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April 15, 2015     The Florala News
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April 15, 2015

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)AGE 4 THE FLORALA NEWS- WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 2015 The Florala News' editorial section is intended to provide our readers and citizens as com- plete an opportunity to express themselves with as few restrictions as possible. Profanity, direct or implied, and attacks on one's person rather than on actions or deeds are not ac- ceptable. Publication on this page in NO WAY REFLECTS A GREEMENT OR ENDORSE- MENT BY THIS NEWSPAPER. BY ROBERT ROMANO Sunday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clin- plane crash in 1999. tamed to living under lineal monarchies. ton announced her candidacy for the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt was Theodore Roosevelt's But' even in a republic, like Rome, political fam- the United States. fifth cousin, ilies were the order of the day. The first Brutus Her husband, Bill Clinton, of course, was the Benjamin Harrison was the grandson of Wil- slayed the last Roman king, and even killed his 42nd President of the United States, serving from liam Henry Harrison. own sons who attempted to restore that monar- January 1993 through January 2001. John Quincy Adams was John Adams' son. chy, and the latter Brutus, his direct descendant, Across the aisle, former Florida Governor Jeb It even works for those who run for president assassinated Julius Caesar. Octavian, who later Bush, is also thought to be close to announcing his and don't necessarily win. became Augustus, First Emperor of Rome, was de- own candidacy. Take Rand Paul. His father, Ran Paul, ran for clared Caesar's heir in his will. His brother, of course, was George W. Bush, the president numerous times. So this is nothing new. But what does it all 43rd President; and his father was George H.W. Or Mitt Romney. His father, George Romney, mean? Bush, the 41st President. also briefly ran for president in 1968. In 2016, voters in both parties will be choosing Today, both Clinton and Bush are not mere mi- So, prominent political families are nothing new from familiar family names. nor figures in the 2016 race. If polls are to be be- in American politics, In that context, perhaps lin- Yet, with a country of over 300 million people, lieved, they are both major contenders. But why? eage is seen as something of a qualifier that gives why is it that just a few choice families would sin- Why are Americans attracted to dynasties? a candidate instant credibility, gularly be qualified to run the nation's affairs? Robert Kennedy -- John Kennedy's little broth- The candidacies of Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush er -- might have been president if he wasn't assas- But why? may be the ultimate test of whether or not lineage sinated in 1968 while running for 15resident. Ted Is it because in politics you prefer the devil you trumps substance. Because, there is little question Kennedy ran for president in 1980, with CBS even know? they would not even be contenders but for their suspending regular primetime coverage to inter- Or is it more fundamental to human nature, dat- last names. view him on the eve of the campaign. JFK's son, .ing back to mankind's tribal days, where the son of John F. Kennedy, Jr. might have become a promi- the tribe's leader was groomed to be the leader? - Robert Romano is the senior editor of Ameri- nent politician if he had not tragically died in a Later, obviously, much of mankind grew accus- cans for Limited Governmen i I by Bill Armistead "These are the times that try men's souls," reads The American Crisis by Thomas Paine who penned these words during the American Revolul ion. Con- tinuing on, Paine writes "The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Alabama legislators are at a crossroads. They will soon have to make a decision on how they will handle the funding short fall in the state budget. After winning re-election in November on a pledge not to raise taxes, Governor Robert Bentley has annbunced that we have a financial crisis and is asking the legislators to raise taxes on the hard working Alabamians to the tune of three quarters of a billion dollars. Alabama's "so called" financial crisis does not compare with the American Crisis of the 18th cen- tury but the leaders of our state would do well to heed Paine's admonition not to "shrink from the service" of our stat, e in resolving the political *ur- moil over our finances. Governor Bentley ahd Re- publican legislators ran on a platform last year of "no new taxes", yet he is asking these legislators to break their promise to the voters, as he has done, and increase taxes. Some politicians never think they ever have enough money to run state government. We've heard the dire predictions of what will happen if they don't raise our taxes. They will empty nursing homes of their patients, take state troopers off the highways, release prisoners, etc. And, we won't be able to educate our children if we don't pay more in taxes. No doubt, most Alabamians would like to see an appropriate increase in funding for education, elder care, law enforcement, prisons, and a host of other budgetary items. But, the government needs to do what every family does when they fall on hard economic times. They tighten their belts and cut expenses to make ends meet. It is not pleasant for them, but that is what is required. Governor Bentley has said that they have al- ready cut all that can be cut. However, we all know there are other things that can be done to re- duce the cost of state government. Things such as combining state agencies with similar functions, selling surplus and under-utilized Properties, ex: panding prison industries to make them more self sufficient, eliminating waste and duplication, etc. We only need to look around the country to find a number of Republican governors elected in blue states that had been run into the ground by lib- etter to Editor, I have taken up walking as a means of exercise. This morning was the earliest I have went walk- ing down at Lake Jackson. I finally made my lazy self get up and out the door earlier (It is my firm belief, if the Good Lord had wanted me to get up by dawn's early light, then he would have made me into a rooster:) I was there at a little after 8, simply because all the signs says "open from 8 a.m. to sunset". I did not want to get in trouble for The Florala News Florala; AL 36442 Telephone" (334) 858-3342/Fax (334) 858.3786 eral Democrat governors who believed the way to achieve economic utopia was by raising taxes and addicting more people to social programs. Fortu- nately, these Republican Governors turned their states around by balancing their budgets AND cut- ting taxes. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is a good ex- ample of a principled conservative Republican gov- ernor who inherited a $3.6 billion budget deficit in a union-dominated state teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Governor Walker promised to rein in spending and eliminate the deficit he inherited without raising taxes. And, that is exactly what he did. Gov. Walker made some hard choices in order to keep his promise to the people of Wisconsin. His cuts in government spending were not popular with some, especially those in those in government unions. Walker was constantly under attack by the Democrats and union bosses who staged massive demonstrations against him and survived an at- tempt to recall him from office. Even so, Governor Walker not only defeated the attempt to recall him in 2012 but won re-election in 2014 in the liberal state of Wisconsin. Voters rewarded him because he put the state's fiscal office in order without rais- ing their taxes. In 2003, voters rejected Governor Bob Riley's $1.2 billion tax increase with nearly 70% of the citizens voting against the tax. In Baldwin Coun- ty just last week ihe voters rejected proposed new taxes for schools and voted against renewing an existing tax. Both taxes went down to defeat by al- most 70%. Alabamians believe that they are taxed enough already and they will revolt against any elected official who tries to raise their taxes. Governor Bentley is term-lYmited and does not have to face voters again. But, Republican legisla- tors risk alienating their constituents if they vote for taxes when just a few months ago they pledged not to raise taxes. We all remember what happened to President George H.W. Bush when he pledged, "Read my lips no new taxes!" Bill Clinton de- feated him because he broke his promise with the people and raised their taxes. The message for Republican legislators is clear: If you ran on a platform of "no new taxes" and you renege on that promise, the people of Alabama will not forget the next time the go to the polls and see your name on the ballot! These are the times that try legislator's souls but I am Confident that they will make the hard choices and reject the call for new taxes. - Bill Armistead is the immediate past chairman of the Alabama Republican Party (2011-2015), a venturing there any earlier. It was cloudy, but the kind of cloudy you know is fog and will burn away soon. There was a delicious, wafting breeze from off the Lake, with just enough moisture to dampen down the pollen, so I could walk and breath at the same time.This time, for the first time, I did not put the headphones on and walk to music. The sound of so many birds was surprising, and quite see LETTER page 5 former State Senator (1994-2002) and Republican nominee for Lt. Governor (2002). Email address: armistead bill@gmaiLcom. r~ d'sh Make the Switch Fo, 3 months. to Dish Today ond Save Up To 50% Call Now and Ask How/ 1-800-318-5121 Call 7 days a week 8am - 11 pm EST Promo Code: MB0113 *Offer subject to cha hoe based on p~ernium channel availa bili~y StatePoint Media THEME: CHILDREN'S STORIES ACROSS 1. What a bridge does 6. Indian restaurant staple 9. Done to some pets 13. Gold unit 14. *Aladdin, for short 15. Biotic community 16. Bring upon oneself 17. Pine juice 18. Scandinavian fjord, e.g. 19. To beat seeds from grain 21. *Don't let. it drive the bus! 23. Exclamation of dis- gust 24. 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