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May 20, 2009     The Florala News
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May 20, 2009

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PAGE 4 THE FLORALA NEWS - WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 2009 Comments The Florala News' editorial section is intended to provide our readers * * * stfictions as possible. Profani~ direct or implied, and attacks on one's per- son rather than on actions or deeds are'not acceptable. Publication on this Letter to the Editor page in NO WAY REFLECTS AGREEMENT OR ENDORSEMENT BY THIS NEWSPAPER. by Joann Cotton e-mail: "Farm Life ... 1960's" "Learning to Drive a Tractor" Since I was always at home with the children...and there was always a tractor around...I taught each Child how to drive! They sat in my lap when they were about 10 years old... and I patiently taught them how 'to start'...and 'stop' (very important!)...and always cautioned them of the dangers!! when 'the boys' were older (pre-teens)... and they 'invent- ed' an activity,..namely.. Ahe older one driving the tractor while the two younger ones rode on a ski.., tied with a long ropeto the back of the tractor! At first they sat down on the ski to ride...(it was a wide one that they had removed the rudder from the bottom)... then they got braver and stood up... ride around and around the front yard!! Horror of horrors! Boy! THAT looked like fun! THEN...I suggested they go into the adjoining pasture (where we had cows).., because there was a hill.., and ter- races to ride down! '~Yeah! THAT'S an idea they would try!" Of course, these tractors were much smaller than today's But my husband calmly said, 'boys will be boys'! 'hugh-mongous' things...(which I wouldn't dare drive!).,. with air conditioned cabs...radios...GPS...computers, etc O.K... (might even have a TV)!!! I stayed on the backside of the house...for days! My first experience driving a tractor (at 18) was with a SMALL Ford 8-N! Since no one was 'killed'...I finally ventured to the front porch.., to watch! Well now... I wondered if I had done the wrong thing CROSSWORD REMINISCING was pulling my leg and told me since we were under water, When someone comes in the office at The Florala News I had to hold my breath. Of all the trips my kids and I have and they find out what my last name is, the next thing taken to Houston, they're getting to be pros because they out of their mouths is, "Are you related to Jess Willette?" can hold theirs just about all the way through. I smile and say, "Yes, he is my grandfather." Most of them He would put pepper on his french fries. Whenever we tell me he was their insurance agent for years and I smile would have a cookout, which usually consisted of ribs and because I used to play "office" with my cousins with stacks fries, he would put his in a paper sack, put salt and pepper and stacks of Liberty National Life Insurance Company on them, and shake it up good. I always made sure I kept letterhead. They tell me he was a man of his word. If he some out for me because I did not like, nor want, pepper on said he was going to be at their house on a certain day at a my french fries. certain time, he was. Or if he told them he was going to do He and my father taught me how to shoot guns. Rifles something, you could bet your bottom dollar it was going to mostly, but I knew what I was doing because of their teach- be done. I love that and I love the fact that I am that way ings. And I know that background is what helped me when as well. I passed Firearms Qualification last Friday with a score My grandfather was a smart and loving man. I felt so of 88 out a possible 100. It took me a few tries over a few much love from him and probably would have gotten away weeks, but after my initial frustration, I realized that it with murder if such was the case. He was an Auburn fan. was better that I learned how to shoot my weapon before I He loved to drink ice-cold Coca-Cola and he always had qualified. With the help of friends, a terrific instructor and plenty around. I'm talking about the good Coca-Cola when their unwavering support, I am now part of the Florala Pe- lt came in bottles and before they started messing with the lice Department as a Reserve and I am very excited and original formula. That's the only way to drink it in my opin- proud of myself. ion, because if you're like me and you get a soda at the cor- I know my grandfather would be proud of me. All of my ner store, it's never as cold as it wouId be if it still came in a grandparents would. I've said it before an~ I'll say it 'til the bottle. He loved snack foods - peanuts, beef jerky, those va- day I die - I miss them so much. I mis being their little riety packages you get at Hickory Farms and pretty much girl. And I miss knowing that being in this town meant that anything else that would fit on a cracker. I had a set of grandparents at either end. Florala always My point is this - I love all those things as well. Is it he- meant home to me because they were here and now it is my reditary? Something we can't control. Or is it just from be- home because I chose to live here. ing around him? Something he could control, but to love me My grandparents would be proud and happy that I work as much as he did, he wanted to spend as much time with for The Florala News. They would worry, but be proud of me as possible. And spending time with me meant being me being a Reserve .Police Officer. They would brag about together talking about and enjoying the things he loved, me because they would know that my intentions are to give He was a very superstitious man. I can't tell you how back to this town. To put my heart out there as I do in this many times he put me behind the wheel of his car and if column and put my time out there on the streets to do what a black cat ran out in front of us, I was instructed to turn little I can to help them remain safe. around and go the other way. They would be proud because it's their blood running He used to make me hold my breath going through the though my veins and their ideals and morals and the mere- runnel in Mobile. Actually when I think about it, I think he ories of them that allow them to live on. Editor, hesitate to call on us. DEAR EDITOR, Thank you again, The Florala Fire Department would like to thank mem- Members of the Florala Fire Department bers of the Lockhart Fire Department, Red Oak Fire De- partment, Walton County Fire/Rescue, and Florala EMS for their assistance during the Westside Baptist Church CORRECTION: The Walton County Fire and Rescue fire on May 9, 2009. It is always reassuring to have the unit at Paxton was inadvertently left out of the story last knowledge that your neighbors will help in times of need, week concerning the Westside Baptist Church fire. They- and, if we can ever be of assistance to you, please do not also assisted the Florala Fire Department. - Editor The Florala News LETTERS welcomes Letters to the Editor All letters will be published as the TO THE discretion of the editor and publisher. EDITOR: Information required include: signature, address and phone number. Send to: The Florala News 1155 Fifth Street Florala, AL 36442 The Florala News I watched from the front porch swing as they entered the gate and drove along a fence to head uphill. As they rounded the corner.., that's when I saw the two younger ones coming off the ski.., where they had been sit- ting...and literally stomped to the house!! I wondered...'what in the world could be wrong'? When I asked .... ...they said Alan (the oldest) was going through 'cow mess... ~m m 1 2 3 m 13 16 u n m m m 19 25 26 27 mm m 35 40 44 57 58 59 65 m m 6 7 PRESENTED BY 10 11 112 32 52 62 m m 33 134 63 164 Where volunteering begins. m m m 69 72 2009. StatePoint Media, Inc. (.;RU~5~WURU THEME: HAT'S OFF! ACROSS UUVVIN 1. Most famous Spice Girl? 2. Singer Fitzgerald 3. Sixth month of civil year 4. Orange and lemon peels, e.g. 5. Deadly 6. Blood problem 7. *In the NFL his hat is white 8. Tax of one tenth 9. Cheekbone 10. Eurasian mountain range 11. Crooned 12. Eddible root of taro plant 15. *Dear to Indiana 20. Sun-dried brick 22. One who is playfully mis- chievous 24. Ruler's purpose 25. *Green in military? 26. Convex molding 27. Marley's" ., Stand Up" 29. One of Three Bears 31. Flightless birds 32. Recipient of Ten Command- ments 33. American tennis great 34. *"The Run for the Roses" 36. Adam and Eve's third son 38. Lesotho money 42. Intended to be sung as part of church service 45. Suggestive of nature 49. "13t for 51. Popular new type of drink 54. Relating to a gene 56. Fur shawl 57. Urge or prod 58. Sound mind, body 59. Ardor 60. l-V's "My Name is" 61. Pas in ballet, e.g. 62. Files suit against 63. S-shaped molding 64. Monster's Ioch 67. South American tuber last week's solution 1. *This Minnie wore one with a price tag hanging down 6. Cathode-ray tube 9. Dali's Gala or Dante's Bea- trice, e.g. 13." but a goodie" 14. Hawaiian necklace 15. The charge unit named after Michael Faraday 16. *Many wear a fedora on one 17. "Oftentimes" in poetry 18. African antelope 19. *Worn for protection 21. Viggo Mortensen's animal co-star in '04 movie 23. Unhappy 24. Office communique 25. Cranberry habitat 28. Between a trot and a gallop 30. Aspiring doctor's undergrad work 35. Day before holiday, pl. 37. Ancient Semitic deity 39. In the act of moving 40. Memorization by repetition 41. Healing salt 43. One who's on drugs 44. Wash out with solvent 46. On its own 47. Settler of Serbia 48. *Astaire wore one with white tie and tails 50. Baptism, e.g. 52. Eye infection 53. " _ Against the Machine" 55. Half the width of ems in printing 57. Common newspaper name 61. *First became popular out West 65. African sorcery 66. '90s sarcastic catchphrase 68. "Moulin I" 69. Resembling wings 70. NHL court 71. Great merriments 72. Computer maker Michael 73. *Popular in baseball 74. Affirmatives