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June 15, 2011     The Florala News
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June 15, 2011

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PAGE 4 • THEFLORALA NEWS- WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 2011 Comments The Florala News' editorial section is intended to provide our readers and citizens as complete an opportunity to express themselves with as few re- * * * strictions as possible. Profanity, direct or implied, and attacks on one's per- son rather than on actions or deeds are not acceptable. Publication on this Letter to the Editor page in NO WAY REFLECTS AGREEMENT OR ENDORSEMENT BY THIS NEWSPAPER. When you win a National Championship, it certainly Texas looks to be second at $3.6 million• The newspaper said does pay. In more ways than one. But who gets all theAlabama had the highest-paid stafflastyear at $3•265 mil- credit for bringing that trophy home? The players or the lion. Private schools, such as Southern California and Notre coaching staff?. It's definitely a combination of both, but the Dame, do not have to report salaries. coaches, in this case anyway, received the biggest "thank Auburn announced last week that Chizik will earn $3.5 you" in the country. The following was posted on million annually under his five-year contract. The univer- Tuesday, June 14: sity revealed Monday the details of his contract, including Winning a football national championship has its re- a $10 million buyout if it fires him "without cause" in 2011. wards, and that's abundantly evident to the Auburn coach- Chizik would owe Auburn $3.5 million if he leaves on his ing staff today, own accord. The Tigers have likely made their assistant coaches the Auburn's buyout drops to $7.5 million in 2012, $5 million highest-paid staff in America, made offensive coordinator• in 2013, $3.5 million in 2014 and zero in 2015. Auburn paid Gus Malzahn the highest-paid assistant in the nation at former coach Tommy Tuberville the remainder of his $5.1 $1.3 million annually and head coach Gene Chizik has one million buyout after he left following the 2008 season. of the highest buyouts in the country at $10 million for the Some other significant facts from the Contracts: 2011 season. Malzahn, defensive coordinator Ted Roof and, receivers Auburn's assistant coaches are set to make a cOmbinedcoach~assistant head coach Trooper Taylor have three-year $4,085,000 this season, according to the details of the con- contracts through the 2013 season. They are the three high- tracts released Monday. USA Today, which compiles a corn- est paid assistants, with Malzahn at $1.3 million after a 160 prehensive list of coaching salaries each year, said the as- percent pay raise; Roof at $500,000 after a 22.9 percent pay sistant coaches" combined salaries are No. 1 nationally "by raise, and Taylor at $425,000 after a 21 percent pay raise. a wide margin"amongpublic universities. USA Today said Taylor will receive an additional $50,000 if he's still at Au- by Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson We older Americans have saddled our youth with a mind- boggling public debt--over $20 trillion already spent ($14.3 trillion of "official" national debt plus various off-budget ex- penditures, according to the U.S. Treasury); trillions more of projected deficit-spending over the coming decade; and tens of trillions of dollars of unfunded liabilities. By the time today's toddlers can vote, it is likely that both the Medicare and Social Security funds will be exhausted. Many of today's older Americans vehemently oppose any and all attempts to restructure those entitlement programs to extend their viability. Instead, the graybeard generation expects younger Americans to endure the oppressive tax burden that will be needed to keep the entitlement prom- ises fully funded. My generation should be ashamed of what we have done to younger Americans. No, we haven't sold them into child prostitution, but we have placed them in bondage to the most massive debts in world history. We have led these in- nocent lambs to a financial slaughterhouse. To add insult to injury, we show our lack of regard for the young by regarding them as second-class citizens in bankruptcy law. A middle-aged businessman with decades of experience can make mistakes and be relieved of his debt burden by a bankruptcy judge. By contrast, a na 've, inex- perienced teenager, who borrows money for college, then can't earn enough to pay back all the loans, is stuck for life, because college loans, unlike business loans, are not eligi- ble for forgiveness via bankruptcy. The overall, unspoken message is clear: The youth are our society's indentured servants, in permanent debt servitude to their elders• The young will never make good on all of the federal gov- ernment's mountains of debt and unfunded promises. These debts won't be paid because they can't be paid; there simply isn't enough wealth in the country for this to be possible. If the debt burden continues to mount, eventually the young will perceive the enormity of the burden that older generations have imposed on them, and there will be a back- lash. They might rebel against the crushing debt burden by repudiating it--an outright default. However, I doubt it will come to that. Uncle Sam has already started to default on those debts--not explicitly, but stealthily, by having the Federal Reserve inflate our debts away. It is likely that there will be a hyperinflationary blow off or a deflationary implosion, either of which will extinguish trillions of dollars of debt before many of today's children are grown. Few things could tear a society apart more than having the economic interests of young and old arrayed against each other. Yet this is the inevitable bitter fruit of chronic deficit spending and unending accumulation of debt. Our Founding Fathers warned of this danger. In his Farewell Address, George Washington urged Congress to strive to quickly retire debts resulting from occasional and hopefully infrequent wars instead of "throwing upon pos- terity the burthen [sic] which we ourselves ought to bear." Thomas Jefferson could think of few things more unjust than loading the living generation with the debt of those who have already died. Writing to John Taylor in 1816, Jefferson wrote that "the principle of spending money to CROSSWORD be paid by posterity ... is but swin. g: uturity on a large scale." Rather than sentencing today s young r Americans to a • . ~:~. . . lifetime of bondage to debts that we haqe recurred, justme and mercy suggest that we need to retire the federal debt burden• We must begin shrinking federal spending this year. If we don't slay the debt monster, our children may someday--and justifiably---curse us. -- Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson is an adjunct faculty mem- bei economist, and fellow for economic and social policy with The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College. burn the Monday after signing day. The other assistant coaches have two-year contracts. Of- fensive line coach Jeff Grimes is the highest paid coach in this group, at $400,000 annually. New defensive line coach Mike Pelton will earn $300,000. Auburn has given its assistant coaches a 70 percent pay hike since Chizik assembled his first staff two seasons ago, which includes eight holdovers. Chizik's contract has in- creased by 82percent. Chizik will make $3.5 million this year as opposed to approximately $2.2 million last season and the $1.9 mil, lion in his contract. The contract says his annual salary of $500,000 did not increase. The difference is compensation for personal endorsement rights, including television, radio and personal appearances associated with the university. Chizik could earn an additional $1 million in incentives. That includes $100,O00 for 10-12 victories, $50,O00 for mak- ing the SEC title game, $100,000 for winning the SEC title, $50,000 for playing for a BCS bowl, $100,000 for winning a BCS bowl, $200,000 for playing for the BCS national title, $400,000 for winning the BCS title. In a strange twist, Harvey Updyke, who is facing trial for poisoning the trees at Auburn's historic Toomer's Corner, tweeted "I'm so glad Chizik got his big contract" after the university made the contracts available. Updyke 's attorneys had asked their client not to tweet on Auburn news. The tone of the tweet was impossible to discern. 3 27 58 m n 6 !7 PRESENTED BY 32 61 Where volunteering begins. Editor, parents for being there to support us as soon as they got I would like to say "Thank You" to the quick response of word. This means so very much! We had everything cleaned our volunteer fire department and my husband, that used and back open Wednesday morning. I still have openings if to be a volunteer when Willard Cawthon was chief, and you're interested. God's Mercy. We've lived here 36 years• At this home God blessed us Our home and home daycare business continues to be with and I simply love Florala. Can't say it enough, my vibrant to our community. I ,was open for business on the heart swells with appreciation and awe for the care and morning of June 7th when we heard a loud boom. I saw a concern of our Home Town folks. billow of black smoke behind the washer (which was not Again, thank you. even washing clothes) and yelled, "Fire!" Monthly, We train Sandy Williford for fire and tornado drills. I was so proud of the response Florala of my husband getting the fire extinguisher and turning off the main breaker, and the children going out the door to our designated place in the play yard for fires, as I was roll- Editor, ing the playpen out for the babies and calling 911. Letter to Merle Woodham A wire under the house shorted out, set fire and came Thank you for making the commitment to write Ramb- in through the• vent for the dryer. Our son was there, and lin" Rose. It is always the first thing I read when I get my under the house before I knew it, and firemen/women got copy of The Florala News. Your writing style is so wonder- the fire hose under there and wow, no structure damage, l fully topical and deals with things happening in your, your give God praise 'cause he had all the folks in place, on time. families' and your friends' lives at the moment. I love this Even had a lady to stop and ask if I was having a yard sale and it is the next best thing to a visit to Florala. when cleaning everything out in the yard. Gotta give praise While I have been gone from Florala for over 50 years, to some great folks now too - our son, Marvin; my sis'-in- [ still consider it my "hometown•" To have been born and law, Betty QuaUs; our church family for their prayers, with raised in Florala in the 1940s and 50s, seems to me to have Michelle Mitchell and Bro. Ray Bundy to help immediately won life's lottery. Please keep writing about Florala and its before smoke got too much in the house; as well as the fire people. department folks. Can't remember all their names, but you Best wishes in meeting your health challenges. I sincere- know who you are and I am grateful, ly hope you are better now and that your health continues Our phone company, FairPoint for getting my phone ser- to improve. vice back on 'cause it also burned the line in two. Atomic Sincerely, for taking care of our unwanted guests. All of my children's Wayne Campbell Cordele, GA c.~ StatePoiat Media THEME: AMERICAN HISTORY ACROSS 1. Give this and they take a mile 5.4 qts. 8. *Original one had six frigates 12. Small, olive-gray bird 14. *Given name of civil rights advocate Wells 15. Fairytaie dust-sprinkler 16. Sour in taste 17. 1985 Oscar-winning Kuro- sawa movie 18. Small island 19. *FDR's response to Great De- pression 21. *U.K., France, Russia to U.S. in WWI 23. Salt in Mexico 24. Radio station location 25. Women's undergarment 28. Bum 30. *Famous doctrine introduced in 1823 was named after him 35. *Cold War enemies, slang 37. Novelty dance of 1960s 39. Middle measurement 40. Relating co the ear 41. Mount in Israel 43. Indian nursemaid 44. It often precedes "havoc" 46. Scat singer Fitzgerald 47. Kamarupan languages 48. Chewy stuff in "Baby Ruth" 50. Cocoyam 52. Short for Leonard 53. Italian automobile manufac- turer 55. Proof of identification, pl. 57. *Fort ___, where Civil War began 60. *Cold War armed conflict lo- cale 64. Beatle-__, 1960s frenzy 65. Ostrich-like bird 67. Liquid excretory product 68. "In the days" 69. Bother persistently 70. Xe 71. Galley slave 72. Public promotions 73. Direct one's course of way 6. Dental group 7. Hawaiian veranda 8. Not yet final or absolute 9. Wheel shaft 10. Competes 11. Up to present time 13. African sorcery 15. Kind of talk shared by lovers 20. Upward 22. An escapee who's "on the " 24. Renaissance man's jacket 25. * vs. Board of Education, 1954 26. Like poodle skirt today, e.g. 27. Farewell in Paris 29. Slope or hillside 31. Indian flatbread 32. Saudi Arabian money 33. Tributary of Missouri River 34. * Allen', key founder of Vermont 36• Heroin, slang 38. *49ers quest 42. Halves of diameters 45. Sultan's cloak 49. Loose it on casual Friday 51. Folie _ or shared psycho- sis 54. NBA venue 56. Spread by scattering 57. *The Louisiana Purchase transaction 58. Backward arrow command 59. Dignified manner 60. Rock cavities 61. Number of judges on Supreme Court 62. In a little while, old-fash- ioned 63. "Cobbler, cobbler, my shoe" 64. Janitor's tool 66. Insane last week s solution DOWN 1. He was "Terrible"? 2. Bon Jovi hit "Have ~a: 3. Captain's team 4. Shepherds' flocks 5. 'Wiy ," song day"