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February 21, 2018     The Florala News
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February 21, 2018

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PAGE4 THE FLORALA NEWS - WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2018 I by Attorney General Steve Marshall also store your personal information. Each activity potentially exposes you to a hacker. In fact, you re- Alabamians don't deserve to be the ally don't have to be active online to be vulnerable as we witnessed with the Equifax data breach last last to know when their personal year. You only need a credit history that is stored information is compromised in a company or organization's computer to be at risk. The impact of data breaches is enormous. The In recent weeks, state legislators in South Da- non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center recently kota have taken steps to protect their citizens in released its tally of data breaches that took place in the event of a serious data breach. Why is this 2017. It reports that over 174 million records were news to Alabamians? Because South Dakota is exposed in a total of 1,339 known data breaches the only state other than Alabama that still does last year alone. not have a law requiring its citizens to be notified when a data breach occurs that could affect them. To be clear, there is little a consumer can do to Soon Alabamians may stand alone in being with- prevent themselves from becoming the next victim out this kind of notification and I am pushing for of a data breach. That burden falls upon the gov- passage of such a law in Alabama this year. ernment or business entity hosting your personal Over the last few years consumers have been data. However, the sooner you find out that your shocked to learn of major data breaches in prac- social security number, bank and credit card ac- tically every sector of our national, economy from counts have been exposed to hackers, the better health care to banking and big box stores to even able you are to limit the potential damage from the federal government.cCriminals hacking into identity theft. Forty-eight states currently have computers have recovered millions of personal re- laws in place requiring entities doing business cords of Americans including many Alabamians. within their jurisdictions to timely report a data Well over 90 percent of U.S. residents have breach that could affect their citizens. Without made some purchase online. Still others use the a similar law in Alabama, our residents could be internet and smartphones to access services which among the last to know they may have been a vic- tim, and that is not right. Since becoming Alabama's Attorney General, I 'have made it a priority to ensure that Alabama consumers are not left out in the cold in the event of another data breach. My office has drafted the Alabama Data Breach Notification Act of 2018 to be introduced during this session of the Alabama Legislature. The bill does not penalize an entity for being breached; rather, it requires the entity to notify consumers within a reasonable time after it has been determined that a consumer's person- al identifying information has been accessed and is likely to cause the consumer harm. If the data breach involves the information of more than 1,000 individuals, then the entity must notify the Ala- bama Attorney General's Office as well. To be sure, as the world's economic activity and data increasingly flow through the internet, criminals will devote even more energy to cap- turing Americans' sensitive data. It is, therefore, vital that Alabama consumers be notified when they may have had their personal information ex- posed. I look forward to working with the Alabama Legislature to provide this extra measure to help Alabamians defend themselves from theft of their personal information. by Dr. Glenn Mollette deavor is to cut America's costs. We are trillions of Back in the seventies my dad brought some deli- dollars in debt and now the current administration cious cheese home from our local town. "They were with this new budget is recommending increasing giving this cheese out in front of the courthouse so our debt even more to so we can increase defense I picked some up," he said. The cheese was all part spending. I'm not opposed to increasing our defense of the so called fight against poverty. My dad was spending. I am very opposed to all of the wars in a hard-working coal mining man so we had food the Middle East and nation-building which is driv- to eat. However, who is going to turn down free ing us further into debt. Why would we jump on cheese? The cheese was actually pretty good. America's most vulnerable hurting people to solve Processed cheese developed by James L. Kraft of our nation's economic woes? Illinois in 1916 became a mass production Of Colby I agree the food stamp or SNAP program needs and cheddar with curds and emulsifiers that tast- help. The overhaul should limit Americans to five ed good and had a very long shelf life. The cheese years of lifetime use of the program. No one should would become a staple of the American diet but be allowed to buy soda pop, cookies and candy on also a symbol of American poverty. Through the the program. I suppose ice cream might be okay. Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program a The emphasis should be buying healthy food at the significant portion of America's low income people stores. Americans are already very obese and buy- were eating cheese packaged and distributed by ing junk food through the SNAP program is add- our government, ing to America's debilitation. I also hear stories of The seventies were a while back but today we Americans buying a lot of soda pop and selling it are hearing that America is going to advance to a cheap for cash to buy drugs. There definitely must new solution for feeding our hungry. The current be some reform on how much junk food can be administration is proposing that America help the bought through the SNAP program. hungry with government-picked, nonperishable Sending low income Americans a box of food or food every month instead of food stamps or at least requiring them to line up at a government distri- replacing some of the Supplemental Nutrition As- bution center reminds ,: e of something I've seen sistance Program known as SNAP. Of course this on television maybe like from Russia or Germany. sounds better than passing out cheese to low in- Are we going to force our poor to line up and get come families. Digestive systems respond differ- their food rations for the month? ently to the intake of cheese. Distributing healthy I think the idea of America's corporations pay- food to low income families sounds interesting. We ing less in tax dollars should be good for America all need to eat healthy, if it will keep factories in our country. I agree with When I was a child my first encounter with this move. We need the jobs. However, if we are helping out the hurting was watching advertise- going to make up the difference by cutting back ments on television about donating for CARE on Social Security, Medicare and SNAP recipients packages to the poor in other countries. We now then we are not a very good people. The idea of cor- are hearing about a CARE package from Uncle porations paying less in taxes is to stimulate our Sam to America's low income people. I do not know economy which should mean more cash flow, more what the packages will contain but I have heard tax dollars to help our nation and more money to canned fruit, chicken or fish, beans and among pay down our debt if that's how we are going to use other things peanut butter. You can never go wrong the extra money. with peanut butter, what about nuts? I've heard a . Charities across America give out water, food handful of nuts every day are good for you? what baskets and used clothing. Most of them provide about salmon? Alaska has a lot of salmon. I would a respectful service. The government of the United like to see more wild Alaska salmon distributed in States of America can do better by our poor than a America instead all the farm raised salmon which monthly box of food. is not supposed to be very healthy. Unfortunately, I don't think the CARE package - Dr. Glenn Mollette is a syndicated columnist to America's low income families is the solution and author. He is read in all fifty states. Contact to saving America. The idea behind this new en- him at .- LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: The Florala News welcomes Letters to the Editor I i All letters will be published at the discretion of the editor/publisher. No letter will be published that does / bear the actual name of the writer and their city or [ //town of residence. A contact number or e-mail address / is required but will not be published. / Letters cannot be returned. 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