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March 16, 1972     The Florala News
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March 16, 1972

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NEWS. THURSDAY, MARCH 16, 1972 WEEKLY MgWPAPgR MEPOIT BY COIKMtJIIIMAI( win. !4 m¢ Busing Harsh Act Against Free Society 4L4t4t4t4t4L0000,V.4t00004L4t00400 Last Wednesday, March 8, the House of Representatives instructed its conferees to insist that its tough antibusing provi- sion be kept in the Higher Edu- cation Bill it passed in Novem- ber. The House provision would stay all court busing orders until all appeals are exhausted, for- bid use of federal funds for bus- ing because of race, and prohibit iederal agencies from ordering busing as a condition of receiv- ing federal aid. House Republicans had first planned to try to instruct con- ferees only on the provision permitting stays of court or- ders, but we Southerners were able to persuade the house to left) son of Mr. and Mrs. Smith Ayer of the W.S. preserve the whole package, in- Club has won 1st place in the Junior Division, of cluding its strong antibusing County 4-H Electric Demonstration. Ronnie Tay- language. of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Taylor of Straughn On the floor of the House last Division. Wednesday, I spoke on the clues- lion of forced busing. I said: I am unalterably opposed, and always will be to busing school children many miles each day, solely to achieve specified inte- grated ratios. The people of Alabama, and of our 2rid Dis- trict, are good, law-abiding cit- izens. They have made, and are making, every effort to com- ply with what they believe is the law of the land -- the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Forced busing, in many cases, takes children out of their friendly neighborhood schools, many within walking distance, and places them in a totally alien environment several miles from home. Forced busing not only has a detrimental effect on children who are taken from their familar environment, where they have estpblished good friends, but it is most expensive to main- fain a massive busing system. Education costs are rising fast enough, so why should we ac. celerate those costs by insti- tuting and maintaining massive forced busing systems,that the parents and children do not want in the first place? As parents, we are concerned about our children's education. We want the best education available for them, but at t same time, we want our rigM under the constitution, freedom of choice, the law of the land, 0rider the forced busing system, if a child chooses to i go to a school two blocks from his home, he may be denied that right and bused 20 miles to ano- ther school. We must secure for all the citizens of the United States SAXON_ Black/White/Brown Crepe Patent e with lack and What R Trim $22.00 5 to 10 AAAA to B IY CLAIM W. PIKE ANn SOBERT E. What material should I use to control fire ants on my pas- ture? . The only safe material to use to kill these ants on pastures and hayfields is Mirex. This ma- terial should be applied at the rate of five (5) pounds per acre their inalienable right - freed- • broadcast. This poison should om of choice. Forced busing be applied alone and not mixed is .not the answer to quality with fertilizer. Mixing with education for all Americans. other materials is likely to make " 'Stretch the roast, com- pany's coming,' She saya." Saxon Your 81;o11 Styles of Today with a FOR Touch of Shoes ,o,,, Central .... Tomorrow YOUNG Alabama's Most Complete Ladies' Reedy-to-Wear WOMENwHo for the ,,o, and Accessory Store, l00as00erl00raele SHOES Other Sizes and Colors Available Also Matching Bags The spectator oxford with its companion spectator bag highlight the news from Town & Country. Both come in great combinations of soft crepe patent. Sizes: 5 to I0 Print Widths: AAAA to B Print Other Sizes and Colors Available Also Matching Bags The GUSTO-- • Navy Metisse Kid Other Sizes and Colors Available the material unattractive to the ants and destroy its effective- ness. This material can also be used by applying a small amount to in- dividual ant hills and destroy ants in this way. What are the disadvantages of planting peanuts fOllowing soy- beans? There are several disad- vantages to planting peanuts or soybeans on the same land fol- lowing each other. They are: ('1) Both of these are legume crops and feed heavily on cal- cium and potash from the soil. (2) Both are damaged by Sou- thern Blight (White Mold) and planting following each other can build up this disease in the soil• Town & Country Shoes and bags of patent give a touch Filgrim • White Metisse Kid $22.00 Sizes: 5 to 10 Widths: AAAA to B Also Matching Bags Gusto kINDER - EXTENSION FASM AOENTS (3) Planting these crops fol- lowing each other also 'can lead to a buildup of Nematodes in the soil that would be injurious to both crops. In of.her words, don't plant peanuts following soybeans or soybeans following peanuts if it can be avoided. How much lime are Alabama farmers using each year? During 1971 Alabama farmers used 783,000 tons of lime com- pared to only 144,000 tons in 1960. This shows lots of pro- gress but farmers should continue to use more lime until 'all their land is properly limed. Acid soils or land that needs lime will not produce top yields. What is the average number of pigs saved per litter in Ala- bama? The average number of pigs saved oer litter is seven• If producers could increase the number saved from seven to ten pigs, there would be forty per- cent increase in production. We cannot get a similar increase as easily in any other area of hog production• h, mm dmU.& &mare._..___. Senator Sparknmn Answers Questions From Readers Oer Senator Sparkman: I am a World War II veteran, and I got hurt on my job five months ago. I received ex- tensive surgery, and have been totally disabled since the acci- dent. I applied for Social Se- curity Benefits and was told that I would have to wait from four to six more months for approval of my claim. I have a 12-year old daughter in school and have no other income. Please help. ANSWER: I am pleased to advise you that your claim for disability benefits has been ap- proved. A check for benefits due you is being sent. Dear Senator Sparkman: It is my understandjug, that .yu i recently introduced a bill regar- ding persons with kidney disease. Can you tell me some- iS SO thing about it? ANSWER: If passed, my bill wouldmake artificial kidney f0000qed machines available to the60,000 chronic kidney disease suf- ferers who cannot afford the de- Town & Country refines vastatingly high cost of treat- kidskin to a fine point of ment. fashion. Whether it's a Dear Senator Sparkman: I beautifully detailed pump, a applied to the Veterans Ad- strap or tie, it's a smoothly ministration in order to receive civilized fashion in foot- nssistance to attend school. I wear. have been in school for two months now, and so far I haven't received a check. Can you help? C.M., Birmingham. ANSWER: A certificate of eligibility was issued by VA, The SPIRITED--   but the agency has not yet re- • Wisteria Plush Suede quvavv ceived an "enrollment certifi- • Ice Plush Suede Other Sizes and Colors cation" from your school• Sizes 5 to 10 Available. Please ask your school to send Widths: M-N-S Also Matching Ba ' the certification. Upon its re- cept, a check representing the retroactive amount due you will be issued. Dear Senator Sparkman: I am a veteran of the Korean Spirited Conflict and of World War If, and as I am sure you know, we are not receiving the same rate of retirement pay as new re- tirees. It seems that we can- not get anyone to push a bill which would give us the same benefits as those returning to- day. Why don't you do some- thing. ANSWER: I am sponsoring a hill, s. 377, which would equa- • llze the retirement pay of mem- bers of the uniformed services of equal rank and years of ser- vice. The President has also asked for enactment of this le- |islation, and I am hoping for I8 favorable action in the near r  future. Crepe Patent (00t00pe - bat00J'o.ot Dear Senator Sparkman. , am 00o.oo __ edom .student at the University of "- 'izes'Stol0,u_ Available un00;,.00Pateqt: q try" ,o.,oAlabamaandlaminterestedinappreciate any infor- dths: ,AA to B OU obtaining summer employ- " " .ot,, w,,,,,,,on o c, snoes NO bones, no stays, just a soft lookl " .. o,,,oo,o, ' NIatching ags ][leW  wrap of suede with your own foot shaping the on how to make application. shoe. It's a totally new look and a delightful new feel in ANSWER: Normally, l try Town & Country shoes, to place as many students as I can in various government agen- cies, however, a summer civil Loe service examination is required in most cases. As you can well The Store l'or l'uhlonable Woman imagine there are almost always and Tmn:Agum more applicants than jobs avail- able. In fact, most jobs for • the summer have already been • filled. Applications for these obs should always be made at east six months in advance. Let me suggest that you contact my office in December, 1972 in order that I may supply you with the information on how to apply for the examination. In the meantime, I shall keep your resume on file just in case any ,, openings do become available this summer, Idol T&C's new crepe patent is lightly textured for added softness and gleams brightly in a magnificent selection of colors. • ) Dear Senator Sparkman: What is the status of the proposal to establish the Sipsey Wilderness rea in the Bankhead National Forest'? R. M., Greenville• ANSWER: I have introduced a bill, S 3224, which would create the Sipsey Wild Area. in addition, I have introduced legislation to establish a South- eastern Wild Areas Prevention system, to protect areas or nat- ural beauty throughout the Southwestern United States These bills are now being con- sidered by the Senate Agricul- ture and Forestry Committee• Dear Senator Sparkman: I am a freshman at Auburn Uni- versity and wish to obtain some information about a career in law enforcement. Particularly PAGE 3 Will there be as much corn planted this year as last in Covington County? Predictions are that there will be six percent less corn planted in Alabama in 1972 Chances are the acreage planted in Cov- ington County will decrease as much or more than the state predicted figure, How much milk does the av- erage sow produce during a mil- king period? Milk production in sows will vary according to feed, breed and other factors. Recently a group of sows at the North Carolina Experiment Station produced an average of 413 pounds of milk during an eight week milking period• This would be an average of 7 pounds per clay. Is it too late to spray peach, apple, and plum trees with dor- mant oil emulsion or liquid lime sulfur for scale insect control? Peaches, plums, and apples should be sprayed with a dor- manl spray before they bud out to prevent burning. It is late but most peaches and apples can still be sprayed. | Ill I would be interested in finding out if there is a student aid pro- gram for persons preparing for a law enforcement career. ANSWER: The Law Enforce- ment Assistance Administration sponsors a grant program which assists full-time students pre- paring for a law enforcement ca- reer by providing financial assistance to these individuals. The LEAA awards funds to par- ticipatmg colleges and umver- sities, which in turn make grants and loans available to qualified students• For further information you may wishto contact the student aid office at Auburn, which is a participa- ting institution. II II BACKACHE? JOINT PAINS? USE CONTENTS 40 PILLS Special $1.19 FLORALA ALA * HEALER - ADVISOR In Covington County ARE YOU SUFFERIHG? SICK? NEED ADVICE? ,, See Our SISTER PATSY - She has the God-Given Power to Heal by Prayer. Guarantees to heal the sick and the ailing, but there is no pity for those who know they are in hard luck and don't come to see SISTER PATSY. GUaranteed to Help You. Many have been healed and helped by our SISTER PATSY. Tnere are thousands who have been helped by SISTER PATSY. So Come Today - tomorrow may be too late. Re- member if there is God's help on earth it can be found through our HEALER) SISTER PATSY. She heals by the hand of God. SISTER PATSY will heal you. 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