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Florala , Alabama
March 30, 1972     The Florala News
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March 30, 1972

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IMA1E ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED• ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• USErUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. RCH 3t ' " , ., , Ik[LORhLA._ ;~.~/~, - THUR3DAY, M.,',~::H 31, !9,2 ,osta , :redthi l' d LJII"IP BOATING SAFETY llmu.,T Jr~t'lm~n NECESSARY FOR It~Pami' It" ENJOYABLE BOATING C~WuK Moving Buck To The Country After a few months of inac- tivity on our waterways many people are taking advantage of the pleasant weather to go fishing or just pleasure boating. No better place to get away from it all, however Ala. Water Pa- trolman O. G. Sanders, said today that he has found many people operating their boats under potentially fatal or hazar- dous conditions. Sanders said that many accidents could be prevented by making a few sam- PAGE 3 Alekm's I1.11., leaelw Jim Allen Reports To The People $ $ President's Anti-Busing Speech the President's proposedmora- a great toll on streets andhigh- Falls Short~ But is a First torture on new court-ordered ways. Potholes are not only Step to End all Forced Mass busing, sincetbisproposalcould numerous and a driving nut- Busing be helpful in some school dis- sance, but they are also President Nixon'.s recent tracts in the South• I will also hazardous. speech in which he called for support that part of his propos- "Drivers should remember Congressional action on anti- al which recognizes the validity they can do a lot of damage to Motorists anxious to get out on the road now that warmer wea- ther is here are reminded that while a robin may be the first sign of spring, the roads you have to drive on are usually the last signs of winter. Snow, ice, salt and sand take "and the most important lactor in tire safety and mileage is nrnnpr inflation:" An underinflated tire causes excessive wear, excessive heat build-up and excessive sidewall flexing. Underinflation decrea- ses tire safety and increases tire costs. The Council's advice is fur- ther confirmed by safety expert, Dr. C. F. Brenner of the U. S. Department of Transportation, who says: "The force of impact between R new initiative he has promised .~, ~ ~r~jL~ !~ of skidding, which is 5to 10 on anti-busing legislation. ~ ~"-'~ times more likely with average While we cannot and will not _ ~~-~--_--~-'~/~.,.~:~_ tread depth on wet roads as on accept what the President pro- ::": t / ("~,/ " " ~_ .'~3--i,..~ dry roads, is doubled with bald posed as the final solution, we L~--~iL-=-~.~:~ ~::-( A~ tires. should view it as the first ~tep ~~ ¢,~ The best advice for the care- toward the establishment ofuni- [ul motorist is not only to pay form nationallaws to ensurethat ~~ attention to where he is driving, the Federal Courts in all sec- ~ut give equal attention to what tions and in all states will have a "See here now, you two-- ae is driving on. "The tires on your car are the common set of standards to I'm seriously considering ~ost important factor between guide them. For my part, I will support dropping your case." /on and the road, " saysOrmsby, ~rt J -:~V -,= == m vv WIH Bring: You ............. , .......... Extra On he Items . ! Z .................... /SAVE $100.00 8 Pc. Suite INCtUDES Large Oval Table (Leaf Included) Graceful Host Arm Chair and Five Side (hdrs Delicately Carved Backsl ONLY provides Jet-fast cooling for JUST PLUG IT IN AS YOU WOULD A FAN. ADJUSTS TO WINDOW SIZE• busing be of white children, highway hazard normally asso- ciated with spring driving, It is especially dangerous to those drivers who insist on driving with bald tires. The Council defines a tire as bald if its tread ~,~'~** depth has worn to 1/16 inch or I less in any two or more ad- '" jacent tread groove• The risk surveyed. :w would choose metropolis, one out of three medium city. held firm as s to live. Where to go? Back to ;ceres! wanting to country when in ings between $1680 and $2880• In addition, $1 in benefits is withheld for every $1 of earnings over $2880, But, you receive a full ben- efit for any month in which you earn wages of $140 or less. no matter how much you earn during the year. Kilpatrick went on to explain that information and assistance is available at the Andalusia Social Security Ofhce. Annual reports of earnings, as well as most other Social Security matters (:an be handled by phone. The phone number of the Anda- lusia Oftice is WX-6300. Just dial operator and ask for WX- 6300. The Social Security Ad- ministration will pay for the plmne call. 'cent of those ques- Y WOuld like to live Thirteen per in a medium Per cent said they live m a small anted for of the vote, and areas comprised 17 per cent pre- Thou shall let him go free. --(Jer. 34:14) Rather than seeing the neg- ative things few have seen in another person, turn our thoughts to the Christ within him. See the spiritual self, the innate good at the center of his being. See him filled with joy, faith and peace. Christ has given him freedom to live his own life. "The country life is a good life." Army Private Ronnie J. Gill- man, 18, son of Mrs. Versie B. Gillman, Stella Route, Florala, Ala., recently completed eight weeks of basic training at the U. S. Army Training Center, Infantry, Ft. Polk, La. He received instruction in drill and ceremonies, weapons, map reading, combat tactics, military courtesy, military jus- tice, first aid, and army history and traditions. Pvt. Gillman received his training with Company C, 4th Battalion, 9.D Brigade. PRIVATE GILLMAN COMPLETES ARMY BASIC TRAINING Navy Seaman Recruit James W. Bruner, son of Mrs. Willie R. Bruner of Crestview, Fla., graduated from recruit train- ing at the Naval Training Cen- ter in Great Lakes. SEAMAN BRUNER GRADUATES FROM RECRUIT TRAINING • .. BRUNER Nixon to throw his support and influence into the fight to stop forced mass busing. He should have helped us at that point, for we lost our fight for the Griffin Amendment by only one vote. But now that the Pre- sident has agreed to act, we must look ahead and judge him on the ~,~,~,~,~,~ ple checks of equipment anden- busing legislation did not go as of neighborhood schools, their carsandespeciallytotheir tires and stones or potholes --.J[~ gine when bringing a craft out far as I think he should have ~ompact geographic at- tires when hitting chuck holes increases sharply with speed. of winter storage. Sanders lists gone. Nevertheless his is a [endance zones, local con- in the road," says Ross R. Modern tires are built to "take T0 THE COUNTRYs the cities there is more income, a few important items that could step in the right direction, ob- trol of local schools, thehealth, Ormsby, Chairman of the Tire it', but there is a limit to what :ii~"~'~erations Am viously brought about because safety and convenience of chil- Industry Safety Council. rubber and fabric will endure. more goods, services and lei- meap the difference between life, ~ ~ leaving sma~lrti:ans sure time in which to spendthat death and or property destruc- the vastmajorityofAmericans- dren and other legitimate con- Obviously, a car striking a If you want to avoid cuts, brui- ts behind in their madincomethan any society in tion. ~k fame and fortune • • . CARLTON black and white - are angrily cerns, pothole, crib, or an object in ses and blowouts, slow down on history has ever enjoyed? 1. Check all life saving equip- opposed to forced mass bus- Bui I will also continue to the road can suffer damage not bad roads anti give your tires ~:~.the city Thetran-Apparently, despite success ment for serviceability, fabric RAYMOND CARLTON ing simply to establish a racial insist upon procedures to bring only to the tire and wheel as- a chance." ~l~ rly complete. Ac-as measured by increases of rot, leaky kapok bags, loose or REPORTS TO DUTY balance, relief from forced busing which sembly balance, but also to the llF ~a recent Roper sur- The point we have beentrying has been imposed unfairly in vehicle's alignment. i~0~l~er out of four Am- QUANTITY, wide spread con- rotted tie straps, etc. SOCIAL SECURITY cern has recently developed 2. Gas tanks and fuel lines AT QUONSET POINT to make for so long is that the South in complete disregard Safety specialists say that ~de.r'~w reports livinginthe about the QUALITY of the life should be checked for leaks, dollars which should be avail- of the basic rights of a free should a driver notice an ex- Vernon A. Kilpatrick, mana- "en" in American cities. 3. Fire extinguishers should Navy Lieutenant Raymond M. able for top quality education are people. We must get fair and treme wear pattern on the out- ger of the Andalusia Social Se- rli.L ~0percentofAm- " The blessings of our in- be checked for pressurization Carlton Jr., son of Mrs. Ray- actually being sacrificed by equal treatment for school side edges of his tires, or a curry Office said many re- • ., m large cities, creased income, production of and working condition, round M. Carlton Sr. of Route those who preach a false, de- children in the South, bothblack veering of a car when the brakes sidents in Covington County re- reaoT'l~?rcent live in medium consumer goods, technological are applied, it is advisable he ceived Social Security benefits • av,AP~,¢16 cent live in development and population 4. Check steering cables for 3, Andalusia, Ala., has reported grading and shameful sociolo- and white. rust or fraying, to Helicopter Antisubmarine gical experiment in which chil- Let me assure you that I will consult his dealer or garage in 1971 even though they earned " Item: r~meteen per cent growth have come to be viewed 5.Make sure navigation lights Squadron One at the Naval Air dren are the main ingredients continue to do everything that I about possible misalignment, over $1680. All of these peo- [l]~u°Urbs, and only 24 by many as "mixed": mixed Station, Quonset Point, Rhode and the main sufferers,possibly can to help protect the are working properly. The damage resulting to a tire pie must file an annual report . |-, e m a rural or farm with environmental pollution, 6. Is your boat currently re- lslal~l. . For years 1 have been saying best interests of theschoolchil- from sharply hitting holesinthe of their earnings with the 1 I,,,. overcrowded streets and high- / I that the Courts have beenlarge- dren of Alabama, the South and of road, curbs and general highway Social Security Administration I~MF[} ~z~Ure Of urbanized and ways, increases in crime and gistered? Proper numbers on bow? Certificate aboard? ly left to their own devices in the Nation, as I work for new litter is often not visable. It by April 15, 1972. ....... ~'~ america is the violence, breakdowns in human Items which are unservice- school suits because Congress legislation to end the forced could be internal and unrepair- The general rule is that if you . ,,,1~_ out not necessarily relations and other social able or needs repair should be ' has failed in its responsibilities mass busing of children for the able. The driver mightnot know have earningsof$1680.00orless ~a, ~,~lkoeoPie want it to be. shortcomings. , to provide statutory guidance, purpose of creating a racial ba- anything was wrong, until the in a year, no deducationis made Iml~le,.Were asked where So, for various reasons, it attended to before the boat goes $'~e~ire, if they could looks like millions of Americans into operation, said Sanders. Two weeks ago, when the Sen- lance - whether the busing be time he suffers sudden tiredis- from benefits for that year. L"~e they wanted, the are discovering what ruralAla- Remember! Take a little time ate was debating anti-busing old or whether the busing be ablement, and that time is If earnings exceed $1680.00 to save time and future trouble, amendments to the Higher Edu- new: or whether the busingbeof always the wrong time. then $I m benefit payments is r ass exodus was es- bamians have known all along: cation Act, I called upon Mr. black children or whether the Heavy rainfall is another withheld for every $2 earn-