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February 5, 1976     The Florala News
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February 5, 1976

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IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED• ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. PAGE 4 THE FLORALA NEWS- THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5, First Part Ol A 4 Part Series mn,,--/ lew Article Robert ,Johnson, M.D. --- Reviewed By A. G. Williams, M.D. America is in the midst of what is possibly the worst epidemic in its history. This is an epidemic that has spread to every city, town, village and community. I refer to the indiscriminate abuse of drugs - dangerous drugs - which can and have killed hundreds of young people in this country. These are drugs which are both legitimate from a medical standpoint and illegitimate and illegal medically and legally. They are used to at- tempt to get a "high" and escape from reality, but in doing so, they distort the mind in such a fashion that the user many times is not responsible or aware of his actions. They cause distortion of the senses and weird hallucinations which can nave serious consequences both from their effect on tne senses and upon the phy- sical well-being of the body. This epidemic has progressed to the state where young people are injecting peanut butter, milk and other dan- gerous substances into their veins in search of the "high" They are sniffing glue, cleaning fluid, gasoline and other petroleum products totally unaware, apparently, of the serious and permanent damage they do to certain im- portant body organs such as the kidney, liver and brain itself. They are smoking "pot" and taking LSD, both of which can be found within hours if you go looking for it, so the law enforcement officials tell me. Now or- ganized crime, the Cosa Nostra, is entering the picture to an ever-increasing extent. Briefly, what are these drugs we keep hearing about? First of all are the amphetamines, the central nervous system stimulants. They are commonly used medically for appetite suppression and are familiar to us as dexe- drine, benzadrine, dexamyl, etc. These cause tremors, rapid heart rate, elevated blood pressure, palpitation and in overdose may cause convulsions and death. Metham- phetamine, or "speed", is included in the group. Second are the barbiturates, the central nervous sys- tem depressants, the "sleeping pills" and used medi- cally to induce sleep and relieve agitation and hyper- activity states. Some of their more common names are seconal, nembutal, tuinal, etc. They produce depression of the senses, decreased heart and respiratory rate and, in overdose, coma and death. A synergistic effect exists when mixed with alcohol, producing grave emergency sit- uations to sustain life. Third are hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD, mesca- line, psilocybin and peyote. These drugs have no medi- cal value and are taken exclusively to produce hallucina- tions and the "trip". LSD is most commonly used and can be made in any well-equipped laboratory. It is so powerful that one ounce is enough to send 250,000people on a trip and when mixed with water, the amount that will cling to the head Of a pin can send one person on a triR when place on ~ piece of candy or the back of a postage stamp. "Bad trips" from the use of this drug are common and can occur from the first use and recur for several years as psychotic episodes with terrifying "flashbacks." Medical research has also discovered a chromosomal derrangement which can affect future off- spring of the user. There may also be a connection with the use of the drug and leukemia. Research continues with this most dangerous drug. Marijuana is in the "gray area" of drugs at the pres- ent time since we as yet have not found any dangerous effects from its use. We do know that a "marijuana psy- chosis" can occur as reported in the Journal of the Amer- ican Medical Association. We also know that it is a mind expanding drug which distorts the sense of time, sound and space, and causes people to do things under a non- inhibitied state that they would not do normally. Opera- tion of a motor vehicle can be extremely dangerous to 'the user and innocent motorist. Narcotics such as heroin, morphine, demerol, etc. are physically addicting drugs with severe and agonizing with- drawal symptoms which will cause the addict to do any- thing to support a habit which must be gratified every four hours. He must steal, murder and prostitute him- self to support this habit which will cost him $20 to $30 every four hours. For more information about these drugs, I suggest you write the National Institute of Mental Health, Wash- ington, D. C. What can you, as a parent, do to stem the tide of this epidemic? First of all, educate yourself on the drugs and the problem so you can intelligently discuss the prob- lem with your children and give them guidance. Don't evade the problem, but be prepared to meet it head-on. They are looking to you for answers. Be ready to give them the right ones. Re-establish the family as a unit. Spend time with your children and above all listen to them and talk with them. They have some very different ideas and questions and want to talk about them arid seek answers. Please don't turn them off. The family that talks together stays together. Don't be afraid to discipline, they are asking for it many times and expect it, and when it doesn't come, they lose respect and become confused. Be care- ful of the double standard which has crept into our socie- ty and says that what is a yes-yes for the parents is a np-n_o for the children. If you don't mold the mind in your image, then you can't hold the young people responsible for their misgivings. Above all, be prepared to assist the school and teachers in your community as the State Department of Education embarks on an all-out educa- tional campaign to educate the youth of our state on the dangers of drug abuse. A responsible and educated parent is the best single means of immunizing the community against the further spread of our epidemic. This series is sponsored by following firms who take an active interest in our youth. OUIDA'S CLOTH SHOP 1509 West Fifth Avenue Flornla, Alabama Telephone 858-0401 ELAINE'S BEAUTY SHOP East Fifth Avenue Florala, Alabama Telephone 858-2301 POODLE SHOPPE 2007 West Fifth Avenue Florala, Alabama Telephone 858-1134 LYNN & PEG'S FASHIONS 509 North Fifth Street Florala, Alabama Telephone 898-0115 JOHN'S USED CARS Florala, Alabama Telephone 658-7062 CHRISTIAN BOOK STORE East Covington Avenue Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-360"/ SUNNY SLOPE GROCERY Cumming Avenue Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-3271 T.J. BROWN'S UPHOLSTERY Barnes Ext. Opp, Alabama / Telephone 493-3026 FOUR U SERVICE STATION Florala Highway Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-3139 THE OLD BARN Barnes Street Opp, Alabama 'Telephone 493-6138 RAY DORSEY AUTOMOTIVE PARTS Woodham Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-3529 ADAMS FARM SUPPLY Highway 331 Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-3025 BRYANT CONSTRUCTION CO. I01 Moore Avenue Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-6226 BOUTWELLS RED & WHITE SUPERMARKET Covington Avenue Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-3231 NORTHEY'S GROCERY Florala Highway Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-3612 BOOTHS TRACTOR CO. Florala Highway Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-7'723 JONES MEN SHOP INC. East Covington Avenue Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-7216 FLOYD ICE & COLD STORAGE Cumming Avenue Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-6041 HILLTOP MEAT CO. Kinston Highway Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-4124 CITY DAIRY-DISTR. OF BARBER'S MILK Brnntley Highway Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-6160 THE BAR-B-Q RANCH Florala Highway Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-7219 ATOMIC EXTERMINATORS College Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-4336 BOB TAYLOR'S HOME SERVICES Covington Avenue Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-3456 DAIRY QUEEN Florala Highway Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-4601 MAGIC MARROW BEAUTY sHoP Industrial Park Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-7972 BASS OIL CO. • 9 By-Pass North Andalusia, Alabama Telephone 222-4580 MARSHALL'S FUNERAL HOME 830 North Cotton Street Andalusia, Alabama Telephone 222-409y- EVANS-BROWNSERVICE FUNERAL HOME North SixthStreet Florala, Alabama Telephone 858-1765 SMITH INSURANCE AGENCY East Fifth Avenue Florala, Alabama Telephone 858-2945 FLORALA REALTY CO. 1413 East Fifth Avenue Florala, Alabama Telephone 858-0160 HOOTEN EQUIPMENT CO. 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Covt~ton Avenue Opp, Alabama ,Telephone 493-3255 YOUNGS FLORIST 40'/East Stewart Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-4566 OPP CONCRETE CO. Perry Store Road Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-3087 BENTON'S SNACK BAR Maloy Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-6364 THE FOUR SONS CLUB "> (Formerly Elanor's Rest & Lounge) Florala Highway Florala, Alabama Telephone 493-3415 MARY'S BEAUTY SHOP Blue Springs Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-4798 WESTSIDE UPHOLSTERY 1210 Cummlng Avenue Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-3,/14 JEAN'S BEAUTY SHOPPE East Covington Avenue Opp, Alabama • Telephone 493-4'/31 ANDERSON'S PEANUTS Samson Highway Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-3042 BENTLEY V.W. REPAIR SHOP 106 West By-Pass Andalusia, Alabama Telephone 822-2014 HI-STYLE BEAUTY SALON 1029 East 3-Notch Andalusia, Alabama Telephone 222-1850 SIGHTLER'S GROCERY Florala Highway Andalusia, Alabama Telephone 222-6876 SEARS AUTHORIZED CATALOGUE Sales Merchant, North Fifth Street Fiornla, Alabama Telephone 858-6002 BOOTH DRUG CO. 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