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May 29, 1975     The Florala News
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May 29, 1975

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IMbibE SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USI SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. , MAY~' 29 1 ~DAY,L MAY 29, 1975pAGE II Legal Notice in the performance of the terms of said mortgage and said de- l... _1 .. St. John Baptist Church To f'X /q fault continuing: triers 1o I Ol[ors ~P ~~.~'~~ NOW, THEREFORE, Federal eatment ~~ the transferee and owner of oore":] Observe Youth Day PROJECT [,0. L3:-01~6(~01) National Mortgage Association, COVINGTO~,I COU~.',TZ said mortgage, will sell, under iO]e~a~~i=~~,~i_~/i.. ;~,,i~.i~~~.~ [rDfei~!!i~i{i~oi~~i! ~~i!lell~!imy~!:~i!i~~ii ~'>;~i"~''~*SCALE: I"= I~'ILE and by virtue of the power of = /./~\,~... sale contained in said mort- 'i~ ~ ""~ durin~ the lezal hours of sale on Monday, June 16, 1975, : /"'~ } '". I: : /~,]~.,~~[ at public auction, to the high- ~.,-ved| ~ ' g welcome by "~iaria Carson. Ed- Wade; occasion, Barbara Wil- i, .... L v It xP" "- ...... "" ~X X~,TO~y of: -rile FoCTr est bidder for cash, in front ~ of the Courthouse door of the und'cak| ward Jackson will read the kerson; presentation of the '~ ~ ~OL~'~E~CA~ ~'m~P'VO .. _A,,.._ scripture, while the occasion speaker, Mr Bobby C James ~ - A,JC,~,~'r ~-~C E, e~T ~HE -+Er~ Covington County Courthouse, ~:::~h~~4JITOR: ten ball players. There has will be given by Lydia Larkin. of Shalimar," Florida, " by Mr. RA i! *" |N~'ANI"RV WA@Flt~,TgMFt~,~Ep in the City of Andalusia, Ala- ,~ ~.~ ~"~e~Rv To P~,=~,~e bama, the real estate embrac- _.'.1 may 22, 1975 been a total of 4 forfeits out Miss Canrica Watson willin- Earlie Johnson, Jr.; a solo by ....-" ....... "rH~ ~ WHO ^,~ O~e ~THa -~,~,H ',~vA~-, (r,~,~L~),~ ed in said mortgage and des- ~L_V~, of 10 games, this year. Do troduce the speaker, Naretha Faye Mattbews; response, .} .-~ FROJECT ~o,~ ~ ~*~'t~ F~o~ cribed as follows: ~!ii "r,E ~oo~ or .o~.~. ~,,, The following property situa- ted in Covington County, Ala- bama, to-wit: , LEGAL NOTICE Beginning at a point on the easterly right of way of 5th General Motors Acceptance Avenue a distance of 550.20 t Corporation will sell at Public feet southerly of theSouth right Sale for cash on June 9, 1975, of way of 7th Avenue and run- at M. L. Moore Motors, Anda- ning thence N. 49 degrees 47' q, ~ lusia, Ala., the following: E. a distance of 196.30 feet; 1974 Pont. 2 dr Vent. LM- thence S. 36 degrees 35' E. a --[%~!etition. our minds, rather t~Pn'anall Florolo Pohte Report 29HSBI28111 distance of 159.80feet;thence G.M.A.C. reserves the right S. 50 degrees 55' W. a dis- j ~o, the Floralaeffort to win at any and all . ~t" to bid at such sale. The colla- tance of 50.00 feet; thence N. iW~ltight~"-~i~OftballteamsLeagUewith whenCSt a HOWGiANTdOeSbeatsViCtOrYa MID-feel W@@k-- " (JrA ~la]f'" | 3 , ~' ~ total involved are presently 38 degrees 45' W. a distance H ll~t~Ln,g to twelve. GET? Where is the winner ~t stored and may be seen at M. of 50.00 feet; thence S. 50 de- L. Moore Mts., Andalusia, Ala.. grees 55' W. a distance of 'lJ|~e-iJ~lv ~rne ~t ~s very when there is n~to~yp~tit~:?s The Florala Police Depart- tires m the Florala area. He ~' CorporationGeneral Motors Acceptance grees141'50 03'feet;w.thencealong N.the36east_de- ares to held ment revorts 34 arrests for stated that he was accompanied 126 1308 70804 5 29 ltcerly right of way of 5th Ave- #~ggl the weel~ of May 13 27 by another individual but would ~'IA One for leaving the scene of not give his name. nun a distance of 104.60 feet to the point of beginning. Said mendment No. 1 an accident, five for disorderly While waiting transfer to the ..,....2/" .,, property lying in Section 34, conduct, three for bench war- County Jail in Andalusia, on NOTICE OF rants, two for running stop Sunday, May 19, the above sub- Township 1 North, Range 17 I~blTOR. . sent tonnage, our docks are of- signs, one for reckless driv- ject attempted escape from the ~ 1 East, Covington County, Ala- ~OOdham, Editor ten pushed beyond capacity, and ing by drinking, two for highway City Jail by removing a center ~ ,~ MORTGAGE bama, together with the here- ..lets when we consider the develop- intoxication, four for driving slat from a metal chair and ditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging, and also [.4 V~a 36442 ment oftheTennessee-Tombig- while intoxicated, one for re- busting the lock on the cell FORECLOSURE SALE together with all wall-to-wall | bee, the Chattahoochee-Apala- storing arrest, one for disturb- door. The subject made it to " '~TE ~L._ ~ chicola and the Coosa/Alabama Lug the peace, three for reck- the front of the jail where he carpet in the living room, hall "lYe expansion and water systems, it is readily less driving, one for posses- was recaptured by Sat. Paul and all bedrooms, and also to- DIdACTs,! our Alabama apparent that the improvement sign of an illegal weapon, one Mitchell and placed backinjail. NOTICE OF ~ MORTGAGE aether with all equipment and ~"~ l~mOut additional and expansion project of our for attempted escape, one for On May 20, the subject was Notice is hereby given that shed by the American Associa- FORECLOSURE SALE fixtures for heating and light- Z'T~ l docks is absolutely necessary, second degree burglary, onefor brought before CovingtonCoun- the State of Alabama Highway Lion of StateHighwayandTrans- STATE OF ALABAMA) ing now or hereafter installed " "'-"L Also, our State Docks sys- failure to yield to blue light, ty Juvenile Judge, Clyde Love, Department has requestedap- portation Officials, and the State COVINGTON COUNTY) therein by the mortgagors. proval on May 20, 1975, for of Alabama Highway Depart- WHEREAS, Curtis Mitchell, NOTE: The sale ~nd any , ,, J[r~ Of Alabama ap- tom is mostvitaltoagricuiture, one for driving while license where he was found guilty on Project No. LSF-0128 (901), ment Safety Standards forhigh- and Vurnie Mae Mitchell. exe- conveyance made in consum- l~eral obligation In recent years, our farmers revoked, one for public drunk, charges of second degree bur- - ["endment No 1) have flooded existing facilities one for A.W.O.L., one for ex- glary and attempted escape. Covington County, from the ways other than freeways. The cured to Colonial Mortgage mation thereof, will be subject U~5 million wili'be with record shipments of soy- cessive speed, one for grand He was reprimanded by Judge Federal Highway Administra- proposed Rest Area will provide Company, a corporation, on the to any existing Federal tax ~l~rade our docks beans and grains. Wehopethey larceny, one for grand auto Love and sentenced to the state tion, an agency of the United a comfort station with adequate 29th day of July, 1972, a mort- liens, if any, and/or special ~w taxes Thiscontinue and our agriculture theft, and one for eluding a PO- reformatory school for boys in States of America, of location sanitary facilities, amplepark- gage upon the real estate assessments, if any, which [~1 to the'future experts say that farm exports lice officer. Birmingham, Alabama, where and major design features pro- ing for automobiles and trucks hereinafter described to so- might adversely affect the title ~t~h of nut ~ntiv~ are sure to increase On Friday, May 17, at about he will remain until he becomes sented in a Public Hearing held along with several picnic fa- cure an indebtedness described to subject property. ~,_lt[,~s~ of Vasta'ndwaterways far-" passageAgain' ofleta bondme exl~basiZetssue, forthatthe reported11:50 p.m.,a prowlerMrs" Donnaat her homeHUghes transferred16' at whiChtotimethe statehe willpeni_be OnBuflding,April State25' 1975,Park,ActivitieSFlorala, cilities.All information concerning dulytherein'recordedSaid mortgagein the officebeingof theSaidpurposeSale willof realizingbe made thefr ~',,~ject of interest State Docks will not being ad- on North 6th Street. Upon aT- tentiary until he becomes 21 Alabama. The description is as this request is available for the Judge of Probate of Coy- mortgage debt, together with |~Sections of the ditional taxes, but it will bring rival, Sat. Williams andOfficer years of age. follows: public inspection in the State of ington County, Alabama, in An- all expenses of this sale, in- The proposed Rest Area site Alabama Highway Department dalusia, Alabama, in Real Pro- eluding a reasonable attorney's |eCOnomic benefits added growth -- jobs. Yancey of the Florala Police is located on the east side of building in Troy, Alabama. perry Book 654, at Pages 32- fee. [.~ improved port I hope that you and thepeople Department in checking around -.,~ statewide It of your community will vote the premises, discovered Hol- VACATION BIBLE US-331 approximately five mi- Ray D. Bass 35 and which said mortgage was This the 24th day of April, leo north of Florala, State of Alabama subsequently transferred and 1975. linghead's Service Station, 1o- The general design features Highway Director assigned by Colonial Mortgage FEDERAL NATIONAL ~.~-~re jobs for "Ala- will!yes on Amendment No. 1. I cated behind Mrs. Hughes re- SCHOOL TO BEGIN for this project will be in ac- 5-29-ItcCompany, a corporation, to MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION [~n of the Ten- It would greatly assist our sidence, had been broken into. cordance with criteria establi- Government National Mortgage Transferee and OwnerofSaid ~bee Waterwayefforts if you could continue In checking the building, a sub- trs away It to support the bond issue and ject was found hiding behindthe AT FIRST ASSEMBLY Association, a corporation, by assignment dated the 28th day Mortgage. 5-1-3tc as 1980-81, help in enlisting the support cash register counter. He had LH ELECTIONS of November, 1972, andrecord- Alabama the of the people in your area. gained entrance to the building "Up, up, up, and away"isthe ed in Real Property Book 657, LE~ ~.~,v,,,,,.,:, ~erce center With kindest regards, I am by removing a window from the theme for a five-day Vacation Cont. From Front at Page 13, in the office of ,~,~ ~,,t~ [~p~ ~-0 mid-Am- Sincerely, South side of the building. The Bible School, which begins Mon- the Judge of Probate of Coy- PROBATE COURT Yen with pro- /s/George C. Wallace cash register had been pried day, June2 at First Assembly iwng::~ sCa~ntY~rt~gbeamwas sa~d -Estate of Martha Harrison, , Governoropen with a screwdriver, which of God, located at West Fifth subject on the ballot in order CARD OF THANKS . ~ , ': ' ', i ~, was lying oll the floor along Avenue in Florala, Alabama. that the citizens could express sequently transferreu" .... ann" as-- DeceasedLetters. Testamentary of said ~,~ . ~ ..with a set of. gloves aM the Classes will be offered for their wishes. No one has pub- We want to take this means signed by Governntem r~ationai deceased h-,,,-- h ....... ,..., ~';~" ....... ~'~'~ ....... '" *'~~ ~'~'~ +:'~ "~ c/[shdrawer~ contalnin[.~appro- children ages ~ through 14. liqily'~xpressed, opposition to to thankeveryoneforthelrkind- Mortgage Association, a COT- to the undersii~ ~'~" sL'"~? gaeo on [ne z~ $ PR ING$ ~NEWS~': ':/'! ' :~v::~ ximately sixty dollar~ in There will be graded Bible a stand by well, but apparently hess and concern for me while poTation, to Federal Nationa~ On-. of A ........... ,, u~. y pFll lt,/3, oy [n~ .v. change, lessons, handicrafts, songs, an- the location doesn't meet with I was in the Eglin Hospital and Mortgage Assoc,atmn by as- Leland En-- ' ......" voter approval. And too, con- during my stay at home recu- ' zur ~uageox~nevro- signment dated the 12th day of b ' The subject was placed under mes and refreshments for the corn is being expressed with perating. .. ......... ate Court of CovmgtonCounty, ~ Gracie Adkison arrest and transferred to the children. ~-7~ ~e~)ruary, tw,~, and recoroe~ notice ......... xs nereov g~ven mat au Florala Police Station, wherehe Sessions will be from 8:30 the outlay of city funds on the The prayers, flowers, cards, in Real Property Book 660, at -croons h v ~ .... p a mg cmtms agamsz aYer for us as church has been charged with second a.m. to 11:30 a.m. project, which stands presently and visits were deeply appre- Page 729, in the office of the said est t .... ~J[~ Selecting a man We ask all praying people degree burglary. The subject's Commencement is scheduled at the $25,000 mark, with the elated The Judge of Probate of Cowngton' to-r ................. a e are nereny reqmr~ O~.0r. The Pulpit to keep us in a little corner name is being withheld due to for 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, June8. expense of clearing, fencing, .. ..... p ~em t,e same wmnnume uounty, atanama; ann II w ............... ~ ~ a o ed by law or the samewHl .,.~s informed me of your hearts and pray for the fact that he is a juvenile Pastor, Roy. Raymond Taylor insuring, and lighting, yet to Willie H. Hulion wn~.u~.~t~, uemul[ na~ ~een be barred Will be made God's blessing to continue with offender. He told officers that said the Vacation Bible School be added. And apparently add- Family made by the mortgagors in the " /s/J,,h,,, ~,, r-....~ ing to the controversary is the 5-29-1tNpayment of the indebtedness / / ....... "'5-~22-~c ~~: this congregation, he was from Barrow, Florida is open to all interested fact that the cities return on v~,~-ate to have so- The church secretary-trea- and that he was visiting rela- persons. men of God surer Betty O Shields, is at the outlay of funds is reported ~#~" Next Sunday, home convalescing from ms- to be a minimum of $20 month- ~l/~~ ~ ~~ ~q,~ the last trial joT surgery, Tuesday, May 20. ASC PLANS "LIVING" i~have. We want Betty is doing well, but finds programs of Education, Re- ly for service to four custo- search andService,"sheadded, mers, at the present time. "- ][~.opportunity to it hard to be confined to bed MEMORIAL PROGRAM gift, ACS sends (unless request- ported objections to a stand by [' ~. C. Williams rest. Friends are welcome Upon receipt of a memorial Just as there were no re- [' This man has to pay her a visit. She says ed otherwise)an official notice ed objection t'o paving a street [ i~. his commu- thanks for your prayers, cards well, there has been no report- [~ ChUrch, and isand flowers that made her feel With Memorial Day just past, of the gift to the family of the NOTICE - H. C. (Son) Cra GARAGE SALE - Saturday, HELP WANTED- Experienc- __ ..,~[#, PeOple for his a close link with home while the American Cancer Society person who is commemorated, or other city service. How- roy's Fish Pond will be ciosed May 31. Clothes, quilts and ed in party plan`) Be a Merri- 'me,g~is spirit We she was in the hospital. (ACS) is planning special em- An acknowledgement and re- ever, there were reported mix- - , ~elcome him to We find it necessary to re- phasis on its "living" Memorial ceipt is also sent to the donor. Lure of feelings and somewhat as of June 1, until further no- 7thdishes'Avenue.priced cheap. 1711 W. mission,Mac deliveryHigheStor cOm-col_ |IJi0lR~~ some of his mind the people who have 1o- Program, it was announced re- The memorial money is then surprises expressed when hce. 5-29-1tpd 5-29-1tpd leering. Call collect to Ann cently by Mrs. Mary Nell Rob- used by the Society for re- council, in a special meeting U'~asm with us. red ones buried in the Clear FOR SALE - 8x7 ft. meatFOR SALE - Cornish game Merri-Mac, P.O. Box 1277, Du- l}~h~es the dif- Springs Cemetery, that we bins, Memorial Chairmanofthe search and for the various pro- last Wednesday night, May 21, " Baxter - 319-556-8881 orwrite ,..,.#l[~ung. We trust need financial help to,get it Covington County Unit. grams conducted in eachcounty added First Avenue, between cooler. Block tables, meat Bantam Roasters. Call or-con- buque, lows 52001. Hl~"~rofthechurchcleaned. We have about 1/3 "Making a contribution tothe across the state. Seventh and EigbtStreets, tothe grinder. Call 8-6458.5 29 ltpd L~7~#r~ithspiritfilled enough to pay for the neces- Society's memorial fund is a Memorials may bemafledto present paving that'sunderway, tact, nights .only, Frances 5-29-2tpd _ ~][~ a Prayerful at- sary work. Please send your fitting and practicalwaytohelp Mrs. Robbins at P.O. Box 400, despite the fact that thegeneral Chance. 5 29 2tpd t Nt~ ~ till lead in so- donations to Janice Worley, or save the living and commemo- in Andalusia or P.O. Box 61 in election was only a matter of NOW OPEN - Jackie's Beau- days away. ' CAR WASH - at Florala ~J- [~ Who is right give it to any member of the rate a loved one who has died Opp. " . Other streets in the present ty Salon. Open from 8 - 5, BEAUTIFUL KITTENS - long Church of God Saturday, May ~'b~ church to be passed on to her. of cancerorsomeothercause," [~er is urged to This is a serious need that Mrs. Robbins pointed out. Interest Rates On Savings paving project include First Tuesday - Saturday. Formerly and short haired. All colors. 31. 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. the La Carousel in Paxton, Playful and healthy. Must find Pick up and delivered. Phone Avenue East, from the Assem- Florida. Hair styles, cuts and homes for all 10. Call Doris 8-1783. Wash - $1.25. Wax - ~~' monthly bus- should concern you. "The funds of the American American depositors with bly of God Church to paved ""- ~tt the church, The chairman for a Home- Cancer Society, including Me- accounts in Mexican banks road, approved for paving in coloring to fit everyonesneeds, at 7-2321. $1.25. Phone 4-0877 for appointment. 5-29-2tpd 5-29-1tpd '[~ June 4 at coming program has been so- morial Gifts, go toward saving are getting from 10.19 per- August 1973; street by the wa- 5-29-2tpd |t~acre are some lected. We will be setting the lives through the coordinated cent to 14 :l O percent interest, ter tower and Seventh Street, "~ DEAR FRIEND: If you are ~"~ ~ade and your exact date very soon and will ~=.m~ 1 1 l~l~mmm==m between First and Second Ave- DRAPERIES AND BEb not a member of the Church FOR RENT - - Shaded pri- t-.r.t elf ever,finest anV-and it ned plan to attend.keep you posted. Look for Corot, sol Twin DOWNTOWN Opp nueS,ruary, approved the past Feb- SPREADS, direct home factory, not a member of Christ' Church, vate lot for mobile home. Call ~s this dear Cost of the paving carries an We make to measure for those you do not love Christ. I can 8-3395. estimate of $2914.00 for the odd size windows. DRAPERY prove this. Will you also read 5-1-tfc l reZer Baptist Church Evangelist- t l CINEMA I ~ THURS. THRU WED. - BIG WEEK MAY 28 TO JUNE 4 CROSS COUNTRY ROAD WRECK ,.,.,... AND RUN "", }|IAYrrIHI% ..,,o... ,.o., I/~/C|m0~ ~--" THURS., THRU WED. MAY 28 TO JUNE 4 Open At 7:00 Shows At 7:15 & 9:15 Matinee Sot. & Sun. Open 1.30 Start 2:00 approximate 2800 feet. Of this amount, the city has $1999 in Federal Revenue Sharing Funds with a balance of the estimated $900 coming from the General Fund, which brings the total amount pledged for the well and paving to an estimated $16,- 601.00. Only voters can settle con- troversities, and the mood at this time appears to be that the qualified voters will turn out as high or possibly higher, than in the June 1973 General Election, when 240 of the 254 registered, "'oted. MocARTHUR TECH CLOSES FOR VACATION MacArthnr State Technical Colle~e will close for a two week summer vacation at the close of classes on May 30. Classes will resume on June 16 at the beginning of the sum- mer quarter. The school Business Offices will remain open during the two week vacation period for those persons who need to take care of business at the school. .OUTLETS, EVERGREEN AND ENTERPRISE. l-2-tfc FOR SALE - 6 room frame house with 2 complete baths. For more information call, 8- 1643. Priced for quick sale. Moving back to the country. Located on 303 S. 5th St. 5-29-1tc 'FOR SALE - - Bragg SOy- beans. Contact Rudy Kelley, New Harmony. Phone 4-3282 or 4-8006. 5-15-4tpd OGLESBY & SONS HOUSE MOVING - - and Bulldozer work. Call DeFuniak Springs, Florida 89Z-5931. 5-15-4tpd DOGS, DOGS, DOGS--Get rid of the dogs in your yard with a Hurricane Chain Link Fence. Free estimates and complete financing. Call Da- niel Peterson. 8-1643. 5-8-tfc FOR SALE - One (I) I00 gallon BTU Tank, half full of gas. $100.00. Call Ed Me- Daniel 6-7839. 5-22-3tc John 15, Verses I- 6 and call me at 8-4150. BY: BRO. BROOKS FOR SALE - l male black standard poodle. 9 months old. Phone 6-7360. 5-29-1tpd LAND SALE - - Lots near Point Washington, Fla., and acreage in Okaloosa. County, Fla., for sale. Write, call, or come by the office for further information. GENE KEEN REALTY. P.O. Box 55~., Crest- view, Fla. 3~.536. Fhone: 904 - 682-3341. 5-1-tfc PETREY'S GREEN HOUSE- Hanging baskets, plants of all kinds for pots and and bedding norfolk pines, and etc. Gar- den plants - all planting soil, POts, ]~ools, etc. Located at junction of Highway 331 - High- way 55. 3-27-tfc FOR SALE - 1946 Ford truck. Needs repair. $I00.00. Call Ed McDaniel 8-7839. 5-22-3tc FOR RENT - One (I) Trai- ler space. Call Ed McDaniel 8-7839. 5-22-3tc NOW OPEN - All electrical service. Located at 513 North 5th Street. Owner, W. W. HaT- roll. Phone 8-8978. Do in- dustrial, commercial and re- sidential work. Service gua- ranteed. 5-22-2tpd FACTORY DIRECT (4) Stretch-Stitch sews $139.95; (13) Mattress & box sets - 39.95 ca.; (8) Complete stereo systems. 69.95; (4) New B.R. Suites 119.95; (4) New L.R. Suites - 99.95; (3) Dinettes (8 pc.). 119.95; (14) Bassett Reclin- ers - 79.95 Cash or terms 115 S: OmN Doflum, AI