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June 17, 2015     The Florala News
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June 17, 2015

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PAGE 4 THE FLORALA NEWS- WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, 2015 I The Florala News' editorial section is intended to provide our readers and citizens as com- " plete an opportunity to express themselves with as few restrictions as possible. Profanity, direct or implied, and attacks on one's person rather than on actions or deeds are not ac- ceptable. Publication on this page in NO WAY REFLECTS AGREEMENT OR ENDORSE- MENT BY THIS NEWSPAPER. The Declaration of independence and responsiblity by Jack Stevenson The first shots in the Revolutionary War were fired in April 1775 when the British raided Con- cord, Massachusetts, where they suspected that the Americans were collecting military supplies. By July 1776, the colonists gathered their thoughts and published a Declaration of Independence from the British Crown. That took a lot of courage. Great Britain was a commercial empire that ruled its domain at gun point. Yet, declaring indepen- dence was the easy part: The colonists organized their government as a confederation that deprived the central govern- ment of authority. During the eight year mili- tary struggle with the British, that arrangement proved nearly fatal to the new republic. The cen- tral government couldn't require citizens to serve as soldiers, couldn't raise tax revenue, and couldn't borrow money to fund the war. Soldiers suffered in the bitter cold winter from hunger, insufficient clothing, and lack of shelter. The Articles of Confederation deprived the central government of authority because there was widespread fear of concentrated power in the hands of a central government. The only examples of centralized governmental authority were Euro- pean hereditary monarchies and despots and ty- rants in various countries. But the Revolutionary War taught the American colonists that a country could neither defend itself nor thrive without an authoritative central government: So, the Ameri- cans devised a new model, a constitutional govern- Lake Jackson is one of Florala's greatest as- sets. With that being said, why is it that the people who use it can not perform an act as simple as lifting the lid on a trash receptacle and putting their trash in it? It doesn't take a lot of effort to lift a lid on a trash can and there are several to be found at the lake. I find it utterly dis- gusting to see all the bottles, cans, paper, bags, etc. strewn about the shores of the lake, the Wetlands Park or elsewhere in the city. We as citizens can not control a lot of things, but trash is not one of them. Have a little pride in your town and respect for others who live m it. Do your part to help keep our city clean. /s/Lisa Windham Thanks Editor, The Stokes family would like to thank all those who participated in the benefit for Rickey Stokes and gave of their time and donations. /s/Rickey and Sharri Stokes The Florala News welcomes Letters to the Editor All letters will be published at the discretion of the editor/publisher. No letter will be published that does not bear the actual name of the writer and their city or town of resi- dence. A contact number or e-mail address is required but will not be published. Letters cannot be returned. The Florala News ment that separated and limited governmental powers among the executive, the legislative and the judiciary. Very soon, they amended the consti- tution with a Bill of Rights to further protect citi- zens from their own government. This insurance policy has worked reasonably well, but it hasn't changed human nature. Licens- ing the federal government to exercise the author- ity it needs while simultaneously preventing mis- use of that authority is a never-ending challenge. The U.S. Supreme Court recently selected a presi- dent of the United States, an act that was absurdly outside the constitutional authority of our federal government. But the greatest current challenge to the proper regulation of federal government au- thority is secrecy. Secrecy defeats accountability. No human government functions, democratically, unless subjected to constant and rigorous account- ability. When the government gives its secrecy a Teflon coating by claiming that secrecy is required for national security, the well-being of American democracy is as severely challenged as at any previous time in our history. The current federal administration has secretly conducted massive spying operations on all Americans while simulta- neously treating revelations of what it is doing as a very serious crime. Independence, whether that of an individual or a government, requires acceptance of responsibility. The American colonists, after issuing the British an exit visa, accepted responsibility and designed a new government model. Almost a century ago, the Wilson administra- tion launched a horrific assault on Americans who opposed America's voluntary entry into a Euro- pean War. The federal government countenanced ruthless vigilantes, and two thousand people were prosecuted for opposing American participation in the war. During the i970s, a senate committee headed by Senator Church investigated illegal secret oper- ations conducted by FBI Director J'. Edgar Hoover. The illegal activities were directed at anyone or any organization that didn't meet Hoover's person- al standards of good citizenship. Hoover's activi- ties included various forms of spying, intimidation, harassment, attempted blackmail, and release of derogatory information to the news media. The victims included women's rights organizations, minorities, gay rights advocates, Cubans, students protesting the Vietnam War, and Albert Einstein. The FBI tapped Einstein's phone, read his mail, and searched his trash. This century we have seen our federal govern- ment falsify information to justify the invasion of Iraq, torture prisoners, and render prisoners to obscure foreign sites where they could be secret- ly tortured--all of it far outside the standards of proud Americans. If we want to continue to be independent, we must exercise responsibility for what our federal government does. Contact Jack Stevenson at Sheavybones@ [..... d'sh .... U:r 30oCnH h: E L5 ' Make the Switch and Save Ii# To $0% Call 7 ddyS a Week 8;Jm - 11pro EST Promo Code: MBO] 13 "offer subleci to change base on prem,um channel ava, labily , StatePoint Media THEME: TOURIST DESTI- ,,5. Homeowner's concern NATIONS 6. " we forget" 7. Genesis vessel ACROSS 8. C in CSI 1. India's first P.M. 9. 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