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April 2, 1970     The Florala News
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April 2, 1970

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' ,. IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USE SI~-~C~.ICENSE AGREEMENT• REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED• THE FLORALA NEWS - THURSDAY, by Kathy White 0 The followers of Jesus in sad and discouraged. Bible times thought Jesus had When it was discovered by been born to establish an earth- Mary Magdelene that Jesus had ly kingdom - one that would come back to life the third day release them from the Roman after he had died, the followers government and overpower all were positive that this truly was people. When Jesus was acused the Son of God who had come to of teaching against the Jewish. save all people who accepted law and customs and wars put to death by being crucified, his followers didn't understand. They knew Jesus was the Son of God and thought he had come to save his people from this Roman rule. when he did die and was placed in a tomb they lost all hope and were very Him from their sins. This is what the whole teachings of Christianity are based on, and what the real meaning of Easter is. If Jesus hadn't risen from the dead he would not be able to help as many People as He has now would he have as much influence on the lives of A SPECIAL TIME. THE LIFE OF THE AVERAGE high school student in his junior year at F. H. S. is filled with mixed emotions and interesting sit- uations. The junior realizes he has finally reached upper- classmanship which usually means a few more privileges and a bigger voice in the act- ivities of the school. t3eing a junior doesn't mean much to some people, but to oth- ers it has special qualities• Juniors are eligible to become club officers and take charge of some of the more prominent events taking place at Florala High. Anticipation of the future year of graduating fills some of their minds. Although many students look at the junior class as being just another class, it is an im- portant year. The selling of magazines and candy is a big project for the juniors to raise money for the Junior-Senior prom. The prom takes much planning and hard work but it is fun. Both juniors and seniors look forward to the prom 13e- cause they may invite a date and it is one event that will be remembered. Many juniors apply to take their ACT test so they can start planning for future edu- cation whether at a junior col- lege or a university. Although many problems arise and thing~s get tough, the junior year can be one of the best and happiest years of high school. It is during this year that many students really find out their abilities to make their future what they want it to be. GOal GOal What is the first thing you think of when you see or hear those words? Babies, of coursel Many of our past graduates have already started a family. Although there are many graduates with babies, we only went back three years for .our statistics. In 1967 many graduates were married. One '67 graduate, Linda Hicks Twitchell, who is married to Mike Twitchell, a former graduate, has a baby girl, 1968 graduates produced the most babies in our survey. Faye Wells Gartman, Nancy Robbins Schofield, and LeRoy Brown Gautney were tallied. The re- cord for boys or girls born is not known. Henry Evans grad- uated with that class, and, of course, his wife, Dianne Odor Evans, formerly of Laurel Hill, had their little boy, Jody. Last years' graduates Mel- ba Belcher Davis and Sara EI- lisor McLood each had little girls. Some of these babies are pro- bably future students of Florala High. THE REV, FRED WI-ffTE SPEAKS TO SENIOR CLASS. John Milton and Paradise Lost have claimed the minds of seniors in English literature for six weeks - and with surpris- ing results - most seniorshave enjoyed this lofty piece of writ- ing and many are doing term papers on Milton, his fallen angels, Satan, heavenly angels and other varied aspects of Mil- ton. On March 27 to climax the study of Paradise Lost the Rev. White pointed out that although Milton did not always follow strict Christian doctrine, he nevertheless expresses keen interpretation of the Bible, es- pecially in his identification and description of Satan. The seniors took advantage of Rev. White's presence to ask thought provoking questions of theology pertaining to Milton's Paradise Lost. OVERDUE LIBRARY BOOKS. As is the custom around FHS, the toll for an overdue book is 5˘ per day. It doesn't pay to be absent -minded, right Wanda? ($15.001) Besides the fine to help aid your memory, there is a slight matter of being barred from the library so what about the term papers?! Trouble everywhere you turn! So, FHS students, put on your thinking caps and keep up with your library dues because, be- lieve me, it pays! HAVE YOU CAUGHT IT? There is a dreaded disease, approaching the end of it's in- cubation period of ten months, that will soon plague all stu- dents and many adults. Thisdi- sense affects the mind and tends to slow down body movements. Severe cases of day dreaming are usually the first symptoms, followed by an increasing ten- dency to look at the calendar. This disease can be control- • • • SPRINGS FEVER STUDENTS - C~EL|S SMITH, |lille SAVAGE, SAHDRA MOODY AND ITIIVE STRAUGHN so many different people. It was this great sacrifice of His life that gave so many people hope and forgiveness for their sins so they would be able to live in heaven eternally. There would be no Christ- lanity or Easter if this event hadn't happened. So manypeople think of the Easter bunny or new clothes at Easter time. But the true and real meaning of Easter is that Christians everywhere have peace within themselves and hope because they have a living God with which to be in contact and serve. i, led at times but the usual ten- dency is for recurrences of the symptoms at least three times a day between the hours of 8 A.M. and 3 P.M. As the ill- ness lingers on, the afflicted find the problem of drowiness hindering his thinking ability. There is no sure remedy for this illness that slows the mind and body. This disease that seems to affect so many of to- day's people has a natural ten- dency to heal by itself the last day of May. But most people, especially students, find it nee- essary to rid themselves of this illness that impairs their school work• Many of the afflicted find it helpful to be better prepared for each class, to arrange their schedules so that it affords them the right amount of sleep, to enter the class with a clear head ready for study, to keep up all assigned work so that their thoughts on this would not lead to the dreaded "day dreaming". Warning to all students who do not recognize any of the above symptoms in themselves and good luck to those who are already well acquainted with "SPRING FEVER." KNOW THIS TYPE. MISS 12 TOES. Knew this girl once. Really a beautiful girl in terms of skin and bone arrangement. But that's another story. The big deal about this glrl was her toes. She had twelve of them, six on each foot. Every time I introduced her around, off came her shoes so she could display those twelve toes. Pretty soon, everybody who knew her thought of her as that twelve-toed tragedy. Too bad, really. As I pointed out before, she was delightfully arranged-- physically. But instead of cap- italizing on her best features, she stressed her odd one. Seems like many of us dis- play our own set of odd fea- tures instead of taking advan- tage of our best physical, men- tal and social assets. Could be many more beauti- ful people around if they would only forget their twelve toes. BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT: Mrs. Ellen Fenn, FHS home STUDENT Joyce Harrison, one of the prettiest blondes around high school, can be recognized by the big beautiful smile which never seems to leave her face. Besides looks she has the two outstanding traits of ambition and cheerfulness. Joyce's dish of delight is Lasagna. Her favorite class happens to be annual staff; Mrs. Nelson rates as her number one teacher and basketball is the sport which she enjoys most. Because she is one of our more artistically inclined sophomores, Joyce claims painting to be her hobby. She states that she secretly desires to some day be a famous artist. Joyce says that the qualities which she looks for in a boy are honesty, politeness, and ambition. So, boys shape up[ Joyce a busy cheerleader, is also a member of FHA, the Pep Club, and the annual staff. She considers FYCA an important part of her life. Con- cerning school, she believes quite seriously that a course in sex education, a relatively new innovation in school currl- culum, would be valuable here. Joyce has a pet peeve, her IBM electric in typing, and she feels the only way to change this old world would be to ban all prejudices. Some school somewhere is lucky because it willhave Joyce as an English teacher. She plans to attend Samford University to prepare for this career. So, not good morning Miss Dove, but Good Morning, Miss Harri- son. APRIL FUN - FOOLS IN ACTION The first of April - April Fool's Day - is a time for fun and frolic with a bit of foolish- ness added for fair measure. And the two boys wanted their fair measure. To insure it, they bought a tribe of epoxy glue, applied it to one side of a half dollar, and placed it on the corner of a busy sidewalk. One boy stepped on the coin, firmly placing all his weight on the half dollar to keep it down. Then, the fun ~began. The two moved several feet away from the coin. The epoxy glue was like cement. So the boys had a wild time shouting "April Feel"[ each time somebody tried to get the coin. Late that afternoon, the fun- sEers decided they had had their fill of foolishness and prepare to leave for home. Naturally they wanted the half dollar. But they made one startling discovery. They couldn't pick up the colnelther. They kicked at it, hit the sides of the coin with a rock, even borrowed a hammer and chisel to pound the half dollar from the sidewalk. Nothing worked. The April Fools . . . were. decided to wait and do Wednes- day's assignments Thrusday night. Alas, our devious plan was foiled by Mr. Stevenson's economics teacher of last year, announcement Thursday morn- from Clayton, Alabama, has ing that the assembly would a brand new baby girl, Anita not be held as scheduled. It Fenn. She a~rlved March 1% seems the snakes got away. 1970, at 11:42 p.m., weighing There are a couple of morals 7 lbs. 2 1/2 oz. Both Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fenn are real excited over their new addition to the family. It is reported that Anita is the ',Cutest little girl in Clayton." All the family is doing fine and are really proud and happyl The brilliant poster on the hall bulletin board proclaimed a Reptile Exhibit to be pre- sented by the Colonial Bread Company on Thursday, March 26, during the third period. All of the students were look- ing forward to an hour of delightful educational enter- talnment as well as missing ~elr third period class. Since no one would be going to third period, some of us who llke to procrastinate on homework to this experience, though; "Never bet on a sure thing" ,, ' # and Don t put off until tamer'- row what is due today. WHAT IF: - Wallace and Brewer tied on May 5th? - Biology class didn't have to dissect? - There were no flowers? - There was no Easter? - School didn't let out for the summer? - There was no freedom In U.S.? -Clara Elllsor's arm were not broken7 - Kathy Dunn were not working hard fifth period on her govern- ment paper "21~e Character of Russian People"? - Sandra Moody hadn't found out the snakes didn't get lost at Florala City School? OF THE WEEK • . . JOYCE HARRISON HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ruthie Shaw ....... March 30 Allen Lawson .... March 31 Gerelene Skanes • . March 31 Clara Ellisor . . . April 1 Barbara Cooper ...... 2 David Cravey ....... 5 William Flnk ....... 5 Fredrick Matthews .... 5 Billy Cassidy ....... 7 Harry Lige ........ 7 Debra Savage ....... 7 Gloria Brennon ..... 8 Mary Mitchell ...... 8 Deborah Dennis ..... 9 Andy White ........ 9 Kathy White ........ 9 Salute To A Senior CAROL HARRELL Blonde, shoulder-length hair, twinkling eyes and a really smile belong to Carol Harrell, who is in the frustrating pro- cess of making plans. "Shall I be a secretary", or "Do I want to be an elementary shcool teacher?" The answer to these questions will determine whe- ther Carol goes to Trade School or to a college. Decision time is near, for Carol is a senior who says, like most seniors, "If I had it to do over again I'd change my study habitsl" Really, Carol has few pro- blems - she is a B student and will handle her future with the same attitude she has handl- ed her twelve years at W. S. l-/arlan and FHS. An active member of the FHA and anavid basketball fan, Carol still finds time for her hobbies of reading with Jane Eyre being her fa- vorite book, sewing and writ- Ing letters to David Coon. When Carol can be forced to talk of herself - which whe finds hard to do - she can tell her listen- ers many of her interesting philosophies especially con- cerning freedom. Good luck with those plans, Carol. • . THIS WEEK'S EDITORS - JIMMY BROOKS AND pEGS71 k SR aovs ,.pAR, ( | ..... Seniors Receive Graduation t ! ! Chalk up another one for the seniors of "70"I They have now advanced to yet another step in their epic pilgrimage, (Gra- duation). As of Wednesday, March 26, 1970 the seniorsbecame the re- cipients of Graduation Invi- tations and Memory Books along with hundreds of engraved per- sonal cards. The class metwith the representative of the Star Engraving Company of Houston, Texas Wednesday morning and upon the payment of their bal- ance received their invitations which had been ordered about two months before. As was to be expected, several seniors realized that they were in need of a few extra invitations. Thanks to the THOSE WERE THE DAYS Favorite Color - Blue; fa- vorite food - fried chicken and french fries; favorite college - Auburn; Religion - Baptist; fa- vorite subject - Geometry. Whiz Quiz What letter In the English language is always followed by another letter to make words ! 'T I that always begin with these two specificletters? THIS WEEK'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWER - 50. The starting place in the playing of golf 53. Senior girls whose last name is Halley 59. Small planet 6 O. Bill of exchange 61. Exclamation of surprise "fl &q pe~OlIOt e.z'e b tI:lIs ~ut ACROSS -tmI~eqqsII~U3 ul spaon~ IIV "fl 1. Something going around pu~ b ea~ sae~eI ~Sal$ ettL FHS which everyone seems to be catching. 5. Sophomore girl whose last name Is Randall 10. Nickel (Abbrv.) 11. Sophomore boy whose last name ts Helms 12. To carry out 14. Senior girl whose Iastname is Johnson 15. Comparative prefix 16. Senior boy whose last name is Goolsby 18. Not cooked 20. Mother (coll.) 21. A group of radio stations 25. Old way of writing article "the" 26. Bachelor of Science 27. Powerful insecticide 'used againstpesterous insects (abbrv) 98. A flowing backward or away ARK 30. Chemical symbol for vlr- iSTRICKLAND ginium 31. Finish 32. Senior girl whose last name is Lassiter What Really Worries Me 3s.Check (abbrv) "What really worries me at 36. Exclamation of delight this exact time is one, grades; 37. Senior girl whoselastname they worry everyone and is Norris anyone, don't they? My hardest 38. Near (abbrv) subject is American History 39. Chemical symbol for tellu- under Mr. Napper; another one rlum that bugs me is biology under 40. Llama Miss Rhone, (well, now she's 41. Scottish than Mrs. Yates)especiallydissect. 43. Senior girl whose first Ing frogs and crayfish and all name Is Patty that stuff. 46. A standard size of shot "Second, air pollution, it approx..18 of an inch in all- sounds silly but it really war- ameter • ries me - with all the smog 48. Action (abbrv) and everything pretty soon we 49. Sophomore boy whose last won't be able to breathe." name is Brooks thoughtful needs were taken Since Wednesday, of personal cards changed by the reached gigantic and to the dismay teachers their taken precedence over lesslons. With only a few school remaining the seem to be getting their march for with only a few obtain (cap and plomas), their assured. (This has social announcement wary mail recipie senior class of out to get you l) DOWN 52. Toward 54. Encyclopedia 55. Bachelor of 56. Chemical Radium 57. Exclamation of 58. Exclamation 1. Senior girl whose last name is Woodham 2. Senior girl whose last name is Ansley 3. Short for Sidney 4. Look 5. Bewilderment 6. Freshman boy whose last name is Hamilton 7. Comparative suffix 8. Cord (abbrv) 9. Freshman boy whose first name is Wade 13. Sophomore girl whose last name is Woodham 1% Branch (abbrv) 19. Agricultural e n g i n e e r (abbrv) 22. Edition (abbrv) 23. Uneven 24. Sophomore boy whose last name is Vaughn 26. Quarrels, squabbles 29. Past tense of be 30. Junior boy whose last name is Anderson 33. Liquid used in writing 34. Sophomore boy whose first name is David 36. Article 37. Gaea (abbrv) 41. Chemical symbol for Neon 42. Nickname for Raymond 44. Necessity 45. Negative answer 47. Bills receivable 51. Preposition I