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February 17, 1972     The Florala News
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February 17, 1972

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IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED• ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT, REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED, PAGE6 THE FLORALA NEWS - THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 0 0 • This year, the Area Tourna- ment, February 21-25 will be held in Florala at Florala High School. Decorahons are being made by the varsity cheerlea- ders. The schedule runs as follows: Tuesday at 5 p.m. Slocomb plays Samson, at 6:30 p•m. Kinston and Goshen play, at 8:00 p.m. Geneva Co. and Luverne play. Thursday, February 24, Florala plays the win- ner of the Samson-Slocomb game at 8:00 p.m., at 6:30 p.m. the winners of the Kin- ston-Goshen and Geneva Co.- Luverne game play. Friday night at 7 p.m. the Thursday night winners play for the cham- pare:ship of the area. The winner of the Friday night game will journey to Cottonwood to play the winner of their area. The winner of that game will go to the State Tournament m Tusca- loosa. ANNUAL STAFF REPORT The 1972 Wildcat staff has just sent its first shipment of 68 pages off to Paragon Press. The remaining pages are expec- ted to be in the mail the first day of March. Nobody (unless they're on the staff) realizes the work put into producing an annual that we can all be proud of. First, the book must be planned. Staf- fers are then put to work laying out the pages, thinking up body copy, headlines, captions, la- beling and cropping pictures, plus 100 other small but nec- essary details. One of our big- gest problems is getting the type sheet just right. Mrs. Williamson, our advisor, has set music to the phrase, "Re- type the type sheet'." Oh, yes, don't overlook the fact that the whole staff is responsible for selling ads to help finance our book. We extend a big THANK YOU to all the merchants of Florala, Lockhart, Paxton, An- dalusia, and other cities also for placing ads in the '72 Wildcat. This year's staff includes: Nina Goolsby, Editor; Kathy Gautney, Associate Editor; Ma- ry Roberts, Business Manager, Joyce Harrison, Larry Ham- ilton, Debra Matthews, Bill Rodwell, Sherry Woodham, Gall Robinaon, Kathy Cook, Wilbur West, Lynn Denney, Sheila Henderson, Debbie Mitchell, Lynn Brown, Beth Harrison, Cheryl Mills, Fletcher Gibson, and Mrs~ MaryWilliamson, Ad- visor. The new books are expected to arrive somewhere around May 15. After the books come back, the staff will sponsor it:ll.annual "Annual Picture "Little boys who swear sometimes grow up to be golfers." NEW STUDENTS Mike And Debra j" I Last week, two more stu- dents were added to the enroll- ment of Florala High School. They wele Mike and Debra Hughes, brother and sister, for- merly from Straughn, Alabama. Mike and Debra are the chil- dren of Mrs. Kathaleen Hughes and have one younger brother, Clark, age eleven, who attends Florala City School. Debra is fifteen and has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her hobbies include dating and cheerleading. She likes the co- lor green and her favorite food is barbeque. She enjoys wear- ing jeans and is glad we have a liberal dress code here. In the way of music, she likes the group Creedence Clearwater Revival and the song "Don't Say You Don't Remember." De- bra's first impression of Flor- ala was somewhat negative, be- cause she had enjoyed living in Straughn. There, she was in FHA, vice-president of the tenth grade, and a varsity cheerlea- der. Her idea of an ideal person is one who is nice and is always himself. Mike is eighteen and has light brown hair and blue eyes. His hobby is mainly working on cars. He likes the color red and his favorite food is seafood. He also enjoys wearing jeans. He likes the musical group Grass-Roots and the song, "Ne- ver Been to Spain." Mike likes Florala, but thinks the teachers make you work too hard. His idea of an ideal person is one who is smart. Mike and Debra lived in South Carolina most of their lives, but have recently lived in Cres- tview and Straughn. Everyone at Florala High School wel- comes them. CHEERLEADERS ON THE MOVE Imagine nine noisy cheer- leaders, a sponsor, and a dri- ver all in a station wagon tra- veling toward Gamesville, U.S.A. Each girl is equipped with a brush, piece of gum, lip- stick, and a pack of needed energy, SWEET TARTS! The sponsor who knows what's in store for her, has brought her own survival nec- essities. She always has a bottle of fingernail polish in case of emergency. Then if the noise gets too unbearable she can always use her ear muffs! Her new box of nerve pills, which is supposed to last a week, is usually empty by the time they get there. Located in her wedding ring is a min- iature tape recorder. Now I know you're wondering what does she want with one of those. The reason is because she writes a weekly article for the local GA.G.I.F. group which is better known as the Gossipers Incorporated Gossiping in Flo- rala. All the girls are too young to be in it, but they know everything about almost every- body! After the girls have fin- ished telling all they want to tell, they start singing! Although each girl does well with her singing, nine dif- ferent voices and tunes just don't soufid like a lark!! The sponsor "has her ear muffs" on by now and seems very set- tled down, but who wouldn't after eleven nerve pills plus several aspirin? All during the trip the girls get restless. They bug the driver with questions of great importance. Some of the most asked questions are what time is it, how many more Tew Wins FHS FFA Public Speaking Contest Friday, February 4, four FFA boys competed against each other by giving speeches. They were judged by three judges: Mrs. Thomas, Mr. Odom, and Mr. Strickland. The boys' speeches had to be at least six minutes and not over eight min- utes. There were prizes for each of the contestants. Hamp Tew was first, winning six dol- lars, Gary Laird came in se- cond, winning four dollars, Je- rome Woodham won third witk three dollars, and Jerry Taylor was fourth and won two dollars. All the speeches were ex- tremely good! Hamp Tew, first place winner, will get a chance to go to the county tournament. Mr. Rasberry, the Vocational Agricultural teacher, sponsors the contest annually. miles, could we stop at the next station, and will we be on time? Thirty minutes have passed and the girls settle down and only seem to be concerned about their hair and uniform. By the time the station wagon has pulled up to the gym, the girls are unlocking doors and pre- paring to exit as soon as pos- sible. Then a miracle happens, which should have happened sooner. The girls that were in the car get out of the car like perfect ladies and don't act a bit like they did in it! Cheerleaders are always on the move and full of surprising surprises for those around them! THIS WEEK'S EPISODE SPEECH MADE SIMPLE "What's the matter, Per- cy? You,look as burned out as a fizzeled out sparkeler." "One more day without re- cess and I'll collapse in the hall. I tell you, Horace, ifthe big boss doesn't stop cutting out our recesses he's going to have a revolution on his hands." "Say, what did ya'll do in government class'?" "We got into a really weird discussion about mind-over- matter• Coach Odor told us something about being able to walk through a brick wall if your mind willed it - - really freaky." "Sometimes t wonder about Coach." "'So do I." "Hey! What's that dude doing walking down the halt with a spare tire and jack'?" "English." "Huh?" "We're doing speeches in En- glish. Today is demonstration day.'" "You mean people actually demonstrate things like that?" "Man, we've had demonstra- tions on everything from shoot- ing marbles to lifting barbells." "You seniors go wild with stuff like that don't you?" You'd better believe it. We've had several casualities. One girl cracked her arm turning flips or something. We had to evacuate the room one time when this guy was mixing che- micals and whoosh! The whole room filled up with black smutty smoke. Our little speeches were terminated though, when one guy shot out the windows while showing us the safety pro- cedures for a shotgun." SPEECHES I wish that I would never hear Another speech within my ear. "COURT JESTERS" PROVIDE ENTERTAINMENT the "Court Jesters" of Flo- rala High School, under the di- rection of Mr. Tom Maddox, made their second appearance at the teachers meeting in An- dalusia last week. Giving up their semi-holiday on Thurs- day afternoon, the members of this group stayed at school to practice, and later to journey to Andalusia. Several new stage band numbers were performed as well as some pep band ar- rangements. The teachers try to have a featured group to perform at the beginning of each teachers meeting. This demonstrates the talent from various county schools and entertains the tea- chers at the meetings. This performance was well accepted by the teachers and appreciated. WHAT WAS YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT WHILE AT THE DENTIST'S OFFICE? Beth Harrison - "The first time I went to the dentist of- fice I bit the doctor's thumb." Karen Duke - "When he squirt- ed the water in my mouth and I didn't know where to spit." Ricky Sledge - "When [ grabbed the doctor's hand when he star- ted drilling." Patricia Hughes - "When the doctor squirted water in my mouth and my tongue got in the way and the water hit him in the face." Neal Strickland - "When I shot the dentist up the nose with the water syringe." Saxon Wagner - "When the den- tist pulled my tooth and it went flying across the room." Kathy Jackson - "When I star- ted crying, 'It hurts! It hurts!' before the dentist had even star- ted pulling my tooth." Mary Williams - "When I heard my knees start knocking." Pearlie Jordon - "When my knees started creaking like in a horror movie." Willie Gilbert - "When I bit the doctor on the arm." Reminder Of Ban On Use Of Tobacco producers will be re- quired to certify that they have not Used pesticide products con- taining DDT and TDE on their 1972 crop tobacco plantings if they wish to be eligible for price support loan, said Jack Gools- by, Chairman of the Covington County Agricultural Stabiliza- tion and Conserwdion (ASC) Committee. Growers are being urged by USDA tobacco program officials to use alternate materials which are available and demonstra- ted to be effective in controlling plant pests. Goolsbv said the exclusion of tobacco {reated with DDT or TDE is necessary in order to maintain the U. S. export market for tobacco. Several countries which are major importers of American grown tobacco have set very narrow DDT and TDE tolerances on cured leaf to- bacco, effective in January, 1973. The U. S. ban on DDT DDT-TDE On T and TDE has been in the last two crop "If the doctor Vhat you're as sou~ dollar, it means you dead."-- James H. Belton ITex,) 7#ua~f x'a'g, a u ETR0-GOCDWYNMAYER PRFSI!NTS h C)f .0 PONT1PROOUCIION DAVID LEAN'S FIlM OF BORIS pASTERNAK~ IN PANAVISION" AND METROCOLOfl ~w4t. J'~'olo.r R? a.i~:lI $.m. ~lltltD~wr Rr 7:30 P.I~. WHEN YOU BUY America's largest selling multi-vitamin multi.mineral S0% me.~SUI:H~R tg ~. m,~_.._.~ PLENAMINS SPECIAL "Limited-Time" OFFER -- SAVE TODAY! 36 Tablets when you buy 72-tablet size! YOU SAVE 2.69 72 Tablets when you buy 144-tablet YOU SAVE 144 Tablets when you buy 288-re bier YOU SAVE FLORALA PHARMACY HAPPINESS IS ..... Nerissa Watson - Being able to chew gum in Mrs. Thomas' class. Rhonda Oates - Being able to do what you want, when you want, what time you want, etc. Sylvester Owens - Getting out of English and going to Mrs. Earl's trailer. Robert Rollins - Not hearing "get quiet" in English class. Beratta Gomillion - Don't know, haven't been happy late- ly. Gary Laird - Happiness is- a-well-a-it's when I get out of school. Patricia Skanes - Having the ..opportunity to do what you want to some time and not having to study all the time. Mike Welch - A peanut but- ter and jelly sandwich. Janie Hammond - When the 2:45 bell rings. Pare Bullard - Calling Mr. Maddox "Super Skunk." Robert Stewart - When my friends and I are together in town somewhere having fun. Wayne Meadows - When my friends and I trust one another. Debbie Davis - Knowing that somebody cares. Mrs. Richburg - Peace be- tween yourself and God. Cindy Woodham - Riding bikes with somebody I really dig. RANDY WILKERSON Speeches are made by fools like me, But only "Strick" can give a B. By Joyce Harrison (You can sing this to the melody of Trees.) MR, RASBERRY, VO-AG TEACHER AT FHS, inspects the winning corn grown by the Covington County Champion Corn Grower, Ferrln Seay. A speech that grinds my nerves all day When I had rather be at play. Impromptu speeches and debate Are things that I just really hate. Within some listner's suffer- ing breast. Clary Poppell Vacation. Robert Harrelson - Having a friend to turn to in time of troubles. Roger Miller - Love Vickie James - Getting what I want. Shirley Savage - Getting what you want without instructions. • ! Kathy Cook - G.P. SOCIAL SECURITY January, February, and March could be an important period for many in the Coving- ton County area according to Vernon A. Kilpatrick, manager of the Andalusia Social Security Office. The first three months of the year are known as the General Enrollment Period for the Med- ical Insurance Plan (Part B) of Medicare. Those that failed to enroll for the Medical Insur- ance when they became 65, or later dropped it and wish to re-enroll, must do so in the General Enrollment Period. Kilpatrick also emphasized that there is a three year lim- itation for those wishing to en- roll, or enroll a second time. An individual that failed to sign for Medical Insurance when they were first eligible at age 65 must enroll within three years of their initial enrollment per- iod. If a person has dropped his Medical Insurance and wishes to re-enroll, then he must do so within three years of the date his first enrollment period ended. Anyone wanting more in- formation about enrolling for Medicare should contact his social security office right away by calling WX-6300. It is toll free. Ira, ire me t,) )our home. 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