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April 28, 2010     The Florala News
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April 28, 2010

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PAGE 4 THE FLORALA NEWS . WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28, 2010 Comments Letter to the Editor The Florala News' editorial section is intended to provide our readers and citizens as complete an opportunity to express themselves with as few re- stnctions as possible. Profanity, direct or implied, and attacks on one's per- son rather than on actions or deeds are not acceptable. Publication on this page in NO WAY REFLECTS AGREEMENT OR ENDORSEMENT BY THIS NEWSPAPER. ] Remembering... be_rr ail.Oj o? , ) 'Going to church' Every Sunday found our family going to a small one in Andalusia. There was no nursery... I taught the children to sit in the pew (near the back) I had done growing up! 'Always fearful that they might disturb those around US... ,..but they were well-behaved...somewhat... I was told that...anyway! They were three cute little boys...with their look-alike red vests...and bow ties. What kept them quiet? But...highly distressed their mother? ...THEY stripped! 'Off came their bowties... ...slowly, quietly, of course... ...then their and socks! They were almost down to their underwear by the time the preacher finished his sermon! I do like to 'tell this' on the 'boys'...reminding them how they always undressed in church! So, one night...after they were grown and came by to visit while we were watching Billy Graham on the TV in one of his crusades. Our son sat down to watch with us...and soon...he re- moved his shirt!! Boy! DID he get teased by ME! I tried (at first) to redress them...but finally gave up... and walked out the door every Sunday...carrying an armful of clothes!! Or.,. might have been because we didn't have the AC on!! CROSSWORD Last week I experienced something for the very first time in my life - jury duty. Some people try to find a way to get out of it, but I was looking forward to it just to see what it was all about. I learned that just by being a truthful and honest citizen, it might just get you out of actually serving on a jury. Granted, what one lawyer doesn't want, the other just might scramble for, but for whatever reason during two days and three jury selections, no one wanted my presence. Fine by me. I received a check in the mail that covered the two hours I missed at work so, no harm, no foul. It's interesting what you learn at those proceedings, but I would have never guessed I would have learned some- thing about my own family. On my second day there in Andalusia, I got to talk to someone I know it a round-about sorta way. Mrs. Jo Ellen Sellers was there and we struck up a conversation while waiting our fate, so to speak. She went to school with my uncle, Gordon Welch, and we somehow got on the topic of my grandfather, Jess Willette. I've heard many stories about all of my grandparents, but the one I was about to hear, took me by surprise and caused me to fight back tears of joy. One of the many things my grandfather did in, and for, this town was to play Santa Claus for the children in the area. Mrs. Sellers was telling me about sitting on Santa's lap and even though she knew my grandfather, she never noticed the resemblance while she was telling Santa what she wanted for Christmas. She told me she wrote him let- ters and gave them to him when she saw him. Years later, she learned that my grandfather saved all those letters and gave them to her mother, Mrs. Joann Geohagan. Now, I know my grandfather was a packrat, but this was some- thing beyond that. Why he truly did that, I do not know, but knowing that I save most everything about my children's young lives for them to someday see as adults, I have a pretty good idea what his motivation must have been. It once again solidified my pride in being his granddaughter. Sometimes I feel so distant from my grandparents. I sup- pose that's what happens when they pass on and years go by without any contact as a result of their passing. I look at pictures of when I was little and it feels like another lifetime. I know as an individual, my role has changed as it does for everyone. I am an adult now and I am a mother. Back then I was a child, grandchild or niece without any sense of real responsibility. Just like my own children right now. But when I hear stories of my grandparents and my parents, such as the one shared with me by Mrs. Sellers, I am reminded of where I came from and who I was, which I feel should always have an important significance in who I am today, who I want to be and the decisions that I make that affect my children. I sometimes wonder if my grandparents would be proud of the person I have become. Would they be proud of the mother I am or would they be happy that I chose to move to Florala? Would they be proud that I am an employee at one of the oldest businesses in this town and of my role for The Florala News? I like to think so. I know that they would be happy for me and I suppose that's all that really matters. My grandmother, Jean Welch, was the only grandparent I had living when I had children. She told my aunt not too long before she passed that I would have a hard life. I'm not sure what she specifically meant by that, but I don't give it too much thought. Everyone has a tough life sometimes and each person has their own idea of hardships. What might have been unbearable for her, might be the things that make me stronger. And without her knowing it, her pres- ence on this earth has made things: easier on me. In more ways than one. If I could, I would sit down and write a long letter to each of my grandparents. I would tell them how much I miss them and how much they meant to me. I would fill them in on all that's gone on since I last saw them and stick in re- cent pictures of their great-grandchildren. But since I can't, I will tell all those things to God, He'll blink and produce pictures of my children, past, present and future, and just like my grandfather did for Mrs. Sellers, God will save all my "letters" and in His own divine way, share them with my grandparents. Letter to the Editor Editor, I saw something very important on TV the other night. It was on a show called "Cops." A cop stopped a car and could not see inside. Do you know why? Because the windows were too dark to see inside. The person was given a ticket and made to have the windows changed so you could see inside. A lot of our cars and trucks here are the same and cannot be seen through. There was a law passed a while back saying if you were caught, you would be fined and the windows had to be changed where you could see through and within a certain period of time. What if an officer stooped a car and went up to its window and could not see and was shot because of it, then what? Everyone think about this when you are driving. You know this puts our officers in danger every time they stop a car and cannot see through the window. This is their job when they leave home every day to go to work. They don't know if they will get back home alive or not. So, you all please, if your windows are too dark, please fix them so our officers can see through them if they should stop you for some reason. Barbara Sue Dennis Florala LETTERS TO THE ITOR: The Florala News welcomes Letters to the Editor All letters will be published as the discretion of the editor and publisher. Information required include: signature, address and phone number. Send to: The FIorala News 1155 Fifth Street Florala, AL 36442 1R I 1$} I 27 i40 I 44 I 4B I PRESENTED BY A Where volunteering begins. --I m-'m  ,I---= III 2010, StatcPoint Media, Inc. 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