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May 29, 1975     The Florala News
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May 29, 1975

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IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. PAGE I0 THE FLORALA NEWS - THURSDAY, MAY • • • L 00~0 SENIOR OF THE WEEK ler What senior boy can you think of that has brown eyes, brown hair, and lots of freckles? Ray Miller! Ray fits all the char- acteristics mentioned above His favorite class is English; his favorite teacher is Mr. Strickland; his favorite color is red; and his favorite food is pizza. Ray's hobbies include reading and listenting to re- cords (Elton John in parti- cular). After graduation, Ray plans to join the Air Force. Senior Rings Arrive ... Ray One of the most memorable days of a high school student's life is the day he or she re- ceives his Senior Ring. On May 21, some 96 Juniors proudly received their Senior rings. Beginning at the end of first period and continuing still, is the flash of blazing, bright rings. It seems that any Junior you see is either proudly gazing at his ring, or showing it off to someone else. The rings are gorgeous. The stones range from diamonds to topaz and alexanderites. Pri- ces on these rings were simply unbelievable; just ask any Jun- ior's parent if you don't believe me. As the Juniors proudly ob- serve their Senior" rings, and bask in their new found prestige, and the Seniors glance at theirs, remembering and praying for graduation, the underclassmen look at one another and say, "Sometime OUR day will come! ' ' BETA CLUB ENJOYS END OF YEAR PARTY Tuesday, May 20, the Beta Club members held their end of the year party. It was held at the Williamson's lot behind the lake. The members present enjoyed swimming, ten- nis, and other sports. There was plenty to eat with every- one's favorite party foods - hamburgers, drinks, etc. The party was enjoyed by all who were in attendance. F.F.A. NEWS At the last meeting of the Florala Chapter of the Future l~armers of America officers for the upcoming year were Salu 0ur :?i: iiiiii :~ilil .... i!i~i~ !~i~il~ PHONE 8.0445 RS, FLORALA, ALABAMA 43 --- .... = , =, - : -- elected• The officers were elected as follows: John Hunt, president; David Schofield, vice-president; Matt Bradley, secretary; Ricky Chambers, treasurer; Wally Stovall, re- porter; and Pat Aver, sentinel. The Florala FFA Ag Mechan- ics Team journeyed to Au- burn for the Final state compe- tition. Although they really tried hard, they failed to place-. This team consisted of Hamp Tew, Phillip Charts, and Ricky Chambers. Mr. Rasberry has really worked hard training these young men and they all deserve a lot of credit. NOTES IN THE NEWS Drum Major for the Wildcat Band next year will be Gary Bradley. Majorettes for next year will be Sissie Savage and Anne Mills. Juniors received their Senior rings May 21. Senior luncheon was held on May 22. Senior tea was held on May 21. All books have been turned in, and except for a test on Thursday, school is officially out. Graduation is tonight. Summer is here at long last! SCOTT PA PER MA INTA Ills NON.UNION STA TUS Hourly and non-exempt pro- duction employees of Scott Pa- per Company's Southern Opera- tions Woods Division voted 138 to 40 in favor of retaining their non-union status. The election, involving 182 Scott Woodlands employees, was conducted under the super- vision of the National Labor Re- lations Board on Friday, May 16, 1975. Voting was held by secret ballot at four polling sites in Alabama and Mississippi throughout the day and ballots , were tabulated by representa- tives of the NLRB after the polls closed. 00 A Teacher Reflects On Graduation By Jerry Strickland Where have all the young men gone? Long time passing Where have all the young men gone Long, long time ago Turn around and you're tiny Turn around and you're grown Turn around and you're a young man With sons of your own ..... I am sure that most every- one will recognize the above words of a once popular song. The words help to express a thought and an attitude toward life we each recognize some- time or another in a passing moment of sensitive remem- brance. Too often it takes a class could take the placeofmy special event to make us rea- favorite class now receiving lize how quickly people growup their diplomas. Finally, I and and leave us. One such event other teachers learned that our is a high school graduation ex- old students go on to bigger and would I do without them. Sure- ly, most all beginning teachers Jackson feel this way. One year quickly " • • passed into the next and with each graduatingclassthesame Alto Jackson question presented itself. At the time it appeared utterly im- possible that a new and strangeif, t ~-~˘~O][~eI˘'IO;'I'~ Degree. Samuel Alto Jackson, Jr., who perienced annually by parents, better challenges; they become will become pastor of Carolina students, and teachers, an active part of our complex Baptist Church on June I re- Parents view graduation as world. Realizing this, we as a stepping stone for their child- teachers see the life processor ceived the master of divinity ten or satisfaction of having high school students just as we degree during spring com- mencement exercises held in gotten another one through. Stu- experience our own in years Truett Auditorium at South- dents look toward graduation as gone by. western Baptist Theological freedom, freedom from books, Just as surely as one year Seminary, May 16. homework, tests, and nagging ends another begins. While we Jackson, who is presently teachers. Principals often see are still wondering about last pastoring the Bethel Heights graduation as the ending and years' graduating class, some Baptist Church of Gatesville, beginning of another busy year. new student says: "What page Texas, is a Florala native. H~ But there is, one more group; did you say we are on?" Sud- parents are Mr. and Mrs. Sam i the teachers. What doteachers denly it seems as if that ques- Jackson of 900 E. 5th Avmue, see and experience at gradua- tion has been asked before, or Florala. He holds a BA de- ! tion time? Having been a tea- cher at Florala High School for six years, I can relate some of my thoughts as well as some thoughts of most teachers also'. In the long and difficult strug- gle to learn and grow, teachers often forget that students are people with feelings, hopes, dreams, and problems. At times there seems to be no end to the problems which must be solved between students and teachers. We learn about each other from having found solu- tions to many problems and rough spots along the way. Tea- chers are interested in their students; this is why we teach, and about this time of year, a teacher recalls all the learning that has taken place in his place in his classroom during the past year and wonders if it has been enough. He thinks that if he had tried a little harder to teach a certain student that just may- be, that person might have dis- covered himself as a student and person. As a teacher ob- serves the graduation proces- sional, he thinks many thoughts of success and failure. "There goes a student~ that I did not~ think would make it, or Jimmy did not do all he could havedone while Susan really straightened out the last semester. I wish we could have read that new book or had worked a little longer on grammar." Always there is the thought of what was done and what could have been done. The idea of success and failure is an ever present thought in a teacher's mind; it acts as his professional con- science and guide. Teachers worry because they are con- cerned about people and not numbers or learning machines in human form. As a new teacher I experienc- ed a feeling of loss when I watched "my" first class gra- duate. I asked myself how would I ever get to know another class as I had come to know that one, and what will they do without me when really I meant what "I don't have my book; I left gree from Samford University. it in my locker." It is then His wife, the former Kern that we teachers realize that Pierce of Kinston, Alabama, the former graduating class has graduated Sunday, May 18 from not really left us at all. The Texas Wesleyan College, with same students or type of stu- dents are still with us, and we see the same problem, the same questions, the bad moments, and the same good moments except behind them all, are new and exciting faces. It is then that teachers realize, that gradua- tion is not an ending process but a new beginning. a BS degree in elementary edu- cation. Seminary President Robert E. Naylor presented degrees and diplomas to over 260 can- -'..-.--~.: ~.. --.' ELIZABETtl BATES Lois Sunday Schools May Meeting By Vera Whiddon The loyal president, capa- ble teacher, and devoted mem- bers of the Lois Sunday School Class met in the home of Mrs. Pearl Sptcer for their May, meetinl with a smaller than us- ual number present. Miss At- tie Geohagan was being the Good 8maritan to Mrs. JeffGeohagan who recently broke her right' arm. This love and concern is what this cla~s is all about. Mrs. Turner opened the meeting with prayer followed by well chosen remarks from the president• Mrs. Walter Hedge gave a most interesting devo- tional on Hannah, oneofthe ma- ny women of the Bible. After the devotional, Mrs. Hedge brought to the class the sad plight of the J. D Moore fa- mily who has lately gone to Gainsville for more surgery -- -- -- i and further treatmenl Moore. Mr. Moore render his job to wife, making the ing of the family It was voted to from the class deserving family, ed Mrs. Spacer serv home-made pound chips, nuts, coffee sherbert punch to the l as follows: Mrs. Mrs. Rachael Turner, Mrs. Willie Mrs. W. W. Hedge, i trice Manning, Mrs. Donaldson, the minutes and Whiddon, who ex preciation for the levi cern shown her by during her recent WE WISH ALL OF YOU SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE didates from the seminary's three schools. This was the largest graduating class ever in ! the 68-year history of the Fort Sh~ar~Factory Worth institution. Southwestern Seminary is a fully accredited graduate in- stitution designed to prepare men and women for the Chris- tian ministry. Theworld'slar- MEMBER OF NA TIONA L gest evangelical seminary, Southwestern iqpae of the six IIONOR SOCIETY seminaries own~ ~ operated WE HA COMPLETE OF GRADUAI GIFTS. COME IN Miss Jane Elizabeth Bates of Florala has been selected for membership in Phi Kappa Phi national scholastic honor so- ciety at Troy State University. Miss Bates is a student in [he Hall School of Journalism land is majoring inJourualism. (, She is a member of Spires ]L . . . honor society, Circle K serwce organization and the TSU Press Club. To be eligible for member- ship in Phi Kappa Phi, a stu- dent must maintain an over- all grade point average of 2.7 on TSU's 3.0 scale. Miss Bates was inititated into the society Friday. May 23. in ceremonies at 5:00 p.m. inMc- Cartha Hall at TSU. She is the daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. Joe E. Bates, Sr., of Florala. by the eleven-million South- ern Baptist Convention. PLEASANT GROVE PLANS CAR WASH The Pleasant Grove Assem- bly of C~xl!ehurch is sponsoring a "car wash" this Saturday, May 31, beginning at 8:00 o'clock, on the church grounds. They will wash and vacuum your car for $3.00. All pro- ceeds will go toward the church building fund. They have the walls up and the floor poured. Next thing upcoming is to put a roof on the building. Your help is needed! All you folk with dirty cars be sure and take advantage of this opportunity to get them clean reasonably. GRACE BAPTIST PLANS FAMILY NIGHT RECREATION THROUGH SUMMER MONTHS Beginning Friday night, May 30, Grace Baptist Church will begin a weekly night for family recreation, which will continue JACK & MARIE SHEAR OQ Q 000 @ -...., , := -: SEE US TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST CF YOUR LIFE. THE FUTURE I S YOURS. HOME OWNED AND OPERATED TELEPtlONE 8.6002 throughout the summer months, from 5:30 to 7:30. Various games and activities will be available, such as soft ball, volley ball, badminton, football, etc., for those who wish to participate. Those who don't wish to play are encourag- i ed to come take and fellowship. Everyone is requested to dress modestly as becometh Christians and not to wear short shorts or other atire that pro- motes nudity. This activity is open to the community and everyone is welcome. With your education as m, strive for the best! Cong and good luck. VANITY BEAUTY MERLE NORM STUDIO We're bursting with pride. You did it. We wish you succeu, good fortune and the {~ood llfe. We're brimming over with great gift ideas, too. Things to make it a real cele- bration. Stop in and look us over. Dad And Lad Ineurar e Agenoy lUIL-ONAI-A, ALABJkMA