liberalism. The column, written by Kevin Phillips, says Dixie ~s CARR - I would have enjoyed attending and hearing the is bearing the brunt and certainly in less than a month, the South [of Robert S. Carr last Tuesuay night (Jan. 21), at [he has lost three key committee chairmanships - Ways and Means, • ~]HIa Municipal Auditorium, explaining his UFO investiga- Agriculture, and Armed Services and that "you can practically ~[he lecture was moved from the Pensacola Junior Col- see the liberal caucus's spittle on the map of Texas, Louisiana [,,_pus to the city auditorium in anticipation of larger and Arkansas, dripping off the Ozarks and Ouachita Mountains ]~ar~ usual.for.the controversial speaker. And according onto the plains and bayous," he said. But, according to re- ¢' m[lowmg tne lecture there wasn t even standing room ports the purge of moderates and conservatives is not confined 1~ the time came for him to lecture. Carr, a Clearwater, to the South. I join in asking, "Where does it all lead?" All ]resident and a 20-year member of the National Investi- moderates are uneasy, regardless of what part of the nation they ~*ommittce for Aerial Phenomena, startled Americans hail from. Phillips stated that "despite the new Congress' dis- [by claiming the Air Force possessed a craft and bodies claimers of militan-liberalism, the political geography is clear P' members foreign to planet Earth. He contends that enough - the legislature being purged come from the same {bodies are containod in a deep freeze at Wright-Pat- "=1 ~ir Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, where two space- Southern,sidential McGovernismWestern and inethnic1972."c°nstituencies that. cringed at Pre- 1 p, are secreted Air Force officials refute Carr's claim _J ~_ statement. '"There are no little green creatures or NEXT WEEK - We'll be talking about "Women and Equal .Tom space at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base now; nor Right. Do women want equal rights to the extent that she de- mands "communal bathrooms and female draft eligibility," or is tkis being added to the amendment by some politicians who want to make women look bad in their" demands for "Equal rights?" Let's talk about it next week. i ' !i on list and the state of Florida ranks third. But, sor said, that no state can come close to sight gs a South America He said the outer space visitors cold climates and that no one has reported aliens in the snow. Brunch, that marvelous combination of breakfast and the government's UFO security blanket willbe slow- lunch, is a perfect time for relaxed, cheery entertaining for the coming months; that the government will famih¢ and friends. For most life styles the weekend tempo e... to all media which will provide a way out of an lcnds~itself to this type of party. POsitron _ which "is a nice way to do it," he stated. The food you serve is a vital ingredient to a successful -~speciall inter " ' w what brunch. Prepare dishes and bevmTages with a pleasingly b "" Y ested m the UFO reports- don t kno etleve about it but I guess I'm inclined to believe that different touch . . . like Dickary Daiquiris and German ~a lot of truth in it. You remember few of us believed Potato Waffles. To make these daiquiris, combine "V-8" Ould go to the moon but we did. We know that something Cocktail Vegetable Juice with instant daiquiri mix; serve ng on that can't or has not been explained - whether it "on the rocks" for a delicious brunch-time sipper. ' our own Air Force is doing or if we are actually The German Potato Waffles are a cook-at-the-table main ~sltors from o 't know but there Is no . uter-space we don - dish. Pass sour cream and apple pie filling as toppers for out that some ha emn Or rather . thing strange is ppp • g. , these hearty waffles. ~nge unhl we know ~hat DICKARY DAIQUIRIS Ssor Carr says th ~hte~2"the government unlocks the,~ , ~ the truth can be told about two spacecraft and 12 '4 z cups "V-8' Cocktail 3 individual envelopes ( frozen b~odies hidden at Wright-Patterson Air Force Vegetable Juice ounce each) instant Dayton, Ohio, and a "warehouse of UFO evidence" a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) warehouse in /He says the 12 UFO crewmen in the Wright-Pat- freeze died in a decompression accident over New ~n 1948. Another craft, he says, crashed in the desert several badly charred bodies. The bodies, Carr cere recovered intact and "small, very human and and conform to descriptions given by 90 percent who claim to have had face to face incounters ~enlen. :laims that the aliens intend no harm to humans or "they clone harm before now." He claims that the peace- have included the gathering of ecological samples soil, leaves, as American astronauts engaged in during moon missions. t daiquiri mix In pitcher, combine "V-8" Juice and daiquiri mix; stir. Serve over ice cubes. Makes about 4~.i cups. GERMAN POTATO WAFFLES 2 cups biscuit mix 2 tablespoons salad oil 3 small potatoes (about ½ 1 slice onion ('A-inch thick) pound), peeled and cut up Applesauce or apple pie filling 1 egg, slightly beaten Sour cream 1 cup milk In blender, combine mix, potatoes, egg, milk, oil, and onion; blend until smooth. Bake in waffle iron, following manu- facturer's directions. Serve with applesauce and sour cream. Makes about 3 cups batter. (About 3 large waffles.) i L TItE FLORALA NEWS - THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 1975 STENSO LETTERING GUIDES ROMAN RUBBERMAID WASTEBASKETS t '