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May 6, 1976     The Florala News
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May 6, 1976

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IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED• ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISS[EMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. P.~JE 2 Florala Study Club Holds Regular Meeting The members of the Florala Study Club met in the Fellow- ship Hall of the First Baptist Church for the social hour of their last regular meeting of the year. Mrs. Syril Faine, hostess and program leader, greeted her guests upon their arrival. The hall was beautifully de- corated with yellow daylflies, and white wild hydrangeas. Yel- low and white daisy table- cloths were used on the tables and they were centered with a bouquet of the yellow and white flowers. A delicious dessert plate was served to fifteen regular members, one associate mem- ber and one honorary mem- ber. The club was honored with the following guests: Mrs. J. W. Davis, mother of Mr. Steve Davis, who gave the pro- gram for the afternoon, Mr. Da- vis, Mrs. A. A. Harper, Mrs. DeKoven Martin, Mrs. Jesse Willette,' Mrs. Mary Harden and Mrs. Sal Saraniti. son present. The club was honored by being presented one of his three recitals during his senior year and members wish for him continued success in his chosen profession. Plans for the rummage sale to be held on April 30th and May Ist, were discussed. The sale will be held at Kay's Beau- ty Shop. Work sheets were gi- ven to each member, stating time for each to work. The last meeting of the year will be a dinner to be held on May 8th at the Dinner Bell in Florala. Members areurgedto bring guests. The installation of new officers for the coming year will be held. MRS. ELIE HARRELL PASSES AWAY Friends of Mrs. Elie HaT- Tell will be sorry to hear that she passed away Sunday after- After the social hour, the noon, May 2, following a ling- meeting moved to the audito- ering illness. rium of the church. Mrs. Faine Funeral services were con- introduced Mr. Steve Davis, who ducted from Foreman Funeral delighted and entertained the Chapel in Andalusia Tuesday, club with his piano playing, at 2:00 p.m. Burial was in Mr. Davis, a senior of Walton Andalusia Memorial Cemetery. High School, played severalse- Survivors include her bus- lections, both classical and band, SheriffElieHarrell, three popular and delighted each per- sons and four daughters. DIXIELAND Thur - Thru Wed. DRIVE-IN May 6- 12 OPEN AT 7:15 START AT SUNSET HIwy. 84, E~ist of Opp rtCKET OFFICE OPEN TILL BiG N Maria Sauls To Wed Roger Paul • . Sauls at Florala High School and will Fellowship Hall. graduate in May. She is the No invitations are being sent TERMITES SWARMING ? daughter of the late Mr. E.A. locally, but all friends and re- Sauls of Florala, and the grand- latives of the couple are in- Step daughter of Mrs• AdeliaGomil- vited to attend. lion and the late Mr. IsaiahGo- million of Florala, and the late sl ce BO CO. Mr. and Mrs• Franklin Sauls OES TO MEET of Lake Wales, Florida. THURSDAY NIGHT, PEST CONTROL SERVICE The groom-to-be is a 197Z • BONDED & INSURED graduate of Paxton High School. MAY 6 TERMITE CONTROL He is the grandson of Mr. I. L. , FREE INSPECTION Franklin and the late Mrs. OES, #441 will hold their Cleta Franklin of Lockhart, and regular monthly meeting Call 493-4239 or 493-3731 the late Mr. and Mrs. James Thursday night, May 6, 7:30 ..... .......... I. Paul of DeFuniak Springs, p.m., at the Masonic Hall. CALL COLLECT Florida. He is presently em- All members are urged to CUMMING AV. mm OPP, ALA• ployed by I.T.T., Rayonier in attend. Fernandina Beach, Florida, as k w! Now on sale at your local Taylor Parts Store. the Wheel Horse A-go 4-speed lawn tractor with 8hp engine. Three blade. 36 mower. Ignition safety interlock system prevents false starts or unattended operation. Specially priced--only $195 down and low monthly pay- ments of $36.66. Buy now and get a $150 10 cu. ft. dump"cart for only $50. Other Wheel Horse models available at special sale price. WHEEL HORSE .... & garden tra tors. Lawn and Garden Tractors ton Model Number Horse Power Regular Price C-160 42 automahc 16 $260500 C-160 42 8-speed 16 $2345 00 C-120 42 automahc 12 $2245 00 C-120 42 8-speed 12 $204000 B- 100 36 8-speed 10 $1850 00 B-80 36 8-speed 8 51695 00 B-60 36 8-speed 7 $1295 00 A-100 36 4-speed 10 $1125 00 en Notes BY Pat Brown FLOWER OF THE MONTH.. Daylilies will be at their best this month. Botanically speak- ing, they are not lilies. It is more accurate to call an onion a lily. Lilies belong to the ge- nus "Lilium" and daylilies to ge- nus "Hemerocallis". Both are included in the "Liliaceae" or lily family. Hermerocallis are easy to grow. Taken as a whole, they Riding Mowers A-85 32 battery $925 00 $200 0C 538 75 550 00 powered A-70 30 8 S 875 O0 $200 00 536 50 555 00 A-60 26 5 S 51000 515000 527 77 57500 are our most dependable peren- nial flower. They are for those who have little time to spend with their plants or little money to spend for garden labor. They are easy to propgate. This can be done, by division, prolifera- tion and seed. Division and pro- liferation produce blossoms like the parent plant. Seed produces n variety of colors which may or may not resemble the pa- rents. Professional horticulturists, hybridizers and the ordinary gar- dener have produced new forms and colors through cross polli- f • DOWI'~ pa~r~erl! price does no~ tr~clude recorO fee or sa}es la~ the flowers, fruit, foliage and other decorative materials for the table. They may match, harmonize or contrast with co- lors of china, linens of glass- ware. Unlike pigments made by man, natures colors are never "pure". Reds shade off to purple, and orange to yellow in a single flower. DATES TO REMEMBER May 9tb --A Day for Mothers. Since time immemorial, mo- thers bane been immortalized in poetry and painting, in script" and in song, but not until 1914 when President Woedrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day was a special day officially recognized. It was Miss Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia who crusaded for the establishment of a national holiday to honor the nation's mo- thers. She achieved her goal after seven years of pleading her cause. Mother's Day is now nation. In 1934 there were about observed not only in the United 175 named varieties. The check- States, but in forty other coun- list issued by the AmericanHe- tries as well. She chose her merocallis Society in 19"/0 list- mother's favorite flower, the ed almost 15,000. ~ , carnation as the floral emblem Select your plants from a re- of the day• So it bus become the liable field nursery during the custom each year to honor mo- flowering season. Take notes' ther with a special gift of rio- THE FLORALA NEWS-THURSDAY, MAY' on the plant name, color of blos- weTs . . . either her favorites • soms, strength and preductivtty or carnations. Flowers speak Thorn Ktnsev and whether the variety is ever- of love and affection. green or dormant. When you May Z5th -- Garden Club Pot are ready to plant you will be Luck Luncheon, Installation of better able to invest your mo- Officers. Exchange Vows ney wisely. May 31st -- Memorial Day Ob- Reference: Davis, Ben Ar- served - fly your flag proudly! thur - "Daylilies and how to (half-staff until noon). Grow Them." Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Thorn degree. She is Mrs. MaR Sauls announces an apprentice electrician, of the New Harmony Commu- Blue Motor and the engagement and forthcom- The wedding has been plan- BUSY BEES ing marriage of her daughter, ned for June 19 at four o'clock Paxton Garden Club havebeen nity announce the engagement Company, DeFuniak Anna Maria, to William Roger in the afternoon in the Paxton landscaping the Paxton Ceme- of their daughter, Pamela Jean Florida. Paul, son of Mr. and Mrs. Baptist Church, with the Rev- tery, the club thanks the Paxton to Russell Mark KinNey, son of The prospective Rufus E. Paul of the Clear erend Larry Conner officiat- city maintenance men, Sbelton Fligh Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Kinsey, of is a graduate of Springs Community. ing. A reception will follow Thomas and Willie Bryant-for The t DeFuniak'Springs, Florida. High School and is en The bride-to-be is a senior the ceremony in the church helping plant six gold tip pfit- The bride-elect is thegrand- Triangle zer, ten Ericords and ten Cley- daughter of Mrs. Gussie Wet- Springs, Florida. son of Florala and Mr. and Mrs. A June 5 wedding i5! era Japonicas. Th,, B.L. Thorn of New Harmony. in the New Harmony TIP TOE THROUGH THE TU- v ..... The groom-elect is the Church, New Harmony~ LIPS... grandson of Mrs. J. E. Clark and rida. __ Mrs. Ethyl Kinsey of DeFuniak No formal invitationS' Congratulations to winners at Termite Springs, Florida. ing sent, but all friend5 the Florala Flower Show held April 8th at Lake Jackson Club The bride-elect is agraduate latives ~re invited to House. Members representing of Paxton High School and Mac- Paxton were Mary Nell Finley- "Each Spripg, or at other Arthur Technical College where MONTHLY GOSI blue and a red ribbon, horti- times when climate and tern- she received her stenoeraphic culture division; red ribbon, be- perature conditions are right, n I n ginners luck; blue ribbon, bloo- young male andfemaletermites t roo s - orsey SING TO BE HEIJ meT division, emergy from the colony in mat- "~ Sally Merrifleld - blue rib- ing swarms", reports Cltfford MAY 7 bon, horticulture division; yel- Kersey of Kersey's Bonded ~,v~n~o Vola~8 °~~. low ribbon, dried arrangement; Termite Company, Opp, Ala- z.#~,~,.,,,~ .... The monthly gospei~ I honorable mention, trash and bama. After the flight, the re- • be held at the New ,~ I treasurers division, productives shed their wings, Ill '-ehL'- Holiness Church, Fri~ I Greg McClellan - blue rib- mate and start new colonies, vjp #tu May 7 at 7:00 o'clock. J [ bon, bicentennial tribute; blue Since the termite is attracted Mr. and Mrs Isham J DOT- The Jernigan FamiIL~ [ ribbon, spring artistic arrange- ?roluin%ht, wSm~om: Oftrenl:c~r sey III of Opelika, Alabama and Florida, will be the~ [ ment. ... ....... v • Mr and Mrs William H Brooks group. Pat Brown-blue ribbon, dr- ;vl:gsS 2:veaof~:nt%% rfeoPurTUln of Florala, Alabama, announce The church pastor, J fed arrangement division; red ,, ..... ~y .._ ~ ,,..the marriage of their children, Shaw, gives everyone1 ribbon, miniature division. ~,~,~,~,~ .... s In or arouno y,,=, Dana Rackley and James Mar- ration to join them. ~ Cynthia King- red ribbon='~;~'T~'rmP ....... -"~ ...... shall (Jimmy), on April 9 at bloomer division, r ~ -'; ......'.~'='Z °==" 4:00 o'clock in the evening BUSINESS MEETING °'Thn;a~ve ::cY:llTn~ i;s~rnSetYs nl2;e~a wi~dA~TYof%eel~na- President Greg McClellancal- about finding their food sup " V. v v =. led the meeting to order April ,,* .... ,--" - Jimmy is a Florala High l,w#~u~6~. '7 ~/~t v.~'- ,, .,A,~... .. School graduate and will receive 27, 1976 at 9:30 a.m.. at Paxton ex;ts~: s,o,ererra;e:~ate,eerxmel~ degrees in June and December Community Center. A,oo~....,,~ ,~ ..~......,...,, .... T~ in Finance and Accounting from Secretary Pat Brown called the ............. =~, ,~ ,v,.=uo~ Auburn U niversit,, roll, with members answering more than $500 million in pro- Ji~,, i~ *h~,'" - - with their favorite flower. Minu- ..,...~...~ ......... ~ ...... , ...... granason ol • w,,1 a.a,,,=~= = yc=,.. ... Mrs. J. M. Parrish and the tues of the previous meeting were NaMirna~er~)eeY,ta memoeroxme late Mr. Parrish and Mrs J. read and approved, e contro~ Ass0-F Br k ..... :" .... go s ann me Lane Mr. Treasurer Betty Mixson was ciatmn, can provide you ruth a Brooks both of Florala absent. The president gave an copy of the consumer book- 'rh,, '~,,, .~o =m ~.~'. ,,,~t,,~ approximate accounting and ask- let -- "Termite. Invisible ,~ ;--~ ~,--v.~. ,,,,, ..... ,~?,,~ ed for discussion on money mak- " ...... " ...... mexr nome In Aunurn. They vest warn uavenous Appeme ing projects. " now live in rural Opelika. It was decided to make items : = = - = : • : : , = for sale in our booth at the De- Funiak Bicentennial Celebration at Lake DeFuniak, July Z, 1976• Ci .Qn ,,,o,o,.., ,o..._ear-Jrrings Church the booth committee are: Ma- dolyn Johnston, Sally, Merri- field, Greg McClellan and Betty News Mixson. , .... ., Orchids to hostess of the month, Hazel Jackson, assisted by Gracie Adkison for helpers. How about using by her sister, Mrs. G. W. Pitt- Many of you have visited us some of your talents in this en- man. Members were served de- and have seen the new look of deavor? licioos refreshments consisting our Sancturary. We adore it Naomi Bell, a long time mere- of lemon-peach pie, cheese and have had such lovely corn- her of our church, passed away curls, toasted nuts, punch and pliments. It is different, and last week after a lengthy ill- "'DOUBle |~.:~ coffee. Ten members were ab- it's pretty. But have you heard hess and confinement in an Opp Ill [ o111 sent.Present were: Gladysthe other good news? Yes! We Nursing Home. She would have III ! Adams, Catherine Boswell, did venture out and went ahead been 90 years old in June. A I (" Pat Brown, Hazel Jackson, Ma- with the purchase of thecentral dear sweet lady - one whose I dolyn Johnston, Greg McClellan, heat and air unit. This is one loving and christian influence [ Sally Merrifleld, Mary Watson of the best things we've ever will he remembered in our & and Velma Mathis. bad to happen to us. We're church. Death, the last bat- so comfortable with even cool- tie a human being fights is but PROGRAM hess and the wonderful quiet- a transition from one life to Down Paymem Monthly Payment Cart Orchids'_ to Sally Merrifield ness of operation. This iswhat another. Jesus said, "whoso- $465 00 577 27 Free for presenfi~a very interest- we've been- looking forward to ever liveth and believeth in me $425 00 $69 33 Free ing program entitled, "Bring for ages. Now, Pastor Wil- shall never die." To the child '~ 5405 00 566 44 Free Beauty Into Your-Mpme With liams is learning to tone his of God, victory in this battle $36500 $6047 Free Flowers". Some "~fnl~ts. voice down. He nolonger needs ts assured, because God is~ i ii':' 5335 00 554 70 Free were: the observingx eye will- I~O shout above the noisy with him. Naomi's victory !:. s3~000 s50 55 s~5 00 discover thecommone~to~weed~ .window air conditioners..All is won. S240 O0 S39 17 530 00 and grasses growlm~ wlld,"~om-, ildM~ newness makes us feel,,v'- $21000 53978 S40 00 bined withptaldmate~,rodr~,, town. NO, just kidding, We're CIMUNTY, shells and weathered wonds make still very much country and rm~ beautiful arrangements wt~ little proud of it. That part we YVETTE A 10"- d;scount on all lawn and garden attachments bough! w~th a bactor dunng the sale J J cost involved. A collection of such "found art" is twice re- warding -- first in its gathering and second in your arrangement• When garden flowers are few, assemble a foliage only arrange- ment with clipp~ from your shrubs, trees and ~ garden plants. To make it IMerestlng, look for contrasting textures -- shiny and dull, dark colors and light, feathery and solid leaf forms. An arrangement is most ef- fective when it has been design- ed to suit a specific setting. The size, shape and color should give evidence of its relation- ' ship to surroundings and be dis- played in a container congenial to both flowers and decor. Think color when you select_~~- to 4 p.m. wouldn't want to change. The W. M.U. ladies are sponsoring th4 landscaping that you'll be seeing results of, slowly, but surely. Janice and Betty put out 40 plants last week. We would like to announce that our Vacation Bible School will begin June 14th. Mark your calendar and remember to bring. your children for preparation day, Saturday afternoon, June I~.. Rose Halle (V.B.S. Super- intendent) bus some updated ideas and the kids are really going to enjoy this years V.B.S. as well as have a great oppor- tunity to receive some Bible education. This will run one week. The hours will be from Rose is scouting Next Sunday is Mother's Day. Honor your Mother. At- tend church. Make a new com- mitment to your llfe. We in- vite your attendance with us. It all starts at 9:45 a.m. P, Call Florala, Ala