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May 20, 1976     The Florala News
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May 20, 1976

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3E ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. FLORALA NEWS --THURSDAY, MAY 90, 1976 PAGE 9 4 Citizens Day ton Town Hall L May 14th, was de- Senior Citizens Day of the Tri- Community Council, Coqrepte Meals Program. The partici- pants of all four (4)serving sit- es, DeFuniak Springs, Paxton, Gaskin and Freeport, gathered at the Puton Town Hall for a day . /i: 5 JUDGING: front row, from left, Vlckle Rob- Catrett, Chris Short, Roger Howard. Second row, Mrs. Ann Martin, Extension Home Agent; Randall md Andy Grissett. Back row, from left, Mr. Lamar Donald Lester, Extension Farm Agent, and Mr. farmer. Livestock Judging Selected Livestock Judging Were selected on Satur- 1. The team was given in Judging and they Judging cattle at Ray and practiced at Larry Foley's of the judging teams son of Mr. I, Emmett Grissett of community; Me- daughter of Mr. Catrett of Valley Randal Kel- Icy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Kelley of Pine Grove commu- nity; Vickie Robbins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. KermR Rob- bins of Friendship community; Chris Short, son of Mr. and Mrs. Holland Short of Babble community; and Roger Howard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Howard of Opine community. These 4-H'ers will make uptwo judging teams that will com- pete in district competition on July 14. M. Smith, Vegetable Horticulturist Cooperative Extension Service the most universal question raised by gardeners chemical can I use to control the weeds and grass Anyone with gardening experience can easily why this question is asked. It is discouraging to vegetable plants and weeds and when they are Le size and the sun is hot. It is also discouraging to a two-weeks vacation and find the garden covered is and grass. tess has been made with chemical weed control. of the new chemicals can be used only on a crops. Also, most chemicals that can be used only control grasses and not many boradleaf reasons, chemical weed control in the home garden nerally recommended. Instead, most gardeners will hoe their best weapon for w~eds. beginning you should thoroughly prepare the soil so ivation and hoeing for week control will be much easier. general weed control recommendation is to mulch the rith pine. straw, leaves, grass clippings, sawdust and newspapers. ,This can save a lot of back-breaking d hold soil moisture longer, too. Once the crop is apply the mulc~. Most weed and grass will approach to weed control is to prevent weeks and going to seed. But when most o the garden is ~we tend to forget, and before we kno~ it o seed. LII zant to try chemicals for weed control, you must This~ means the right amount at the right time There is no place for guessing when using use too much the nrop will be damag .ed. If the weeds won't be killed. chemicals. The chemical that has the use on vegetables if Treflan. It can be sndpbeans, lima beans, carrots, southern turnips, collards, kale, mustard, Cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes and pepper. This must be Ijncorporated and mixed thoroughly with the to 2 inci~es of the soil before planting. The rate of r important. Use I tablespoon per 1,000 square ais in enough water to cover this area with a rotary tiller or other equip- be done immediately. This will control and a few weeds. Is cleare4 for use on many vegetables. With some applied Over the row immediately after planting. it can Only be ahplied four to six weeks after This sho~s the absolute necessity of reading and label inslructions of this and all other chemicals be used in the garden. II ]_ j FOR MEMBER, COVINGTON , COUNTY COMMISSION PLACE ONE I am announcing my candi- dacy for re-election to the Board of County Commission- ers, Place One, subject to the Primaries May 4 and May 25. I am asking for your vote, bas- ed on my past record and will appreciate your support. I ask you to check my past record and if elected I will assure you of the same conscientious ser- vice. JERRY ADAMS (Pd. Pol. Adv. by Jerry Ad- ams, Opp, Alabama.) of fun, fellowship, good enter- tainment and delicious food. This is an event and is looked forward to by participants. The event was supposed to be a fish fry and take place at Lake Jack- son, Florala, Alabama. How- ever, the weather did not co- operate and we had no fish. In spite of the weather, over one hundred (I00) people were pre- sent and a good time was had by all. The participants enjoy get- ting together to meet new peo- ple and greet old friends. Se- veral singing groups enter- rained and the sing*a-long was Inspiring. Everyone had a won- derful time and will look for- ward to our next get together. Walton County Congregate Meals Program is a program designed to help meet the nut- ritional and social needs of per- sons over the age of sixty (60). FOR MEMBER, COVINGTON COUNTY COMMISSION PLACE ONE I earnestly solicit your vote and influence in my candidacy for member of the board of the Covington County Commis- sion, District 1, (Opp), sub- ject to the Democratic Pri- maries of May 4 and May 25, 1976. I will strive to see each of you personally. Any support you can give me will be sin- cerely appreciated. W. W. HARPER (Pd. Harper, hama.) Pol. Adv. by W. W. Route 2, Opp, Ala- FOR MEMBER, COVINGTON COUNTY COMMISSION DISTRICT 3 I will sincerely appreciate your vote and influence in seek- ing the office of Member of the Board of Covington County Commission. I can only offer my record of service as commissioner in The Truth ShMI JIGSAW PUZZLE Man, down through the past years, has tried to find a fittiag" way to describe what the Bible is. Some say the Bible is a roadmap to Heaven; others say it is a two.edged sword; but the one I like the best is that the Bible is a jigsaw puzzle x~hich portrays the face of Jesus. The Bible is divided into many parts, and in every part we see a little of the face of Jesus. For example, in Genesis, Jesus appears as the seed of the woman; in Exodust He is the passover lamb; in Leviticus, He is the atoning sacrifice; in Numbers He is the smitten rock; in Deuteronomy, He Is the prophet; in Joshua, He is the captain of the Lor&s hosts; in Judges, He is the deliverer; in Ruth, He is the heavenly kinsman; in Kings, He is the promised king; in Nehemiah, He is the restorer of the nation; in Esther, He is the advocate; in Job, He is my redeemer; in psalms, He is my all in all; in Proverbs, He is my pattern; in Ecclesiastes, He is my goal; in the Song of Solomon, He is my satisfier; in the prophets, He is the coming prince of peace; in the gospels, He is Christ coming to seek and to save; inActs, Heis Christ risen; in the epistles, Be is Christ at the father's right hand; in Revelations, He is Christ returning and reigning. Now, you see what I mean when you take all the parts of the Bible and put them together. You have the face of Jgsus, and Jesus is everything. Now some say the Bible is really a puzzle to them, and they have trouble putting everything together in its proper place. Did you not know that God has already worked the puzzle for you7 Note that the first five books of the Bible are law; the next twelve" are historical; the next five, poetical; then the five major prophets; and closing out the Old Testament are the twelve writings of the minor prophets. The New TeStament consists of the four gospel books, one of history, epistles, and one of prophecy. This makes a total of sixty.six books written by approximately forty authors over a period of 1600 years. Now here are a few facts about the Bible. The thirty.nine books of the Old Testament were written in Hebrew; the twenty-seven books of the New Testament were recorded in Greek. The Old Testament centers around God and Mt. Sinai; the New Testament centers around Jesus and Calvary. The longest book in the Old Testament is Psalms; the longest book of the New Testament is Luke. The longest chapter and the shortest chapter of the Bible are only separated by the ll8th chapter of psalms. The longest chapter is Psalms ll9; the" shortest is Psalms 117. The longest verse in the Bible is Esther 8:9; the shortest is John 11:35. There are 1,189 chapters in the Bible, and these are divided into 31,102 verses. The Bible holds two records: It is the most bought book ever published, and it is the least read. So you can see that the Bible is a very interesting book and not as much a puzzle as some may think. Oh yes, there is just one more interesting point I want to make. There are exactly 775,693 words in the Bible, and the word LAZY Is not one of them. Hello Friends & Citizens: How do people weigh and judge words? Why do people like journalists, phsycologists, lawyers, etc. take the study of words and their use in four years or so of college? Well, what we read and hear affects us all in thousands of ways, and man or learned men appreciate this. The communist indoctrinate or bombard people with a volume and variety of words continuously, while controlling the subject and amount of enlightment or confusion of same. Small talk is like water falling on a duck's back and also has its place among people. Yet the truth on vital and or deep subjects are suppressed or partially suppressed not only in communist countries, but also in America and is easily proved. There are words or combinations of same by the millions and little. I can't and don't attempt to cover the subject. Yet, on a small scale, here's trying. Words can for an individual or nation, lead or mislead, encourage or discourage, secure or insecure, assure or frighten, make happy or sad, exciteor dampen, scram- ble or unscramble, etc. ect. And again what really heppened to Ex-President Nixon, Howard Hughes and many others which the news media is supposedly keeping you well informed on and also finance, health, law, edu- cation, ethic and ethenic problems, etc. You don't have to be of "Lt. KoJack's" caliber to tell that the public is being misled on important matters. Hope to continue and will circumstances permitting. DAN McLEOD, P. O. Box 103, Lockhart, Alabama P.S~ Expect the unexpected and most of the news media to stay close to the fence so they can straddle it or cross over it without changing gears or getting soiled. I three previous terms and hope it will be good enough to merit the approval and support of Covington County Voters. T. IVEY POWELL (Pd. Pol. Adv. by I. Ivey Powell, Route 8, Andalusia, Alabama.) FOR MEMBER, COVINGTON COUNTY COMMISSION DISTRICT 3 I announce my candidacy for election as Member Board of Commissioners, Covington County, District 3, subject to the May 4" and May 25 Demo- cratic Primaries. Rest assured that I will stand up for what I feel to be in the very best interest of all of Cov- ington County. Thank you for what you have done and please again. TRENT LEWIS (Pd. Pol. Adv. by Trent Le- wis, Florala, Alabama.) FOR MEMBER, COVINGTON COUNTY COMMISSION DISTRICT 4 (Red Level) I hereby announce my can- didacy for member oftheboard Covington County Commission, District 4, subject to the Demo- cratic Primaries of May 4 and May 25, 1976. If you honor me with elec- tion, I will serve all the people of Covington County to the very best of my ability. LLOYD RODGERS (Pd. Pol. Adv. by Lloyd Rod- gers, Route 3, Red Level, ,Ala- ,bama.) FOR MEMBER, COVINGTON COUNTY COMMISSION DISTRICT 4 (Red Level) I hereby announce my candi- dacy for member of Covington County Commission, District 4, subject to the Democratic Pri- maries of May 4 and May 25, 1976. Your vote and support will be greatly appreciated. BILLY HUGHES (Pd. Pol. Adv. by Billy Hughes, Gantt, Alabama.) NOTICE The Lockhart Town Council meeting on Monday night, May 17 was adjourned due to the death of Mrs. Amy Birge, sister-in-law of Councilman Eugene Birge and Town Clerk Ottis Birge. The council will meet Mon- day night, June 7, at 6:00 p.m. for regular business at the Lockhart Town Hall. A RESOLUTION WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Wal- ton County, Florida has deter- mined that flooding conditions presently exist along tne shor- es of Lake Jackson in Walton County, Florida, and WHEREAS, the Board has determined that assistance from Northwest Florida Water Management District is despe- rately needed to provide the funding necessary for the con- struction of water control de- vices along the above mention- ed property, and, WHEREAS, this assistance would benefit the citizens of Walton County, Florida. NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Wal- ton County, Florida to request the Northwest Florida Water Management District toprovide a suitable outlet for installing a water control device to pre- vent flooding of residential pro- perry on Lake Jack~on in Wal- ton County, Florida. ADOPTED this 13th day of April, 1976. Board of County Commzs- sioners of Walton County, .Flo- rida. Lldlrd Weeks, Lawton Matthews. WANT AD SERVICE: Need a baby sitter for day or night? And will do ironing. Call 4-5527. Fran- ces Childs. 5-20- Itp FOR SALE: Used ,truck tires. 825x20; 900z20; 10000x20; 1000xZ2. For more information~ contact WOOD TIRE SERVICE, Opp, Alabama. Phone493- 3800. 5-20-ffc Health For All ! One of the most serious dis- eases today is emphysema. It is a form of lung damage and is the fastest growing respira- tory disease. At first effects may be so slight, however, they may not be noticed. Untreat- ed, emphysema grows steadily worse and will destroy lungs and life. Two of the major causes of progressing emphysema are cigarette smoking and air pol- lution. Doctors say that people who breathe smoke filled and other polluted air for years even if they don't smoke personally have more emphysema than loved one. Your presence, your pray- ers, food and beautiful flowers were greatly appreciated. Our special thanks to the Re- verend J. L. Harris for the im- pressive service conducted for our mother. The Children Of Mrs. Lela N. Bell 5-20- Itp CTA of said deceased having been granted- to the undersign- ed on the 14th day of May, 1976, by the Hen. Leland En- zor, Judge of the Probate Court of Covington County, notice is hereby given that all persons having claims against said es- tate are hereby required to present the same within time allowed by law or the same will be barred. /s/Charles R. Howell 5-20-3tc CARD OF THANKS LEGAL NOTICE We would like to express our PROBATE COURT thanks and gratitude to our re- Estate of Daisy G. Watson, latives, friends and neighbors Deceased. for their kindness and the corn- Letters Testamentary of said fort shown us during the illness deceased having been granted to those who don't, and death of our loved one. the undersigned on the 14th day Emphysema cannot be cured To all who came by and to of May, 1976, by the Hen. Le- and there is no way to repair those who brought food and the land Enzor, Judge of the Pro- the damaged lungs. A patient beautiful flowers, sent cards of bate Court of Covington Coun- can receive treatment to slow sympathy, spiritual solaces, ty, notice is hereby given that down or even stop the spread and your prayers, we aredeep- all persons having claims of the damage. With guidance ly grateful. You will always be against said estate are hereby and training he will be able to remembered in our hearts for required to present the same live and breathe more effec- your loving kindnesslp helpful- within time allowed by law or hess and sympathy toward us. the same will be barred. tively. One of the major . . . if not the major . . . problems phy- sicians face in treating emphy- sema is the difficulty in detect- ing the disease until symptoms develop. This means that medi- cal care often is not started un- til there has been major de- terioration of lung tissue. The- raphy is difficult at that stage. If the disease could be ;dent;- fled earlier, people with emphy- sema and other chronic obstruc- tive lung disease might respond better to treatment. Measur- ing devices can chart the de- gree of lung capability. Results of these tests indicate early stages of chronic obstructive lung disease. Discovery of early abnorma- lities in lung functions may al- low for the earlier diagnosis of chronic obstructive lung dis- ease. As the early stages of these diseases are better under- stood, more effective treatment may be possible. Pulmonary Function tests seek to identify persons with early chronic obstructive lung disease. These tests are of- fered, free of charge to the citizens of the state by the Ala- bama Lung Association, your Christmas Seal Organization. Contact the Alabama Lung As- sociation, Box 904, Dothan, Ala- bama 36301 for more informa- tion on Pulmonary Function Testing. CARD OF THANKS We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone for the many k/ndnesses and com- fort following the death of our Our prayer is that the Lord will bless each and everyone with his richest and choicest blessings. The Family Of Oscar Kimbro 5-20-1tc CARD OF THANKS We are sincerely grateful to those who extended comforting sympathy and helped in our re- cent sorrow during the loss of our loved one, Eddie Goolsby. Our thanks for the beautiful service, floral offerings, food, prayers and other kindnesses received. Words can never express our appreciation. May GOd bless each of you. Linda Goolsby And Family. 5-27-Itp LEGAL NOTICE PROBATE COURT Estate of Clifford Hedge, Deceased. Letters Testamentary of said deceased having been granted to the undersigned on the 14th day of May, 1976, by the Hen. Le- land Enzor, Judge of the Pro- bate Courf of Covington Coun- ty,'notice is hereby given that all/ persons having claims against said estate are hereby required to present the ~ame wRhin time allowed by law or the same will be barred. /s/Clifford H. Hedge 5-20-3tc LEGAL NOTICE PROBATE Estate of Ernestine Howell, Deceased. Letters of Administration is/Louise Watson Godwin 5-20-3tc LEGAL NOTICE WHEREAS, the City of Flo- rala deems it necessary for the public safety of the Citizens of Florala, NOW THEI~EFORE BE IT ORDAINED the City Council of the City of Florala that thearea directly behind the City Hall and to the North of building owned by Elaine Burgess be de- signated as a one way street. Entrance to said street be from South 5th Street and exit shall be into South 4th Street. BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED THAT THIS AREA BE DESIG- NATED AS Burgess Avenue in honor of the'.late E M~ Bur- gess of FlorMa, a merchant and civic leader of Florala. This Ordinance sh~ll take effect im- mediately upon passage and publication aS required . ATTEST: ~Martha Byrd¢ CITY CLERK Joe R. Evans, MAYOR 5-13-2tc LEGAL NOTICE The Town of Lockhart will accept seMed bids from per- sons interested in purchasing the following: 1973 Plymouth Roadrunner, 2 door, vehicle identification. number RM2I o03R-221798 (us- ed as police car by the T~m of Lockhart. Used Bush Hog. Bids will be accepted by the Town Clerk from May 24 through 28. Both the car and " bush hog will be sold "as is." 5-13-2tc FOR SALE: One #B424 7 piece maple dinette. Cushioned chair seats. Extra value: $199.95. Sullivan Furniture. ' 5-20- ltc FOR SALE: One #B721 4 piece Redwood Patio Set. Extra value. $59.00. Sullivan Furniture. 5-20- ltc JUST RECEIVED, at The Flo- rata Thrift Store, new ship- ment of Samsonite luggage. Spe- cial price for graduation-- 20~ OFF! Five styles to choose from. Sold separately. 5-13-Itc AND THE DEAD WERE JUDGED out of those