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April 26, 1973     The Florala News
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April 26, 1973

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INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. --CT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. NEWS - waters from the River and its tri- tread over millions tom Illinois to New ~usaeds of Red C ross is Week continue to Cuees and feed flood dike workers. of volunteers in St. of them teenagers, muddy Mississippi ~tgs as flood waters :o rise. Red Cross POrted 10 mobile re- around the clock WOrkers in the me- area. One family ..garage as a Red uag station. Four shelters are open in ; of St. Charles, Al- l, and in South St. ~icials said a total Rers were operating and Missiouri and feeding 6,650 per- ~rts indicate 3,355 :~ted so far by flood- to states, n srs in New Orlea s to strengthen the ~n effort to protect 'reach Quarter from s coming down the '. Most of the city -~ level with only an Ls devised plans to e.r from the lower it reach dangerous Is officials reported ~s, mobile homes, lags and businesses ' destroyed by torna- ripped through South ~l Georgia over the With an estimated ies affected and suf- ;, Red Crossvolun- llaff set up shelters stations for victims .wOrkers, and emer- tStance was offered lately $I,000.000 has {el by the RedCross ~ast two weeks in as- rrn and flood victims and midwestern th its disaster funds Red Cross chapters g fund contributions let Work. etter Editor "running the article nce to in this letter rn the Paxton School I~obcat. " on tter could help e refrain from drug ave been well worth effort taken by the Ig it. He asked that tis name. 0LVER " ine ne friends o! m Lnd they have been ~t me to try them. ~t drugs are real thought about try- U t ,I don't really Lt I m scared if I bse my friends and ~ne. This really What should I do? WORRIED ICle of the Florala 8, 1973, I read an greatly attracted I?n, "Captioned" UYer,,. article concerning ~an, who has tra- trld over, and have of every descrip- tone t(me was a Ugs, and am now V~rY large prison ~teral), would hon- ~Say that one small ;~(~o please some- th all the so- ~s in this world." ~st drug in the world ,eSty, sincerity and the Bible or teach- You will find the in the world. rlo human being on n live your life )u rself, and don t i behind prison 'e my consent to please use my AT aca- issued lists students on the winter roll. These stu- the top five y, in area, they are: William H. Jay, and Fine Arts; Kenneth F. A. Pace, Tho- and Richard and Sciences; David - Thomas Agriculture; Arts and THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 1973 .. Resource Committee Meets And Makes Plans Coming Year Citizen committees that give attendant news coverage, (Z) Luverne. mg and Development Commis- measures including a recreation mxttee met in Ozark on Aprxl siGn from public and private guidance and direction to the 60 second radio spots through- The Recreation and Tourism siGn and the Soil Conservation lake at Kinston, a lake on Judy 13, 1973. The Committee Chair- lands as a means of reducing Wiregrass Resource Conserva- out the area on local stations Committee met in Opp on April Service). (2) Develop a place Creek in Dale County, a small man L. T. Harper is from Opp. sediment damage to lakes and tion and Develop Project acti- to "tell the story", (3) more 11, 1973. Committee Chairman mat showing recreation areas lake and park west of New Other members are: Frank streams, and (4)Encourage lo- vities have been active in recent human interest stories to show Jerry Adams, Opp, conducted and points of interest in the Brockton, a lake and park east Jackson, Opp; Harold Wise, cal agencies to provid~ more weeks. The four committees how RC&D projects benefit the the meeting to set priorities Wiregrass. (3) Recommend of Enterprise, and a lake and Kinston; Donald Wagner, Ozark; technical assistance to hunting that met were: Agriculture and people. The committee stated and make recommendations on projects for planning and fund- park north of Luverne. The Raymond Johnson, Ozark; Ed clubs and individuals interested Forestry; Information and Edu- there is a definite need for recreation Droi~cts for the in~ through the RC&D autho- committee will give further con- Blackledge, Abbeville; and in developing waterfowl habitat cation; RecreationandTourism; conservation education. They Wiregrass ~The main obiec- ri~y Status of FY '/4 recrea- sideratipn ~ these potential James Stamper ' Skipperville along the Chattahoochee River. and Fish and Wildlife. recommended that concertedefo tire of the RC&D Recrea'tion tion'measures in order of priG- project~ if Citizen interest and Lamar Robinettel biologist with The Wiregrass Resource The Agriculture and Forestry forts be made by all USDA and Tourism Committee is to ritv is. (I~ Old Creek Town supporUfor them develop. Re- the Soil Conservation Service, Conservation and Development Committee met in Ozark on Feb- agencies to incorporate special ,-,~viow ,-,~,,~,in~ ~,~,~,~,~,m- P~rk F.ufa~(ls -- fins; ~t~c,~ nf creatio6 and Tourism Commit- serves as an advisor TheFish Project covers nine counhes ruary 20, 1973, and developed conservation education acti- " ' " - " ' "' " ' " " ' " its plans for the year beginn- vities into existing youth camps iii~iii! ~!~nli~)l~~ii ~Se~iJ~f~iiymAa~i~ii~in~g~ i~igiligili~e~'~l~Vue~rn!i!~ iiP~ns~!iiii~Y~h2~iir~'aji!t!in!~i-Sr ing July 1 (FY 74). Committee s~ ___~l[ i~~ ~held in the Wiregrassarea. -- ______ __ "~,;~ m~ /i/ill/l~l~i I~ " Chairman M. W. Redd, Ozark Members of this committee are: pointed out that forestry is a ma- Chairman Marion Sanders, ~.-.,-~"n'~H~'~ .......................... h,, ~h,~ ,.nm,~i.oo fnr mo" ~, scheduled' J.l.,, v 1973"-- (~_ ton County Commission; Ed (2) Locate sites on streams area. The Soil Conservation jor industry in the Wiregrass Brundidge; Karol Fleming, FY 74 are~ (I) Publish a Walnut Creek Lane & l~a~k~ Turner, Mayor of Luverne; and that could be improved to pro- Service provides leadership for but many landowners have little Geneva; Joel Smith, Eufaula; Recreation and Open SpacePlan Troy--planningscheduledSep- Marion t~runson,. P rincipa! of vide low incomeandhandicapped !he US Department ofAgr!cu!- nutcres[ ~cnooi m ~merpmse eo le a lace to fish 3rare t; t Lyle ozarz ;s knowledge of its value. Corn- Joe Adams, Ozark; Howard Par- (currently in print a joint effort tember 1973. Applications are . . P P P " , ( ) Sup .... , , mittee members E. R. Solomon, rish, Ozark; and Carl Sikes, of the Southeast AlabamaPlann- being studied on several other The Fish and Wildlife Corn- port legislation to control ero- the Pro|ect Coordinator. Henry County, and Bill Snead, Redd, stating that landowners need more information about timber values and how to.~nar- ket timber. Major activities for FY 74 recommended by the I I PLAN PERS()NNEI I Forestry Commission gather data on timber values and pub- | Extension Service will be asked formation of small landowner .. I I forestry associations to pro- mote forestry improvement work. (3) Seek cost sharing for tree planting. (4) Assist EYE FOR AN EYE | l" with rural fire defense program. Have you ever uttered the statement that you would get even I l "The public doesn't under- for some wrong that had been done to you? No doubt, many of | I stand what RC&D is. All the you have; but you have found out by bitter experience that it I I programs that operate around only causes the wound to be cut even deeper when you try to I I them -- EDA, FHA, ASCS, even the score with someone. Under the Laws of Moses this | ' ' ' " '"' I RC&D -- are just initials, go- attitude would have been accepted because a person was per. I vernment programs. We must mitred to do unto others as they had done unto him. Look in I I let them know that RC&D is a the Law Book of God, Exodus 21:24.25, and read, "Eye for I IkI ~. mR ..... I eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, Burningfor | I llml I=lrll!rllilPlIPl ! " aws m ~=~, m~ lllll ltl LOCAL program , sponsored and burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe. These I I r I operated bylocal citizens," so noted Committee Chairman meant just what they imply. If a person stuck a stick in your I Marion Sanders at the March eye and put it out, then you were given a stick; and you were | I 22nd meeting of the lnforma- to ponch the eye out of the other person. Wouldn't that just I I tion and Education Committee. make you feel great that you had evened the score? Just I I i IPV I Some of the ways in which the think, you could go around boasting that he put my eye out, I I I committee hopes to make the so I put his out. The sad truth is that you did not even the | I public more aware of the ... score at all; you only doubled the wrong; but this was ,vhat I , , I RC,D program are through (1) rK~0w-~ 5L.~~ the Lawpermitted. I [ tours of completed projects, Let's look at another example. Someone cut off one of your and even problem areas, with ] ~_ /TH "~'~l hands. The L~w would permit you to take an ax and chop I I the hand off of the other person. Do you suppose this would | I HON[F M~I~ MOOR[: forget about the pain and discomfort by seeing your enemy I rl~~, i~i~l~l~I ~~III~l~ I " -- standing there with his hand chopped off, blood flowing, and I | PASSED AWAY IN with the look of hurt and pain on his face? No, this would I I AN ELBA HOSPITAL Whatare the two weather not make you feel any better; but this was the Law. God I I Mrs. Honie Mac Moore, age conditions which most affect gave you the right'to do unto others as they had done unto I ~Ai I. llmmmm-- -i.m. i-.~ ,=~ | you. God is saying that if a person were to take a hot poker | ~[_.]~[ ] I~l']lllil~II"lAI El"lll I 57, a resident of Route 2, Flor- the way we feel? and burn an ugly scare across your face, then you would be I I ala, passed away in an Elba The first and perhaps the permitted to take that poker and carve a scare on the I I hospital, Monday night follow- most important weather fac- face of your enemy. Can you just see yourself laughing as the I I ffl lPlflEil I ing a lingering illness. She tor influencing your physi- poker burned the flesh of your enemy? This was the Law; ! ~ ~ V' Di~l~l~lwl=~l=l~l| I was a resident bf Florala for cal comfort is barometrickeep the score even, wound for wound, stripe and stripe. I | the past two years and a mem- pressure. The weight of the There are many people today who still are trying to do as l | ber of the Smyrna Baptist air pressing down on you is the Law permitted, yes, they are going to great lenghts to I I Church. see that every wrong that ls done them is returned to the I | Survivors are her husband, definitely a major influence wrongdoer. The Bible also says that he that liveth under the I -- -. -- Jessie Moore, Route 2, Flor- on the way you feel because Law shall also die under the Law. When Jesus came, wBwer.e l l=~i==:m~ A& ll~lli& I ala; three sons, Dolphus Moore it affects the tissues of your set free from the law of sinand death ('Romans 8.2); and now we U w{ r u I of Elba. Richard Moore of body. . l I I -__ ~ I ! .......... are free under grace. Now, ,~hat are we to do if someone odes | / 1- I Route Z, Florala, Jerry Moore Low pressure causes it-us wrong'? Since we are not under.aLl Law, just whats should,, I " " I of Panama Canal Zone; oneritation or deflation in many we do? Read Matthew 5:44, '% . . Love your enemie .... I I daughter, Mrs. Jackie Jack- people. The physical ef-You may say that it's lmpossiblB to love someone after they / I son of Florala; five sisters, fects often produce psycho- have done you hurt. No, it's not hard if you are a Christian. | | Mrs. Callie Hughes of Lock- logical repercussions. The Remember that when the Lord was suffering at the hands | | hart, Mrs. Lessie Norris and second factor is the humid- of HiS enemies that he said, "Father forgive them." Jesus / | Mrs. Viola Peters of Route 3, also says to bless them that curse you, do good to them that I i --. | DeFuniak, Mrs. Mary Sue Bar- ity of the air. This affects hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and / [] [] -- l ley or Orlando, Mrs. EvaMae people in varying degrees persecute you, / l=li --II l lt I,# ltlll lP r I Davidson of Lake Wales, F|a.i and in various ways.Along this journey of life we meet many who will hurt us five brothers, J. E. Jackson of High humidity often makes and say all manner of evil against us falsely and despitefully / I M I I ~ { I W I 1 ! Leaksville, Miss., Allen Jack- people uncomfortable. It use us. Have you ever prayed for your enemies? Have you I ~ I son of Wauchula, Fla,, Raston sometimes affects aches and ever gotten on your knees and asked God to forgive those that m ! Jackson of Orlando, Fla., Mon- pains (as will low pressure) have hurt you7 No greater joy can be experienced than to l Hie-HWAV ---- ~'ae=~ r~_~l i~l,aw e'~.'~t~te~e I roe Jackson of Kinston, Route and therefore a combination remember how Jesus hung on the cross with hands pierced, / I~ I ~ ~/ IJ~ruiMlal% or"~ll~.;,~ I 2, Ralph Jackson of Jackson, of very high humidity and nails through HiS feet, a crown of thorns on His head; and as / I Alabama; five grandchildren, he looked at those who had put Him there, he asked His Father | I Funeral services were con- low pressure produces the to forgive them. Yes, what a happier people we would be tf / OR CALL I ducted at Z P.M. Thursday from most irritable of weather's we would pray one for another instead of trying to even the | I the Chapel Hill Baptist Church depressing effects' score.**** **** / I with burial in the Chapel Hill PER5ONNEL DEPARTMENT Cemetery. Evans Funeral * * * * Home directed. Friendships are usually Them are manysmartpeo-Too much hard work kills I 892-3151 EXTENSION 0 l built slowly. [fie but few students, the desire to play. | | FUNERAL SERVICES * * * * * * * * * * * * l l HELD FOR Life would be simple if Kindness has never yet Life is what you make it, | I ROYCE P. HOOTEN everyone was unselfish, done anyone serious harm. or what it makes you. [ , , .... , , | Funeral services for Royce * * * * * * * * * * * * P. Hooten were held in the cha- I nil 2 o'clock on Saturday, April ]4, 1973 with the Reverend Free- -- EXP&ND G FILES RUBBERMAID WASTEBASKETS man W ilUamson, pastor of the :. ,~ ,=~=.~.~ j i ~j.'~~ ~ ~ First Baptist Church of Flo- rain, Alabama officiating. Ac- i~~ ~:~{~ tive pall-bearers were David :!!~! ! !~ Garner, Jr., C. E. Buffalow, :~i~: : E. D. McLeed, Erskine Zig- ~ ~[~~S',:. ~-~.I~" J~~'-~Wk ~=mmml~- ~ 1 I f~ ~ ~J, l ar, Jack Goolsby, and John i i ] [ ~ [ ~ ~ ' ~ ~~~ l ~ { I I L ! '~~ ~ Hayes Vaughn. r .~ , ~k\\\\\\~'~ '~#~ / W | I m,~w-~,~,~.*=,,, Burial was in the Greenwood .... :::' k /t t i " I Cemetery with Evans Funeral By Sarah Anne Sheridan Noodles And Beef ~ ~V ~'0 '"""'~' ~r'" ::~'=:'"" ~::'::t': II ~,~) ~ ,0/~l Noodles. beef andcheese ud l~$1.tiq. |pe .ms "~ =p~'~*. p II /,I/ ] I1,I| or ran. [umitnre. while, or f{oo.. [}oe. not conduct he*,, or II If, !1i, f{ l,' }1'1 are excellent ingredients to oalrtbate to the heal tat.airy of fire. II !l I/' "/'V/I use in casseroles for nutri- ' " It I'I I!II 2 lb. ground beef $10m 0XF0~ ~J-i,A~ ' 1 c butter I onion chopped 1 green pepper chopped I (8oz.) pkg. noodles can beef broth Salt and pepper grated Parmesan cheese Cook noodles according to package directions. Drain and mix with cup of melted butter and place in buttered baking dish. Cook onion in remaining butter, add ground beef and cook until brown, stirring f r e q u e n t 1 y. Add green pepper and season with salt and pepper. Add beef broth ( can tomato soup can be substituted if preferred). Spread meat mix- ture on top of the noodles in the baking dish. Sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese and bake in350 degree oven tor 30 minutes. in you at me e~W." ~eei|y c*Je~ STAPLERS