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April 7, 2010     The Florala News
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April 7, 2010

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PAGE 4 • THE FLORALA NEWS - WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7, 2010 I' Comments Letter to the Editor The Florala News' editoflal section is intended to p,rovide our readers and citizens as complete an opportunity to express themselves with as few re- stnctions as possible: Profanity, direct or implied, and attacks on one's per- son rather than on actions or deeds are not acceptable. Publication on this page in NO WAY REFLECTS AGREEMENT OR ENDORSEMENT BY THIS NEWSPAPER. 'Two Spring Times' I have seen two Spring Times in one year.•.which I hope I will never see again! It was about 1950...we had married and moved to the out- skirts of Andalusia...and our neighbors had planted their entire vegetable garden... and had corn 6" high! + • ° by Joann Cotton e-mail: It was June that year .... ...when everything that had survived...turned green again... ...and became Spring' Time again! a lifetime is enough!! The pecan trees had small leaves...which has always been a 'measuring stick' in the South... ...Pecan trees are the last to 'put on their leaves'...which Up North they had many means.•.'all cold weather is gone'!! ' February! I 'think' it was in the month of April. Everything froze...turned black...and had an awful sour smell! This past year seems to have been the longest winter to many people... ...all over our country! Didn't it start about Thanksgiv- ing? BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL! NOW...let's ALL plant something! Flowers... • ..or better still...something to eat! snow storms. ,.BUT...we had one, Some places (in the South) had over five inches of snow... we had 5"! Florida had their share, too!! Even fig trees.•.that we had climbed in all our childhood ... in Florala were killed! It was told that ALL states had snow at the same time... 'They say' takes seven years for them to produce again! except Hawaii! I believe it! Even a child (3 & smart as they are!)...could plant something in a pot...and watch it grow! By the way, the seed & feed & plant stores have trans- plants...corn 6" high...(can you believe it?)...crooked neck squash plants...four to a container...and many other plants! 'Don't have to buy seeds! My garden NOW...(can t garden much anymore)...consists of a small raised bed made with crossties...where I had my collards! (A son placed the crossties for me). I planted the four small squash plants there! NOW...a beautiful Spring Time...with dogwoods white..• If they live... AND...I had just made (with the help of my new mother- azaleas ready to burst into bloom... AND...oak trees have will be enough (and then some) for my husband and in-law) 'oodles of jars of fig preserves because they were so miraculously gone from gold to green (overnight)...and on me!! plentiful! and on! !i S CROSSW( RD Other than my band director, Mr. McChesney, my fa- coded in it. That could not have occurred if it was a painting vorite teacher in high school was Mr. Bryan, my drafting or drawing• In fact, 1978 testing proved that there was no teacher. I loved the class and he was a great, patient man. paint, ink, dye, pigmentation or stain on the cloth that was He would sometimes let one student go across the street used to create the image. An image that is also only present to Hardees during class and pick up breakfast, he wasn't on the top microfibers of the linen. very strict and he treated us like young adults, unlike so In 1988, believers of the Shroud of Turin had those be- many teachers that want to force their students into a mold liefs tested when Carbon-14 Dating tests showed that the or dictate who they should be. He would also discuss, with shroud was created between the years 1260 and 1390, mak- a select few, subjects other than drafting and one of the ing it only seven hundred years old at the time. Far too th{ngs I enjoyed talking with him about was the Shroud young to be the burial cloth of Jesus: Many researchers of Turin. Whether or not you believe it is the actual burial claim that the Carbon-14 tests were compromised because cloth of Jesus Christ, it is arguably one of the most fascinat- the piece of the shroud that was used for the test was cut ing religious artifacts of our time. from a corner. A corner that shows it had been repaired The Shroud of Turin is a fourteen foot long, three and at some time and by being handled many times over the a half foot wide linen cloth that has a very faint front and years, that same corner was more than likely contaminat- back image of a crucified man. It is so faint, in fact, that ed. There is also manuscripts and paintings that prove to to see the image clearly, one has to step back away from researchers that the shroud is much older than Carbon-14 it to see it. But when it comes into focus, the bloodstains Dating claims. on the wrists, the fee}, the forehead, the side and the ap- The Shroud of Turin has been tested, poked, photo- proximately one hundred and twenty scourge marks from a graphed, cut, analyzed and discussed b3/+ top researchers Roman flagrum, become hard to miss. The man was beaten for many years and seemingly they know what it isn't, but and each mark that's depicted, is consistent with what the have yet to figure out exactly what created the image. It Bible tells us about the last few hours of Jesus' life. And the may never be. You either believe in it or you don't. Faith is bloodstains have tested positive for human blood, believing in something where no proof is needed. It comes In 1898, the first photograph taken of the shroud revealed from the heart, not the head. something that no one had seen before. When photographer When I look at the shroud, I see many things. I see a man Secondo Pia went to develop his picture, he noticed some- hat's been hit so many times, His cheeks are swollen. I see thing for the very first time. The image on the cloth became scourge marks on His chest, arms, legs, back and buttocks. much.cledrer when looking at the negative. When one looks I see a wound in His side, evident by the large amount of at the cloth, the skin is dark and the shadows are light, like blood pooled on the side of the cloth that shows the image a photo negative. But by taking a picture, the negative cre- of His back. I see wounds in His left wrist (the right wrist ates a positive image allowing the image to become much wound is covered by the left hand on top of it), His feet and more visible, blood that's trickled down from something that was on His In 1976, the face on the shroud was photographed with head which caused Him to bleed• a specia computer that establishes elevation by looking at And when I look at the Shroud of Turin with'my heart lightness and darkness on an image. By doing so it created and my faith, I see a delicate image created by something a 3-D image proving that the cloth was draped over a 3"-D science will never be able to prove - the split-second, highly form. T1]e shroud is a 2-D image with 3-D information en- intense light of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Expanding An Update from Washington by Congressman Bobby Bright Offshore Drilling and an Extension of the Tanker Contract Or] Thursday, President Obama announced that he would open over 300 million new acres for offshore oil and natural gas drilling. Specifically, new areas off the Atlantic Coast, the eastern Gulf of Mexico, and Alaska were included in the announcement. Congress lifted the moratorium on offshore drilling in 2008, but this is the first move by the Obama administration to open up previously unused areas of our outer continental shelf. This is welcome news, and a good first step to increase domestic energy production• I am a firm believer that we must utilize all of our avail- able home-grown energy resources. Solar, wind, hydro- electric, nuclear, clean coal, natural gas, biodiesel, and oil should all be included in our nation's energy portfolio. If we have the resources here at home, then they should be used to power America. Maximizing our energy production will eventually help lower prices for consumers and set us on the road to energy independence. Expanding and widening our domestic energy sources makes sense not onlyfrom an economic point-of-view; it is imperative from a foreign policy perspective. The more we rely on foreign sources of oil, the more vulnerable the United States becomes to countries that don't always share our foreign policy goals. The President's announcement is a small tep, but it is significant. Without question, our future energy needs will come from renewable sources, but until those technologies become readily available, we must continue to rely on fos- sil fuels. While some people have environmental concerns about expanded drilling, offshore platforms have proved more safe and environmentally-friendly than they were in the past. Additionally, new platforms in the Gulf, including those off Alabama's coast, would be built at least 125 miles offshore, making them invisible from land. I firmly believe see BRIGHT page 8 m ~-.m 1 2 3 13 16 19 25 35 ........ +9 44 48 57 65 69 72 26 27 58 59 +-- r---3+-- 14 29 54 PRESENTED BY n m-- 10 11 12 32 ,.....--.. m 52 62 33 34 63 64 m m m .,..,-, .. Where volunteering begins. ˘~ 2010. StatePoint Media, Inc, THEME: MARCH MADNESS ACROSS 1. NE's largest city 6. *You need it on a free throw 9. Ambush 13. *Found on the scoreboard and shot clock 14. One from Laos 15. Dashboard instrument 16. Vitruvian Man, e.g. 17. Cash giver 18. Stomach sore 19. *A sweet numl~er 21. *Gain6 tracker 23. He had 24. It's taken with interest 25. Consumed 28. Pocket bread 30. *Winner of 10 champion- ships in 12-year period 35. Cough syrup balsam 37. It introduces a logical con- clusion 39. One of Ben Franklin's in- ventions 40, Dollar bills 41. More sane 43. French "idea" 44. Capital of Belarus 46. Some are worth a million dollars? 47. Newborn connection 48. Sacred Egyptian beetle 50. Invitation request 52. Pig's home 53. Offensively curious 55. Longest division of geologi- cal time 57. Relating to marriage 61. *Host of this year's Final Four 65. Reddish brown natural dye 66. Old-fashioned "far" 68. Cuzco valley people 69. *Tennessee All-American, Dale 70. All good things do this? 71. Not fashion-minded 72. "Mr. Roboto" band 73. *Given name of last year's title-winning coach 74, "Austin Powers" actor ber of'92 Final Four Team 7. Mob snitch 8. Fast food meal 9. Baby powder ingredient 10. A crowd of ordinary people or things 11. "A Death in the Famil3~' Pulitzer-winning author 12. Saucy 15. Sea bird-produced fertil- izer, pl. 20. What editor does 22. Like one who needs im- provement 24. Home chore 25. Smallest components of ele- ments 26.' Second T in T&T drink 27. Helen in Russian 29. Cuisine known for being spicy 31. Ear-related 32. Famous extinct bird, pl. 33. American tennis great 34. Always demanding atten- tion 36. CCCP 38. Perceives by sight 42. Poe's poem "The " 45. *Where basketball's inven- tor coached 49. Feathery neckwear 51. Preacher's platform 54. More sly 56. Nincompoop 57. She is 58. Beaver's coat, e.g. 59. "For Your Eyes " 60. Computer operating sys- tem 61. *Short for Hoosier State's capital city 62. Heart feeling 63. Hair removal product 64. Pharaohs' cobras 67. Lennon's wife last week's solution DOWN 1. Elevator manufaaturing gi- ant 2. Longer then mini 3. American stock exchange m NYC 4. Late actor Ledger 5. Not awake 6. *Indiana's Henderson, mem- t[