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April 29, 1976     The Florala News
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April 29, 1976

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sqD E SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. by Lloyd Red- LELAND ENZOR Red Level, Ala- Ottis Birge, peal and physcology to get the publics venomous adrenalin or FOR RENT: a two bedroom 4-15-3tp SERVICE, INC., Opp, Alabama. (Pd Pol. Adv. by Leland En- Town Clerkglands to working overtime, And consequently, want to believe house and a mobile home Phone~ 495-3800. 4-15-tfc zor, Andalusia, Alabama.) 4-22-Ztcanything, especially bad they read or heard about him I can hook-up. Call 8-3526. FOR SALE: Citrus, pecan, easily prove this and will give a thousand dorlars to anyone who 4-Z9-1tp peach; pear and other fruR WANTED: Representative for - proves me wrong in an open forum. The same physcology has, is and will continue to be used on the unlearned, unwary, sucker trees. Also camellias, aza- Orkin Exterminator Company.. (Red Level) FOR CHAIRMAN OF THE LEGAL NOTICE and or those who do not think or weigh the facts from all angles. LOST: tan plastic hand box leas and Var Ornamentals. Salary, plus commission. No With due respect to all concerned: was man's original ances- which contains faucet repair Telephone 858-2711 nights, experience necessary. Carfur- lnnounce my candi- BOARD, COVINGTON COUNTY tors, Adams and Eve, gulible and suckers? More on this next parts. Marked CE 1 P.F 2 Open six days a week from nished. All major company Covington COMMISSION District4, I am soliciting the support of The State Of Alabama, Coy- week I hope The world knows or some of it that there is a gold Ect ia brown envelope Iffound 9:00 s.m. to 5 p.m. Closed benefits provided. For tMor- Pri- you fine voters in the May 4 ington County. mine in the suckers pocket book and between his ears. return or call Q. P. Flouruoy on Mondays Dean's Nursery, malion, call collect in Men- 8-3512 (REWARD). Samson Highway, Florala. roeville, 743-3167. ay 4 and May 25, and May 251)emocratic Prima- IN CIRCUIT COURT, IN DAN McLEOD, P. O. Box 103, Lockhart, Alabama 4-22-Ztp 4-15-tfc 4-15-4tc ries for re-election as Chair- EQUITY. NEWS - THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 1976 PAGE 13 - ~, ~ ---- ~ man of the Board of Covington Carolyn Plaster Complai- r ~ . L L ~ ! L County Commissioners nant vs. John D. Plaster Res- | II ior'Tt~vr~t"~te- [11 IIP'~ . I. i, .- . Having served for two terms pondent. ~. / f~ n ~.~q..4r...A. / I.~/I~/CA.%.wI'% ~.~ll,,Ab,J a ~ _ ~ N i I ~ .m. ~ --. ~.~ ~ as Commissioner of District 4 In this cause it being made to l'~ I~il Idln De lidI I qllllll: . and one term as your Commis- appear to the Register by affi- zjm/Uwuvt& ~1~ I I I/ ' II 1" m.'- I.~ ~m,.m. .~ ,vw--v ~,...,~. stun Chairman, Ifeeltbatlbave davit of complainant's attorney I-lOins iVleel:lna f n "s non ....... ,~J the experience necessary to that the De enda t I a - 1-,, 1, --- v ..... make you a good Chairman. resident of Alabama, and that . v ..... ,o ... .... -,,l .i. -o, o,,,oo o.. .... ,. .... Good Insurance R,,ular meeting of the Flu- to improving the stadium end .,,o .......... v~- .......~ .................. ril te be sincerely appreciated known, and further that i. the %' Ln dth, belief of said afflant, the De- , " BER, COVINGTON Your vote and support will ....................... r~:.a ..... ~'-""" '*" ...... ~'^r of-'our Restaurant seen a stadium in Texas which OMM qqlON ,.^ .... tl ..... at.i~,tm4 HIRAM T. t'lTT~ Ien~alR is ot the age oI twenty-utu ~UU ltilUW 11 UIIU lii~llll~ ] O~.aeiAent Dnbert we etmil,~. #o t-lorala,s Mat- 3 ....... s ..... , *,vv ......... . . _ one y.ears.; ilia therefore or- family gives one pint of blood once a Mose~eyi"Frances'Chance',~Bet- hews'St'adi"u'm" "Moseley asked sinc " GHE (Pd Pol Adv ny .tram T seres oy me tiegister tnat pun- e r that 1 fami erely appreciate BILLY HU S .... _-:" _ . ................. y a al ly members are cov- ty Evans, Max Willis, Joe Ev- that Willis contact Flournoy as 'an /1 nc I seek FIRS, tie~ bevel, Ataoama.) tication De mane lnme ~mram ~:dm ~T~a:heeRaned Crots_ Offic~ 10~ ~:m~e~of the (Pd. Pol. Adv. by Billy News ]neW?auP nrvPUb :bedami: un _ 7 , Y sublect to the Democratic Pri Pro Confesso may be taken her of the Covington County ........ ~'~" 4 ~nd Ma" 25". ~..~,.., ~,_ they need at no charge. That is pretty given by Max Willis as follows: area report and stated that the T. IVEY POWELL Commission, District 4, sub- mar e ,,, --.,. ... ./... .S._.,o, .:.,.. ..... chean insurancefor only one pint of general account - $704 02, ape- area involved might be avail- " " rim I am a veteran oz woriu war L~ne at olIice in Anoamsla, v ., . . . 1 WIll De most app e - - m. . o- ~ " . .. . . urea t~ ".. DISTRICT 4 (Red Level) . land Enzor, Judge of the Pro- you are ushered to a table where dell- plaques, 4 returning letter pla- time. Membership fee is $5.00 ........ Primaries of May 4 and May . - " n to present the same withintime time. Sometimesyou are not allowed to President Moseley reque s.t.ed School on May 11, 1976 at.7;30. I lConsiaerallissueswitn 25 . In.qualff~ng for re ~.ectio allowed by law or the same will ~---^-^ ~^^~ ..... .-: ........... Vrm that Coach Terry comac~ tnt- pro, in the new remoneieo t and uppo . be truly appre a ed ............. "-~rtuni /s/P J Maraman I .......... ing of trophies which was in The meeting was adlourned a reciatlon IOl- tue vppv - TERL. HARRELL JERRY ........... o I might be taking some form of medIca- for an adlustment of the bill. P yOU it has neen my gun it " ":~-~'~" TMJ'J " "" "- "" --~lIz/5-'i'~ Adv by Walter L (ld. Pol. Adv. by Jerry C , . ~. phies had been paid for by in- te One, Flora , Red Level, Alabama.) . . dividuals and businesses with ence suoulu certalmy warra ........... haBJeddPa~ ~efach Paei Terry' Rupert lmil~ rnggiestl~eeSfner sa~enS~ngn;ei< o,,-, - , , of Covington County Hughes, Gantt, Alabama.) ............... THE ,~s " /' s c ..... " ................. -' The meeting was called to xas L~Sion ]"Uti UMAIKM,q-N ur once a weeg for iour con e u- OIOOO or nave [ned uona[e owou anu ,,,-~o,, hv Dr,.~id~nt Mrm~|/~v A motinn wu~mad~hvCharte@ I Only offer my record of - BOARD, COVINGTON COUNTYtire weeks, requi.ring the said someone in your immediate family lS m- The minutes of the previous and seconded b Greene that a e a COMMISSION Jonn D Plaster to pleau, ans s commissioner in FOR MEMBER, COVINGTON , ~ ..... ,,~-, ~.~ o., ...... = ~ .... ,,. ,ho roll ofvolved in an accident, has surgery ormeeting were adopted and up- donation of $25.00 be made to- ~evious terms andhope COUNTY COMMISSION ~.~.'~ ~"~'.'~"~'a~ ~,~ ~-~'..~:,.~"~;'~ ~,~"~ th*-: proved on a motion by Greene wards expenses of a banquet for oegoeden0ughtomerit DISTRICT 4 (Red Level)no un~,,?. ,7:~:~.--..~o~- ~',~,'~'~:'~"'~7",'.."~',~ ~1"9"76~ ~r'~n ,~.-a~ ht,~a ,,r -th"," modi,'-I reasons and seconded by Willis. Motion the basketball team. Motion q~roval and .~nnnOrt of ! Av.nold T~svis hor/~bv anUIJ~gll&/i~lM vt tu L, tm.~., " ovt. on! v. ~p,.., . ,.~....,,~ .~ ...~ ~v .., ..,. "-" "" 1 ,-orri~d - t, trripd with all in fay r ton Countv~/nt~-~- ,,,.;'.,,:~.'~,%-~'~i~',.v fm-mem ington County Commissioners, thirty days thereafter a Decree the,, m~,, use all the Red Cross Blood ~'-'--: , - -'- -- : = - " -. - -~ ....... .,,,.,.~ ,.~ ....... , ...- - . . J -,, The treasurer s report was t~uper~ t, reene gave a parxmg ... lect to the Democratic P a- , ....... ,:. _ ,.^.,..~.... r .... .~. --,- --^ n-..* .*~- -.* ~,,rt~ blood and 30 minutes of your time cial account - $204.38, savings able for the coming football ', Route 8, Andahrsia, Your vote and support, inthis tian, married and the fathe 1976_ , ....... The steps revolved x.n donating blood A bill in the amount of 515.75 The club discussed the pos- en of three sons E ~: t~it~t~, tiegister , ) my first attempt at public of- - ....." ....r-ciative " " 4 8 4tc are quite simple, rirst you are re- from Kendrick s Florist for sibility of sponsoring a softball hce, will be sincerely appre- ^, ...... ,o on,4 c, nn~rtdurin~ gtstered at the door, then a small sam- flowers for footballbanquetwas tournament. Moseleyrequested ,- elated ,,?/...... ,~. ..... vv,':--'- :--o nlz~ ~f hl~'~d ;c t~.k,',n t~ ch.~.k vo, r h"- present A motion was madebt that Hubbart Byrd stndy the sit- ~EMBER, COVINGTON [.ms upcoming campaign .. /l;'eA[ ~T~'~' .... k~: ...... XT...~ ...... * ...... presented. A motion was made nation and report his findings to ry COMMIq~ION ~NOLD DAVIS unairman ot me uoara, lz ~*~'J~ ,,,~,---,-,~, ,-uKumm t;vu.t, t,,ext you[ tt:a,,p~t~- k,, ~,'oe,,o and seconded by th= Club at its next meetinr !CT 3 el.ected, I ass_ you I_wiil PROBATE COURT ture and blood pressureare taken by a Terry for payment. Motioncar- Moseley informed the Club ~VOte and support is ear- (Pd. Pol. Adv. by Arnold enueavor to maze you a good Estate of V D Maraman, registereu nurse, men II you are given ried with all in favor that membership cards are SO " uommlsslon unairman licited in my candi- Davis, Route l,McKenzie, Ala- Deceased. a good report you are given a plastic Willis presented a bill of available and that members or Member of the Board bama.) ,~ .... ,,vo,~ Letters of Administration,n~okat fc, v. whi,-h th,~ hlr, t~d i~ ~trtr~,d $484.93 for trophies from Hil- could be invited to join at this ounty Commission, cum testamento anoexo of said ......... mac Sporting Goods of Enter- time for the upcoming year. ~3 t, ast you are snown to a u~ote ann a .,~; ..... , ..,.. ,...o...j~,.k deceased having been granted ............ prise Of thisamounitheQuar- Any member of the Quarter- ooru and reared inCur- FOR MEMBER, COVINGTON ~ru_ r~*. ~u~: ~y ~.~.L "~ ". to the undersigned on the day registered nurse assist in tne oonaung terback Club owes $Z49 63 for back Club can be contacted if ~n~ ~eteran~foW~r~' COUNTY COMMISSION son, tionte % upp, Atana a) of April, 1976, bytbeHou Le- of blood. After the blood has been given 4helmetplaques, 32SACChamp anyone desires to loin at this t high school education I hereby announce my candi- _ bate Court of Covington County, _: ...... .... .a .,....,.- ........... ,4 ques, and Z trophies. It was per year. ve been employedbyAla- dacy for member of Covington ......... notice is hereby given that all , ~uu~, ~u~. man. ~uu.n~~ .~t ~ v,~u. pointed out thatothercompanies President Moseley informed ~.i~rtment of Couserva- County Commission, District Fu~_u_'L_~_~. ....... T persons having claims against [ rna~ s all mere is to it. Many oo~.ors selling trophies and plaques the Club that the next meeting ~alural Resources for 4, subject to the Democratic COVINGTON Uttit;v~ said estate are hereby reonired [ find out there blood type for the IlrSt made allowances on lettering, will be held at the Florala High vs. COURT -" "~1 d o " t wi to cieri, uoving~on ulrcmt t, MJII~tt.e t,IIt.IA~t iul i~iiuu~ i,~,Ull~.... " " . .. _ n and earnestly s - Your support and vo e 11 .... ce be barred l ................ mac in re9ards to the letter- dressing room facilities. #Our vo es rt ci t uourt, permit me tovoi my might nave a rover mister, a cole, your ..... "-- PP .............. e 4-29-3tcI nemogomm count might De lOW or you the amount of $166.50 and ask upon motion and second. WAL COOK ties tnat I nave nau to ~erv el . . ook fulfill the duties of this office LEGAL NOTICE I tim that is now allowed for donors. You Moseley stated that all tro- ~,.\ ~, Rou la with integrity, energy, and fair are given the same coverage as a per- . . . ~a.) treatment for at!.._My eXaP//:nt The normal procedure to be son who donates blood if you try, but the exception of $68.95. " ....t iffollowed by each parent, stu- I cannot for some reason donate blooa. Moseley informed the Club j~.,~.~ vvs~ssssssl~ ],~ f~oners, Covington to the Democratic Primaries 25, 1976. in (5) working days after the " plans to sponsor these. He up- ~ 1: lard o," (iripph~ ~., Uistrict 3, subject to of May 4 and May 25, 1976 ........~,,~ first meeting, request in writ- pointed Charles Stevenson as 2 *l'. corn~t~lrc|i e~Ocratic Primaries of- ~e.z ~-~-m~-,, ing the arrangement of a meet- . ........... overall Chairman of the Bingo 1 W_, t. ~a]t May 25 MURLAND SMITH . .. .. ing with the Superintendent of LI~bAL l'~Ullt~i~ staud and dunkir~ booth and 1~ t. pepper 'oU " - d Pol Adv o t~a uoze- -~ . a w - .... honor me with elec- (P -.. : . ..~.Y...Y .... Education. Hubbart Byrd to be in charge _ ~ ~t~. ~s office, I will stress (Pd Pol Adv. by Murlandman, Anuatusia, Ab~auw~.) If the problem remains un- In compliance with Part 86 ~ of securing the Bingo set. ~ .. ~.y ,, , II [0 I t (O I1~.{1~ %lilt(lOt 1 the ~ntire District Smith~ Andalusia. Alabama ) resolved the complainant may, of Title IX of the Educational ......... , Coach Paul Terry gave a = , ', ~ " ' ' .... I ~0 ' " " " "" " or C'ii)l)~l~C unty as a whole I ........ r...-,~,,..v within (5) working days after Amendments of 1972, F1 alaI ~ L~/ANT ~ I I re,~rt to the Club concerning ,> ' . , , [~ ". - I I I~lJV&l~lllll|Vit~l ~i.,VvJA~lix .... rv .) C, L'O(IK(~(t I'IL'~.' mendous responslbl- ~r,~on n~ the meeting wlth the Superm- City School has adopted the| VV_I= v_wru~_~n ev | | the Jamboree Football Game ............ ~l~?_cr.ed trus!.atracheal FOR MEMBER,COVINGTON PLACE #2 ," "" t.endeot, request in.w.ri.ting .a fol!, of policy, I WIPE 131.11 I I at Straughn School... He said celery ~,,,d rm,~hr,>onl.~ i,,' hlrd or 7o~oftani..position.... COUNT_Y_CO_MMISSlON I earnestly solicit your vote ~11. n ear_mg, anT, aPvPO~n^^[~.~ne,^nejow-name~ " I I some pla.yers show~ ira.prove: drii,i,)i,,~. P,>,~r -ff drippings. ~_ ~e and lmiuence wiii PLACE ONE ~rtd infl,_l/~noo in mv e~ndidacv ulty ~aru m ~uu~a.uu. ..,,~ ,A ..w-,..=.,,.. I ~WlJ~.l~ | I merit aurmg spring traimng and Coml)ilit, t'Orli',[~lFt!li, slilt, i)t'pl>t'r, ~Preciatedand re- I am announcing, my candi- ."....."^'~'~i~^~"t,~"t~h~--~ui'-~~ Upon receipt of request for 1 STATEMENT OF POLICY: | ~'~s ~m,~'e~ | | felt that with the returning let- ,~,~m~r ~u~d ~oy ~a~e. Add to @r "?. " [or re-c,~,.,v- ,,, .-~ .~..-..~- ,, .... ~" dacy for re-election to the ton County Board of Education, a hearing, the Florala City No person shall be demedem- | |~ ~.J~JK ~|st | termen the team should hold meat m!xture a.d cook. ~hrrmg Board of County Commission- mo,.e No'2 subiect to the De- Board of Education with whom ployment, be excluded fr?m | I'I~"NMJ~ ~ | its own against opponents this c,,~,~t,,,t[y, until tl~icke,~:~l. A~ld ----- , ( II)rl I~t t11(I COOK IItl[ll {IOilt CLIFF MADDOX era, Place One, subject to the ,-o~'~,ti,,'primaries of May 4 the request is fried, shall set partic}pation in, De Denied tn.e I IAI"~ | |111~ "I~| football season. He also stated .~L,,,~'~,' ..,,,,~,.. ~, ..... ;,i: - Primaries May 4 and Ma'y 25 " ........... "I have served'o~' a time and place for the bear- b?nezits OI, or SUDJecteG tO [AM~C~q(~R" ROCKY ~ I that one game is still needed ~;;'.~'"~,.,'~".