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April 23, 1970     The Florala News
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April 23, 1970

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USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. PAGE 6 SUNG TO THE TUNE OF THAT 7~ soNG, TOO In the good ole summertime In the good ole summertime Sandals, surf, and sleeping late and skiing on the lake. Picnics, ants, and gnats and flies, mosquitoes all around Watermelons, colas, and junk; And ice cream tastes real final In the good ole summertime In the good ole summertime Sweating while you cut thegrass Laughing while you swim Suntans, shorts, and riding boats And fishing in the stream Bikinis on the beach look fine In the good ole summertime. In the good ole summertime In the good ole summertime Getting sand in suntan oil WWW ' r W lit Rub it on your skin Sticky, gooey, sunburnt, too Cost Of School WHAT IF Oh my, where mess, ..... "" Take a dip to look your best - Mr Moseley forgot how to In the good ole summertime. Have you ever noticed how mimeograph prom invitations. A group of about 35 seniors much it costs parents to send - Bookkeeping class didn't use Know More were fortunate enough to visit their children to school? There BIC pens. STUDENT OF THE WEEK ~,e so many things that cost -Annette Ansley didn't stay About It stitute In Opp Tuesday morning, money, cold all the Lime, April 14. The Institute was so First there are the everyday - Seniors didn't get out 5 kind as to send a bus complete things such as recess and lunch, minutes early for recess. Mr. Strlckland's fifth period j~ with driver for the transpor- cost, approximately 60 to 70 - Mrs. Powell didn't have to Government and Economics tation to the Institute. Upon cents. Then ofcourse, thereare worry about the newspaper, students are studying Come arriving, the seniors werewel- the school fees, $6.00. There - Graduation was tomorrow, munism Ask any student from corned to the cafeteria by Mr. are club fees, science fees, - Raymond Couey had a wreck, this class and he wlll assure Nevln, the director of the Ins- A ninth grader, Dennis Gibbs, drivers ed. fees, and for girls, - There weren't any personal you that the study has proved titute, is the student in the public there are home economics fees cards circulating at FHS. to be interesting and enlighten- After the welcome by Mr. eye this week. Dennis, a tall) and boys have agriculture fees. - All courting couples broke upo ing. Nevin, the seniors were taken slender, good looking lad can Then there are the never endlng - Everyone caughtthemeasles. Many important facts have on a guided tour of the school, be spotted in a crowd because things being sold by clubs such - Jan Mills) fiance had decided been learned in studying Com.. Before they began their tour, he stands out as a collected Is candy, baloons, T-shirts, to stay in Korea for another munism. For instance, Lenin they were told of the back- and good natured person Be- etc. week. was the leader of the Commu- ground of the Institute and also sides all this, Dennis seems to Seniors have many more ex- - Seniors could forget "Pare- ntst movement in Russia and a bit about the 15 schools Io- be an inteUectual type who can penses. There are senior rings, dise I.~st"and researchthe founder of the Soviet Union. cared within the complex, speak his mind. approximately $30.00. Senior papers. Lenin put into practice the be- Although their time was To Dennis his civics class portraits, $30.00. Also gradua- - Linda Johnson didn't have a liefs and teachings of Karl Marx short, the students saw enough and its teacher, Mrs. Thomas, tion invitatlonscostfrom$10.00 horse, and Fredrich Engles. He began of eachdepartment togivethem are his favorites. An out- to $20.00. Cap and gown and -Grils around high school his Communist movement In an ideal of their favorites. The door type, Dennis enjoys fish- diploma fees amount to $11.00 didn't buy Avon from Cheryl Russia in 1917 and since that Data Processing Department ing and hunting very much. When for girls and $10.25 for boys. Adams and Judy Johnson. time it has remained under and the Drafting Department asked his pet peeve he answ. Senior keys cost $3.50ifanyone - All seniors were going to the communist rule which becomes were probably the two most ered, "People who are self cared for one. same college? Huntingdon. more corrupt as time goes on. popular currlcuhtms. The un= centered." As his favorite Den- And there is no estimation - Albert Cravey lost all his Also the Russian Communist mistakable appeal of the large his chooses "Ones who talk the for the cost of the prom for hair. government has become a machines and the idea of being most have the least to say." the students who attend - and - It quit raining, danger to free and democratic able to drawarchitecturalblue- Becoming a sophmore next year let's not leave out the trips - Some foothallboysdidn)thave countries of the world especial- prints had its effect on nearly so that so ma~y people won't to Panama City, which some to get haircuts, ly those near its borders. all the seniors present, have privileges he doesn't have students consider necessary to However, the most enjoyable is presently one of his ambit- . DENNIS GIBBS survive schooll ~::~~~:~:~:~:~ . :~:::~.::~:~:::~::.:~:..~ -~::::::~ ............ ~:~:.,::~.~,-~.~--~ part of the Communist study ions. The moral of this estimation, ~:~Y~."'.~t:~*::~:~ ======================================== ~:~i~~;~ ~ is the class discussions on the Besides being an honor stu- MATH CLUB Study: Den)t waste your parents) ~:~; ~., ::~,~::,~ ~;~!~i~i~g~'. ~;~::~::?~. dent. Dennis Is an avid morn- moneyl ~'"~ '~)1!:~i~=) living conditions of thecommon ;i: -~ ~ ~" people of Russia. These dis- :.r~' cussions include the educational and Ukes people to know so. PRESENTED AT PTA system tn Russia, the working He is the band's only baritone Dr, vers" Education" player, and a good one. His At the next P. T. A. meet- . conditions, and the housing ar- ideal is Raymond Young, direc- lng which is April 28, the Eu- ,/~ rangements. In these discus- for of the University of South- clid Math Club will sponsor a "One of the best educe- signs, the students discuss the ,, w,, Road___Test ~o,,,~,, propaganda spread by ernDennisMiSSissippiplans to attendBand' collegeWhere lure projects made by the 9th tiona] toys is still a pencil." the Communist rulers, and how and major in music, grade math class, geometry this propaganda affects and in- and Algebra ]I classes, and the In order to pass the Driver's fluences the common people. advanced math class. The stu- Education course at Florala Much research is being done dents and Mrs. Parker have High, students are required to by the students to search out worked very hard and will pre- pass a road test. Close obser.. - Dunn/.~ ~ the answers to many interest- sent a good exhibit. It will take ration of the driver ed. students ing questions concerning this Are You Afraid? place inthemathroomwiLhre- this past week indicates that ' st,.,dy. For example, sinoeCom- o, =.m =. Flomla Senior muMsts do not believe in God, .... following requirements, how do they explain the crea~ .. P4T HENLt~f Remember the days ingrain- L PREPARING TO DRIVE I lion of the universe and man? mar school when a small slip WHAT IF... 1. Check obstructions near WiLl Communism ever become Sdute To A Senior -.r oou, ,, ec.. Meets Scott Hunter government? How can ing, 'q/ you want your child to closed. 2. Enter car from curb side Americans recognize a Corn- Many seniors from F.H.S. take this shot, sign 'yese'? Not - All geomstrybookswerebur- 3. See that doors are munist? will be attending Massey- only does this happen tn gram- ned. securely closed and locked On Wednesday, March 11, I/ more people would study Draughn after graduation and mar school, but in high school, - It snowed this summer. 4. See that parking brake 1970, Kathy Dunn had quite an Communist techniques and be.. Patrlcia Henley is going to be too. It is expected that high - All Typing II students made is on unforgettable experience. Along liefs they would better under- one of those students, schoolers will act a little C's or above. 5. Place keyin ignition with four other band members stand the U.S. position in Vlet Patricia, better known as Pat grown-up aboui the situation, - Mrs. Parker didn't give switch Kathy was at the University of Nam. The study would also be or '~Trlsh', was born in Anda- but this is not necessarily so. homework. 6, Adjust seat Alabama for All-State Tryouts. lal~resth~ and ~McgtionaL lusia. She has lived there and On April 9, a small slip was - Miss Rhone wasn't Mrs. 7. Lock seatbelt The day was an ordinary day in New Brockton during the 17 handed to each student at FKS Vales. 8. Adjust rear view mirrors until about 4:30 p.m. when one years of her life. explaining the TB test Which is - Michael Lassiterdidn't 9. Become familiar with loo of the "greatest things", ac- 'Trish)' enjoys booikeeping to be administered to any stu- strike out. cation and operation of essen- cording to Kathy, occured. She and Mr. ' Moseley is her fay- dent whose parents consented. - FHS got a swimming pool till controls was leaving the coliseum after orite teacher. Her hobbies in- Here are some of the remarks: between the two side wings, a band practice and was going clude dating Roney Tomlin and 'qs it a shot? If it is I - Mr. Day caught laryngitis. I/. ROAD TEST to her car for a quick return Just plain "goofing off". don't want it." - sophomore. - We didn't have any rules to 1. Left turns to her hotel. Mr. Fowler, the Recently she got the nickname "I heard they stuck a long follow. 2. Right turns Florala band director, pointed of "crip" because she had a needle in one of your veinsP' o If Senior English wasn't a 3. ',IF, turns out Scott Hunter to Kathy. Exo broken wrist, but thankfully - freshman, required subject. 4. ',3 point" turn-about cited and a little unsure of she's o.k. howl "Oh, my l!#' - junior. - Some certain Junior girls S. Driveway turn-about Mr. Fowler)s statement, Kathy Her favorites include blue, "Oh, what's a needle - I didn)t pass American His- 6. Emergency stopping went rushing to the young man steak, baked potatoes, and ~ wonder if it will hurtl" - sen- tory. 7. Backing straight to confirm the fact. To make yellow '70 Plymouth Fury HI. ior. 8. Stopping and starting on sure this was the great quarter- She is a member of the F.H. However the test will be, hills back of the University of Ala- S, Pep Club. there probably will be a few 9. Parking up-hill with curb bama, she calmly (?) asked if Florala High School salutes that faint, a few that get sick, 10. Parking up-hill without he wasthesoottHunter. Another ... SHIRLEY BARNES Patrlcia Henley this week, and and maybe a few brave ones. curb boy standing by confirmed"A REFLECTION OF wishes her the best the future TB test, PLEASE DOI~FT 11. Parking down-hill with Kathy)s question by saying) can offer. HERTll curb "I'm Joe Namath and he's ScottPEACE" 12. Parking down-hiLlwtthout Hunter.)' Even though the by- "Dear God, as I look around curb stander was not, of course, me in our world of grave un- 13. Angle parking Joe Namath the other was "Scott rest and violence, I wonder if SANDRA 14. Parallel parking Hunter.)' He had Just left the this is the way you intended ELLIOT 15. Lane position - 4 lane) dressing room after football our world to be: A world of 2 lane practice and Kathy was lucky misunderstanding, a world of ~6. Traffic observationenough to spot him, with Mr. hatred, a world that can't seem What Really Worries Me 17. Obeying traffic laws Fowler)s help. to find peace within itself. "The first thing that worries When a student has success- Kathy asked Scott Hunter if ',Everywhere I turn there me the most is Typing I - I fully accomplished the above she could please get a picture seems to be a war; a~ war really make those errors! requirements of Driver's Edu- of him, He was perfectly will-, between man and his soul, a war "Then Spanish I is next on cation he is on the road to be ing to do so. (This picture between men, and a war be= my list - tn class we have to a good dirver, would surely be some proof tween nations. It makes me speak Spanish and even sing for Kathy when she returned wonder if tore and peace are song~, to Florala to tell her friends dreams instead of reality. I '~he third thing that worries she met Scott Hunter.) First, often think of the many men me the most is Home Ec. IL Kathy made a picture of Scott who have fought and given their ...... I've got to do some fast work- Hunter with Becky Dunn and lives for a dream of peace ALL THE PROOF needed that spring is really here can be ing to get three garments rea- Nlna GoolSby standing by. To and tn return all they have ac- seen in the -barefooP, footwear seen at F, H.S. dy by the end of the semester.)) be positive she would have a compllshed is a more vivid good picture she wanted to take picture of a world without love another one. Becky insisted she and filled with hatred. .... ,,, take one of Kathy with Scott "Everyone should be able to ~RS. ~:*~ Hunter. stretch his hand out to his : To add to Kathy's delight of fellowman and givehimathread THOMAS , : meeting this grest football play- of hope that one day) one day, Scott Hunter posed for the soon, people aU over the world What Really Worries Mepicture with Kathybyputtinghls will be able to come together arm around her. Because Kathy and stand as one nation under 'q~hst worries me the most was so absolutely thrilled, she God. A nation that promotes is young people who are not tak- could only react by opening her wisdom, non-violence,brother- ing advantage of the educational mouth wide. hood, understanding and above opportunities that they have. Kathy will obviously never all LOVE. We as a people -Another thing that worries forget AEA., 1970. It proved should be able to generate the me is the almstve use of drugs in to be something quite great long past dream of a true re- ...... which many people areengMed, and unforgettable. In Kathy's flection of peace and indoing Last but notleast of my wor- own words Scott Hunter is ='my so it would be a better world i ties is to be a mother of two very favorite footbM1 player- in which to live. #ons and have the responsto my drearhl', "Thank you dear Godforgiv- VERY MUCH A part of ~eltool is deeoraUn~ for the ~m- t*---~ biltty of giving them proper NOTE: The picture is good lng us a ray of sunshine that ior-Senior prom - Which is juSt What is going on inthis ...THISIIIKSIOITORS training which will enable them and pro