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March 18, 1976     The Florala News
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March 18, 1976

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INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. BJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. 7'L~LORALA NEWS - THURSDAY, MARCH 18, 1976 PAGE 7 ..IMl a ounce my can- MM:I[. t ,, 'el tiea to the PUBLIC HEARING to the Board shall begin April elude but is not limited to the 1, 1976. To begin with two (2) The City of Florala will hold u kee . beautification an i tacos 0,o a public hearing on March 22, provement of the presently four-year term's, two (2) mere- 19"/6 at the Old Armory Build- existing Florala Greenwood hers shall be appointed for . --.-.--- CARD OI= THANKS ~ in Florala at 6 P.M for the Memorial Cemetery. It shall three-year terms and one (1) purpose of reviewing a request extend to such upkeep, beauti- member shall be appointed for FoRCuntvMEMBER,Cmmissin'coViNGToNDistrict4' ~r from the Flora la Rescue Squad ..ricatin and /mprovement of a two-year term Thereafter There are no adequate words for me property uescrmen as an other ublic c m ri y p e ete eses-all appointments shall be for to the Democratic Primaries . Lots II and I0 in Block 6 of tabllshed in the future. It shall four years. IBER, COVINGTON ............. to express the deep gratitude :OMM] ~ION oi May q anu May ~a, IV~. and heartfelt love we feel for Hughes Addition to the City of include th " ......... e selhng of lots m 5. Once selected, the Board o a a Greenwood Memo- members shall elect from their 3 u,,=,v.=r, o,~,,~u ' all our friends, neighbors and I,]Orats TOts proper~y [o oe said FI r 1 ...... ,,,,, o,,..- loved ones, who shared in our used by Florala Rescue Squad rim Cemet ........... ely and any other numbers a chairman, secretary ....... P ry. It ..=. ,.- and treasurer and such other of- ~,ill . p., ~n, ..,. ,. ........... grief, in thepassing ofourhus- for me erecuon ot umlolng ublic cemete -"-"-- V~,- sincere~y apprec~a.~e ,. run. ~-v. ,y ~u~ana ~ml[n, band, father, grandfather and mr VenlCleS ann equipment as clude the authority to make an= ricers as deemed neceasaryfor .,,~ ann imiuenceinseez- great grandfather, Mr. J. D. needed by..Florala Rescue propriate rules a~l regulations the proper operation and func- ~e office of Member of the =, ,, Sellers. I~quafl. In addition a space Ior r,~ardinw I~ri=l,: tvn,~,~ nf ~: 0.[ Covington County ~ The food, flowers, cans and the Florala Fire Department lan-'dscapi~ng-by'indiv'idu'ra~ lot tion of the Board. ...... s d types of memorial the City of Florala shall meet .~sst,on.. . . ~,~D ,P.n ............. I many words of comfort are ap- All mteresten citizens are m- owner an 6. The Cemetery Board of ~_ uuiy offer my recoru ox v, ,,,=,~,~,,, ,.,_,.,,u.,.,a, ~ preciated more than we can vited to this meeting for melr markers to be used in said once a month at such time and Lee as commissioner in COUNTY COMMISSION ~J / ever say, and it's such a joy comments as to such action by Florala Greenwood Memorial place as decided by the Board ~lPrevious terms and hope PLACE #1 .... '% I to know that we have such won- the Florala CityCouncil_ Cemetery and any other public and shall keep copies of the a'fe g o?d enough to merit . i am announcing m.y canmaacy ~' ~'~"'~ ~ derful and beloved friends in /s/Joe l~. ~vans, cemetery. These rules and re- minutes of the regular monthly ~roval and sunport of zor re-erection to [no l~oaro oI ,,,,,- ,.~.m,~..ih, ton County Voters County Commissioners, Place Mr &. Mr. Hargrore s~= '0~,~ .... Mayor gulatious must be approved by meetings which shall be sub- _ . . . . . . -, ....... Attest: the City Council of the City mitted to the City Clerk of the One, subiect to the Primaries "~ ":'=~ ...... ": " - " T. IVEY POWELL May4 and May 25. I am ask- ~-~- " ~ ! , :onap~ve~yonOnen~, aYcot~ ~fy~r ~art.L~. B.yrd, of Floral a after due submis- City of Florala on a timely =- ulty uler,~ . ..... sion to said Council by the sis. A majority of the Board tag for your vote based on my I-i/'I1P#i'lt~fa~l"~o ,r~11~IF~1~@,,-~ ness o-lt-&tU' Board shall be sufficient at any meet- ~: Pol. Adv. by T lvey past record and will appreciate ~ 0 ~/ILP I/I[~ ~I.~IP~ I~l~ ~J~l I~ [,t~ " ~m,,, ,e.,,,,q,, Of 3. "The Board shall have the tog to constitute a quorum and e~l, Rt 8, Andalusia Ala- your support. I ask you to "" "'~= ~'~'~lL,.= ORDINANCF authority to receive moneys in to conduct business. The Board t)' ' check my past record and if ~'~ ~ ~ '~ * " " ~'~'lS'lt~' BE IT ORDAINED by the City ..... has the authority to call spe- elected I will assure you of the ?'J~ ~ ~ ~l/1 1tl 1 ~I'~d~ ]P'~fl i~'~)/" ,,-- v connection with the sale of lots ann matmenance charges in same conscientious service ~.J I~# I~ ~ I I~ I~ Iv t/t~s o~Lst,~ ~ Council of the City of Florala ..... cial meetings at such times and Alabama as follows SUCh cemetery or cemeteries places as might be deemed ap- !~ 1 Pn'rmmnt tn th'~ authority and shall place such moneys in propriate and necessary and the EMBER COVINGTON JERRY ADAMS Mr and Mrs S H Har- memories The Williams ~T_y COMM'ISSION ..... " ........ '- ......... -"-" an appropriate bank account granted under Title 37, Sectlon .......... same rules shall apply to spe- ~iCT 3 ""d ........ grove of Lockhart werehon- have an eleven year old son, ......... --= ..Je-- "/R /'~t~la nf Alth~tm~t l-q4fl mere to ~e zepi [or use oy me cial meetings as to regular ~- ~v _ ~ot...A.~v. ~y Jerry An- ored on their 25th wedding Johnny Ray, who joined them. L;AI'~U UI=" ll'l~INlr~ r,~com~il--~i l~'.q.~'M'-~-~"~i~i~' Board in upkeep, beautification meetings. ~r VOte and support is ear- ams, upp, Alanama). anniversary Tuesday night, In the dining room of the - " ......... - .......... s SOlicited in my candi- , t ~ March 9, at the home of home a beautiful 2-tier cake, The family of Charles E. there is hereby establishedTbe and improvements of such town "/. The provisions of this Ce t __ard the Clt. . . Ordinance are severable and if [~or Member of the Board their daughter and family, 'adorned with a 25thanniver- Summerlin wishes to thank all me ery 13oof " v or city cemeteries as may~eln of Florala extsteace at any hme. Any any part should be declared in- r~,tn County Commission, FOR MEMBER. COVINGTON Mr. and Mrs. John Goolsby. sary ornament, centered a those who so graciously helped 2 The" Cemetery Board of disbursement of moneys from valid or unconstitutional the re- -~. o .... " the "Citv of Florala -~hall be and such funds shall be made only maining portion shall rematnin ~as C" COUNTY COMMISSION Guests arrived at 7:00long table covered In pink us durlng the recent illness and ...................... ~, ,~rn and reared in Coy- DISTRICT 4 o'clock and registered at the satin topped with pink lace. death of our loved one. it is hereby charged with the .with the signature of the Trea- full force and effect. .~,~-ounty; veteran of World guest book, attended by the Mrs Harold (Shot) Geoha- For all the food, acts of ser- responsibility of and authority surer, of.the Cemet.ery ..BonN. 6. This Ordinance shall take v~ and the Korean conflict. Hargrove's grandson, Kevin gan served cake to guests vice and sustaining prayers in to regulate any and all present- [ne Mayor ot [ne t;lty ot effect immediately upon the ~ a high school education I hereby announce my candi Goolsby The honored couple while Mrs Wayland Harri- our behalf, we thank all of you ly existing town "or city ceme- e lorats. ..... passage and publication as re- ~ve be 3 . - .= ~_ en employed by Ala- dacv for member of Covington arr veal around7.15, un-son served frmt punch. Sil- sincerely. awr~~ teries within the city limits of a" 3ne.~e.metery .tm aru ot quired by law. a. P!rtment~ a of Conserva-" " ' e of the celebrahon, to ver appointments held nuts, WifeAnd Children /s/Joe R. Evans, the City of Florala or within [ne Ulty ot ~lorala snau con- ,=~'~ aatural Resources for subiec't to the Democratic Pri- find 23 friends and relatives mints, and cheese straws. 3-18-1tp the police jurisdiction thereof sist of five.(5) meml~rs...The Mayor ~s. maries of May 4 and May 25, waiting to help them cele- Silver candlesticks, holding It shall also regulate any such mem.t~rs..of ~oaro snal.Loe" ATTEST: ='_" Consider all issues with 1976 brate this special occasion, tall pink tapers, flanked each cemeteries established in the appolnten oy me ulty t;ouncll ol /s/Martha Byrd, i~ mind and earnestly so- Your vote and support willbe The Hargroves were end of the table. Otberdeco- future at any time within such the City of Florala. The terms City Clerk 3-11-2tc Y~ur vote and support, greatly appreciated united in marriage in a dou- rations in the room included area. Such authority shall in- of the members first appointed WALTER L HARRELL .... BILI'.Y HUGHES ble wedding ceremony with white wedding bells center-EULOGY ~I ' (Pd Pol. Adv. by Billy Hughes, the Reverend and Mrs. Ray-ed with pink lilies of the ~ ~,II~I~pIM _ Pol aa,, ~,,, wo~,~. ~ Gaott Ala.) mond Williams, presently of valley and white net. k tw, rnr,h= nne~ gh~d an tho ~ll, Rout n,,~ ~.....~" , , ,, Crestvtew, Florida. The Guests enjoyed watching earth in ~ ee~sin town tnd tho ~a~ ............... _ couples were married in as Mr and Mrs. Ha[grove, ,~,...~.. tt.'~,.~- .'"h~..;= n~f'~"i't |'~ " Leakesville, Mississippi on accompanied by their 6- ..i,v~"~v'~_','~;,~f,"~.,~.~.,--;..-.-,,.'~ COUNTY COMMISSION ......... March 17, 1951. Tuesday year-old son, Run, opened Rnildor'h~d ~tid thi,: tomnl= [ um~ttlt, l night the Willtams were pre- the many race girls they re- would I~t fnr~v~r Now fho ~f~#ER sent to help celebrate their ceived .................. ........