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April 30, 1970     The Florala News
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April 30, 1970

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) FROM FRONT else except That first the driver's Per cent, added on beer and a three gross sales tax on the Wallace terms pack cigarette automobile tags were increased from $3.50 to $13.50 and a still larger increase on plck-up truck li- censes. And then on top of that hundreds of millions of dollars of bonds were added to the in- debtedness of Alabama without a vote of the people as had always been done. These bonds are costing Alabama thousands of dollars A DAY interest. The principal will have to start being paid in 1971. Inthe mean= time look what this foolishness ;ERVED. DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. is costing the State of Ala- bama. Millions of dollars and not a penny paid on the princi- pal. And where did that money for those bonds go?7 The high- way department went broke even after getting all that money for bonds. Regardless of who may be governor that money for those bonds will have to be paid back. George says he will take off the utility tax, the only thing he can find to condemn NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Republican Mass Meeting of Covington County, Alabama will be held in the Scherf Memorial Building in Andalusia, Ala- bama, at 4:00 o'clock p.m., on Tuesday, May 5, 1970, for the ~urz~se of elect de ates to the ub- , .... _ ing leg Rep .. ,roan State Convention, election of members and officers of the Covington County Republican Com- mittee, and transaction of such other business as may lawfully come before the meeting. All qualified VOters of Covington County who believe in the prin- Ciples of the Republican Party are invited and urged to attend. ALL PERSONS wishing to be a candidate for dele- gate or alternate delegate to the State Convention or member or officer of the County Committee aOuld notify Fred H. Rb.inehardt, at PoO. Drawer Andalusia, Alabama. W. tL (Pat)Brown, Chairman WANT TO HELP? CLIP AND MAIL: Covin~ County Republican Committee c/o Fred H. l~Zinehardt P.O. Drawer 1069 Andalusia, Alabama 36420 I am interested in working for better government through a strong two-party system and would like to be active in the Republican Party. NAME ADDRESS TELEPHONE NO. BEAT NO. letter Law Enforcement VOTE FOR- Candidate For Covington County Who Is Trained, Experienced, Effident Will Direct The Sheriff's Department Fairly and Honestly and Civi I Investigat ion Warehouse Protecti on - Shoplifters Strong Arm Robbery $ Games Identification - Search and Seizure; Firearms - Essential Legal Terms - Underworld Parlance - Skip Tracing and Locating Fugitives - Assembling Evidence - Blackmail and Kidnapping - Surveillance or Shaddowing and Undercover Work - Criminal Identification - Divorce Evidence Of Actual Experience In Law Enforcement Throughout The United States OF 22 YEARS IN THE ARMED SERVICES PD, POL. ADV. BY GLEN CHAMBERS, FLORALA, ALA. the present administration about. Why not take off some of those heavy taxes you put on us, Mr. Wailacel No, the ex-governor could not afford to let those reporters ask him questions about those things. The newsmen did not ask him to hold press conferences. Apparently he did not think newsmen remembered the taxes and bonds the Wallace admin- istrations had put on the 'Hear people of Alabama," and when he saw that he was going to have to answer some questions he did not want the people to remember he called off the weekly press conferences, Do any of you ever stop to wonder why George Wallace spends so much time lambast- stayed and talked to 'qhe people" Just as long as anyone wanted to talk. He visited with them for a long time followlng the music making and speech and all during the time the fish was being served. Accom- paining him was his lovely wife who the Governor introduced as "Your First Lady" and "My First Lady." I do know there was a big crowd according to the number of automobiles which were still coming when we stopped count- ing. I don't think that many automobiles could have gotten there by only 700 drivers. People axe funny, they say, and I guess it's true. MOST CANDIDATES will be lng the federal government, off the campaign trail after President Nlxon, Postmaster Monday, May 4th, and many General Blount, the big news- will be tired out from the weeks papers, big shots, etc. etc.?? Have you ever thought about it being a cover-up of what has already happened and what is apt to happen again? Sure does make a good smoke- screen - those federal Judges, those Republicans, and so on. EVERY TIME a candidate for of being so active in soliciting votes over the county, the dis- trict, or the state. But all can- didates will have reaped a re- ward, many not realizing how much right at this time but during the years will realize the benefit the "politiciag" has been to them. All candidates will know more governor comes to town every- people - people they would never body wants to know "how many have had the opportuntty to know people do you think is here." otherwise. Most willhave You can tell pretty well Just enjoyed the campaign and even who is talking - those support- ing that particular candidate will play the crowd up high, and those against him will play it down. When George Wallace was in Florala one of his supporters asked me "how many people do you think was there." I told him about 700, - - - antually there was less than 500 but I thought I would not be guilty of "playing down" the crowd of a candidate I was opposed to. When Governor BreWer came to Floraia that sameper- son said there was a crowd of about 700 to hear him, - - - I'm wondering who ate up that 3,000 pounds of fish and those gallons of salad and all that tea. I don't believe 700 people could eat all that food. Well. we decided to do some.. thing different. G ov e r n o r Brewer's rally was atthe Flor- ala High School stadium and we knew that all cars there would be there "only because of the governor's rally" so we counted cars. There was more than 2,000 cars at the stadium and that did not count the buses. Some of those cars brought as many as six people, some only one, some two, some three or four. So we made a guess of an average of three persons to the car - that would make more than 6,000 persons at the rally last Wednesday night. At both the visits of ex- Governor George Wallace and Governor Albert Brewer there were people from Florida but about half the crowd to hear Wallace were our good neigh- bors in Florida. That Just shows you howpeo- pie will do in telling about the "crowd" that was on hand to hear their particular candidate. I don't know how many peo- ple attended the rally last Wed- nesday night to see Governor if defeated for the office can remember many incidents with pleasure. Some will be dis- appointed and feel that they have been crucified but really that will not be true. Fate will play a part and being defeated will not mean that a person is not recognized as an excellent per- son from all standpoints. And though it is a sad situation it is not always the best quali- fied who is elected. I have enjoyed the candidates for the various offices more than ever. I have learned peo- ple I would never have known otherwise and I llke everyone of them. Not a single candidate who has been in our place has left without us wanting to vote for him - so what in the world are we going to do - we can't vote for them all. I feel that we have made some good and lasting friends during the weeks of the campaign. We have en- joyed talking to them and we have enjoyed their visits re= gardless if they were placing an advertisement or getting us to do some printing for them or just stopping by to see us. We enjoyed their visit, anyway. Really, I hate to see the cam- paign come to an end. We will not see many of the candidates for long periods of time and we would like for them to con- tinue to come to see us and without buying an advertisement or printing. But they will all be busy making a living - we will be busy making a living, mtr~'tng the yards, etc. I do want to invite those can- didates who are defeated as well as those who areelectedtovtsit us at this newspaper. We aorta dare those who are elected to ignore us. All you candidates have made a lot of friends during these past weeks so enjoy it. It has been valuable to you whether Brewer but, I do know that he you get elected or not. - JI II I L ~ II Bill Baxley For Attorney General SCOTTSBORO- Houston County District Attorney Bill Baxley Saturday night charged that "the people of Alabama have lost confidence in the office of Attorney General." Baxley told a Jaycee sponsored political rally at tbe Scottsboro National Guard Armory that "a drastic change in the state's top law enforce- ment office is necessary to convince the people of Alabama that their state government is willing and able to enforce our state laws.', Baxley is a candi- date for Attorney General in the May 5th Demo- cratic primary. "During the past 20 years four men have served as Alabama Attorney General. One was indicted for the murder of his successor. A second was convicted of extortion and sentenced to 8 years in Federal prison. A cloud of suspicion surrounds the present Attorney General. He has been charged with stock fraud in a suit now pending in Federal Court in Bir- mingham. One of the caudidetes for Governor has accused him of bei~ a liquor agent. The Montgomery newspapers in front page stories have charged that he wan involved in questionable dealings in the awarding of state contracts. A nattonalty syndicated columnist reported that the present Attorney General is under investii~tion by the Internal Revenue Ser- vince. These are not charges I have made, they have been made by people totally unconnected with me or my campaign for Attorney General." '~he next Attorney General must not only be honest and aggressive but must avoid any possible appearance of dishonestys cdnfliet of interest or laxness in the enforcement of the law," Baxley stated. "He must be candld with the people and be willing to answer all questions about his sources of income and his outside interests and acUvittes." Baxley told the crowd, '*my record as a District Attorney should convince you that I will aggressively prosecute all persons accused of breaking the law without regard to their station in life, wealth or influence." Baxley produced sworn copies of his income tax returns for every year that he has been in lmblie office. "The day I qualified for Attorney General I filed with the Secretary of State sworn copies of my income tax returns, they are now a public record," Baxley said. ,,The present Attorney General has refused to reveal his sources of income or his present re- lalionship with his former law partners," Baxley stated. "His only response to the liquor agent charge and the charges made by the Montgomery news- papers has been an evasive play on words issued by an assistant. Most Alabamians cannot understand his absolute refusal to investigate those accused of corruption in government." "The vast majority of the people of Alabama are honest and hard working-', Baxley said. WFhey de- serve an Attorney General who is nothing less.,' II PD. POL. ADV. BY COVINGTON COUNTY FRIENDS OF BILL BAXLEY, P. O. BOX $05, OPP , ALA. IS ml - VOTE FOR- REPRESENTATIVE, PLACE #2 COVINGTON & GENEVA COUNTIES QUALIFIED - SINCERE - PD. POL. ADV. BY FRIENDS OF JAMES DENNEY, B~X 466, FLORALA, ALA. _ __ --- I I i I I II IIII I There is no guarantee o[ justice except the character of the judge. IN CHANG A CHIEF JUS- TICE of the highest court tn our state we should select a man who will bring to this high office an uvJ~lemished personal life, a high sense of honesty and integrity, as well as a thorough knowledge of the law HOWELL T. HEFLIN is such ~mau... -Son of a Methodist Minister, Ray. Marvin 1t. Heflin - Chairman of Alabama Ethics Commission -Served as a U. S. Marine in Pacific Theater during Worm War H -Received Silver Star Medal; twice wounded in acUon - Practicing Attorney in Tusoumbia since 1948 - Past President of the Alabama Bar Association- 1956-66 - Chairman of Alabama Teachers Tenure Commis- sion (5 years) -Chairman of the Tuscumbia Board of Education (10 years) -Former State Vice Commander of the American Legion PO. POL. ADV. BY FRIENDS OF HOWELL T. HEFLIN, P. O. BOX 1010, ANDALUSIA, ALA. mlm i i inn ml n n i n PAGE 3 ii i