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April 2, 1970     The Florala News
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April 2, 1970

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USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. PAGE 4 Scribbles By Merle Woodham AN ITEM OF INTEREST- The Rev. J. W. Campbell of FIorala received a letter from his daughter recently enclosing a clipping from an old maga- zine. She was visiting her hus- band in a hospital in Bluffton, Indiana and Just casuaLLypicked up an old magazine and was thumbing through it when she came upon an article written by one of our most distinguish- ed businessmen, Mr. E. P. Rodwell, Jr. of The Bank of Floraia. Here it is as it ap- peared in the magazine ... t'HOW TIMES CHANGE 'qn 1933, three fraternity brothers and I at Davidson Col- lege in North Carolina purchas- ed a 1925 Chevrolet from a Charlotte used car lot for $40. Each of us put up $10. The car was named ',FLAM" from the first letter of each state the men were from - Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and Miss- issippi, and this was painted on the side. "We used the car to come home for summer vacation, and a map of the route to Houma, La., was also painted on the car. As each man arrived at hls home, he sold his interest to the others for $10. The last man wound up with the car which he later sold for $50. They just don't make 'era that good anymore. E. P. Rodwell, Jr. Florala, Ala." Campbell said his daughter, Mrs. Elms MossBack, said In the letter 'fDad, do you know thiS man?" Don't know the name of the magazine in which the article was published but thought this would be a pretty cute item for Scribbles... Times have changed. So have cars. But boys haven't changed an awful lot. Eh, Mr. Rodwell? A FRIEND OF this newspaper received a letter from Gov- ernor Albert Brewer's pastor, the Reverend J. I% White, of the First Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, recent- ly. Let me share with you some of the Rev. White's opinions of our governor. 'q wanted to write you as Governor Albert Brewer's pas- tot to share with you my per- sonal knowledge of this fine Baptist layman. He is a won- derful Christian and faithful in attendance In our church where FLORALA SAT., APRIL !1 One Day Only vacant lot by lake - sponsor- CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE he and his fine family hem membership. When he is in town he is present in the ser- vices morning and night. He was raised In a Baptist home and grew up in a Baptist church in Decatur, having been a re- gular participant in Sunday School, Training Union, Royal Ambassador's, and the other activities of the church. He stiLL follows this background and training. "I know personaLLy that he goes to his office early every day and works late. He is really a fuLL time governor for Alas barns. He has selected some of the finest Christian people in Alabama to work with him. He has one of the best adminis- trations Alabama has ever ex- perienced. This is government at its best. 'q am sure you will be asked about our Governor because he is a Baptist, so for your personal information, and for the benefit of any who may inquire of you, I share obser- vations that they might behelp- ful to you in the days ahead." A man's pastor who would go to the trouble to write personal notes to friends about the state must think he is the man for the job.l fully agree with Gov- ernor Brewer's pastor - He ought to have a full term to further prove himself as one of the best Governors Alabama has ever had. If you want further proof that Brewer has a keen Interest in Covington County and the citizens of F1orala, read care- fully an article appearing on the front page of thts week's newspaper. THE GOVERNOR has funds ready and waiting to make Ftorala's Lake Jackson a fine recreational area. But as usual when progress and improve- ments concerning Florala are about to be made, a controversy arises and the possibilities of progress for Florala are thrown to the four winds. Tentative plans for Lake Im- provements for Florala, subject to change and added improve- ments upon suggestions from local citizens, include a com- munity center for ALL thepeo- pie of Florala and in particular, the youth; an area set aside for campers complete with sewage disposal, etc.; week-end cottages for out-of-town visi- tors; tennis courts, added tables with covers, two or more boat launching facilities; a concrete pavtlllon enclosing an exclusive swimming area with no danger of boats entering at any time; life guards on duty at all times, and a caretaker for the whole project. The trees will certainly be preserved. Whoever heard of a State Park without trees... Neither has any mention been "made of an amusement park... ALL YOU HAVE to do to see that the present facilities on Lake Jackson are falling apart is Just make a survey for yourself. The City of Florkla in not financially able to keep them in good condition and to provide a full-time caretaker to see that the grounds are kept clean. I, too, hate to see a fence put up around a portion of the Lake but when you weigh the good points along with the bad- my thinking is the good by far outweighs the bad. True, there will be a small use the lake for recreational purposes. R is used primarily by out- of- towners so why shouldn't they help with the upkeep of it. If they have to pay a small fee for entering, you can bet your bottom dollar they will more likely to help preserve the facilities for fur- ther use and enjoyment. We just last year started enjoying the Lake as a family group. We work long hours and don't have the time mostpeople do to travel out of town for recreational purposes. I have noticed that more and more the Lake is being abused by our visitors. Not so much by those of us who live here be- cause, like I said very few lo- cal people use the Lake as we do. I noticed last year that quite a bit of drinking was be- ing done by boaters who were skiing endangering the lives of families like my ownwhohad gone there for an afternoon of good wholesome entertainment. This type of thing would be held to a minimum when under the supervision of the State of Ala- bama. You know as I do that dur- ing the summer months par- ticularly, you can hardly walk around the lake for the beer cans and everywhere you look someone has dumped a pile of garbage. This is certainly not a compliment to the City offi- cials who are now responsible for the upkeep of the Lake. They do the best they can with what they have to do with... but it isn't enough. Besides the Lake project with the ex- ception of only two members. Here we have an opportunity to get the community center plus all the other added attrac- tions and recretional facilities and unless those who are ob- ~ctlag to the project can become reconciled to the fact, Governor Brewer Isn't about to come into a town and build something that is in any way objectionable. Especially under present conditions. And who could blame hlm. Certainly not I. I am Just interested in know- ing who, other than the Club women are not in favor of a State Park for Florala. If you are not in favor of a State Park, please write to me per- sonally, % of The F1orala News. If you wiLL, please list your reasons for not wanting a State Park. Please sign your letter. Letters without a signature don't mean a thing to me. A joint meeting of the ladies clubs, the mayor, and other interested persons is being planned for April 16. Here's hopln' that one time, Just for once - the people of Flerala can reach a mutualunderstand- ing and will join together in efforts being made for the bene- fit of all the people of Florala. there are a number of businesses who would really profit from a State Park right at our back door and when they profit, so do we. What's the controversy? The Lake Jackson Club House. It's as simple as that. The majority of the ladies belonging to the various clubs in Florala are apparently against a State Park and prefer to have things just the way they are. Another thing, if the Club House stays on the grounds, the state win exclude it from the park and we will lose the community center as a result. The community center Is my primary concern. I want the youth of our area to have a decent place to entertain and be entertained. Like it is they don't have anywhere- abso- lutely nowhere to gather for wholesome fun and entertain- ment. They get in their cars and ride, ride, ride . .. from Letter To Editor Editor The Florala News Florala, Alabama Dear Sir, We would like to take this means of expressing our appre- ciation to Barldey Peele of the Florala City School for the basketball program that has JUSt been completed. In addition to his regular duties at school he organized teams from the first grade thru the eighth grade in a program of teaching and playing basketball. We the undersigned served as coaches of different teams in this program. We would like retake this means of expressing our thanks tohim and others who helped with this program. Joe Melton Joe R. Evans Curtis/~ Savage Ronnie Brown Smltty's GriLL on to the Big R, to the corner, Tastee Mrs. Cook Freeze and that is the extent of their having somewhere to go. Most of the time they are not buying much of anything but the three above mentioned businesses stay open so they will have somewhere to hang out - and believe me I appre- ciate it. Otherwise, ~ sure would be in a pnld~.ament. You may not get out and know where your children are and What they axe doing, but ! do. In fact, most of the time I go with them and sit for hours so that they can stand on the corners and talk to their friends. They enjoy it, and I usually do but I get tired long before they do. If we had a community center, I could go home and go to bed and let them enjoy their friends and be reasonably sure they were being supervised properly. Honored On Birthday MRS. THOMASSON Mrs. Thomasson Candidate For Education Post Mrs. Isabella B. Thomasson was a visitor in Florala last week seeking votes for her election to a public office. She officially entered the r~ce for the Alabama Board of Education February 20. Mrs. Thomasson, a pro- minent leader in state educa- tional affairs, filed her qualifi- cation papers with the Secretary of State to run for the Second District Seat on the Board. In qualifying for the position, Mrs. Thomasson said she be= lieved that teachers and pa- rents, not politicians, knowWhat is best for education. 'q know that our children, their concerned parents, and our dedicated teachers need responsible representatives on the Alabama Board of Educa- tion now to insure that the pre- sent crisis doesn't disrupt our effort to have quality education in our public schools", she said, A native Alabamian, Mrs. Thomasson was educated in the Mobile Public Schools and at- tended Sweet Briar and Vassar College where she received an A.B. degree in Economics. She has lived in Montgomery for 24 years. Mrs. Thomasson was presi- dent of her local ]P&l'ent-Tea- char organizatio~ for two terms, on the Montgomery Council of Parents and Tea- chers, on the Montgomery County Board of Education and is serving on the Board of Di- rectors of the Alabama Asso- ciation of School Boards. She is the wife of ALfred P. Thomasson, a retired business- man, and they have two sons, Burgess, of Mobile, and AIbert MisS Sue Cook and her father, who has Just completed 5 years Marcus Cook, were hosts to a in the U. S. Navy submarine gala birthday dinner Easter service. Sunday in honor of Mrs. Mar- She is a two-term president cus Cook's birthday, of the Montgomery Community At noon a delicious turkey Council, served as chairman of dinner with all the trimmings the Women's Division of United was served to the following Appeal and is a past member guests: Mrs. Grace E. Parrtsh, Mr. and Mrs. 13. W. Perdue and Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. W. IL Brooks, Jimmie and Joe Brooks, Mrs. Vernon Gomil- lion, Marsha, Lisa, Lori and Leah Gomlllion, Mrs. ~Ruth Bla- key, Carolyn and Kathy, Mr. James Jack, and Mr. and Mrs. It's not too many times that Curtis Bliss, all of Florala; I see our young folk misbehav- Miss Katrina Perdue, Unlver- ing, either. I saw two young sity of Alabama; Mr. and Mrs. men during the week-end Who Price, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Par- were abusing their prlviledge rish and David of Niceville; Mrs. Francis Robertson of Do- than. Mrs. Tom Gibson and Karen of Troy called during the day. Mrs. Cook's nephew, David Parrish, celebrated Ms six- teenth birthday Sunday. Mrs. Jeanne Ezell also has the same birthday, March 29. Miss Sue Cook presented her mother with a beautiful orchid corsage to wear. of the UA Board. She also has served on the boards of the YWCO, the American Red Cross and T r I n I t y Presbyterian Church. Mrs, Thomasson currently serves on the Professional., Medical Board of the Child- ren's Center and on the board of Keep Montgomery Beautiful. fee upon entering the park area of maybe 25~ per person. But left out of the plans . . . As I would be glad to pay the 25~ far as I am concerned, they and know that my children were can forget the whole thing. of owning a drivers license by driving while intoxicated. This was called to the atten- tion of a Covington County She- rift. I didn't do this meaning to be ugly, either. I love our youth and a number of those of whom I am particularly fond were passengers in that car. It is for them that I want a com- munity center and somewhere for them to go. You say, ',Well they won't use it when they get it". And I say, they sure can't use something they haven't got. So, if the ladies clubs of Florala can't agree for the Club House to be moved and the community center Is to be FLORALA Sat., April 11 SHOWS AT 4 & 8 P.M. The primary function of this first elected State Board of Edu- cation will be to select theState Superintendent of Education. In the past the Superintendent was elected by the voters and the board was appointed by the Governor. Mrs. Evans Named AII-A Student The names of two students at Lurleen B. Wallace State Junior College have been re- leased by Dr. W. H. McWhor- tar as having made the Presi- dent's List. To make the Pre- sident's List, students must have a grade point average of 4.00 and carry 12 or more 1.WlCED.~ll.Y4&SP.M. POpULA" being supervisedandprotected The RotaryClubandtheLlons ONE DAY ONLY quarter hours. Pmcgs as best the State of Alabama Club haveworkeddfligentiytry. . The names released were could provide. All this at no ln~ to raise enough money to Vacant Lot Near Lake those of Miss Sheila Rabren, Advanced Tickets On Sale cost to the City. The 2S~ ad- b~ld us acommunitycenterand an Andalusia High School grt- McDANIEL MOTOR CO. mlttance would help with the haven't begun to reach their -sponsor- duate, and Mrs. Kay DeFraneo Evans, a Ftoralagraduate. Both upkeep of the grounds,goal. At the last Rotary meet- CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE students are enrolled in the FLORALA PHARMACY Not too many local people Brig the Club voted to support i four-year college transferpro- gram. The Dean's List for the Win. tar Quarter included Robert A. Hllson of Florala High School, college transfer program. The Dean's List requires that students carrying twelve or more quarter hours have a grade point average of 3.00 to THE COLOSSUS OF3.99. ALL AMUSEMENTS Io.-. Performing Elephants IN VIETNAM ACROBATS... Jugglers Army Captain James E. E. Aerialists... CLOWNS Sellers, son of Mr. and Mrs. ................. J. D, Sellers, Stella Route, /HAIN t=U /%N I M~tL~ ....... ~ toram, was assignee as aauty Ticke#s On Sale At officer with the 1st Signal Bri. ................. gade in Vietnam, March 5 MCL/Jq4NII=I. MUIUK t.U.Wle wtfm l~taft~ 11tm n~PIPr~ FLORALA PHARMACY t,' gu"sta: .......... THE FLORALA NEWS-THURSDAY, \ ... ANDY MRS,. TURBERVILLE FUNERAL SERVICES HELD IN CENTURY Mrs. Veronyka Turbervtlle, 62, widow of the late Dr. John K. Tarbervtlie of Century, Fla., died Tuesday, March 24 in a Pensacola hospital. Mrs. TurberviLLe, of 4S15 Harve Way, was a native of ILLinois, but had resided in Cen- tury for several years before moving to Pensacola in 1964. Mrs. Tubervilie was the daughter of the late, Dr. N.O. Patterson, who was pastor of the Florala First Baptist Church from 1920 to 1923. Dr. Patterson was architect and building supervisor of the pre- sent sanctuary. FUNERAL SERVICES HELD FOR WILLIAM PHILLIPS William Lyman Phillips, age 87, a former resident of Pax- ton, passed away Friday, March 27, 1970, in Panama City, Fla. He was a native of Barbour County, Alahama and was en- gaged in farming during his active years. He was a member of the Church of Christ. Survivors are his wife, Mrs. Nettle Retherford Phillips of DENNIS JACKSON BURIED MONDAY IN GREENWOOD Dennis Jackson, age 69, a resident of West Sth Ave., died in a Florala hospital, Saturday morning, Marcb 28, 1970. He was a resident of Florala for the past 30 years and a native of Geneva County. He was con- nected with the City of Florala and Franklin Ferguson Com- pany during his active years. Survivors are his wife, Mrs. Iduss Williams Jackson of F1or- ala; 1 son, Leon Jackson of Tallal)assee, Fla.; 2 daughters, Mrs. Ruth Weaver of Avon Park, Florida, and Mrs. Margie Wind- ham of EauGallie, Fla.; 1 sis- ter, Mrs. Fannie Johnson of Panama City Florida, and 4 grandchildren. Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. Monday from Evans Funeral Home with the Rev. Wigginton officiating. Burial was in the Florala Greenwood Cemetery with Evans Funeral Home directing. MISS YATES SERVICES HELD AT EARLYTOWN Miss Abbie Yates, age 80, passed away Tuesday night, March 24, in Columbia General Hospital at Andalusia, Alabama. DeFun~k Springs, Florida; 3 She was a resident of Andalusia, daughters, Mrs. Mas Miller of but had resided in Florala for Fort Walton Beach, Florida, the last two years. The Andalusia sent ,,Death" a drama in by ten for the Walter Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. School "Death finds Death and falls stand the fear him, to people play. The cast portrayers Josey, Barnes, ridge, thi Till, the Rhoda - Keith Wilson sady, yer, Major Thompkin= fridge, son. Tickets and $1.00 can be from any Krudop, at the door. Mrs. Hope Scherrer of Gulf Breeze, Florida, and Mrs. Louise Prescott of DeFunlak Springs, Florida; 1 son, Wil- liam Monroe Phillips of De- Funtak Springs, Florida; 2 sis.. tars, Mrs. Alice Averett of Syl- vaster, Ca. and Mrs. Viola EIItott of Pensacola; 2 brothers, Marvin Phillips of DeRtdder, La., and Wheeler Phillips of Laurel Hill, Rt. 1, and 6 grand- children. Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. Sunday from Evans Funeral Home with Minister Jim Farmer of Slocomb, Ala., officiating. Burial was in the Hopewell Cemetery with Evans Fu ral Hoxde directing. Survivors include one sister, Mrs. Dlllie Wise of Fort Walton NOW Beach; two brothers, Jo~. Henry Yates of Route 2, Florala and Homer Yates of Panama AIR City, and twenty-five neices AND and nephews, one being Mrs. Mas Cuthriell of Florala. SERVIC~ Funeral services were held at Earlytown Church of Christ, near Samson, March 26, 1970, at 3 p.m. with interment in Early Cemetery. The Rever- ends Fred White and Joe Bates officiated. Evans Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements, REF.!-'" Miss Yates was employed by the Columbia General Hospital for the past 35 years. Pho# TO THE MANY, MANY OF YOU I HAVE YET TO SEE I WANT YOU TO KNOW "I'M ON MY WAY" TO SEE YOU. I AM MAKING A SUPER- HUMAN EFFORT TO SEE EACH AND EVERY VOTER IN COVINGTON COUNTY. TO THE THOUSANDS OF YOU I HAVE AL- READY SEEN I WISH TO EXPRESS MY THANKS FOR YOUR MENT OF MY CAMPAIGN FOR PROBATE JUDGE. GW~TAHTI;YIcNHGJHOOt[ RJ~% IJRSOUvCAHL. A NICE PLEASE VOTE FOR Charles S. New AND BE ASSURED THAT YC JUDGE OF PROBATE OFFICE WILL t'tY-EFF ( . . dv. by Charles S. Newman Andalusia,