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February 19, 1976     The Florala News
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February 19, 1976

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,MAGE~[~..~'~W~Q=APERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. THE FLOP, ALA NEWS- THURSDAY, FEBRUAIWf 19, USE SUBJEC'I-'I'U LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. Pot and pills have their own dan- gers. They may not lead to the horrors of heroin. Maybe. oa oway tO WOJ O . . . . . Why take that chance? Say "No" to narcotics ... now. Drug abuse has been an increasing problem for Law Enforcement officials for several years, and neither a solu- tion nor an end to this problem is yet in sight. It has been estimated that approximately sixty per cent of the crimes committed against property, such as thefts, rob- beries and burglaries are directly related to drug abuse, and this appears to be a reasonable estimate. Very few drug addicts are employed in legitimate enter- prises, because most of the time they are either under the influence of drugs or they are going through withdrawal. Therefore, they turn to illegal activities such as dealing in narcotics, prostitution, armed robbery, burglary and theft to obtain money needed to buy drugs. One heroin addict will need an average of fifty dollars per day to sustain his habit and in order for him to get this amount of money, he will be forced to sell one hundred dol- lars worth of illegal drugs at the street value if he is a drug dealer, or if he steals, he will have to steal approximately two hundred dollars worth of goods at their retail value. Due to the high percentage of crimes committed which 2ND Part Of A 4 Part Series This series is sponsored by OUIDA'S CLOTH SHOP THE OLD BARN 1509 West Fifth Avenue Barnes Street Florala, Alabama Opp, Alabama Telephone 858-0401 Telephone 493-6138 are mrectly or tmllrectly related to drug abuse, an extra burden has been put on all law enforcement officials through- out the nation. It is not onlythe extra expense of hiring ad- ditional personnel who are assigned to special drug enfor- cement units but the additional investigators needed to in- vestigate crimes committed by drug offenders and more uni- form police officers needed to patrol the "high crime" areas which are frequented by these individuals. One of the problems faced by police officials in enforc- ing drug laws is the lack of public support. Apathy by the majority of the citizens in the community has been noticed by all agents conducting drug investigations. The average citizen refuses to "get involved" in other )eople's business until some member of his family or a ..'lose friend becomes entangled in the drug scene and then, )lien too late, they realize they could have perhaps pre- vented a tragedy by reporting a suspected narcotics dealer. Another lack of citizen concern is shown clearly when narcotics cases are tried before a jury which refuses to .convict drug offenders even though the evidence is over- whelmiug. Many such jurors later try to justify their verdict by using the excuse that only a small amount of drugs were found without stopping to realize that drug dealers very seldom keep large quantities of the illegal substance on their person due to the fear of arrest and conviction. Parents cometimes show a lack of concern by simply re- fusing to believe that their child could or would become involved in the drug scene. Often even after they know of the involvement they still try to hide from reality by putting the blame on friends and associates of the child instead of admitting that they have a problem and finding a solu- tion for it. Other parents fail to notice when the child becomes in- volved in the use of drugs due to the fact that they have not educated themselves on what to look for or expect and they do not realize the symptoms of drug abuse until it is too late. The favorite argument of persons who wish to use the illegal drug marijuana is that it is no worse than the use of alcohol. They argue that in some counties and areas alco- hol is legal and therefore marijuana-'should be legalized. Even if there was absolute proof that marijuana is no worse than alcohol, it is a known fact that thousands of per- sons in the United States die each year as a result of acci- dents caused by the use of alcohol. Would it then make sense to legalize another substance which is only "as bad," and make it more readily available to everyone? Would it not be reasonable to assume that at least twice as many persons would probably die as a result ofthetwo "evils" combined? I want it understood that I will never be in favor of le- galizing the use of the drug marijuana. Other persons have suggested that criminal statutes be removed controlling drugs and refer to them as "victim- less crlmes." Anyone who has seen the lives destroyed, homes broken, and deaths caused as adirect result of drugs would not have any problem deciding who the victims were. The responsibility of drug enforcement cannot be carried by law enforcement entirely. Without the cooperation and assistance from all responsible citizens, the fight against drug abuse will surely be lost. ELAINE'S BEAUTY SHOP RAY DORSEY AUTOMOTIVE PARTS CITY DAIRY-DISTR. OF East Fifth Avenue Woodbam Branfley Highway Flornla, Alabama Opp, Alabama Opp, Alabama Telephone 858-2301 Telephone 493-3529 Telephone 493-6160 ..-,....... ....... i-; firms who take an active interest in our you HILLTOP MEAT CO. EVANS-BROWN SERVICE FUNERAL HOME BANK OF FLORALA SUE'S BEAUTY SALON Kinston Highway North Sixth Street East Fifth Avenue Lockhart, Alabama Opp, Alabama Florala, Alabama Florala, Alabama Telephone 858-7997 Telephone 493-4124 Telephone 858-1765 Telephone 858-3165 ' STAGGER'S IGA FOODLINER BARBER'S MILK SMITH INSURANCE AGENCY GEORGE'S FRONT END SERVICE Paxton, Florida East Fifth Avenue West Fifth Avenue Telephone 834-4834 Florala, Alabama Florala, Alabama Telephone 858-2945 Telephone 858-4623 J.T. ALBRITTON GULF PRODUCE POODLE SHOPPE ADAMS FARM SUPPLY THE BAR-B-Q RANCH FLORALA REALTY CO. GOOLSBY FARM SUPPLY 8007 West Fifth Avenue Highway 331 Florala Highway 1413 East Fifth Avenue 400 South Ninth Street Florala, Alabama Opp, Alabama Opp, Alabama Florala, Alabama Florala, Alabama Telephone 858-1134 Telephone 493-3025 Telephone 493-7219 Telephone 858-0160 Telephone 858-6395 LYNN & PEG'S FASHIONS BRYANT CONSTRUCTION CO. ATOMIC EXTERMINATORS HOOTEN EQUIPMENT CO. 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REPAIR SHOP Opp, Alabama Maloy 106 West By-Pass Telephone 498L3531 Opp, Alabama Andalusia, Alabama Telephone 493-6364 Telephone 222-2014 CHAMBLESS GARAGE Highway 281 South THE FOUR SONS CLUB Opp, Alabama (Formerly Elenor's Rest & L~e) Telephone 493-6451 Florala Highway Florala, Alabama Telephone 495o3415 MARY'S BEAUTY SHOP Blue Springs Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-4798 To FARMER'S SEED STORE SMITH'S 66 SERVICE STATION North Fifth East Fifth Avenue Florala, Alabama Florala, Alabama Telephone 858-3496 Telephone 858-9995 Williams Andalusia, Alabama Telephone 222-4232 SAM CARROLL MEMORIALS 300 Sanford Road Andalusia, Alabama Telephone 222-1764 HAMMETT DRILLING Route Two, Box 203 Andalusia, Alabama Telephone 222-3562 J. BROWN'S UPHOLsTERY Barnes Ext. Opp, Alabama Telephone 495-$026 THE WARDROBE DRESS SHOP Covington Avenue Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-4634 U. B. PAULK GROCERY CO., INC. Covlaston Avenue Ol~, Alabama Tetephone 493-3|55 FOSHEE MILLING CO. Crum Foshee Red Level, Alabama Telephone 489-5371 SOLOMON FEED & FERTILIZER P. O. Box 8 Gantt, Alabama Telephone 888-2561 LOCKHART LUMBER CO. MACIE'S FLOWER & i: - . SHOP FINK'S MILLING CO. 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Perry Store Road Opp. Alabama Telephone 495-$087 FOUR U SERVICE STATION Florala Highway Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-3139 ANDERSON'S PEANUTS Samson Highway Opp, Alabama Telephone 498-$042 SlGHTLER'S GROCERY Flortla Highway Andalusia, Alabama Telephone 222-6876 SEARS ~ iORIZED CATALOGUE So~ .,orebant, North Fifth Street Y~ .Ja, Alabama ,ephoue 858-8002 JTH DRUG CO. Honr~7 Wilson, eerier East Fifth Avenue Florala, Alabama Telephone 858-2271 MARIE'S BEAUTY SHOP East Fifth Avenue Florala, Alabama Telephone 858-42U MICKELSON REFRIGERATION SERVICE Route One Florala, Alabama Telephone 858-6081 HOLMES GULF SERVICE East Fifth Avenue Florala, Alabama Telephone 858-2411 BeN JEAN STYLE SHOP MOONEY, PRESIDENT SUPPLY CENTER