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April 23, 1970     The Florala News
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April 23, 1970

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IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USE SU~iC(T]"~ LI~IENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. Scribbles By Merle Woodham IT'S THAT TIME of year again. You wMk into a place of business and see a magnl- ficient display of beautiful roses, every color and descrip- tion, and you immediately know Merton Reeves has been there. There just isn't anyone inthese parts who can match the beauty of Merton's roses. The Florala News was on the receiving end of three near per- fect rose buds Monday of this week - thanks to Merton. One of them, a Christian IMor (looks like pare red velvet) measured 6 1/4 inches in diameter and wasn't open to its fullest by no means. They still had drops of dew on them. I tryed to capture the dew drops and the beauty of thei rose in a photograph and I can see the dew drops inthepicture but don't know ff you can see them by the time it is repro- duced in the paper. Tom Thompson, employed with the News, asked Melton how he could cut such beauti- ful roses. Merton said, "Oh, I have at least a dozen more just like it that I didn't cut." If you haven't been by Merton's rose garden, do so... or you will really miss a treat. MERTON'SROSES MEMBERS OF THE CEN- TENNIAL BELLES committee dressed in their 100th June 24th Masonic Celebration costumes and caught the citizens of Florala by surprise, Tuesday morning of this week. They were parading down the street on their way to the News office when they met Sgt. B. T. Lawrence and the ladies sald Sgt. Lawrence reacted instantly with a tip of his hat and bowed like the gentlemen of old. Women receive very few such reactions these days. Guess we have asked for it, though. We have sort of invaded the gentle- men's world with our long pants and some women even wear ties. Many womens sporty and western styles use various as- sortments of ties. Would you really expect a gentleman to ti[b his hat and bow to a woman dressed in long pants, short hair, and a sport shirt and tie? I wouldn't, but they sure are comfortable. The men retaliate with long hair, flared trouser legs, lacy shirts, etc. It would be nice to revert to the styles of old for a change. But, oh how uncom- fortable. You should have heard those women complaining. They were burning up and theycould- n't get their skirts and petti- coats in the car. They thought they would never get their cor- set zipped, etc. It took my station wagon to get those four women out to the Florala High School ('I need- ed a mule and wagon) to parade in their costumes trying to stir up a little enthusiasm among the young folk. We're hoping that many of them will either make their costumes or see Mrs. Katherine Cannon, who is chair- man of the dresses and bennett committee, and order one. If you have a costume it will enable you to participate in the various parades and caravens planned during the week of June 24th. A whole lot of fun II IIi I I I iiii - HELP ELECT - 20th District I WILL CONTINUE TO WORK FOR - Better Education Better Roods Recreation Facil ities - New Industry - Help For Elderly Citizens Agriculture . Honesty On All Issues Better Telephone Service Your Vote & Support Will Be is anticipated. I wish you could have seen the reaction of the students at FHS. The ladies visited in the library and study hall, the PE class directed by Mrs. Rob Smith, Mrs. Mildred P. Kendricks home economics class, and Mr. W. F. Rasberry's agriculture class. The study hall group was shocked speech- less. When the ladies left the room, one of the boys said, -Why, they're real pretty[" Then the whole group started laughing and making compli- mentary remarks. When they left the schoolhouse and entered the P.E. field, the young lady up to bat just did a complete circle with her bat in the air and the ball Just passed her by . . . she didn't even see the ball. One of the girls let out a piercing scream and said, "Lookl Mrs. Smith. Who are they?" The colors of the cos- tumes are beautiful. -pastel pink, yellow, blue and a bril- liant shade of green. Let's all participate in this up-coming celebration. If you can't make your costume, try to arrange to buy one. Things are really shaping up and with the entire tri-city area citizens participating - this June 24th should be an event to remember. THE JUNIOR-SENIOR prom was a real "blast" to use a bit of teenage phraseology. I was real amused at Sherry's answer to her grandmother Monday night when she was asked if she enjoyed the prom. She mumbles anyway and unless you are listening real good you can't understand what she says. Sherry answered in a real dreamy fashion 'q nearly blew my mind[" When her grand- mother asked her the second time what she said - she answ- ered, 'q had a real goodtime." Grandmother never did know what she said the first two times. I attended the prom with every intention of doing a lot of pin- tures but with only one light on and ocassionaily this wild thing flashing ( a light that circled and made you feel like you might be in another world)I just simply couldn't focus on my subjects. It was like trying to focus on a bumble bee with all their frivilous motion . .. Most of the parent-teacher couples joined the action when the "slow dance" tunes were played. The tunes the young folk play now days are long and drawn-out. After one such number Jack Goolsby came over to where I was seated and said, "Merle, Fm out of shapeF' Most of us elders are . . . IT'S FUNNY TO ME that George Wallace seldom ever speaks without lamblasting "those big-time lying news- papers, etc.', Yet, an editorial endorsement in his behalf ap- pearing in the Dothan Eagle several weeks ago is being used practically everyday by his Supporters as paid political advertisement. Sounds llke someone puts a lot of faith in editorial endorsements. One of the cutest things I've seen yet was the cartoon in Sunday's Birmingham News showing a crowd gathering for a political rally and a little boy looking at his father saying, "Daddy, If Wallace Is Running Against The Postmaster Gen- eral, The Mean Old Judges And The Big Newspapers - Who's Running Against Brewer?" These cartoonist can come up with some good ones but this one is so typical of a youngster that it wouldn't sur- prise me if it didn't actually happen. They absorb a lot more than you think in their obser- vance of the political goings- on... WE HAD AN UNUSUALcouple to visit our worship service at First United Methodist Church last week-end, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Krtenke, a retired couple of South Bend, Indiana who spend the summer months in south Florida. Mrs. Krienke is a cousin to our pastor, the Rev. Joe Bates. The unusual thing about them is that they are duet-test - he plays the Autoharp and she plays the saw. Just a plain old hand saw like you or I would saw logs with. Mr. Krienke harmonizes with the Autoharp while Mrs. Krienke plays the melody with the saw. They really make beautiful music together. For the Sunday morn- ing service they played "Sweet Hour of Prayer" and ,,How Great Thou Art". Sunday night they played and sang "Come Home, Come Home It's Supper Time" with Mrs. Krienke on the Autoharp. She was real good. we always have exciting ser- vices at our church but these services were especially mean- ingful with the sincere desire of this couple to witness for Christ through their music. It was amazing to watch Mrs. Krienke perform with the saw. She placed the handle of the saw between her knees, the tip in her left hand and used a bow, very much like that of a violinist, to play the melody. She vibrated the sounds by keep- FHS STUDENTS DANCING AT JR.-SR. PROM . . • KING MARION CAU~Y & QUEEN MARIE BYRD AS WE APPROACH the Centennial Masonic Cele- bration, it is pleasant to reflect back into the yester- years of the celebration. What were you doing around the 24th of June 14 years ago, 22 years ago? Take a look with us each week as we reminisce into the may see what you were doing. We'll be doing it each week untLl the 24th.. ACCORDING TO THE FLORALA NEWS dated June 27, 1957, Queen Marie Byrd and King Marion Causey ruled the festivities...JUNE 27, 1957, LAKE JACK- SON was reopened to fishing, remember? Lucille Woodham reported every room at the Colonial Ho- tel filled with sportsmen...MRS. DAVIS WILI/AM- SON tried to give away 6 kittens this week, 13 years ago.. ,CADET IRBY C. JONES, JR. was in summer encampment at Craig A. F. B...MARTHA MICKLER had dinner at the Colonial Hotel for the Govenor of Girls State...MAYOR A. H. LURIE welcomed visitors to the 24th, 1957...WERE YOU THERE? This year, be in Florala. We'll be expecting you at Moody Drug Company. WE'LL BE EXPECTING YOU AT ing her foot constantly in mo- tion - just as I use to trot my babies on my knees when they had a tummy ache. Volume, swelling and softening of the tones were accomplished by bending the saw more or less. In fact the saw was in the shape of the letter S while she played. The only bobble she made was when her shoe slipp- ed off her foot for an instant THE FLORALA NEWS- THURSDAY, and she was not able to keep demonstrated to her foot in motion. Rosin was stayed late hoW used on both the saw and the without the bow to avoid a squeaking sound, real fiat Following the church service at all. The Sunday night, Mrs. Krienke the diference in 1523 FIFTH AVENUE FLORALA, ALABAMA EVERYTHING FROM BUTTONS TO BOWS FOR THE LADY WHO SEWS THE NEW J & P COATS DUAL DUTY PLUS THREAD LACE - RIBBON - BUTTONS BATES & CONCORD 45" PRINTS VALUES TO $1.49 CREASE RESISTANT RAYON & COTTON 45" ),d SERRANO VALUES $1.19 DACON & COTTON 45" PRINTS&SOLIDS $1 SPORTSWEAR VALUE $1.98 DACON & COTTON 45" ),d. DOTTEl) SWISS I USE$ • ASSORTED 45" PRINTS VALUES TO $1.49 ALL COTTON 45" WHITE FANCY b PIQUE VALUE $1.98 COATS & CLARKS ZIPPERS 2-YDS UNIQUE INVISIBLE ZIPPERS 1 TABLE $' O0 BULK ZIPPERS FABRICS VALUES TO $1.19 • ZIPPERS McC# Your money has been making a few people rich. Did you know that the State Treasurer can deposit state money anywhere he chooses? That means that a few close friends with banking connections can have the use of some $600,000,000 of money to loan and to invest. This makeS hundreds of thousands of dollars while of our small-town banks do not have cient money to lend. SEYMORE TRAMMELL MAKES YOU A MONEY-BACK GI Seymore Trammell makes this public pledge. "1 will see that state monies are distributed Alabama on a formula basis. This will aid the economy of cities and towns, and will help the people of those towns than enable a few privileged people to make hundreds thousands of dollars for themselves.'" Paid Political Advertia~nnent by Seymore Trammel, Midway, AIa, ~331P PD. POL. ADV. BY CRUM FOSHEE, RED LEVEL, ALA. I , I