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April 30, 1970     The Florala News
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April 30, 1970

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INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ": SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. DEMOCRATIC PARTY SAMPLE ESTAILISNED IN. ON BEAUTIFUL LAKE JACKSON & GATEWAY TO TIlE GULF COATI" .- LOCATION OF W CONSECBTIVE ANNUAL MASONIC CELEBRA'TI( /. SEVENTY-FIRST YEAR - NUMBER 8 FLORALA, ALABAMA, COVINGTON COUNTY THURSDAY, APRIL 30, 1970 PltIMARy ELECTION BALLOT MAY 5, 1970 DEMOCRATIC PARTY COVINGTON COUNTY To vote for any candidate ( X ) in the square in the appro- according to your choice. of Probate--Vote for One ENZOR NEWMAN for One F. CHAMBERS (Pap) GAN~'r HARRELL PRESTWOOD RUSHING WILLIAMS Clerk--Vote for One BOZEMAN I~ WILSON CO~ne ty Intermediate Court-- F. COLQUETT M. LOVE for One BREWER B. BROWN CARTER '~g Jim" FOLSOM (Shorty) PRICE C. WALLACE WOODS Gov~or---Vote for One BEASLEY GILES J- "Joe" G(M)DWYN WINSTON GULLA~E MONEY MORROW RADNEY THOMAS Gsmwel--Vote for. One BAXLEY AmUte,--Vote for One TILL ALI.,gN ~. (Bill) FRITH Tr~surs~---Yote for One AGNES BAGGETT PASSMORE of Ac~-ultu~ for One "Dick" BEARD TODD Service Commission, g--Vote for One M. COTHREN E. DIXON GARCIA QUINTON KENDALL G. "Mac" McCARLEY W. McDANIEL "Jabo" WAGGONER BEA/RD W~S E. WILLIAMS ~)~etice of the Supreme Court-- T. HEFLIN PATTERSON Court~ Criminal Appeals. 3--Vote for One P. ALMON Board of Education. District--Vote for One B. THOMASSON 20th Senatorial District-- (Crum) FOSHEE JONES House of Rel~esentatives, Place ~-Vote for One DENNEY F. GRIMES I~GHES F. INAmNETr B. WISE (Tractor) WISE wwA& TUESDAY NIGHT some of u. will be shouting '~py days are here again" and some will be loading up for a trip to "Buck's Pocket." And all of us may be gelling reed~ for a four week tmtile in run- Off races. I don't believe the governor's race will be decided next Tues- day, May 5th. The Brewer and Wallace camp claim the elecUon is in the bog, come Tuesday, bet i think both camps m wroug. Until proven otherwise PH be thinking about a run-off elacUon between Governor Albert Brewer and ex-Governor George Wallace. The way I see it is that Alhert Brewer will be high with Wallace's breath belug felt at his heels. But I can assure you of one - tf, take Uat to Buck's Pocket with a loser Pm going to have a good Ume on the way and Pm goh~ to enjoy it after I set there. I bet a lot of ffz)se wisnars wlU wish they could go with us ff we should be Soi~. I'M HAYING the best Ume of my life. Several people have 4)rceght us old piehu-es of af- fairs at 50 and more years q~o, some ms and affairs of 25 years ego that is of interest. I get so excited I forget the present compaste~ and Eo back to the past atm~ with these pichn~s wondering Just what the difference is com- pared with to-day and Umse so hms pust. Hesry and Herrym McNelll have brought us the most plchtres of interest. Su~rel weeks before Curtis Zorn died he brought us pic- tures of the early days of The Florela Fair store and several other interesting pictures. A number of other people have been bringing us plclmu,'em. Mar- ton Reeves has accumulated the most complete history of early years of this area aud has had copies made of sews- papers printed here, advertise- merits, and entertaining tars. lie has a prized collec- flou, some of which was found in his mother's possessions after she died last year, and material be has spent many hours collectl~ from various sources. I wish I dldnSt have anything to do for the next several weeks but to work at these vaht~le collectious. Mertou is I~vlug copies made up which be is offering to sell to those in- terested in order to share history with others. He has gone to coustdarable expense to get this material cop~ed and is ~y charg~ enough to set back a part of what it has cest him. Merkm stated Tuesday thst be knew where asumberof Florela hotels were located bet accord- ing to an ~lverUsement in The Florata Nmvs-Democret statl~ "Next door lost. Jumes HotoI," Ju$ JombJiW The May 5th prims_,'y electlon is only a few days away and Alabama voters will cast bai- - BY - lois for nine statewide off ces, two congressional races and Board of Education members in all eight districts. Voters will decide on 141 members of the Legislature, Judicial post and hundreds of offices at the county level May 5th may not be the day of final decision in some races. A nmoff will be held June 2rid for those races in which one candidate does not receive more than 50 per cent of the votes cast. Voters will cast ballots in races for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general~ state auditor, state treasurer, commissioner of sgriculture A rally was steged at the Florala ~ School Stadium last Wednesday night when Gov- ernor Altmrt Brewer came to Florala to meet with the voters of (his area. Brewer told the audience that he was glad to announce that the road betwoun Kinshm and Floralawoeld final- ly be paved, that Florata will at last set the airport emyhave been working for so long, that Lake Jackson would be made a state park with the best fasi- lltles beilt there, that the Florela Rescue Squad would receive a new ambulance, and that Floraia would get a new armory, which was confirmed last Friday in a telegram from Senators John Sparkman and Jim Allen, anmmnclng that $150, 000 has been appropriated and released for constrnctiou of the National Guard Armory at Flor- ell "l%e crowd at the rally wan estimated to be in the thou- sands wlth thousands of pounds of fish served, catered by Batleys of Mobile, famous for their seafoods. More than2,000 cars were counted at the scene and still arrivieg indicating that there was probably between flve to six thousand persons atlend- : Governor Brewer introduced his wife to the crowd an "Your First Iady and My First Lady.', crowd was the largest to ever attend a political rally in Floraia, comparing with rallies held in much larger towns in South Alatmna. RODWELL AMONG SCHOLARS AT AUBURN Aubm-n University has an- nounced the names of undargre. dusten whose grades during the winter quarter were in the upper five per cent. Sl~dents whose namesaroin- cluded on the Deans' Honor Rolls from ~ County are, from Andaluma, Kenneth Frank Herren, Itonald C, ev~y Horace, Judy T. Gatlin, Thomas A. Puce, and MAW Fleraia- Robert L. Rodwell ( rins),.and Level, Oscar H. Green. and industries, one member of the Public Service Commis- sion, the chiM of the state Supreme Court and one place on the Court of Criminal Ap- peals. ~1~is is the first time in Alabama history when an in- cumbent governor had the pri- vi~ of seeking the state's highest office while occupying the governor's chair. Seven candidates are seeking thesov- ernor's chair including Gover- nor Albert Brewer, ex-gover- nor George Wallace, James E. Folsom, Charles Woods, Ass Carter, Coleman Brown and RaSh (shorty) Price. This is Folsom's sixth time to maim the race. He is one of only two men who have served two four-year terms as chief mm- ay cutive. Charles Wood of Dothan ran a strong race in 1966 in his first bid for office. Asa Carter is an arch segregation-. 1st from Oxford. Coleman Brown is of Opelika and Shorty Price resides in Louisville. Eight persons are seeking the nomination for lieutenant sovernor, including five mem- bers of the Legislature. Four members of the Senate, where the winner will sit as presid- ing officer, are in the race. They are Senators, Jack Giles, Joe Goodwyn, Hugh Morrow, and Tom Radney. From the House of Representative, Pep. Joe Money is running. The three non-lawnmkers in the race are Jure Beasley of Clayton~ J. Win- ston Gullatte of Mobile and Jay Thomas of Decatur. Under the succession law ap- proved by the voters in 1968, four incumbent constitutional officers are seeking re-elec- tion. Atty. Gen. MacDonald Gel- Hon is opposed by Dothan Dis. Atty. BHI Baxley; Auditor Melba Till Allen is opposed by W. 13. Frith of Montgomery; Trea- surer Agnes Bagger has two opponenis, A. James Passmore of Montgomery and Seymore Trammell of Montgomery, fin- ance director under the two Wallace administrations. Agriculture Commissioner Richard Beard of Trnssvtlle is opposed in his bid for re-elec- tion by A. W. Todd of Ruseell- vine, who has served two pre- vious terms in the office. .. III~EIFER TALKS TO HRS. JOHN HILL OF ANDY, OTHER lfl[L/L-WlSH|S AT RALLY Denny Attends Educational Dr. James Densey, member of co instou county mrd of Edacaflo~ was among more thaa 15,000 school hoard mem- bers, school administrators and other public school offlcaLs from throughont the Uniled Sta~s meetlng In Sea Fran- ciaco, California dartns week of April 11-14, to and discuss such pressing e~- cattoaal issues as drug abuse, sez mlucstio~ studant and te~ SEE DENNEY PAGE 8 DEATH CLAIMS MIKE LISANTI WEDNESDAY Mlbe-Lisanti died in the Vet,. erin's Nospitel in ~mery early Wednesday morntng, AprU IAsanti suffered a heart at. tack Monday and was carried to an Andaksla hospital by Trt-Ctty Hesoue Squad em emni~. He wan laler trans- he wants to know where the St. gambling away $10,000 and ferod to Mon~omery where he James was located - can anymm more in one nighL All brother died st approximately 5 o'clock tell him?? Gerald's prosperitywusreailz- yesterday. ed after brother George was Funeral arrangements have EARLY IN the campaign, elected Governor yet he has not bem~ announced. Services George Wailace's beed~r, , not been doing .y 'q~tV~ td~ t~lrisl will be held in Chi- announced thatbewusrecervi~ activities daring these years. Mondays to meet with theprous ff George had not made such caSe-- to answer questions about the an issue of Postmusler Blmmt's Merchanls Pla. governor's race. He did hold '~ bathroom home" which i~ ONE press conterence, but not true, no one would have * -Imortant mined weekly meetings with expensive home he owns In I newsmen. Speculation is that Mm|Somery and the expensive lUl a| _ of brother Gerald andhis mee,,ns reel expensive home, lo~ted not very far from the Post. master GecerePs home. So George had to cancel out his press co-ferences. He re- fused to answer these questions when they were put to him. ANOTHER THING that Georp Wallace could not af- ford to be questioued about was "bow is he going to set rid of the atfllty tax." It can't be done aud he knows It but a lot of tmople th/nks be can. mm,, what , out s tt s rld of some of those taxes put on bythe Wailece ad~. He hadu't bsen in offlce hut a few nmal~ t~oro he added a I cent sales tax to the airead~ h~h sales tsx aud It wan i~t on food~ medlclaes and Jut SEE RAMBLIH' PAGE3 The Tri-city Merchants As- socist~n will hold Its regular monthly meeti~ May 4~at2 p.m. at the Florala Memorial Library. ~is meeting is designated as a IQck-Off for the Caule~ nial Appreciation Days which you will be hearing more about in the days to come prior to the June PAth Masouic Cele- bratiou. President Dolen Clark urges all members of the ussocia- tiou to make a special effort to ~ this meetin~ as a picture will be made to appear in this years Centennial Masonic Year Book. Also, final plans will be made for the b~ d~, June ~4th, when several thousand dollars in free gifts and ~ wall be gtven away. Wallace has been advised to duck questions ahuuthisbrotber Gerald, whose financial affairs have been the subject of con.. sidereble speculat/ce. Wallace Is cousequeet~ changing about face ou a lot at subJacis. Until lest Wednesday, Wallace directed his attack at personalities outside ~e guber- nstorial race and oue of his main targets was Postmaster General mount. Wellacecharg- ed that Blount's Mou|gomery home had '~6 bsthroomsandau air conditioned stable for his horses," a Jibe which crowds i enJoysd, even though they ksew it wu unirue, ms struck ou P(~mau~r General Blcent "and his big house with a lot of hethrommP brought ou a let of disouss/on of his brolber his e~m~ve race hors~ md hts trips to Las VsSu .-d Clea.-Up Campaign CostUMing Florala's Clean-up Campa~n to be completed before the Cen- tonnisl Celebration, is pro- sressmg n/cely. To name a few ~o have made notlceble improvemouts m: the Baptist ~ hous- ing Drs. Holley and The Fashiou the dJoin S Ameri- can Oil S~on ou North Sireet; the Shear~s Facb)ry Oat.. let bulldog; the Jdmsoa- ~s Insurance Agency has installed a new awning; the Christmas tree pole has been moved; shnd)bery on the lot by SEE CLEAN-UP PAGE 8 Casting Spectacle Underway Casting is underway for the Muso~c Centennial Celebratlea spectacle to be held the latter part of Juce. Letters will be nest out to all local or~anisatious May 4, them of exact dehdls. Any families or persons who are not members of such or- gauisaUous but who wish to participate in the pugeant should contact Mrs. Byrou Cawthou (8-7411). Such informatio~ needed is how many members of the family will pe~ticll~ and ages, in order to plece them SEE PAGEANT PAGE 8 WHEREAS, nil Covingtou County residents are interested in doing their utmost to mske our June 24th Masouic Centennial Celebration the greatest ever bald in this part of the county, and WHEREAS, all of us are anxious to have the City of Florala look as it did cue hundred years ago, and to reflect the struggles and sacrifices of our forefathers, THEREFORE, I, Cartmls Emff~OW, do hereby proclaim that all males of the age when shaving is feasible, refrain from shav- isg from now until the end of our glorious celebration week, June 21 thru Jane 27 in the year of Ninsteen Htmdred and ~. THESE MALES shall include all who live and work in the con- fines of cur city as well as a goodly porttou.ofour rurai area. "l~y may wear full beards, mutton chops, Van Dykes, gooses, sldebarus, mustaches or any facial foliage they so desire. ~ais hairy growth shall be of such length and lmmriance that It can be readily seen and reccgnised at eight paces. THESE WORTHY MEN shall henceforth be known as Brothers of the Brush and shall receive full and official recognitice by me as citizens of the grm~st honor. BE IT KNOWN ALSO that those males who refuse to Join the loyal fan org~misatlou, the Brothers of the Brush, by failing to sport such wiry or silky hirsute appendages as herein pre- scribed and ordered, will be dealt with us in the days of our ancestors by a specially constituted police force known as Ye Keystone KelP. This secret order will report all ~ who fail to heed this proclamation with punishment dealt out by Ye Kangaroo Court, to be set up by me within two weeks of this date. Such humiliation and punishment as seems proper by said court will be established by Ye Keystone Kops ~dtheir aids. ISSUED UNDER MY HAND AND SEAL on this date of April thirtieth in the festive year of our celebraUon, Nineteen Hun- drod and Seventy. _,/2 City of Florala, alabama [ Chief Justice J. Ed Living- ston of the Supreme Court is not seeking re-election. Seek- ing the office are John Patter- son, former governor and attor- ney general, and Howell Heflin of Tuscumbia, a former pre- sident of Alabama Bar Asso- clatiou, Receau Mmon Mouiton who was appointed to a circuit judge- ship hy Wallace and elevated to the court of Civil Appeals by Brewer, is seeking a full six-year term. His oppouent is Birmingham attorney Wil- liam Conway. Secretary of State Mabel Amos is unopposed for another term, as is C. C. (Jack) Owen, associa~ commissioner of the Public Service Commission. But Place No. 2 on the com- misslou, which Sybfl Pool is vacating after four terms, drew the largest number of candl* dales of any statewida offlce, nine. They are J. T. Wq~or~. or, on leave as eaucutive assist- ant to PSC President Eugene Coonor; State Senator W. G. McCarley of Autanga, who was cleared by a circuit court Jury of charges of soliciting abrthe; Janniis MclNmisl of Montgo- mery runner-up to Mrs. Allen for auditor .7; in 1966; Samuel E. Williams of Montgomery, a retired Army Colonel; Mrs, Frances Buaird Williams, a Montgomery businesswoman and housewife; William Gninlua K~dail, a Sardis cattleman and attorney; Dr. Manuel Garcis, a Mobile chiropractor; Frank E. Dlxo~ a Gadsden teacher; and James M. Cothren. For the first time this cen- tury, voters will not select a stale superintendent of educa.. tion. ,,m se -t nominees for an etght-member State Board of Educatiou, oue from each cm~si~ dis.. trict. Tbe new heard will be. sin the surch for an s~ointod supe~ next January. at,z Mzk for the Alabama Courts, sppeinb~d to that post- tion by Governor Albert Brewer last year did not draw q~ost- tiou and is elected. In Coyly- to. Cire t adp re,r- land Smith does not have op- posRiou and h/s name will not appear on the ballot Toesd~k~. Represe~am~ Frank ~sou of opp did not dr~w opS~sttiou and ls automatically elected. Berrl lndmmdu or llcan ot~osltiou in the gene~l election in Nommber (hey are elected for another full term. In th, co, mst co--ty r,=e Judse Ialm~ E~=or is omxmsd by Charles Newman who elected for his first t~rm in imbue office four years alto for tax collector. Six eandldatus are intharace for sheriff. P. R.(Pap) GenR is opposed for the sheriff's office by Glen F. Cbamhers of Florala, Elie Harmli of Earl Prustwood of Andalusta, Bm-I Buslm~ of Anda~s~a and Ethert Williams of Anda~sl~ Buy Bozeman, the incumbont for Circuit Clerk Is being op- posed by Harvey L. of Andalusia. M. 1rive of Florata is in the race to uneeat lmmm- bent Dceeld F. colqmm for Judge County Intermedia~ Court. For State Bcerd of ~ tion 2rid Congressional Dis- trlct there are two cendidstes, Ed Dannolty of Andalum who was Wpeisted to tha bcerd and bemg o~osed by Mrs. B, Thomassce. E. C. (Crum) Foshoe, who has served the past four years an member of the House of Heprese~tative is rmming for State Senator for the Z0th Sen- atorial District with J(mes, who ran for that same place four years ago u an lndupendo~ candidate. Jones has served two 4..year terms as a member of the House of l~- presentaUves from 196~ thru 1966. Six candidates are nmaing for the place being vacated by E. C. (Cram) Fosime who is not seeking re~lectiou for member of the House of Repre- sentative, 40th Disirict~ Place 2. They are James Denney of Floraia, Loule F. Grimes of Opp, J. A. m~,hes of Hartford, Jack F. Inabineti of Floral~ Harold 11. Wise of Kinstou Route, and S~OU (Tr~tor)wise of Ands~sla. County Democr~tle E~ecutlve Committee members will be selected in beats where m-ore than one c~ qualified. Beais 1, 4, 10, 11, 15, 19, and 21 will be decided May 5.