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February 3, 1972     The Florala News
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February 3, 1972

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IMAGE SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT, REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED, THE FLORALA NEWS - THURSDAY, .... WEEKLY r EWSPAPER % REPORT BY Reducing Heart CONGRESSMAN Wm. L. DICKINSON Attack Deaths !i The battle against heart and of Alabama citizens 1970 A b,oo~esse, diseases is winnine the thousands of ~ - important victories in treatment tists and physi(ia, and prevention, according tothe seeking methods of D~d~ Of Alabama Heart Assocfation. and controllinghear' ..... This is evidenced by an 18 per- other heart and cent decline in the cardiovas- seases, which take ~111 II ~fkoIlen"e cular death rate for persons one million under 65 since 1950. Reduction country. This canbe~ of death rates for stroke, high ring generDusly ~hen 'II'~I~'I~I~111~I~ I~I.~ 1~'I~"I~~']~]~ blood pressure and hypertensb, e Volunteer calls for heart disease, have been par- Fund contribution h DECADE OF CHAL- of 25, and this will expand ticularly significant for the pop- LENGE - President Nixon's to one-third by the end of the ulation as a whole. These ad- Blue Ribbon Defense panel laid decade. Two out of three young Dances have occurred since the VA EXPENDIT out our challenge for the 1970s men and women believe that American Heart Associationin- this way: "It is not too much the woman's place is still in stituted massive research pro- ANNOUNCED to say that in the 1970s neither the home, according to the sur- grams following its founding as COVINGTON the vital interests of the United vey. Most want to develop a a national voluntary health S WEEK'S EPISODE States nor the lives and freedom pattern of savings Most quit THI ............... : of its n CAPITALISTIC CRISIS citize s will be secure, their first job because of "It- agency in 1948. The Veterans Adn uespite this progress, the today announced ! "NO' Definitely not' JustIt is irrational to think, with mired opportunity for prone- death rate from heart attack ~.. " .... ea e me ale e'" " " the balance of military power tion" and "inadequate salary .... mtures mr amoam~ l__v ....... n_: h t n ' - nas unaergone nttle change. 1971 tot-"-" 03' "Gee vou were sure talkin~ s ff 1 g m its favor, that the growth," hardly the "butter- ,~,,cu .,,. This year it is estimated that which .~1 ala 509 wa' roughly'to Joe Percy What'spolicies of the Soviet Union will flies are free" approach tolife, r ........ v . ,),, ' " be less hostile disruptive and In another survey bv Scho- me e than 670.000 persons wall in~ton County the matter ..... , . . - - . die from the leading killer' a q; .. 7; :~-- M "f)h I in~t In~t mv h~ad I unper~ahstlc. The consequen- lashc Magazine among high . , l'~ell ~marr mine v.. " ' .......... ~ ......ces of b ..... VA Off,~v ~a,u t. ~uess ' But it's iust gettin~ on eing second rate, even school students, they turned loss of hves that the Heart As- ~ .... ,., -,al mv nerves Pletct~er '? if national survival is not threa- down by a seven out of tenmar- somatmn is striving to reduce of the money was : through its research, education- in disabilitycorn"ca "What's'uettine' on yourtened, could be sermusly de- gin the militant groups such as al, and community service'pro- pension pa'mentsVfol v ")" " ~" ~ trimental to the most vital di- Students for a Democratic So- " y ner es. " tho~ p~ ~ v dv plomahc and economiclnterests eiety and the Black Panthers grams. .~. . . veterans -- $1 182.9{ All ...... sal_.. _ver_bo.., uuring the february t~eart in on o v'~+'-ra~ u' v i~ of thrs country The road to and said they have a negative are havm~,: You know, bu, th .... ..... Fund Campaign, volunteers will gt C and ~ donate that --sell ~11 ~pll'" peace has never been through LmDaet on sometv, borne 75. distribute literature to homes Other VA expert( ~m p q,I "Yeah -I know w'ha'{'~'o'unlea'n appeasement, unilateral dis- v reent said they want to live in a rlani rorlne Percv 'It's uettin~ w'here you armament or negotiation from small town or rural area and 40 throughout this state on the Covington County fox can't'afford t~ come to school weakness. The entire recorded percent said they believe re- warning signs of heart attackand Smart said, were I~ _ . ,,., .....,...,...., ...... ,_ ,, " history of mankind is precisely ligion is playing a greater emergency measures to take and other VA eduC~ ,v,y IJ~,~r~rt~ ~tay t::mpty. * ~ . . when svmptoms occur. Delay grams. $326,969. and to the contrary Among the role than ever before mAmem- Sweetheart ,,~o, know Pletcher I be- . .. " ....... in recognizing svmptoms ancl and indemnities, $12'/ li~vo ,~vorv P'luh ,' ~'rn,n great nations of the world Only can llle. These nguresareslg- -- =" or"'what'"h'av~'you 'UmDS' O~'~'0U the strong survive. Weakness nificant. They indicate a bull- securing immediate medical In announcing the~ ll.II ... - .. - ,, J IJ Y Of the United States of its mil- ish future for America They treatment is responsible for Mr. Smart invited DU II a. at one time .... ' " many needless deaths There- County veterans to .... ",..,.... ~,, ,,.^~ nary capacity and its will - indicate future progress parti- ",,tn~ just th,.,, u~ dn u,u~ ..... , fore, it is vitally important for VA Office at 474 S.. ~.-.~. ...... ,o ,,,,,,, ,-,,.~ .,.., ..... . .~ .coum be the gravest threat to mpahon in local and govern- reu/u~,.y *o, *=in *~ tuv ante poor people out mere in their ............... every Alabamian to know these Montgomery, Alaba$ rne peace el the world men[ alralrs a strong economy set for the annual F.H.A. Sweet- homes being subjected to this " , potentially lifesavin~ facts, local service officer h rt 1 The ev nt will 1 Thai ~rifrht Veto're nnt Or as George Bernard Shaw -- andperhaps success for pro- ea Bal. e ast ,,_.. _ o.._ .. , The Alabama Heart Asso- maUon on any progr from 8" 10- 0 - ""-. ....... :: put it. "The notion that dis-'grams designed to move indus- .00- .3 p.m. Approx]-even safe m your own home. " . . ciation stresses the importance ing the GI Bill. mat"l 37 con les ct ,, ..,, ,.... .., ..... ,... armament can put a stop to war try and JObS to the countryside y p are expe ed W~. tuey ii~waym g,vv ................ ... ,..~..~...., ,....... .... ,~... IS contramclecl DV me nearest and away from tne congestion to attend. The F.F.A.and you thl~ ..~ a,.,uut t.,t:.,g ,v. t,te . . - .' FHA sw thr v ~chnnl and ~ll that " ~aog right " crime and pollution of the m-~~ ~ 0~cDd~I . . ee eats are Kath ...................... . ARE HIPPIES OUT OF nes Anderson and Glenn Taylor. De- "It wouldn't be so bad if they ...... o ..... " ' eorations are bein" made and ......... ~-t.u~ -{sme~magemamer- OLD COMMISSIONS NEVER nao somemmg to sell. i mean , " . , lca's young reflected accurately DIE - On July 18 1918 the Na- members are workmg hard to you lust can t contmuesubscrzb- . . ,) . ' , . fl 1 mak~athi~ th~ h~t ~#th~art iner tn "lo,",k and Till" MIoaa by the hippies. Recent polls tmnal Screw Thread Commls- , ,w ................... z'i~ea"ll of':'~ur[i~e."'" ..... ~'"-indicate otherwise, The Insti- sion was established to set stan- B n n n t Y tute of Life Insurance con dards for screw threads It I I~ Igt'~D tA/l~gl~ AMIgAI District VII1 All-State a d are among the best ba ds i he "Hey that reminds me. I ....... - .......... " .-.. tryouts were held inAndalusia state .. ~ n I ~ .aah to "..anna, min,~ " (lucre(1 a nationwide survey and was anonsneo in lHJ4. Dtlt .... __......_ t. hn H] hSchool o found that theold fashmnedval durmg World War II ]t popped January 22 'ala g Those makmg All-State fr m "7~7~" ['}/f] "7/29"]']f/2_ "I've ,,ot a trunk full of some - - was represented by nine stu- Florala included: Nina Gools- ~/'7~11.~-.-~- tSL#'~of these wonder Ead~ets thev ues' of marriage, family, finan- up again as the lnterde- Locate your birthdate in sections below. Ther nts hve of whom were se w w r h - ~ - c,ai secumty savings a good partmental Screw Thread Corn de , " ' " - by,he as fi st of more t an }?~ ~ ~k~ [1~, ~'~'~ ~" -- - push off on you -- Dins buttons ' " ' . - .... - your personal message for each day of week 72 Ala o ~/' - - job those are the vanes to m~ttee It ss now the mterna letted to play in the 19 '- f rty clarinets Dennis Gibbs ').-( [1~1"/ #~xh"('h{"X... rin~s Thrice n,,r~]o '~nd nin~ -- - bama High School All-Statefirst of fifteen bamtones; Joe ~41~k/~\('~.7~_~] "~'~ whirlybird dipsidoodles were wMch the vast majomty nf the ~onal Screw Threads. Standard FOR FRI., FETB. 4, THROUGH THURS., FEll Bands. Results from one try- Hooten, second of over forty (q'_..L.-4]ll V ~.L,~.'rT---J I ...t"' too much " young sunscmDe. Lomm~s.smn, and mere .are out will not be known untilla- trumpets. These were assigned ~'-!/ /.,~,~71~t~) // k, ..~ "I kinda liked those T-shirts There are 40 millionAmer- three international meetings I~ 19 I Plat ter. to the Red Band. Assigned to ~k~__~l"t~]'/~L.~,/,A, I--'3,.~_. . .......... icans aged 12 to 25. Our na- each year, with the U. S. still ~. 4: Someone is trying to get through to Y The number el students try- the White Band were: Terry :::I~W----~/'~A'~ SVt~emeAngnew:t~ht:%atcr~p't'anMr tiona! medianage is 27. One- represented.. Altogether., there sA. 5: Plan to join a worthwhile civic affair, t lie.,, ~,,,,,-'..~ -/ ' ~m ,, murm o~ our r~auon s personal are A ~uu aav,soryeomm~ssmns ins out this year ls much lar- Hamilton, third of almost thirty You know what this place is ......... ' ..... so. 6: Teenagers give you plenty to think abo~ n the smce h b " raceme ,s earned m nousenoms and commmees spenomg more get' than i " past, t etrom ones" and Paul Maddox Anytime a housewife ~,oiw, to end un beth,, called9'' . Me. 7: Distant affairs are under adverse asp~ .... '. ' ~'o " " " ' n TU. 8: Good money day. Pass up no opportur headed b a ersonundertbea e than $75 mflho earn ear size o[ the d,stmet has m- thwd of e,ght French horns wants ~r t ff by hers If Wha v*" Y P g Y " ....... . ............ to de o .. e ..t, Per%. , , i n m~ wE. 9: You'll probably make right decisions, ] crease(l, t~amwm, t, scamma, uwen heuey tr,eu out on urn- she can do o- ~--, d-in~, th-' "Florala Hi~,h School's 5,'I _ - TH. 10: Good news likely to arrive during A=.. and Conecuh counhes were all pant, but the results will not be .. , ,, ,-,- -,a ,,a "&10'" * / n rim@ [ lalSlleS added to District VIII. This known until all the timpanists " " II fi ll lr ~ IATTInn[i I~,.u,u, 'Ap,. ~o. v,,~ made the competition mueh more in the state have tried out. _ n ' '" , I III~M %IIV@ SWill II $ll ,,. 4: Be daring and break away from tradi! difficult, since schools like Only three from the entire state ! ' -- ! I ~1~ | SA. 5: One who teaches offers something va~ Fairhope, Foley, andT. R. Mil-aretakentohll-State. I I/TIII FNT P(ITnlgllt I I ny Mary Allen King| u,. 6: Many are on your side in a controver' lew~the.added to a list which The students will be attend- I ,,----w ..,= ~--vm-,,mvmmm | ... . MO. 7: Accent's on al~ility,to relate with frien~ alve~l~/, i~c'luded Charles Hen- ing All-State Band Festival at | | ;~ue tothenew Fe.dyra! de: Harris, Jr., and. M.L. Mop_re .~.~. 8: Have alternatives at hand if changes .... - . cupatmna~ ~aretv and l-ieannAc~ serve~ as instructors, l:ne wE. 9: Finish current projects. Be persistent,i d~o~)(T[:3~intDothaneC,~roll ~ere/l~i:l%rs,ty of Alabama ! I~__ flA., II ....... i rH. 10: Grandiose money plans fall apart at there has been an increased in- Chapter is most appreciative ...... i nn Inl nl#nv I terest in Red Cross First Aid of all instructors giving their I ~ Gemini ' May 21 - June 20 Mercul I ~v ~1 ~ II 1I! I Training. In recent classes, time in this worthwhile endea- FR. 4: Remain flexible in case of fast chang' | ~ IIthe following earned certi- vor. SA. 5: Let others know what you have to of n ~ n ~ fieates -- Red Cross Standard ******* so. 6: Beware a Scorpio person's flattery. IiinIl~lII ~Jlll ~41dl~ll~llII A newsmiling face has ap- ~ First Aid: Mrs. Flora Bass, Mrs Bess Dykes, another MO. 7: Don't be afraid to ask for assistance. n n I] 4~ I ~]~ ~ |uI ~41~u ~l] peared in the halls of el' Flo- .. Larry Blackwell, Wendal Bush, faithful Red Cross instructor, ru. 8: Good news may come. Prepare for it, rala High. This new face belongs ~~~ Claude Capps, Mrs. Ethel R. recently awarded 22 certificates w[. 9: A special relati'onship is put to test. m m R m m to blonde, blue-eyed, six foot, ~ ~!( \ Cooper, Buford Dean, Arnold L. to those who attended the Red TH. 10: Be appreciative without becoming t N A m m fifteen-year-old Be Caraway. Elmore. Nathan H. Henderson, Cross Mothers Aid Class given ~ Cancer r J~ne 21 -J~ly 22 ~ Mo I 1 Be came to Florala from Sam- Betty Sue Hurst Bill Nelson as a part of the Quest Program VlIVl I Vll . ~ - ' ' ,II. 4: Tread softly. Feelings are easily hurt, son, Alabama, where he part|- ~~ I"~~ Mrs. Susan C. Norton, Ruben in the Andalusia Middle School. SA. 5: Listen to experts but use own judgme: cia Hu~hes Cheryl Mills Mark cipated in the various activi- ~~, ~ L. Orlon, Bud Parker, Claude Members of this were: Becky su. 6: Deal mostly with older individuals to K Mi'tche'll Gracie Morris ties there. Also he has pre- l~~ "~ R. Parks Buford Smith, M. T Norsworthy, Fredia Grissett, ~0. 7: Prestige, honors, reputation stressed t Gary Mowre'y, Elaine Norrisl viously attended school in Slo- ~ ~~ Smith, W. Z. Terry. Wendell Renee Miller, Cynthia Atchison, ~u. 8: Don't let old grievanoes fester. Cure ' James Parker, Barbara Phil- comb, Alabama. ~l~ ~I Byrd, Hubert J. Carr, Willie H. Deborah Jeffcoat, Judy Tray- w~. 9: Be generous with a Libra-born indiV: .. lips, Deborah Reynolds, Wanda Be was born on April 9, 1956, ~ ~. ~/ Howard, Jr., William F. Rawls, wick, Debra Denham," Nola Jean rs. 10: Don't abuse authority. Strive for resP ~~'.~: i~ Sasser, and Neal Strickland. in Elba, Alabama. He is the Kenneth Sherrer, MinousSher- Chambers, Sandra Belcher, ~l~Leo ~ July 2;3 - Aug..22 i $~ ~~ son of ReD. and Mrs. Jim Cara- rer, Tony Sherrer, William Barbara Amos, MaryJaney, An- rR. 4: Thoughtless criticism could cause fric ~' .. 9TH GRADE way and has one older brother Simmons, J. Phillip Carter, gie Trawick, Sheila Baisden, Ju- sA. 5: You need to protect your money inter ~~.I A HONOR ROLL - Victor and four younger sisters. His James W. Hall, Leon Jor- dy Henderson, Brenda Biggs. SU. 6: Let people know you're around and~ lllllI~~ Burns, Beratta Gem|Ilion and brother, Eddie, who is eighteen, dan, Jr,,, Anford Hixon, Allison Cynthia Wise, Lynn Findley, Fa- ~0. 7: Check tendency to take things for gr~ ~!~ Hamp Tew. attends the University of Ala- S. Hugghins, T. E. Lyon. Ad- lisha Dickens, Janet Johnston, rU. 8: Work to improve home or property in~ ~~i.~~ B HONOR ROLL - Pan Bul- bama. His sisters, Kathy,thir- Danced First Aid Certificates Annie Roberts, Lillian Diane w~. 9: Before retiring, check locks, switches,' lard Jimmy Burleson William teen, Beverly twelve Karen, were awarded to: John Duggan Hall and Re,ha Jackson. TS. 10: New opportunity inspires greater ' . ' " '. ' ~i!~:~ F ' . * * * * * * * ' " -- ~~ Carroll Gary Corbm, Lynne eleven, and Sandra, nme, at- ~~ Mrs. aye Bradley Faulk, Pat [ ~ Virgo ~ Aug. 23- Sept. 22 I Mercu~ !' Denney' JaneHammond Sfieila tend W. S. Harlan School. :. ~' D. Henagan, and Mrs. Lorene Following the recent tornado FR. 4: Workable ideas flood your mind. pro Henderson Joydean Jackson Hunting, fishing, and sports ~ Smith. in the Ft. Racker area, a very ~,t. 5: Realization of a heart's desire indicate ~ ............................ Dnnnia la,,'.'kcnn l.ic~ l.~irrl Rv-' are among Bo's favorite past- Several businesses, were re- nice contribution for Alabama su. 6: Do something to imnrnve home envir~ ton' Lowery Pat Maddox Betty times. At school, his favorite presented m the classes and Tornado Relief in that area was ~O. 7: To make impressive'showing, be aggre.~ Miller Deb'bie Mitchell' Steve teacher is Mr Wallace, but his ..... w rd tolivin here some partieipants live outside of made through this Chapter by ru. 8: Give some thought to your physical '~" Pierce' Robert Rollins 'Sharon best class is" P. E. His fa- ! he theg ht oi Covington County. Marlon J. Mr. and Mrs. W. R Jordan of w~. 9: Some may be argumentive. Be tolerar wnen asxea g Thompson Robin Townsendvorite food is fish, and red is .......... Bass, Lewis V. Chesser, J.C. Andalusia, Alabama. T~. I0: Break loose from one who leans too ~h~ Mike Welch, Cindy Woodham'. his favorite color. Joe Namath Urre~Wn,21~u t~en%Xo,{e are ~ ....... [ ~ Libra Sept. 23- Oct. 22 ' Ven~ .................... holds a special place in Bo's ~ ." ~.' ~ '% ~' _ i | The next Covington County IN.A~: Li'~Mll..,IalUN IS the only . irlenoiy an(] nice, an(] the con- . . . FR. 4: You can work out a puzzling problem, ....... " .....,., ~= ! , P . heart and ff he could be any ...... r--reat'" | ~'~11 m | Bloodmobile visit wfl| be on ~tuaent at ~n~wire an A ' , cue~ a e g. . - m t " - a- : Tu0enT$ I:nTe one but Mmself, this is who | I Friday, February 25 19'72 In su.SA" 6:5: TheDn'tdavlettoa makegd thosePprtunityplannedgnewUnn' ~e es er Averages, congr ~- he'd be " A1 ' ' la~i,~ns ~,,o ~,, ,~..~o,- w ...... - In the way of musical Happy new faces are al~ays | I Opp, abama. ~o. 7: Problem of a romantic nature indicate .- _ "" _. "~ ...... I~__A__-- l-- g Pups, Be parhcularly enloys welcome at our school, and we I ~l=~||l~|q~l# 1 ru. 8: Clever maneuvering can prevent prol) megooo worz! r'~'l[~[~ |n Tommy James. are all glad that Be Caraway | ~l~LUK1 1 l[ II w~. 9: Cultivate a wealthy person of opposite ~'rt~ n~An~" -- -- Just before coming to Flo- has come to good O1' Florala I ......... 1 ~,nw~n I~I~IMIM|/'*I/" T14. 10: Disharmony ifi the family circle ind~ ............ ' i ,EWS I ............. "-'" ~itateContest raa, Bo sa*d that he had real- H,gh. , I r.'~Scorpio 'Oct. 23.Nov. 21' Mar INVOLVED IN FR.4: Your" mate makes big effort to please derson LindaBarnes Elizabeth .... ===i .=Jm, ==~ I ...... n SOCIAL WORK sA. 5: Certain complications must be clearc~ ' ' ~ne winners of THE HIRE ~o.7: Cut needless red tape. Be n~ore effici~ Barto%~'s S~%Veciyt~va:(::n' ~:i~ THE HANDICAPPED Poster FoMo~o Peri onaIs ....... Edward J Pennick of Fie SU. 6: Travel favored, especially by water, a , v ' Contest at Flor-'- ''-" "-- ~t's annua, report ume again - - TU. 8: Allow a mature person to advise you: Weeks Steve Windham Debbie ..... .~la. n~. ~or B~ Beth Harrison atyour Social Security Office rala who is enrolled intheUni- wE. 9: A cherished heart's de~ire may mate:q Davis ' Kathy Gautney Nina ~z w ere~, ~r. _o,v~smn- uen " Folks who recmved a SocialSe- vers'ity of AlabamaSchoolofSo- r14. 10: A new romantic association in the c~ n,~,~,,, no~,,..~ ~,~,~,,,J , .... voppen first Place" Deborah WANTED. First place trophy WANTED. Several neworused .... ih, ,~,,-,- ,n m'n ~,~ ..... cial Work is takin art in ........... a .......... s,~-s~ ' ' " " " ' ..... " .................. " " g P I t~Sagittarius' Nov. 22 - Dec. 21 Jupit~ u~.,q.-;,', ch .... u...;~^.. Stone Second Place. Melvinin State 2-A Basketball Tour- copies of 'How to Succeed In field trainin ...... ,s ......... y ..,, .... o. ' --, ' der age 72 any month, and had g. ~t.,~ r~.~.,.,, ,,,. u,..~,.., r~.~.' Matthews.*rnlrd Place. Jr. nament WILDCAT BASKET- Business Without Really Try- o .... ,~ i...... f ..... |~Rn As a Dart of the academic FR. 4: A bit of good news may l:ome todaY, ~,~,~ o ..... ,, v;~.,,,, o..~.~.:: c., D~wsmn - Gary Martm First BALL TEAM ing Bookkeepmg students o,-o r~nu' ' re ram of the School of So- sA. 5: Member of opposite sex admires you ~ ..... vv .................... Y'-" .... W - " " . .... .,Jred to file th,s report P g via Jackson Dana Larkins and ~!ace; S hena o.odnam, ~econd ~ Vernon A Kilpatrick Mana- cial Work, each student spends $0. 6: Beware fire hazards and poisonous sP1 Pe~'~'v Lindsev ' mace; vnyms t=reecn, rnlrO ROOM FOR REMT: Furnished, WILL BUY OUTRIGHT: Marie ~,er of the Andalusia Social Se- four dayseachWeekoftheSpring ~O. 7: Brand new persGnal problem may de~ .... . Place. complete with air conditioner, Andretti Crash Helmet. Mr. curity Office said this report semester working with agencies TU. 8: Good day for the pursuit of pleasure. "ITH GRADE All the above winning posters heater, coffee pot, refrigerator, Carlos Powell ..,.,~ a,,, ~.,, a ,~ ,~ ..a .~, in the state Durin this field w[. 9: Faces of the past fill your- thoughts.. , . " ....... ~ -~-.o- ......... - g TH. 10: Dress up? Mix with congenial voung F ......ALL 6' - Ka,,, ........ c.n,niMion have~ been sent to Montgomery and T.V. Available ONLY to confuse it with your Fed- experience, each student re- * u,~,,~v ,~,~.. ,~.,.,,~.. where they are being entered in between the hours el 3 p m ATTRACTIVE YOUNG LADIES, ~-~]--Incom~-T~--o~t... Yn.r ceives ractical ex erience in ~ C~Hcorn Dec. 22 . Jan. 19 - SafU ............ ~ - ua*.a.d "h ...... " " "......................... P P Coo" er TermHamilton Bill [ e ~[a~e t;omest and 7 a m See Robert Hat- earn excellent pay working only annual re,-~rt is a senarate re work with individuals families ~. 4: Branch out into some new activities. P , Y ' " " , ' 1"v 1" - . ' .' Rod ell and Nova Jnvc~ Whi~o relson at the Teachers Lounge. 3 short hours. See after 3 p.m. ~ort and is to be filed with your groups and commumties. He ~s SA. 5: Protec~ your rights in a wise manne~ ___w ........... a __, .......... Mr Charles Stevenson ~ - - .......... , ......... ,.....a su 6" Don't gamble on future monev ro~[ B HONOR ROLL - Jo Ann IIII U '.,// - Social Security Office. engageu m uu*.g .r~eatc,, a.u " . P " v . o [vnlonnn FOR SALE - Lunch room n om at count t w r delivering services to people MO. 7: Make new contacts and repay social Ansle~, Even Au~,htman, Jerm,, =,, ............................. . . I c e th s o a dthe 1.u. 8: A day for gaiety and love-making. _~Da p Rrr~nk; [ vnn J "" ~ i i w w a w tlCKelS -- t~uy and ~iulxer' WANTI~D" ~xpertenced Prl- $ is s and s 1 under the close supervision of Barne.. ......... ~.... O 1680 wa~e elf enD or- w~. 9: Conservative course advisable. Be t Brown, Patricia Carroli, Tex =____~,_~ .,. ' Date Investigator. Contact Mrs. merit incense. Income such as agency and School personnel. IS. 10: Separate main issues from the unir'n~ Cassidy Cheryl Cox Jov Evans ~ [~ FOR SALE - One dozen used Charles Stevenson. dividends interests or rents Pennick is working with the Larry Hamilton, Thalon Hobbs, ~ Yn:siSz~esak%?ntaA:~r~sed~ml~)t~s. NEEDED Live roache rats dO not normally count. If you Tusc.aloosa. Ufban Renewal- I~t~ Aqu,,u$ Jan: 20 - Feb. |$ I/ra' S h nn s, , If] d Fubhc Housing Fro]ecl ue Hug es, A Jowers, Lor- ~ . .: ..... not 'e Social Security in 1971 . ~R. 4: Seek privacy. Do some in-depth thit aine Moody Susan Moody Re- ~,~,~---~~t [ ann snakes. Ulology ueparx- thM vnu mmoet~d tn ~arn nv~r $&. 5: Put all facts on the table, then decide ' ' L~] "T~ ------ ~ ..... t" ............ v.,.. bert Parker, Alecia Randall ~!.~ ~.I[~~'! ] LOST:...One Gillette Trac II ment. $1680, you will receive an an- _x/__ /'~/_1 ...W, _ SU. 6: Just take things in stride and be calf -r-, ,'~ Twln ulaae uarlrloge ~navlng 1 re Gall Robinson Michael Scrog- - t(~' $~J'k-~-~~-~ "[ ....... nua port in the mail Ot- "-/~ (.//M~ 7~ MO. 7: Secrecy 'is the key to progress and gins, and Brenda Wright. . ~ .System: ~e,ar9 beLng of- WANTI~-D: . Sna~e tlite l~*t. herwise you should eontaet the *u. 8: Finances and tax matters are emp ',,~ ~,~'~ ,erea ny Mrs. Jerry ~,rick- Mr. James wanace. Social Security Office and ask ~,~,,~,,.~_ ...~~q W,. 9: Promising day for work matters. 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