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February 12, 1976     The Florala News
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February 12, 1976

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IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED• ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. PAGE 4 THE FLORALA NEWS- THUR SDAY, FEBRUARY 12, mmmm mmm mmmm mmm m tmare II III A Pharmacist's Viewpoint Since WWlI science has produced many "miracle" drugs', that have saved thousands of lives. Many of you reading this article are alive because of drugs developed by modern medical science. These miracle drugs are very powerful. They must be used with great caution. When prescribed by a physician and dispensed by a pharma- cist, these drugs can save lives--when misused they can ruin lives. When properly used, they can ease pain-- when misused they can cause pain. Drugs can cure illness or call illness, depending on how we use them. We must regain respect for drugs. Today, it has almost reached the point that when we see the word "Drugs" our first thought is narcotics, mari- juana, LSD, pep pills, etc. We think of drugs as a means of getting an illicit thrill. As a pharmacist, 1 have been alarmed over the misuse and abuse of drugs for many years. Traditionally, drug abuse has always been a low class habit. It has always been a problem in the slums and ghettos. Paregoric was one of their favorites--it was cheap, legal, easily obtained and produced to some degree the feeling they desired. I think any pharmacist will agree with me when I say, "We could spot them when they walked in the door." The ethical pharmacist refused to sell to them and tried to discourage their return. Today paregoric is dispensed on a doctor's prescription only. Drug abuse is no longer a low-class habit. This is what has alarmed our society today. This is what has increa- sed my concern. When it was confined to the lower classes and used by "dope fiends" instead of "drug abusers," we ignored it, turned our backs on it and so to speak, "swept it under the rug." This attitude was one of our greatest mistakes. Since the early 1900's there has been a spiraling in- crease in the use of hallucinogenic drugs by teenagers and young adults. Today is has the image of being the "in" thing, it's cool, it's glamorous. Education must destroy this image. I have had young people ask me if I thought marijuana would be tomorrow's alcohol. To me it sounded ridiculous, to them it sounded reasonable. This brings up another point that as adults we must face. We adults are just as guilty of drug abuse as any teenager. Ever)time we point one finger at teenagers, we can point another finger at ourselves. The major difference I have observed is that adults tend to abuse drugs that are legal when obtained by prescription such as sleeping pills and pep pills; whereas teenagers tend to abuse illegal drugs, drugs that have no legitimate medicinal use such as marijuana, LSD and heroin. The busy executive who takes tranqulliers four to five times daily to relax, the housewife who stays a little bit high on diet pills, the many adults who have to take sed- atives to go to sleep--they are guilty of abusing drugs. Where the blame lies and how extensive his "sickness" is can be a matter of debate. That people, other than ad- dicts and hippies, are drug abusers is a fact. And every drug abuser has long hair. In 1965 the Federal Government passed the Drug Abuse Control Amendments. The purpose of the amendments wag to prevent the misuse of, and illicit traffic in depres- sants, stimulants, hallucinogens and other non-narcotic drugs that have a potential for abuse because of their ef- fect on the central nervous system. Stimulants and depre- ssants, and other central nervous system drugs which have proven therapeutic value, may be sold legally with a phy- sician's prescription. The hallucinogens have no proven therapeutic value at this time and are not legally avail- able. Prescriptions for the "controlled" drugs mentioned above, may not be filled or refilled more than six months after the date of issue or refilled more than five times. However, the physician may authorize a new prescription when its necessary refills if more of the medication is needed after the first six months. These amendments have added lots of additional work for the pharmacists across the nation, but we feel that they are needed and the good they do offsets the extra work required of us. Today, we are required to keep the same inventory controls on depressants, stimulants and tranquilizers as we do on narcotics. Ever)time I talk on drug abuse, some parents asks what they can do if their child is taking unprescribed drugs. This is completely out of my field. However, I would like to offer a few very basic concrete suggestions to parents. AVOID PANIC. A panic reaction can serve only to alie- nate the person further and to confuse what should be straight-forward and objective. KEEP THE LINES OF COMMUNICATIONS OPEN. En- couraging an atmosphere in which the teenager feels free to confide in you and to discuss his problems is an im- portant first step. Many parents, however, feel uncomfort- able and defensive about discussing drugs with their teen- agers. This is sometimes due to the awareness of our own inconsistencies in the use of everyday substances like alcohol and tobacco. AVOID SCARE TACTICS. This method is usually inef- fective because the teenager's knowledge frequently contra- dicts them. Given the facts, youngsters often quickly res- pond. AVOID CREATING AN ATMOSPHERE OF DISTRUST AND SUSPICION. An attitude of suspicion and constant survel- liance will not eliminate the problem. It would, however, almost certainly destroy the feeling of trust and confi- dence that is so essential between child and parent. BE WELL-INFORMED YOURSELF ABOUT DRUGS. As a parentyou must inform yourself about drugs. You must be able to talk with them (this also helps keep the lines of communication open). Chances are, your child already knows much more about drugs than you do-- so get busy you've got lots of catching up to do..~ -~.. Drug abuse is one of the most complex problems this country has ever faced. Each time a person abuses drugs he creates a health problem, a legal problem, a social problem, a moral problem--the list could go on and on. What the solution to this problem is no one seems to know. Of tjere os a somg;e grpi" pf "ep';e tjat cam sp;ve tjos complex problem, I would say that it is the teenagers bet- ter than anyone else. In closing, let me say, from a pharmacist's viewpoint, drugs still have a legitimate, respectable place in our society. We must, however, put them back and keep them in their proper perspective. That of helping mankind-- not hurting mankind. BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! We must stem the epidemic of drug-abuse. We must educate ourselves and our children to the dangers. We must work with national and local organ. Izations to set up Information Cen- ters, Drug Rehabilitation Programs. 2 ND Part Of A 4 Part Series This series is sponsored by following firms who take an active interest in our youth, WOODHAM AUTO PARTS Cumming Avenue Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-3565 CAB FLORIST Old Perry Store Road Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-7'/13 CHILDRE'S BEAUTY SHOP 702 East Ida Avenue Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-3698 FARMER'S CAFE Covington Avenue Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-4801 SHARPE TRUCKING INC. West By-Pass Andalusia, Alabama Telephone 222-2515 COVINGTON ELECTRONICS INC. 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