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April 29, 1976     The Florala News
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April 29, 1976

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©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. NEWS - THURSDAY, PA GE OF ALABAMA COUNTY the undersigned members of the appointing Board for the Democratic and Republican I>ri- to be held on May 4th and May 25th, 1976, do hereby certify that the attached list of Man- and Returning (Xficers for paper ballot boxes and inspectors and Clerks for voting duly appointed to conduct said elections. our hands this 15th day of April, 1976. BEAT 7, BOX 2: Manager: James Vernon Gomillion, Route 1, Box 314, Laurel Manager: Jack Goolsby, Route 1, Laurel Hill, F1. Manager: Flossie Louise Belcher, Route 1, Laurel Hill, F1. Clerk: Ella Jane Phillips, Route 1, Laurel Hill, F1. Clerk: Joseph Wheeler Phillips, Route 1, Laurel. Hill, FI. Returning Officer: E.L. Lewis, Route 1, Laurel Hill, FI. Hill, F1. BEAT 18: Chief Inspector: Ass't Inspector: CLERKS: Anford Howell Hlxon, Route 3, Red Level, Al. Beulah Gibbons Wilson, Route 4, Andalusia, AI. E. Selden Garrison, River Falls, Al. John Henry Jones, Jr., River Falls, Al. Sheriff P. Bass, Member H. Brown, Member 1: Medie Cannon, 122 McRainey Loop, Andalusia, Alabama Thomas Carroll, 507 Sanford Road, Andalusia, Alabama John L. Aflderhold, 1509 W. Ridge Dr. Andalusia, Alabama Bob Adkinson, 232 River Falls St., Andalusia, Alabama Lois Z. Banks, 300 3rd Avenue, Andalusia, Alabama Bernie Bertis Barrow, Route 1, Andalusia, Alabama Samuel Berman, Roosevelt Drive, Andalusia, Alabama Ivan H. Bishop, 506 Roosevelt Dr., Andalusia, Alabama John E. Briggs, 401 Chapman Street, Andalusia, Alabama lather E. Brown, Jr., 216 Baisden Street, Andalusia, Alabama Kathleen Bush, 1531 IAndsey Bridge Road, Andalusia, Alabama Margaret R. Carmichael, 1212 Valley View Drive, Andalusia, Alabama Caroline Seal Cavanaugh, 300 E. Pass Road, Andalusia, Alabama Richard Hooker Cobbs, Sanford Road, Andalusia, Alabama Alice Kaye Dean, 800 E. 3 Notch, Andalusia, Alabama Carl E. Marcellus, 114 Sunrise St., Andalusia, Alabama Eric Earnest Russell, 1406 Ist Ave. G. A., Andalusia, Ala. Mahaley N. Barber, 400 8th Ave., Andalusia, Ala. Georgia Marshall, 231 N. Cotton St., Andalusia, Ala. John H. Berry, 905 Henderson St., Andait~sia, Ala. Mary Sue Ware, 315 King St., Andalusia, Ala. Swinson E. Anderson, 516 E. Tnree Notch St., Andalusia, Ala. Nell M. Berry, 512 S. Three Notch St., Andalusia, Ala. Eula V. Catrett, 222 Snowden Dr., Andalusia, Ala. Morris Cooper, 500 Suowden Drive, Andalusia, Ala. Pearl W. Eiland, 337 Dunson St., Andalusia, Ala. J. F. Irving, 1004 E. Three Notch Court, Andalusia, Ala. Edna Earl Jackson, 1002 Stanley Ave., Andalusia, Ala. Judith Ann Montgomery, 1319 Lindsey Br. Re, Rt. 3, Andalusia, Ala. Hettte Morrison, 510 Rankin Street, Andalusia, Ala. Henry Edward Jones, Prestwood Bridge Rd., Andalusia, Ala. James Robert Starkey, 503 Sanford Rd., Andalusia, Ala. Nell I-L Tyson, 503 RooseveR Dr., Andalusia~ Ala. Dorothy Glyu Raley, Maddox Rd. Rt. 5, Andalusia, Ala. Mollie G. Yarsinke, Route 3, Andalusia, Ala. Cumi Powell Wilson, 507 Chapman St., Andalusia, Ala. Betty Jean lacas, 1500 Prestwood Br. Rd., Andalusia, Ala. Sylvia Crook Johnson, Rt. 3, Box 378, Andalusia, Ala. Susan Bass McCurlsy, 510 Montgomery, St., Andalusia, Ala. Deborah Ryals Kyzar, Route 4, Box 99, Andalusia, A1. tlEAT 1, BOX 2 I ~a~R,~tor: William Riley Eubanks, Route 1, Andalusia, A1. CL~ .u~Spector. J.D. Brooks, Route 5, Andalusia, Al. R~: " Peggy Dozier, Route 5, Andalusia, Al. Susie Hicks, Route 1, Andalusia, Al. BEAT 8, BOX I : Manager: Jerl Q. Danghtry, Route 3, Andalusia, AI. Manager: Curler M. Boutwell, Route 3, Andalusia, Al. Manager: Howard Taft Mack, Route 3, Andalusia, AI. Clerk: Ruby Lee Diliard, Route 3, Andalusia, Al. Clerk: John W. Baker, Route 3, Andalusia, AI. Returning C~flcer: Earl C. Boles, Route 3, Andalusia, Al. BEAT 8, BOX 2: Chief Inspector:Jeff Buster Carter, Route 2, Andalusia, Al. Ass't Inspector: David Schofield, Route 3, Andalusia, Al. Clerks: William Monroe Sunset, Route 3, Andalusia, Al. Dallas Gene Henderson, Route 2, Andalusia, AI. BEAT 9: Chief Inspector: Ass't Inspector: CLERKS: Homer Clayton Johnson, P. O. Box 495, Florala, Al. William Marion Causey, E. 7th Ave., Florala, AI. William Hubbart Byrd, South 5th St., Floraia, Al. Tom M. Gibson, P. O. Box 5, Florala, AI. Sara N. Buffalow, South 3rd St., Florala, Al. Madilyn Steele Garner, E. 5th Ave., Florala, Al. Shirley A. Miller, 400 McDuffle Ave., Florala, Al. Flonnie ROby Jackson, P. O. Box 216, Florala, Al. Bessie W. Wagner, Route 1, Florala, Al. Mildred Barton, W. 5th Ave., Florala, Al. George Albert Welch, E. 5th Ave., Florala, AI. Flora Irene Moore, E. 5th Ave., Florala, Al. Elizabeth Anne George, S. 4th St., Florala, Al. BEAT 1 O, BOX 1 : Chief Inspector: Ralph A. Lewis, Route I, Andalusia, Al, Ass't Inspector: Myrtis Buffalow Cotton, Wing, AI. CLERKS: Flora M. L. Cason, Route 1, Andalusia, A1. John F. Cason, Route 1, Andalusia, Al. BEAT ! O, BOX 2: Manager: Dorothy H. Miller, Route 7, Andalusia, A1. Manager: Curtis E. Anderson, Route 7, Andalusia, Al. Manager: John L. Miller, Route 7, Andalusia, Al. Clerk: Alene Catoe, Route 7, Andalusia, Al. Clerk: James Thomas McKathan, Route 5, Andalusia, A1. Returning Officer: Vance J. Catoe, Route 7, Andalusia, Al. BEAT ! 9. BOX ! : Manager: Willie M. Boyette, Route 8, Andalusia, A1. Manager: Rufus L. Jones, Route 8, Box 148, Andalusia, At. Manager: Admiral Dewey Barnes, Route 1, Florala, Al. Clerk: Donald D. Norris, Route 8, Andalusia, Al, Clerk: Tyrus Alvin Powell, Route 8, BoX 120, Andalusia, Returning Officer: Obie Norris, Route 1, Florala, Al. Al. BEAT 119, BOX 2: Chief Inspector: Frances Eloise Duke, Route 1, Andalusia, Al. Ass't Inspector: lacille Elmore Slglitler, Route I, Andalusia, Al. CLERKS: Faye E. StghUer, Route 1,.Andalusia, AI. Harold Elmore, Route 1, Andalusia, AI. BEAT 20. BOX 1 : Chief Inspector: Jewel P. T. Tnom~son, Route 8, Andalusia, Al. Ass*t Inspector: William Harvey Henderson, Route 3, Box 356, Andalusia, CLERKS: George E.Cannon, Route 3, Andalusia, Al. Ollie C..Frazter~ Route 3, Andalusia, Al.. BEAT 20, BOX 2: Manager: Ralph B. Houston, Route 3, Andalusia, Al. Manager: lather Ashtbn Blocker, Route 6, Andalusia, AI. Manager: Mary Alice Goodson, Route 2, Andalusia, Al. Clerk: Jessie F.'Bra~'well, Route 8, Andalusia, Al. Clerk: Gladys Butler, Route 6, Andalusia, A1. Returning Office)- Manuel Slm Messick, Route 6, Andalusia, AI. BEAT 20, BOX 3: Manager: Osey Clevedon Kersey, Route 8, Andalusia, Al. Manager: Willie Lee Chisum, Route 2, Andalusia, Al. Manage~: J.D. Casady, Route 8, Andalusia, Al. Clerk: Catherine Bailey, Route 8, Box 218, Andalusia, Al. Clerk: Limma P. Taylor, Route 3, Andalusia, Al. Returning Officer: Earl Carter, Route 8, Andalusia, A1. BEAT 2 |, BOX 1 : Chief Inspector: Gordon HaYeS Helms, Route 5, Andalusia, Al. Ass't Inspector: Samuel Alto Jackson, Jr., Rt. 5, Box 224A, Andalusia, Al. CLERKS: Betty J. Harrelson, Route 5, Andalusia, A1. Margaret Maudine Grimes, Route 5, Andalusia, At. T 2, BOX 1 : Hubert tmrt, Route 4, Andalusia, Al. Rayder Wyatt Feagin, Route 4, Andalusia, Al. Frank Alien Gafford, Route 4, Andalusia, AI. William Elias Ward, Jr., Route 4, Andalusia, Al. James Alto Beck, Route 4, Andalusia, Al. Officer: Jack Hart, Route 4, Andalusia, AI. 2, BOX 2: William Cecil Little, Route 1, Andalusia, Al. Susie B. Copelend, Route 4, Andalusia, Al. Barney D. Kelley, Route 1, Andalusia, Al. Yvonne D. Kelley, Route 1, Andalusia, Al. Deward Dubose, Route 1, Andalusia, Al. Officer: Lewis Wendell Copeiand, Route 4, Andalusia, Al. ~spector: Jake J. Benton, E. Hart Ave., Opp, AI. lather E. Jeffcoat, Sporlin Rd., Opp, Al. Julie J. Harrison, Forest Park, OPp, A1. Vermelle E. Donaldson, N. Main St., Opp, Al. Jessie A. Benton, Opp, Al. Marguerite Gunnels, Fairvlew Ave., Opp, A1. Frank A. Oslln, 109 Maloy St., Opp, At. Alice Jones, 125 Hardin St., Opp, Al. Fletcher Jones, f25 Hardin St., Opp, AI. Maureen Ellis, 106 Brantley St., (~, Al. John Shelby Dee, Forest Park, Opp, A1. Barbara J. McGowan, P.O. Box 491, Opp, Al. Lllllan Presley, Prospect Ave., Opp, Al. Foye Allene Chtlds, Ri. 1, Opp, A1. William Hayward Stewart, 503 Rosalyn Dr., Cpp, Al. Robert Atktns, Route 1, Duval Dr., Opp, Al. Bryan Atkins, E. Park Ave., Opp, Al. Herbert Clifford Bradley, 202 Spurlin St., Opp, Al. Willlsm Gerald Cannon, N. Brantley St., Opp, Al. Matthew J. Duck, 501 Park Ave., Opp, Al. Helen J. Dee, 306 N. Main St., Opp, A1. James G. Donaldson, Golf Circle, Opp, Al. Charles Wallace Ennis, 2rid St., Opp, Al. Fredrlck Ray Ellison, 510 E. Stewart St., Opp, Al. Henry Leland Cummins, 310 E. Park Ave., Opp, A1. 1 BOX I: Ralph E. Bryant, Route 1, Dozier, AI. Chester Grant, Route 1, Dozier, Al. Charles Roberson Short, Route 2, Andalusia, Al. Janice W. Driver, Route 1, Dozier A1. ! T 4, BOX 2: Albert Lawrence Baisden, Route 2, Andalusia, Al. Grady Benjamin Adams HI, Route 2, Andalusia, Al. Mrs. Liia G. Becksworth, Route 2, Andalusia, At. Corbit Colvin, Route 2, Andalusia, Al. Mrs. Sarah F. Adams, Route 2, Andalusia, Al. Officer: Hazel E. Smith, Route 2, Box 115, Andalusia, Al. is, BOX I : _ r: Athan 2 " .. Hammett, Route , Dez,er~ At. ~l; Dewitt Sims, Route 2, Dozier, Al. ~": Frann Pawls Bozeman, Route 2, Dozier, AI. i ~t'k: Martha Man (~lom, Route 2, Dozier, A1. "~lz, _ Huth C. Flnkley, Route 2, Dozier, Al. "~ ~icer: Leeter Ray Smith, Route 2, Dozier, Al. IS, BOX 1 : Curtis Bennett, Route 1, Red Level, Al. William Richard Hartin, Route 1, Red LeVQI, At. S. A. Mock, Route 1, Red Level, Al. Thelma K. HarUn, Route I, Red Level, Al. 7, BOX I: Frank Hart, Route I, Andalusia, Al. Harvey Lee Cheshire, Jr., Route I, Florala, Al. Hiram Cheshire, Route I, Florala, Al. Eloise Pound, Route I, Florala, A/, BEAT I t, BOX 1 : Chief Inspector: Walter Nathan Na11, Route 3, Red Level, Al. Ass't Inspector: Feagin Sweatt, Route 2, Red Level, Al. CLERKS: Lomsx J. Ingram, Red Level, AI. James Carroll Iagram, Route 2, Red Level, Al. BEAT 11, BOX 2: Chief Inspector: Marion N. Lloyd, Route 2, Red Level, Al: Ass't Inspector: Estelle Nolia Bush, Route 2, Box I00, Red CLERKS: Calvin Rawls, Route 1, McKenzie, Al. Casey Lee, Route 1, McKenzle, Al. Level, Al. BEAT t 2 Chief Inspector: Ass't Inspector: CLERKS: Johnny E. Castleberry, Ri. 3, Red Level, Al. Mary Barrow Mills, Rt. 1, Red Level, A1. Sara D. Mason, Ri. 3, Red Level, Al. Win. Larry Foley, Rt. 3, Red Level, Al. Vernon Cuml Mitchell, Red Level, A1. Elizabeth Coxwell, p. O. Box- 153, Red Level, A1. Ennis Caton, Rt. 3, Red Level, AI. BEAT 13. BOX I : Chief Inspector: John J. Casey, Route 2, Opp, AI. Ass't Inspector: Sylvester Edgar, Ri. 2, Opp, Al. CLERKS: Wm. Henry McCart, Ri. 2, Box 136, Lottie Lee Northey, Rt. 1, Opp, At. Opp, Al. BEAT | 4, BOX 1: Chief Inspector:Nadine Burry, Rt. 3, Opp, Al. Ass't Inspector: Daniel Dallas Eston, Rt. 3, Opp, Al. CLERKS: Calvin Ray Brannon, Rt. 3, Opp, Al. Arnold Reagan Money, Ri. 3, Opp, Al. BEAT 14, BOX 2: Manager: Hosie Tanner, Rt. 3, Opp, Al. Manager: Jessie M~e Hudson, Route 3, Opp, AI. Manager: Charlie Talbot Tanner, Rt. 3, Opp, AI. Clerk: Eaul Byrd Cauley, Rt. 3, Opp, AI. Clerk: Bazil D. Clark, Rt. 3, O~), Al Returning Officer: C.H. Dean, Route 3. Opp, AI. BEAT 1 5, BOX 1 : Chief Inspector: Mary Solomon, Gantt, AI. Ass't Inspector: Hendon Blackmon, Gantt, Al. CLERKS: James Ewell Harris, Box 33, Gantt, A1. Imogene Wright Harris, P. O. Box 32, Gantt, Al. BEAT I is, BOX 2: Chief Inspector: Horace B. Nichols, Route 6, Andalusia, Al. Asstt Inspector: Leo Donald Ingrain, Route 2, Dozier, AI. CLERKS: Rueben Edward Tillman, Hi. 6, Andalusia, AI. Evelyn Brook Tomlin, Rt. 6, Andelusia~ Al. BEAT 16, BOX I : Chief Inspector: Nolan Jones, Route 2, Andalusia, Al. Ass't Inspector: Raymond W. Tinsley, Route 2, Andalusia, A1. CLERKS: Verte Mae Wyatt, Rt. 6, Andalusls, At. John Wesley, Jr., Route 6, Andalusia, Al. BEAT 16, BOX 2: Chief Inspector: Richard Frost Ray, Route 6, Box 183, Andalusia, A1. ~s,t Inspector: sara Martha Cdmtt, Route 6, Andalusia, Al. CLERKS: Walter H. Griffin, Jr., Route 2, Andalusia, AI. Woodrow Wilson, Route 6, Andalusia, AI. BEAT ! 7. BOX, ! : Manager: Manager: Manager: Clerk: Clerk: Returning Officer: Sammy J. Dozier, Route 1, Dozier, AI. Ira R. Hammett, Route 1, Dozier, Al. Robert Clifton Mathews, Route 1, Dozier, AI. Charles B. Williams, Route 1, Dozier, AI. Arnold 1% Moore, Route 1, DoZier, Al, Reuben Goodson, Route $, Opp, AI. BEAT 22, BOX I : Chief Inspector: Ass't Inspector: .CLERKS: William Henry Hall, Route 1, Opp, M. Harold Lloyd Geohagan, Route 2, Florala, Al. Robert James Peters, Route 2, Florala, Al. Mildred Robbins Seay, Route 2, Florala, AI. BEAT 23, BOX 1: Chief Inspector: Ass't Inspector: CLERKS: Dewey Lee McKay, Route 1, Opp, At. Alto Scofield, Route 1, Opp, Al. J. C. Carnley, Route 1, Opp, AI. Ion avant, P,mte 1, Opp, AI. BEAT 24: Chief Inspector: Ass't Inspector: CLERKS: Leonard E. Clements, Jr., Lockhart, AI. ,Shadrach M. Gohagan, Route 1, Florala, AI. Annie L. Hutoheson, P. O. BOX 276, Lockhart, At. Robbie Lee Myerson, Box 22, I~ekhart, Al. Maxine Grant Hutcheson, E. 4th Ave., Florala, AI. J. C. Tew, Box 96, Iockhart, AI. KatherIne Todd Perry, Lockhart, AI. ABSENTEE: Manager: William Henry Carpenter, 1408 E. 3 INt. St., Andalusia, Al. Manager: Jeanette (TNeal Veasey, Route 3, Andalusia, AL Manager: Annie Pate, 13.5 Railroad Ave., Andalusia, Al. Clerk: Mattie Ruth Raines, 603 Rankin St., Andalusia, Ala. Clerk: Betty Bledsols Bass, Bass Oil Co., Rt. 6~ Andalusia, A1. Returning OfficerrLessie M. DeLoach, 715 Montgomery St., Andalusia, Al. Compact cars have been the subject of a lot of jokes lately, like the one about cars getting so small that now pedestrians have a chance to hit back. While that's an exaggeration, small cars, both foreign and domestic, have some special problems that deserve attention. The most obvious fact about small cars is that they're har- der to see. In passing situations this is especially 'true Drivers of small cars need to make sure they've made their presence known. Other motorists should always be on the lookout for that tiny Toyota or half-pint Honda. The kind of chances that a big car can take and get away with can prove fatal for the driver of a small car. Motorists often crowd small cars, denying them the space they need for safe maneuvering, If you're driving a compact or sub- compact and one of the heavy weights stays on your tail, let him pass. Don't tailgate and avoid being caught between two larger By Jesse J Lewis Highway & Traffic Safety Is it bigger than a breadbox? vehicles. Always allow your- objects, causing, injury or self room and time to change death to their occupants. lanes or if necessary change routes. Braking distance is Smaller cars often have shorter for a small car than a reduced power. Be especially large one so keeping a con- careful when leaving ramps siderable amount of space to enter the expressway. between you and the car to Avoid situations where the rear of you gives you an superior horsepower is extra edge of safety. While required you may be able to stop your Obviously, defensive driving Datsun on a dime, the Pon- is a must for motorists in tiac behind you can't and small cars. If you've always could easily mash your car driven a larger vehicle, take into change for a nickel, time to adjust to the dif- ferences of a compact. Weight is another problem area for smaller cars. Remember that there are Crosswinds and gusts other vehicles on the road decrease the safe operation who outweigh you, so don't of lightweight cars and this take unnecessary risks. becomes especially true when going at higher speeds. Large trucks and buses add The Alabama Office of High- more complications. They've way and Traffic Safety will been known to change corn- be glad to answer any pacts' path of travel, causing questions you might have accidents and even deaths, about safety on the road. Be especially wary of Direct inquiries ta hydroplaning, While it can happen "to anyone driving OFFICE OF HIGHWAY too fast for weather con- AND TRAFFIC SAFETY ditlons, small cars stand a 2600East South greater chance of sliding far- Boulevard/Suite 100 ther and skidding into heavy Montgomery, AL 36111 5