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April 29, 1976     The Florala News
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April 29, 1976

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IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. v v v v v v v v v v V v v v v v The • • O~ v v v v v v v v v v v v v ~ V Student Council Elections Held On April 16, Florala High School students held elections for President and Vice-Presi- dent of the Student Council for the coming year. Students ran in teams with one student for President and one for Vice- President. For 1976-77 the President is Keith Warren, who will be a Senior, and the Vice-Presi- dent is Chris Hutcheson, who will be a Junior. They plan to do their best for the students of Florala High. Members of the Student Coun- cil Cabinet for 1976-77 are John Henderson, Sammy Poppell, Naretha Whitley, John Anthony, and Bonita Cook. VOTE FOR & ELECT DISTRICT I would like to Thank the People of the Florala District for the fine rote you gave me 3 years ago and would like to solicit your vote in this election. I pledge to you, the people of Florala, I will work with your commissioner and The People of Your District. (Pd. Pol. Adv. By Billy T. Hughes, Red I,evel, Ala.) VOTE FOR & ELECT FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT 1 This is Palmer Ellis, Candidate for County Commissioner District 1, Opp, Alabama. 1 am speaking to all the people of Covington County. The Commissioner of your County plays a very important role in the running of your County. 1 want to work with all the people.with each City and State official who can make ours a better County in which to live. 1 will promise you, the people of District 1, the County will not stop at the CRy limits sign, we will be working with and for all the people. 1 am running my own race. 1 have no one backing my campaign: ! am not obligated to any one person or any one thing --- just to the people of District 1, - Covington County. I am for the continued growth of our County in ~very way that is possible. ! am for supporting our schools; for more and better roads; more and better recreation; more industry and for programs to support agriculture in our County. Let's all pull together to make our County one of the best. 1 am for good, honest, hard working government for our County, treating everybody alike and everybody working together. When you go to the poles May 4, please consider casting your'vote for Palmer Ellis, County Commissioner District 1, Opp, Alabama. Thank You (Pd. Pol. Adv. By Palmer Ellis, Opp, Ala.) SENIOR OF THE WEEK Shirley Brazzell This week our Senior Spot- light shines on Shirley Braz- zell. She has light hair, ha- zel eyes and stands 5'5" tall. Her hobbies include horseback riding, voll~yball and embroi- dery. Her favorite teacher is Coach Terry, and her favorite class is accounting. A'mong her favorite foods, spaghetti num- bers first, and steaks run a close second. Congratulations Shirley, and good luck in the fu- ture! S'ENi[OR OF THE WEEK Randy Bulger Randy Bulger stands in our Senior Spotlight this week. He stands a full six feet tall, has brown hair, and green eyes. He is the outdoors type, as his hobbies include swimming, hunting and skating. Coach Terry is Randy's favorite tea- cher and his favorite class is Coach Terry's Government and Economics. Pizza is his favorite food, with french fries numbering second. Rundy's personal philosophy is: "Live life day by day.'~ His final thoughts on FHS are that it's a great place to be and he shall miss it after he leaves. His plans after graduating from good old FHS include attending a Missionary College. He is still undecided as whether to attend Mobile College in Mo- bile, or Central Baptist Col- lege in Conway, Arkansas. Ei- ther way, we all wish you good luck Randy. NEWSFLASH 888 SPRING FEVER HAS STRUCK FLORALA An epidemic of not-so-rare disease has struck Florala High. The disease reaches epi- demic proportions around April each year causing many stu- dents to loose interest in school. Here are a list of the symp- toms: High fever(hot weather); sore muscles (outdoor work); day dreaming (wishing to be some- where else); sneezing and snif- The Adventures Of Pollyanna whistled as she walked to school this morning. The days were getting so pret- ty, and once in a while she liked to get up and walk instead of drive. Actually, she would're liked to ride her bicycle, but there was no place at school to chain it up. This morning, Polly was really in a wonderful mood. "Oh, Boy!" she thought, "if everyone's in as good a mood as I am today, Mr. Stevenson's going to have a hard time hold- ing us all down!" She found out when she got to school that she had been right. Evergone was rllnning around acting crazy, "All her friends were shouting and jumping up and down, and a few of them even had a frisbee playing pitch in front of the school. And sure enough, there was Mr. Stevenson running around looking kind of help- less trying to stop it all. "Poor Mr. Stevenson," thought Polly, "I know he likes to see us having fun for a change, but I guess he does have his responsibilities as principal." "If I was him, I'd just turn us loose once in a while and let us get it all out of our systems." Home Economics Visitor The 3rd and 5th year Home Ec class had a very interest- ing guest! It was Mrs. Macie Norris. She gave a demons- tration on cake decorating. She iced and decorated a cake. For the decoration she used rose buds and roses. Mrs. Norris showed the class several dif- ferent techniques in cake de- corating. Afterwards she help- ed some of the girls to make a rose and to experiment with dif- ferent decorating techniques. Then the girls enjoyed eating the cake! "Delicious!" was the expression everyone used after taking that first bite. The Home Ec girls want to give Mrs. Norris a special thanks for such a helpful de- monstration. At The Close Of My ties (some of us anyway -- h~y fever); burnt bodies (too much Freshman Year .sun). If you have any of these symptoms the best cure is to take a 90-day vacation around May 30, much to the delight of teachers. Track Team News After about two months of practicing the girls and boys attended their first track meet. On Monday,April 19, 1976, they traveled to Straughn and chal- lenged Straughn and Opp. Their victory was an enormous and glorious win for Coach Strick- land and the team. The following were first place victories. GIRLS: shot-put and discus - Naretha Whitley; 100- yard" dash -Tammy Walker; 440 yard - Shelia Parker; 880 yard - Jeunette Wade; 440 yard relay - $andra Cook, Tummy Walker, Jeanette Wade, and Katrina Pound. BOYS: running broad jump - Jeffery Thrash; 440 yard - John Rodwell; 440 yard relay - Eddie Thrash, John Anthony, Raymond Adams, Jeffery Thrash; I00 yard dash - Wil- lie Williams. The total scores (boys and girls) were: 1st - Florala with 10Zpoints. 2nd - Straw0m with 70 points. 3rd - Opp with 32 points. SENIOR PREDICTIONS As l look over the past year, I can see that I have grown up suddenly. At the beginning of the year, I was scared to death because I didn't know what to expect. Now, we Freshmen are more confident in oursel- ves. We used to just try things to see how much trouble we could get in but now we know! The people I've talked to say that being in the 9th grade is the easiest year of high- school. The talk is that the 10th grade will be the tough- est. We've had our good times and our bad times. We always seem to get through it, what- ever tt may be. I have at least three more years over here! I'll probably get in more trou- ble in my next 3 years but you can be sure I'll be thinking be- fore I try anything. This is my advice to the Freshmen next year "Don't be scared, we were all Freshmen at one time." The Wizard Of Oz The Drama Club of Florala High School is going to do the production, "The Wizard of Oz". This event is co-spon- sored by the Z4th of June Com- mittee. Auditions were held for the play Monday night, April 19. Many auditions were given and all were very, very, good. All the students who auditioned were given a part of some kind. The cast was as follows: Dorothy - Rhea Yarbrough, Toto - Belinda Miller, Auntie Em - Karen Potter, Tornado- es - Sonya Moseley, Sonya Spears, Sissie Savage, Tammy Walker, Denise Dawson; Road- Hal Parker, Glenda Good Witch - Melanie McDaniel, Ada- pearl Good Witch - Naretlm WhRley, Good Witch of the South - Cindy Surrey, Wicked Witch - LaJuan York, Scare- crow - Keith Warren, Tinnman - Paul Bedsole, Lion - Naretha Whitley, Gatekeeper and Oz - Rusty Peters, Houses - Mun- chkins - Trees - Monkeys- Emerald City People - Bonita COok, Sherry Elmore, Randall Bradley, Gary Bradley, Bid Sa- vage, Marry Byrd, Diane .Mick- elson, Sheila Parker, Leigh Peters, Cry~tal Burns. With graduation coming up, we at FHS thought it would be fun to try to guess what the graduating seniors would be- come in their "adult" life. Here are some: Frank Dawson - Secretary of Agriculture. Melanie McDaniel - Rodeo Queen. Ben Martin - brain surgeon, Victor Weeks - U. S. Army private. Hieu telephone operator. Angela Bradley - Champagne Lady ior Lawrence Welk. Gauis Grantbam - gas sta- tion attendant. Paul Bedsole - head meat- cutter at the grocery store. Rickey "Snake" Anderson - head bag boy at the grocery store. Sonya Moseley - president of an all-boys college. Jeffery Owens - Owen's and Son Funeral Home. Steve Sexton - tennis pro and instructor. lyanna il Suddenly she was struck with an idea at the same time she got hit in the head with the frisbee. "Sorry Polly!" her friends called. She assured them she was fine and gathered them around to discuss her idea. You see, Pollyanna is kinda scatterbrained, and somewhere she had picked up the idea that she and her friends had to res- cue Mr. Stevenson before he had a nervous breakdown. "This is the plan," she said excitedly, "Mr. Stevenson would never let us have just a wild play day, so we've got to take the school away from him for one day." We can get almost as crazy as we like and then for the rest of the year we'll behave ourselves!" "Polly, you're crazy!" they all said. "We'll get expelled!" "No we won't, " said Polly, "He can't expell us if we get the whole school to go along with it. Besides that, it's for the poor man's own good! He'll run himself ragged before school gets out if we don't do something! It's our duty to try to help him." "Okay, Polly," they agreed. "Let's fill everybody in today and do it tomorrow, since to- morrow's Friday and everybody acts crazy on Friday anyway." Everybody agreed to go along with the plan. The next day they all arrived on time. When the first bell rang for the first pe- riod class, nobody went. The tardy bell rang and still no one went to class. "All right!" boomed a loud voice. "What's going on here'} Get to class!" said Mr. Ste- vensofl. Well, no one said Polly took a deep br stepped forward. she said bravely. going to class today." "What? Not goingi "That's right Mr. It's for your own good. decided to take over today and there's can do about it. We'll for the rest of the There just wasn't Stevenson could do whole school joined He just went and sat lice for the rest of The students went on class, and behaved all things considered. some still claim that end of the day they saw Mr. Stevenson if he approved of one' fun anyway. VOTE FOR OF THE BOARD COVINGTON COUNTY On May 4~ the voters of Covington County will select a Chairman of the Board of the Covington County Commission. Ray Jackson is running for that position. Ray Jackson is a native of Covington County and knows the people and problems of Covington County. As an Opp Businessman, he knows the problems of the businessmen as well as the farmers. Ray Jackson is a man that will listen to your problems and will make every effort to solve them. (PD. POL. ADV. BY RAY JACKSON, RO LIT E 2, OPP, ALABAMA) On May 4, Vote for Ray Jackson and have a voice in your county government. ommissioner DISTRICT 3 I have done my best to the people of this District. serve If you, the voters, see fit to re-elect me a second term, I will do my best again. Your vote and support will be sincerely appreciated. and 1 th Street, I=lorala (PD. POL. ADV. BY TRENT LEWIS)