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May 20, 1976     The Florala News
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May 20, 1976

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IMAGE SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. PAG E 8 V v v v v v v "~ v v v v v v v v 0 v v v v v v v v v V v V v ~ v -~1 Senior Spotlight PATRICIA JEFFREY KIMBRO OWENS This week the senior spot- light shines on Patricia Kimbro, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kimbro. Sheis 17 years of age and stands 5 feet and 2 inches tall. She was born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. Her favorite foods are pizza, chili and hamburgers. Her favorite pasttimes are sewing,embroi- dering, and spending time with Lane. Patricia plans to go to work and settle down after gradua- tion. Good luck always! This week's spotlight senior is none other than Jeffrey Ow- ens. Jeffrey has bl~ck hair, brown eyes and is 6 feet and one inch' tail, and was born under the sign of Aries. His favorite teacher is Mr. Lan- caster and his favorite color is black. Among his favorite foods are chicken and french fries. His favorite singing group is the fabulous O'Jays. After graduation, Jeffrey plans to attend college at Ala- bama A&M. Jeffrey is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Owens. ESSAY ON SENIOR BEHAVIOR We, the Seniors of Florala High School, located on the out- skirts of beautiful downtown Florala, should, as good con- science would dictate, act in a reasonable and socially accept- able manner. This is expected and is essential if we are to live in tranquility with those who are in a position of authority over us. Moreover, we owe it to ourselves, to show respect, both to self and others. We should be more aware of this fact, when we are in the pre- sence of, and under the super- vision of a quest. Let us now discuss some yea sons that we, as seniors, should : follow and should discipline ourselves, in order that oer good characters might shine -L through; thus shadowing our "sometimes unruly conduct in i the brilliance of good behavior. First, we should be aware of the fact that we are the oldest students at Florala High School, and by being that, we are ex- pected, as tradition would have it, to be the leaders and ex- ample setters for the younger, less mature',stndents who are to follow us. By being at this age, next door to adulthood and facing the long road of life ahead, we should be aware of our social status and what is expected of us. Finally, if for no other reason, we should obey instructions and control our unquenchable desire to relate and communicate by speech, for the more purpose of keep- ing our posterior out of trou- ble thus eleviating much work, such as this, that is directed at us for the purpose of punish- ment. Many times we allow ourselves to become removed from our better judgement, which is lo- cated somewhere in the vast, complTcated brain, and we tend to satisfy an urge that simply says, "talk." There are times when doing this is absolutely necessary and though we try, we cannot avoid it. There pre two means by which we Can ap- proach and solve this problem: I) we can use our better judge- ment and refrain, or 2) we can be extremely more care- ful and not be caught. Let's just hope that we have enough intelligence in the future to do (me or the other. THOSE WERE THE DAYS This week we feature another of Florala's beautiful, but an- A Day At FHS BY A. PENNY Things start normally this morning, although there is a lot c~ excitement in the air. These young 'uns seem like they just won't make it until May 27. I begin my day normally enough, safe and snug in a packet. But this ends quickly enough. I be- come dislodged by a person tripping my initial owner and I become airborne until I land It the office door. ! stay at the office door for ealy a very short time. I am picked up by an unfortunate soul a hapless journed to see the big man. "Aha, hopefully this will bring me good luck." But Oa the trip out, the opposite is apparent and I get frisbeed down the hall. Unfortunately, for him at least, my trajectory brings me to reside at the base of Mr. Revell's cranium. CB RADIO PROGRAM TO AID SAFETY Cheerleader Election Varsity Cheerleader Elec- tions were held at FHS Friday, May 7. The elections were to elect the girls who would repre sent us in varsity sports for this upcoming year. We are proud to announce the varsity cheerleaders for the year 1976- 1977 consisting of nine girls. They are as follows: Juniors - Beverly Caraway - Captain and Bonita Cook; Sophomores - Se- brenia Lynn, Karen Caraway- co-captain and Jackie Martin; Freshmen - Mollie Martin, Sonya Spears, Sernea Orndorff, Shari Mathis. We know these girls will represent our school well and we hope everyone will support them. Softball Organization Last week, the girl's P.E. classes organized their soft- ball teams for their annual softball tournament. EachP.E. class organized twoteams from each class. Then they placed each other for the champions of that class. Finally, the clas- ses played each other for the #1 champions. It was really fun for everyone and the girls enjoyed participating in the sport. Tribute To The Seniors The Florata Wildcat Growl wishes to congratulate the se- niors of Florala High for their upcoming graduation on May have been an example for all under-classmen. Good luck in the future, Seniors. You are a credit to Florala High "An opportunity for con- tractive action to increase the safety of Alabama's streets and highways is being offered all licensed Citizens Band radio operators," said Colonel E. C. Dothard, Department of Public Safety Director. "Alabama State Troopers are asking for the cooperation of other law enforcement agencies as well as CB enthusiasts in the for- mation of the Alabama Law En- forcement Citizens Radio Net- work." The Department of Public Safety has received 300 CB radios which are being instal- led in patrol cars. Base sta- tions will be installed in the 18 Post headquarters build- ings as soon as they are re- ceived. Monitored with this equipment will be Channel 19 in patrol cars and Channel 23 in the Post headquarters. "With our firm belief that most citizens are not only will- ing but also anxious to coope- rate with law enforcement agen- cies to make our streets and highways safer, we are en- couraging the formation of CB watch teams composed of law enforcement officers and civi- lians," said Colonel Dothard. ALECR will provide a direct communications .link betweea citizens and police agencies and its sources will be in di- rect proportion to the coopera- tion received from law en- forcement personnel and civi- lians. 27, 1976. They have done a School. Through limited use of CB Brother, is he ever rough on vzonderful job this year and radios in patrol cars, the De- , a guy's equilibrium! Allhedoes partment has been furnished is stand around and flip me up in the air and catch me in his pocket. That sure does make me dizzy. But alas, Mr. Re- veil needs yet some more prac- tice and I find myself suddenly underfoot again. This time I am picked up by a very nice per- son. This generous person takes me and gives me and a brother of mine to the saddest- looking little girl you ever saw. She takes us to the store and buys some bubble gum. This just goes to show you how such a small insignificant thing as myself still has a pur- pose and importance in life. So don't just take me for granted, because you might want some bubble gum someday. Life With Sadie known girls. This five foot se- while we can't promise youthat "Darn that boy!" Sadie sta- ted emphatically as she kicked her locker shut. "I hate him! To think that he broke up with you so he could date that new girl, Bonnie Belding. I'll show him a thing or two! I don't care. I really don't, but I'll fix him. l'll just get another boy to take me to the movies." Well, Sadte was as good as ,her word. She wasn't bad- looking and she had a great personality. And, sure enough, within the week Chad Charnel was walking her to class and standing with her at recess and lunch. Chad was one of the cutest and nicest t~ovs in the school and said he had .been waiting for a chance to.take her out. Really, Sadie couldn't for the life of her figure out what she had ever seen in Stun (her ex) anyway. So on it went, and pretty soon Stun was giving Sadie the eye again. Bonnie, it seemed, just wasn't interested in Stun. Finally the day came when it looked like Chad and Stun were fauna have it out. Sadie, they said, was going to have to choose between them once and for all. Chad was worried, he really feared that Sadie might go back to Stun. But he needn't have worried. Sadie was a smart girl, and she chose Chad. And I am now impressed to dis- yen and one balf inch, greeneyed they were happy ever after, we cuss the reasons that cause me blonde is a member of the Ju- can tell you for certain they to, at times, loose my self- nior Class. Her favorite tea- were happy for the rest of that control and talk uncontrolably, cher is Mr. Aisup and her fa- school year. The body contains, among its vorite food is shrimp. many organs, the most compli- Last week's "Those Were cured, of all organs, the brain, the Days" - Leigh Peters. Happiness valuable information on such BLOOD MOBILE WEEKLY things as drunken drivers, stranded motorists and traffic hazards by citizens. CONT. FROM FRONT GARDEN Those licensed CB operators who wish to join ALECR may did . . . right down to First do so by stopping by their Baptist Church and into Fel- TIPS nearest State Trooper office lowship Hall to give blood. One and picking up an application. of the employees tried every by W. H. "Be" Kinard, Court- Members will be sent identifi- trick in the book to get out of ty Extension Chairman cation cards and windowdecals. it, including telling them of all Mulching tomatoes heavily Further information about the bad colds he had had as a with hay, pine straw or well ALECR may be obtained by child -- but nothing worked. He decomposed sawdust helps cut writing the Department of passed the test. down on weed problems and con- Public Safety, Communica- Inclnded in the volunteer wor- serve soil moisture. A heavy lions Unit, P. O. Box 1511, keys were Mrs. Kim George, mulch can also reduce losses Montgomery, Alabama 36130. Mrs. Jim Sullivan, Mrs. Mil- due to blossom-end rot. net Perry, Mrs. Joe Cox, Mrs. All the flower clusters de- Corkey Merrifield, Mrs. Hob- velop on the same side of the son Vann, Mrs. E. P. Rodwell, 'tomato plant. Wait until the HEALTH FOR Jr., Mrs. C. N. Matthews, Mrs. first blooms appear before set- Joe Pricks, Mrs. Glenn Zorn, tang tomato stakes. Place sta- US ALL Jahice Ansley, Mrs. Ed Mil- kes opposite the flower clus- ler, Mrs. A. J. York, Mrs. ters and about four inchesfrom Glowing charcoal fires can James Hutchinson, Mrs. Sam the plant so that the fruit will cook delicious foods. But in- Jackson, Sue Jennings, Mrs. not be crowded against the stake side closed spaces, charcoal Leonard Nobles, Mrs. Hugh as it developes. Tie vines to fires in grills and hibachis can StoVall, Mrs. Mike Harrison, the stake about every 10 to 12 cause poison!ng. Even fatal Mrs. Jack McDaniel, Sandy inches to support the plants, poisoning. Henderson and Mrs. H. C. Most of the fruit that touches After cookouts, campers and Young. the ground will be lost to rot. hunters sometimes take make- After the first fruit is one-to- shift burners inside station wa- LIBRARY one-half inches in diameter fens and vans to warm up sleep- saddress with a pint to a pint ing quarters. The still burning CONT. FROM FRONT and one-half of ammonium nit- coals, however, can give off a rate per 100 feet of row as deadly concentration of carbon needed to keep the plant green monoxide. The gas is silent, In addition to this, the library and growing at a' modest rate. unseen poison formed bythein- also has the World Book Ency- Two light applications of side- complete combustionofthecar- clapalia, Collier's Encyclo- dressing at four-to-six week pedia, the Americana, and oth- intervals will usually maintain ben in charcoal. In outdoor cookouts, the gas ers. a good balance between growth escapes into the open air. And During the month of April, and fruiting. the Florala Library added more Prune suckers before they get fumes from indoor cooking oa than 100 new books to its col- three or four inches long., This these burners usually force lection, plus an additional 130 means checkiug plants for suck- everyone to open windows fast. from Cross Trails. ers every four to six days. But in tightly closed places, Current best-sellers can be Watch for leaf diseases and levels of the gas soar. High found in the library's rental start spraying when disease concentrations of it starve the collection. They include Barf's first appears. Usually an ap- body tissues of oxygen. "1876, The Final Days" by plication of Maneb or Zineb on The red-colored blood pig- Woodward and Bernstein, 10-to- 14-day schedule will con- ment, hemoglobin, acts like a "Trinity" by Leon Uris, "The trel most tomato foltar dis- gigantic sponge, soakihg up car- R Document" by Irving Wal- ben monoxide breathed through lace, and "The Boys From eases, the lungs. Hemoglobin, which Brazil" by Levinwhoalsowrote carries oxygen to the tissues, "Rosemary's Baby". combines with carbon monoxide The Florala Library is open about 200 times easier than from 2 - 5 p.m., every week DEATH CLAIMS with oxygen. The brain and day. Visit your library soon. heart both depend upon a con- tinuous supply of fresh oxygen; MRS. AMEY BIRGE but carbon monoxide forces oxygen out of the blood. At high ,altitudes, where the air is thinner, the danger of carboa SUNDAY MORNING monoxide poisoning is even greater. There is less oxygen Mrs. Amey Barge, age 43, a in the air to begin with, and former resident of this area, the body has to work harder to passed away Sunday morning in draw it in. And to make mat- DUe cou]~ a Fort Racker hospital. She ters worse, starting at about was a resident of Fort Racker, 3,000 feet above sea level the Alabama where her husband is lack of oxygen makes the char- stationed with the US Army. coal less likely to burn cam- Survivors are her husband, pletely, thus producing more Bubby Barge of Fort Racker; carbon monoxide. Carbon me- two sons, Ricky L. Barge of noxide comes from car exhaust Newport News, Virginia, Re- as well as coal burners. For nald L. Barge of Fort Racker; more information on the dan- THE FLORALA NEWS - THURSDAY, MAY 20, RED CROSS WORKERS AND VOLUNTEERS SET UP Pictured, from left, Mrs. Jim Sullivan, Mrs. Milner Mary Alln Klq, Rid Crou co-ordlmtor for Cm~cm FL( mm i VOLUNTlglEIW 81(HI ,Iti UP. PlctL,~d, from loft, JJl8 Mrs. Glean Zorn, Mrs. Kim Georle, Mrs. Hotmoa vid Corbitt. a] tllav krti ~tlt "LITTLE BETTY" Red Cross Nurse from Mobile volunteer workers Sue Jennings (second from left)and Miller. RN TONIE McCLAIN gets blood sample from donor Dawson. r UIV tlelis I@lt and laPt Yelp il al 4-H wet iy 1. !ti0n i'U01~ ~rs nvf ~X)lir :ttre eoln: mJ RN VOLUNTEER JANICE ANSLEY takes blood blood donor Pete Dawson. IQ~ f U II~ ..~tbl. ;~at ' gay ~t~nr t Sep 'e~d~ CORRECTION: eget~ W. W. Harper Is A Candidate In District 1 (OpP) ithe" i g(~n one daughter, Darline Barge gers of air pollution, write The Not District 4 of Fort Racker; four sisters, Alabama Lung Association, The ,lily. I Mrs. "Mattie Churchwell of Christmas Seal People, Box ~r ~. S Crestview, Mrs. Mlllie The- 904, Dothan, Alabama 36301. As Advertised In Last Weeks Pa mas, Mrs. Minnie Jackson and Mrs. Blannie Davis, all of Fie- ut~ i .'. May ZT, 1976. rata, Alabama; one brother, ,~ncl . . . Seeing Mrs. Jones really Clayton Jackson, of Florala. MRS. ALLIE BURLESON We ReGret The Error getting upset. , Funeral services were con- ~v t] , ~oowing you re soon to be ,,~,-,^,, ducted at3 pm from Evans ~ ~ ~ ~ "~r J a sophomore and not just a ___~,nvo~. Funeral Home Chapel with Ed PASSES AWAY II little freshman. "~e(~oo(! McDaniel officiating. Burial %9~I~R Indian Pahn Reade | . . . Writing a three page re- i, --,~ was in the Florala Greenwood SATURDAY, MAY 15 .~ st l elriper, eter portou rheConductofaSe- g Cem ywithEvans Funeral ~,.~,.~i~lll~~ ~11~l- ~. ~ hior" for Mrs. Jones. " Home directing, i'~ I[ | ..,Going to the beach and Mrs. Allie M. Burleson, age i.-!i,i~.ii~ 1) I O I I~ fi R ~ l~!~ I | getting a tan. 8o, passed away Satur[ay, May You Have Heard Her on RadT2,,t , [] , . . . Staying on your hands and~ 15, 1976, in a Leesburg, Fie- [] I knees for four hours at play rida hospital. She was a life I~ ~ :~'Hours: 9A.M. to 9 P.M." clef l practice, long resident of Laurel Hill and a member of the Campton As- ,., ; j Dally and Sunday Science Fair here, Lunch. Wishitwouldget 24th Of June ," -- sembly of God Church.~: ,~," "7.~ Survivors are two sisters, '.=al r The Science Department of 1st place - Sammy t, oppen, . . . Drawing and coloring .eaut3 Pag, unt Mrs. Ola Ramey of Leesburg, Indian palmst -- One Visit Is All You Nee0: [ FHS recently held a science Cathy Ray and Rusty Peters pictures for Geometry, Florida, Mrs. Lela Adams of TELLS PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. SPECuLATES LA@'i"4"ti0t~t.~f fair -for the Chemistry and with a Solar Radios; 2ndplace .... Staying at play practice are still available to enter Crestview and numerous nieces Physics students. The fair Karen Potter, Sonya Moseley till lh00, going home doing and nephews. SUITES, DIVORCES. LOVE, MARRIAGE AND BUSINESS. sTReC,~i tgar~',l~ was open for any exhibit with and Ricky Chambers with the homework and then getting up the June 24th Beauty Pageants. Call Funeral services were held PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTAL READINGS, PRIVATE P~gl~ly no limitations on field of study, color test; and 3rd place - at 6:00 in themorning. 8-1452 or write to Susan Sullivan, Route at 3:00 p.m. Monday from the ~ Two, IN eEAe. FOR FURTHER IN F F~ ATION CALL %1 There were many outstanding Malty Byrd, Chris Hutchesou . . . Sleeping through fourth BOx Seven, Florala, for rules and Campion Assembly of God s92.soV ~u~ projects. The judges made their and Paul Bedsole with a home- period Government class. Church with Jack Williams of-to~ decision on originality, creati- made projector. Thanks to . . . Juniors receiving class applications, flciating. Burial was in the LOCATED ON CORNER OF 331 AND HIGHWAY90 vity , and scientific methods all who pa~icipated, you did rings. Reader Cemetery with Evans involved. The winners were: a fine job .... The arrival of annuals. Funeral Home directing. ,,,~,,,~ ~,~, ~=r~,,,~e,,~,~ ~,,,-v,,, ]~ th i light