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February 26, 1976     The Florala News
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February 26, 1976

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INC. ALL CoNTENT(~OPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. FLORALA NEWS THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1976 PAGE 5 DRUG ABUSE? .... Isn't that the problem that Was once so prevalent in the United States? Does this statement sound like that made by some future citizen discussing the "old days"? Unfortu- nately for those of us involved in the drug scene fight, it represents the attitude of much of America today l~Stead of tomorrow. The general public has been so ~turated with warnings and programs of "cure" and .'treatment", that they have become somewhat anes- metized to the fact that there is still a problem, and a major one. As a pastor, and a law enforcement officer, the drug problem tells me that there is something lack- mg in the American homes today; and it is here that the problem almost entirely lies. The only program that will slow and eventually stop drug abuse is a PrOgram of prevention. Perhaps to some"an ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure" is a rather old M worn out cliche, but nevertheless it is still true the most part. We, as.pastors, teachers, parents, and laymen, must HELP people, especially Yoan- o.j 6 people, to live by values that are real, true ,uu viable regardless of the feeling that we live in ~rne kind of "jet age" and the old ideas, such as ,~e one revealed in the aforementioned cliche, are no [nger applicable to us. . The family is a natural, GOd made and GOd er- mined institution that in the opinion of this writer is C~pletely capable and can be armed if it is not al- ,r~adY, with the power that enables us to cope with ~,.,e problems of life. The key to keeping the tempta- ~lon of drug abuse from ever becoming ~ temptation to, put something else in its place. That "something else , t- could be simply and adequately summed up in we Words. TRUTH and LOVE. The modern family is so busy being modern and so busy patterning itself with the rest of society as a Whole, that it has never stopped to analyze and evaluate its direction and purpose. Nor has it paused [0 COnsider why it does not do so. We live in an age .0! tremendous educational advancement, but in spite "~ all this we play a game of follow the leader to the .eXtent that we could all likely run off the cliff. No ~e is stopping to ask why, to study, to search out ~d really analyze what is best for themselves. o~h~~1 to - EXCEPT SOME OF OUR MOST PROMISING YOUNG PI~OPLE. But what a tragedy awaits them. As soon IS they start to question they run into complex and ~nfusing answers, or no answers at all. What would SchoOl w,~ have ,. beeu offered as answers in the past are some- ..... | ?w Outdated today. They are without power. They c,,ia,,li11611 ~ck truth. Religion, as it is known to the average ~"~;,~'ue~illl ,,~ Called christian, is a plasticized, formal, "I be- ~'..."_..\.,i~ ,eve, but " religion. Answers from the religious ,w ,.,.- -- = Start " l , dpoint are therefore invalidated for the lack of .... / ~.aitb. As for love, well, it's a little difficult to teach ~'" = Ul " a[ much less show it in a society where divorce ~is rampant, in an economy where "dog eat dog" is I ~honored expression, and in a home whereMom and ~v, d could really care less where you go, as long as ~j.~u go. Our homes today center aroundthe television set when they should center around a real, living and Personal Christ, and an atmosphere of sharing. Because a majority of people do a thing, it does not necessarily follow that it is the right thing to do, -,/~6)r | ~ it does not follow that the answer is not in Christ /~i/ | Sl~Ply because the average so called christian has no ~ [ [?l and lasting answers. It takes absolute truth free / . | all error, and ~enuine wholesome love to per- I 2 ND ll'his {}} ~O~DHAM AUTO PARTS ~Umming Avenue ~P, Alabama Ttlephone 493-3565 suade one to divert himself from wrong. It is time for those who believe in the infalli- bility of the word of God as recorded in the scrip- tures to stand and declare it with faith believing. The Bible is True or False. If false, let's throw it away and get on with another remedy~ If true, then there is a simple test for that truth that will dispell our problems. How many Preachers will stand un- moveable today and proclaim that every gift, every promise and every experience available to the Apost- les of old is still yet available to men today? I believe they are, and I believe they are the answer, the only answer to the Complex problem of drug abuse. I am not referring to the run-of-the-mill religious experience found in many churches today. I am not referring to a simple 5 minute cry at an altar rail. I am not referring to a heart-felt signature placed on a card that reads "I hereby accept Christ as my Saviour." I am not referring to a belief that Christ died, rose again, or that he lived at all. I AM re- ferring to an unshakeable faith that believes "AS THE SCRIPTURE HATH SAID"! A belief that is NOT belief in the simple meaning of the word, but instead a DECLARATION, a KNOWING, a belief that is hacked by an infallible proof. That proof being the super- natural infilling of the Spirit of God, without which we are none of his. My answer to drug abuse? My statement about it? Let me sum it all up by making this plea to all concerned. Throw away every pre-conceived idea, formula and hearsay rule that tradition has taught you. Tradition cannot be built upon. It is much too often a deceiver. Begin a GENUINE search for ab- solute and positive truth. It is not easy to give up old notions long held to be truths. It may even hurt to give up some that have stuck with you through the years, but time and tradition will not make a wrong right. We must build on truth and love. When you have done this, share it with a neighbor. Then and only then can evil, lies and hypocrisy be combatted.~ Truth and love will dispell darkness and hate. If men would only learn to go beyond the surface of the written word, and delve into the truths of the Word of God, grasp them with REAL FAITH, proclaim then with REAL ZEAL, then the dead, dull, formalistic religious creeds per se would have to crumble be- neath the power and brightness of the light of truth and banner of love. To raise our children and our- selves in hypocrisy and darkness is to perpetuate the disaster that has so easily beset us. Permissiveness in the home, courts and schools must be forever stopped. Sin must be called SIN. Black, black and white, white! If it hurts us a little rest assured that it will heal, and with, that healing will come the healing of this great nation and the creation of God. Then and only then can we truly say and affirm, "In God We Trust". THE GENERAL PUBLIC THINKS of drugs as some form of pill. We must never deceive ourselves and forget that the number ONE DRUG IN AMERICA IS ALCOHOL. Parents drink it in front of the children and say, "I am so glad my child is not on drugs." Yet, in following the example of the parents, they are becoming drug users. Alcoholism and the problems of alcoholics in our society are so gigantic and com- plicated that many people, particularly those of us in the ministry have reached, as did men in the Bthical era when they were confronted with the knotty pro- Part Of A 4 Part Series blems of living. Jude classically says: "These men pour abuse upon things they do not understand." Hardly a home in America is not adversly affected by alco- holism. Alcoholism is looked upon in some circles as sin. In other circles, it is often spoken of as an illness in that outside help is needed to effect its arrest. Al- coholism is more than sin, more than disease - it is an emotional and spiritual disorder. As a clergy- man who has worked directly with alcoholics for a long period of time, and for three years have worked in a rehabilitation center for alcoholics, I have come to think of alcoholics as emotionally disturbed people, who need help and not condemnation. It is my purpose to give them help and hope, and not recrimination. WHAT IS YOUR ATTITUDE toward the number one drug in America? Could you agree with me in stating that: l) Alcoholism is an illness and the alcoholic is a sick person. 2) Alcoholics can be helped and are worth helping. (NEVER CALL A MAN WORTH- LESS FOR WHOM OUR LORD DIED). 3) Alco- holism is a public health problem an~-a public res- ponsibility. WE HAVE ALL HEARD THE STATEMENT, "We knowwbat the problem is, but where are the answers?" Let me be the first to suggest that I do not have all the answers. I simply share with you some ideas ! have found to be fruitful. I believe we should have a full and uninhibited discussion in the classroom of our schools about the problems related to alcohol. I have said that a negative approach is not psychologically sound. At- tacking drinking customs is not necessarily the most effective approach. Boys and girls are going to get information about drinking from some source. It may not be the kind of information that makes sense to the adult. It must be on the level of young people because that is the only kind that makes sense to them and their friends. HERE ARE SOME BASIC TRUTHS about the number one drug in America: 1) Young people think it is a part of their normal way of life to drink. Mother and daddy have taught them this through example. It is the American way to "have a drink" when you are at home alone or have guests. The addage - "mon- key see - monkey do" has more truth than fiction to it. 2) Young people want to be a part of the accep- ted crowd. The "IN" thing, these days, contains a bottle. However the "IN" group has caused more accidents, deaths and heartaches than they ever stop to realize. 3) The young people can buythis number one drug in just about any town they desire. They can very easily get an older person to buy it for them, if they have problems getting it themselves. However, over half of the alcohol consumed by young people in America today comes from the liquor cabi- net or the "bar" in their own home. A few years ago this writer stood by the side of a very prominent person in another city and heard the doctor say, "1 am very sorry, your daughter is dead." I had just seen a very tragic sight on the street of that city minutes before. Six young people were involved in an automobile accident, three of whom were killed. The killer - yes, it was alcohol that came from the home of one of the young ladies who died. The father's reply, "My God, I have killed my daughter.' ....... series is sponsored by following firms who take an active WHAT IS A DRINK? Could it not be a cup of coffee, a soft drink of some kind, a glass of tea? WHY IN GOD'S NAME DO WE BArE TO PROJECT THIS DREADED KILLER INTO THE LIVES OF OUR CHILDREN THROUGH OUR EXAMPLE? Co-Authored by the Reverends Joe E. Bates, Floral, First United Methodist Church and David D. Rau- lerson, First Apostolic Church, Trenton, Florida. BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! We must stem the epidemic of drug-abuse. We must educate ourselves and our children to the dangers. Reverend Joe E. Bates interest in our youth. THE OLD BARN Barnes Street Opp, Alabama Telephone 493-6138 HILLTOP MEAT CO. 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