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May 6, 2009     The Florala News
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May 6, 2009

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PAGE 4 THE FLORALA NEWS . WEDNESDAY, MAY 6, 2009 i I II [ | I I I i I I i [ Comments Letter to the Editor The Florala News' editorial section is intended to provide our readers and citizens as complete an opportu[fity to express themselves with as few re- strictions as possible. Profanity, direct or implied, and attacks on one's per- s()n rather than on actions or deeds are not acceptable. Publication on this page in NO WAY REFLECTS AGREEMENT OR ENDORSEMENT BY THIS NEWSPAPER "Our Young 1950's Family" Raising 4 children was a fun-time job! It was 'hard' .long...but..very rewarding! E00.,m embering d .., by Joann Cotton e-mail: 'My day  ended at the supper table!! I could have easily laid my face down in my plate and gone to sleep... ..right there! Our first child was a girl...Jatricia Ann... (Donald awakened me in the night with that name)! Then, a few years passed between each of the next three..which was good! Gave ME a "break'! We wanted our last child to be a 'even it up'...but another boy was just fine! Alan...Don Ferrell...and Lamar...came along later... .:.AND...our daughter was a 'little nother' to all of them! (SHE was a 'do it me-self kind of child...almost from the beginning)! The youngest was born one month after we moved into our 'Country Home'... ...when Tricia was 12 years old... ...and I often said I had to wean the youngest from 'The bottle'...'pacifier'...and 'Tricia' that order! In the 1950's Erma Bombeck was writing columns for newspapers... ...(and also books...'Grass Grows Greener Over The Sep- tic Tank,' etc )... ... in which she 'made light' of the 'drudgery' of house- work! THAT was just what I needed! Soon, I, too, could see the 'funny side' of 'daily life'! Oh! Yes! That was the time of 'Stanley 'Tupperware Parties'! Wow!! Something exciting to look forward to!! Partms ... Too bad, D.C. Couldn't see 'the funny side'... ...when once he wrote in the dust on top of the credenza in the living room... ... (off-limits to little boys...'had to have ONE decent room)! "Dusty"! I wrote: '"Where"? Is CROSSWORD Dear God, Thank you for Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream... pecan trees...the ability to remember...second chances... the United States Army...the United States Air Force...the United States Navy...the United States Marine Corps... the United States Coast Guard...the National cameras_my job that I love...voice- marl...rainy vehicle and the driver's license to op- erate it with_Easter Sunday...Bobby Phillips...Wal-Mart... prayer...body spray...iPods...fat-free milk...spell country, the U. S. ofA....ceiling ellite TV...trees moving in the wind...all law enforcement agencies...the fire department...the EMS...ball point pens... good friends..:Houston Astros baseball...not making me a University of Alabama fan...big, fat clouds on a hot, sunny day...Florala...helping me with that situation last Friday/ Saturday...common sense...always coming though for me... flip health...being able to eat with my kids...elec- tricity...the snooze on my alarm chil- dren's wonderful grandparents, teddy bear, "Hershey"...air conditioning...people throughout his- tory that have put words together that inspire...microwave popcorn...Walt Disney:..Facebook, that has allowed me to find, and get in touch with, people I thought I would never talk to again...remote controls_our pool that is now fixed and looks beautilaL.Jny healthy children...the Houston Rockets in the NBlayoffs...Lake Jackson...the sun, the moon and the star ngtime...Your watchful eye On my children...Oreo hero, Cynthia Jean Welch Phil- lips, my anchor, Cydney Jean Fite and my beacon of light, Dylan Albert Lewis Willette. Of all of these things - some silly, some serious - not one is more important than my best friend, Your Son, Jesus. I can't begin to explain to You how important He has been in my life. Especially in the last four or five years. I have always been a Christian, always a believer, but it wasn't as important as it should have been until just re- cently. I like to think I have matured - just a little bit - and in that process, I have truly seen and felt You and Jesus in my life. Sometimes I feel guilty though. I wonder what makes me so special? I'm talking about my children. My healthy chil- dren. My intelligent, funny, semi-picking-up-after-them- selves, beautiful and handsome children. I only hope that I am doing the job that You hoped I would. For the life of me, I can't figure out why there are people out there, that have NO business being parents, that have too many kids and there are wonderful, loving people out there, who would be terrific parents, who can't have them. I happen to know two of them and it breaks my heart. But it also makes me more grateful. My children have made me grow up and have al- lowed me to stay a kid all at the same time. Our country, this country that I love so very much, needs a lot of help. This Thursday, it is my hope that a lot of us will turn to You and humbly ask for Your guidance and help. To forget about our petty differences and come togeth- er as one voice to pray to You. I also hope that people remember that being in church and on National Day of Prayer are not the only appropri- ate times to talk to You. Anytime is a good time to pray. Not just when it's convenient for us. And certainly not just when we are going through tough times. --.You are the Alpha and:the Omdga. :'e beginning and the end. You were there at my beginnili', still are in my middle and will be there at my end. I thank you for another 'day, for watching over me and getting me home safely when I travel. Thank you for watching over our home while we are away from it and while we are in it. Thank you for the gift of creativity, the ability to, write my column and the strength to keep away those temptations that knock on my door everyday. Tell my family members that are now in Your  presence that I miss them, that I love them and that I will see them again someday. I love you, Michelle Letter to Editor Editor, The Covington County Incident Response Team would like to extend a special thank you to Florala Pharm-a-Care for their continued support of the 2nd Annual IRT Team Pistol Competition. We do extend our sincerest apology for them being left out of the first round of appreciation to the sponsors, but would like them to know that we, the CCIRT Team, do greatly appreciate all of their valued support and that without the help of them and the other sponsors, the IRT Team would not be as successful and well prepared as what we are. We have hosted this competition 2 years in a row now and it has been a great success. The competition is used to help raise money for much needed equipment for the team, and without our sponsprs, it would not be able to happen. Again, thank you to all of our sponsors for your valued support. Covington County Incident Response Team Editor, Mother's Day is coming up Sunday and I hope that ev- eryone of you still has your mother to go to every year if you live far away. If you live far away and can't come home, call her, tell her you love her and hope she is around an- other year. Also, take her out for lunch, or send her a pret- ty Mother's Day card or give her some money to get her a pretty dress. You see, some of us might not have our mother anymore. Mine passed away in 1997, so I don't have her anymore to talk to. Just remember one thing - as you were growing up, your room was there to take care of you and make you what you are today. No one can take the place of a morn, not even your dad. So just remember, this is your mother's day, so take care and look after her always. Barbara Sue Dennis Florala LETTERS TO THE EDITOR The Florala News welcomes Letters to the Editor All letters will be published at the discretion of the editor and publisher. Information required includes: signature, address and phone number. Send to: The Florala News, 1155 Fifth Street, Florala, AL 36442 3 i 27 m 58 m 64 I -| 165 PRESENTED BY Where volunteering begins. 2009. StatePoint Media. Inc. THEME: DR. SEUSS ACROSS 1. kebab 6. Part of boxer's arsenal 9. Sneak a look 13. Bob Marley, e.g. 14. mode 15. Mountain stay 16. On spouse's side 17. Not well 18. A lament for the dead 19. *His pen name was Dr. Seuss 21. Assaults or attacks 23. *"One Fish Two Fish Fish.." 24. Red, patchy eruption 25. Boxer Clay 28. Do over 30. *He persistently pushes cer- tain food on friend 35: *"You're glumping the where the Humming-Fish hummed!" 37. Goes well with bangers 39. Meeting place in building 40. Relating to art 41. In advance 43. Raise, as in child 44. "Insert" mark 46. *"How did it get so so soon? It's night before it's after- noon." 47. Headquartered in Brussels 48. Israelites' departure from Egypt, e.g. 50. Nicholas II of Russia, e.g. 52. They're from Mars? 53. Ready to be eaten 55. When it's red, it's usually on sale 57. *His heart was two sizes too small 60. *One and Two 63. "If you " 64. Opposite of warm, as in per- sonality 66. Cleansing bars or TV operas 68. Once more 69. One of Indiana Jones' quests 70. Forcefully urge 71. Family based on male de- scent 72. Solution of sodium hydrox- ide 73. One who always needs help 3. One of British Isles 4. Step-up in a house 5. Mooring rope 6. Folsom or Sing Sing, e.g. 7. " the President's Men" 8. Light craft wood 9. Prince William's sport 10. Biblical paradise 11. *Green and unwanted 12. __ West, FL 15. It describes Mel Gibson's weapon 20. Dropsy 22. It turns host into hostess 24. Of a dusty purplish pink 25. Quickly or rapidly 26. *Bearded environmentalist 27. Making a person known to others 29. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" author 31. Period before noon 32. Girder with "1" cross section 33. Make less intense 34. Greek sculptor of "Discobo- ios" 36. Colored, as in hair 38. *Bartholomew Cubbins' ac- cessories 42. "Till do us part" 45. Arouse or excite 49. a dog on someone 51. Ex grape 54. A small bottle that contains a drug 56. Terracotta garden creature 57. Found on dashboard 58. "Saving Private " 59, Osiris' wife 60. Youngster 61. Open-mouthed astonish- ment 62. Accelerated 63. Actors' union 65. *Horton hears this from a speck of dust 67. Stallone's nickname last week's solution DOWN 1. Lanka 2. Done to a picture or outlaw SUBSCRIBE TODAY THE FL ORALA NEWS