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May 18, 1972     The Florala News
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May 18, 1972

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IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USE SUJ~JI~CT.T..C)LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. PAGE II • • Wildcat Band Students Receive Awards Two awards were presented to senior band members at the annual Spring Concert, Friday, May 5. The first award was the Arion Foundation Award, presented each year to an out- standing senior band member. The criteria used in pickimzthe recipient include; general mu- sicianship, music performance, ambition, and better than average scholastic standing. The award was presented by Dr. James Denney on behalf of the Florala-Lockhart Rotary Club. This year's recipient was Joe Hooten, son of Mr. and Mrs. Royce Hooten. Joe is an All- State trumpet player, past Pre- sident and Vice-President of the Band Council, President of the Beta Club, and has rated Su- perior at State Solo and En- semble Contest the past two years. The other award is now this year being established by the United States Marines Youth Foundation in conjunction with the National Band Association. FHS PERSONALS WANTED: 500 sheets of CoP rect-O-Type at a reasonable price! Contact Tim Willis, Typ- ing I student. NEEDED:A real good recipe for fried chitterlings! See Mr. Wal- lace. WANTED: Eggs for the band initiation! See Mr. Maddox. LOST: On June 2, 1972, 67 Seniors. FOUND: Too many freshmen! Call FHS students. WISHED: That Mrs. Thomas will be completely well and feeling fine by the time you are reading this ad. EXPECTED: A beautiful day on May 20th. Sunshiny weather with a mild wind. Contact the Math Club. NEEDED: Lots of coordination. energy, and patience! See the varsity cheerleaders. THIS ARTICLE is just for fun. PLEASE do not reply! Thanks! EDITOR This award is the Distinguish- ed Musician's Certificate and was presented to Nina Goolsby by Sergeant Dell Wheeler of the United States Marine Corps. Nina has been solo clarinet for the past four years, has been in the Alabama All-State Band for three years, and Edi- tor of the Annual Staff. Nina is the first recipient of this award in the country. Nina is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Goolsby. Both students will be attend- ing Troy State University next year and will be in the Sound of the South Band. JUNE 2- END OF AN ERA June 2 -- just a regular calen- dar. day? To some, yes, but to the seniors here at Florala High School it's a very special day. This is a day they will always remember, a day that begins a very important part of their lives, and, also, a day that ends a phase in their lives just as important. For, you see, June Znd is graduation day -- the day that marks the end of an era in the lives of seniors. All the seniors, in looking back on the past twelve years, would probably like to change at least one thing about their school years. A few seniors, when asked what they would change, gave these answers: DIANA ROBBINS - I would have studied more and taken my school work more seriously. KENNETH VAUGHN - I would have gone to State this year. PEGGY LINDSEY - I would be more conscientious in ac- quiring the various disciplines and would not procrastinate in executing my duties as a catech- umen. JOE HOOTEN - I would have practiced more and tried out for All-State and solo and en- semble a lot earlier. Also, I would have worn blue socks on Wednesday instead of green ones. JOE BROOKS - I would have studied more in 12th grade English and worn green socks on Wednesday instead of blue ones. JOYCE HARRISON - I would have learned how to play an instrument and would have taken my education more seriously. THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: PERCY QUESTIONS MEANING OF LIFE "Well, here I am a senior, going out into life, and 1 still don't know so many things. There are so many questions that I need answers to. I need to know the meaning of life! What can I do? I know! Surely out of all these teachers one knows the answer. Hey, Coach Baggett, can you tell me what life is?" "Sure Percy. Life is first down and and goal to go after the opening kickoff." "Thanks Coach. Boy that don't help very . . . Oh! Mr. Rasberry what is life?" "Life is one tater to the hill and at least three feet of distance between all dating couples." "Man, I'm getting some strange answers. Who's some- body that might know? Maybe a janitor would know. Chester, what's the secret of life?" Percy, just sweep what you can under the rug." "What is the meaning of life Mrs. Richburg?" "Life is contentment with your fellow man, Savior, birds, bees, flowers, grass, trees... "Yeah, well, that's enough. Thanks. Maybe Mr. Stevenson. Mr. Stevenson do you know what life is?" "Yes Percy. Listen carefully to . . ." "Uh, that's alright Mr. Ste- venson. I'll ask somebody else. Mrs. Strickland, what's life?" Life is just a long story in elevated style presenting cha- racters of high position in a series of adventures which form an orgain whole." "Yeah, I- thought of that, too. Hey, Coach Odom what is -- wait I'm surely not going to give him a cue like that!" THE SURVIVAL OF SENIOR NO DOUBT The joy of a Junior, it's plain to see, is becoming a Senior in the year to be. Now at the top -- a Fresh- man's dream The cream of the crop, or the crop of the cream? Through three years of ques- tion and wondering when We look back at where we have always been. As an underclassman one is forgotten Thus, being a Senior means a lot. Soon Senior teas, parties, and such Are they really fun, elaborate, and plush? I don't know yet, but I'II soon find out Only nine more clays and l'm a Senior, no doubt. A PUPIL'S PRAYER My Father who is in Heaven I thank you for the opportunity to learn, and For the patience of some of my teachers Who give freely of themselves to teach. l ask help for those, teacher and pupil alike, Who have fallen along the road of Life . . Lost from their original pur- pose. (Those who don't know the true value of know]ledge And those who are unable to reveal it.) Help me to see the difference between fact and opinion, And to have the desire and courage to Relate my own ideas. Give me the gift of listening and of Keeping an open mind to the thoughts of others. AMEN. THE END OF SCHOOL IS LIKE... Coach Odom Entertains Guests On Sunday night, May 7, Coach Dale Odom entertained the var- sity basketball players and their dates at his home. The guests were treated to supper, sirloin for the boys and t-bone steaks for the girls. Afterwards they all watched "Friar's Roast"on television. Everyone had an enjoyable evening. AS WE LOOK INTO OUR CRYSTAL BALL 20 YEARS FROg NOW, WE SEE OUR SENIORS: LARRY CARROLL - Bus dri- ver for Greyhounds SANDRA ELLIOTT - Twiggy makes the scene again SHARON GRIFFIN - Short- stop for the "Atlanta Braves" FRED HUNT - Originator of baseball's first tobacco juice pitch. GLENN TAYLOR - Liquor tester for "Lucky's Liquors" SYLVIA JACKSON - Tree counter for Joe's Lumber Yard KATHY ANDERSON - Secre- tary for "Dear Bertha" BETTY KING - Auctioneer BARBARA MILLER - Wait- ress at "Mama's Care" DELL MITCHELL - Night- club singer ANDY SEAY - "Farmer of the Year" 1992 DANNY STOVALL- Pilot, United Airlines DELBRA THOMPSON - Ser- geant in the WAC's JIMMY THOMPSON - Presi- dent of General Motors GARY THOMPSON - Garage Mechanic for Strickland's Super Service CAPRICIA WATSON - Model for "Fashion Review 1992" PEGGY CASSIDY Hair stylist for Tom Jones. (We hope we haven't overlooked anyone• If so, it was not done intentionally.) CRAIG HARRISON- sweet ELEVEN music in my ears. KATHY COOK - the endingof CCMMANDMENTS strain and stress. ANDY SEAY - getting out of FOR TEACHERS prison. 1. Thou shalt have interest out- TONY HOLMES - theheginn- side thy classroom ing of life. 2. Thou shalt not attempt to TERRY BULGER - not amake graven images of thy stu- thang, dents, for 1o, they arenot stone, JEROME WOODHAM - Nixon but flesh, and heir to the wrigg- telling it like it is because lings and whisperings thereof. it come only every nine months. 3. Thou shalt not cry out in a DENNIS GIBBS - being set loud voice unto them, for the free from a cage. voice of wrath is alien to the DEBORAH STONE - doing, spirit of learning, and thy stu- your thing, dents will respect thee not if DEBORAH MATTHEWS - the thou callest their names in vain. right time to get together 4. Remember thy weekends and WILLIE BROWN - like say- thy vacations, for in times of tag good-bye stress the thought of them will GARY McADAMS - a long comfort thee. holiday. 5. Honor thy students and be- EVELYN JACKSON- gettinglieve in them, for they have over the measles, great need of thee whatsoever PAUL MADDOX - not having their actions; and verily thou to do anymore geometry,must hold strong to this faith BRENDA WRIGHT - at lastwhen the spitballs fly unto thee I'm a senior! and the unruly grow wild. TERRY HAMILTON - like 6. Thou shalt not kill in any work for me. NEVA JOYCE WHITE- like way, even the smallest, the curiosity of a little child, yea, moving, though it seem often the curl- GINGER WARD - abaddreamosity of a cat and never-ending. which ygu wish you'd never 7. Thou shalt not suffer any dreamed in the first place, unkindness of thonghtor action NINA GOOLSBY- thelaunch- to enter the door of thy class- ing of a great battleship going room. to war. 8. Thou shalt not steal time GARY CORBITT- a datewith from thine own hours of lie- Raquel Welch. sure by putting off work so long that it fitteth not into its THE FITTEST rightful schedule. Wow! Just two more weeks SPECIAL OLYMPICS HELD 9. Thou shall not bear witness of school and then three beau- On April 5, 1972, nine stu- to the ills and sorrows of thy tiful months of vacation! The dents from the exceptional class students with a cold heart, verily only problem is how to get of Florala High School partici- thou canst not love them all, through those two "short" pated in the Special Olympics nor is it commanded, but to weeks. What do you do to keep held at the Andalusia High School understand their problems and the time from dragging its' stadium in Andalusia. Students to say unto them, "Come, let feet? came from various parts of us work together," that is the One thing you could do Covington county, law of thy profession. to speed things up would be to All the participants in the 10. Thou shalt not covet thy stop watching that clock, it's Special olympics competed in colleague's classroom, nor his bashful and doesn't liketomove the fifty yard dash, the soft- equipment, nor his system, nor with a lot of people eyeballing ball throw, and the broad jump. his degree, nor his personality, it. It might be helpful also to Florala High School proudly nor anything that is thy col- do a little sweet-talking to your placed ten winners in the re- league's, but work out thine own teachers. That way you might suRs of the Olympics, including salvation in fear and trembl- get to have class in the stadium three first place, six second ins. instead of that dull old class- place, and one third place. 11. Thou shalt not lose thy sense of humor, for verily without room. These are just a couple The winners were: of things you could do to help Romanuel Gundrum - Ist it ttou art lost and doomed the time pass and no doubt place in fifty-yard run, Ist. surely to beat out thy brains most of you will be able to place in broad jump upon tby blackboard. Jimmie Johnson - 1st place - The Indiana Teacher, June '59- think of a dosen other ways in softball throw to do so. Ann Jones - 1st place in fifty-yard dash, 2nd place in REQUIEM FOR softball throw Gilbert Shaw - 2nd place in BANDMASTER fifty-yard dash, 2nd place in softball throw A man knocked at the Heaven- James Rigdon - 2nd place ly Gate in softball throw, 3rd place His face was scarred and old; in fifty-yard dash He stood before the Man of Deborah Parker - 2nd place Fate in fifty-yard dash • For admission to the fold. The winners from Andalusia will go to Troy to compete with "What have you done?" St. Peter the winners of other counties asked, in our district on April 15. "To gain admission here?" From tltis contest, winners will "I've been a band director, travel to Mobile to compete Sir, in the state olympics. The ha- For many and many a year." tional tournament is to be held =In California. "The Pearly Gates swung open THE AGRIBUSINESS 4 CLASS and their teacher, Mr, Rasberry, are baxd at work trying to complete the car shed which they are building to house the FHS Driver's Education car. ~ ~.~ • wide, St. Peter touched the bell, "Come in and choose your harp," he said, "You've had your share of Hell." ~;~',,,,~ -In 1970, solid waste dis- posal cost the nation $5.7 bil- "The best kind of blind lion---more than any other faith is blind to other's public service except high- faults." ways and schools. THE FLORALA NEWS - THURSDAY,/dAY TROY STATE RUCKER SUMMER Troy State Rucker has mer schedule of schedules have schools and public the area. The programs mer have been commodate teachers and who may want to courses during thea in the other c Schedules and formation will be viduals or request. FUNDS TO DEFRAY OF 8-YEAR The Helping Anniston, Alabama a state-wide funds to defray for S-year-old of Calhoun County. admitted to Hospital on the March with first, third degree burns~ forearms, trunk ise was burned clothes caught fir heater. Her cle were also extinguish her Her uncle was five weeks. To the undergone 13 cedures. Her and her post-operative Louise's doctor, Elliptt, of Annistonl still neods a large medical treatment. Louise's over $5,000.00. did not carry ance. Mr. ClayburaJ as a carpenter carpenter's union available. All tax deductible and~ mailed to P. O. Box 9 posited in any Bank. Joy Evans To Represent FHS At Girls State CHILDREN I TO COMPETE BILLY Joy Evans has been chosen to represent Florala High School at the 1972 session of Girls State to be held at Huntingdon College campus in Montgomery June 4 - 10. Sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, Girls State is a laboratory of practical gov- ernment - a personal application of the duties, responsibilities, and privileges of American citi- zenship. The delegates will es- tablish and elect officials for city, county and state goven- ments. Joy plans to campaign for the office of Probate Judge. Instruction in government will be provided by Governor George Wallace; Lt. Governor Jere Beasley; Secretary of State, Mrs. Mabel Amos; State trea- surer, Mrs. Agnes Baggett; the Honorable Annie Lola Price, Judge, Alabama Court of Ap- peals; Judge Winston Stewart, Executive Director County Commissioners; Mr. JohnWat- kins. Executive Vice President. League of Municipalities, and others. Mrs. George Wallce will host a tea at the mansion hbn- orang the Girls Staters later in the week. Miss Evans will speak to her sponsoring organization, Am- erican Legion Auxiliary, and to other clubs upon invitation about her experiences at Girls State. The daughter of Mrs. John Truman Evans and the late Mr. Evans and the granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Claude C. Johnson and the late Mr. and Mrs. John H. Evans, Joy was selected to attend Girls State because of her outstanding par- ticipation in: member of First Baptist Church; varsity cheer- leader, captain; Beta Club; pep club; F.H.A. officer; office staff member; F Club; Who's Who; Honor Roll. All children and under for prizes by dr fume and Bowlegs Fort Walton on 8, according to chairman of the No Children should ginning of the Walter Martin son Drive and so that judges can contestants The ly at 5:30 p.m. ; assembly is 4:30 P. The parade wil on Eglin Parkway, First Street and thodist Street at the Fort Walton Prizes for will be awarded parade on tegories are Best tume (Boy and Costume (Boy Le W reez penln S • S ornln Call in your order before you to Church for our Delicious Broasted Chicken, Pizza, Hamburgers or Short Orders. w II I I e Specialize In Fine Foo and Service I PHONE 8 - 3259 JAMES & BETTY PETERS