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June 19, 1975     The Florala News
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June 19, 1975

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IMAGE OSMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I rl L _PLOR AL A N EWS - THU RSDA Y, USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. -.:, . ~Jl.. Au u S'gn f" Of TheJ on" 1 i lcance tc ruallce CONTINUED FROM PAGE 9B / BY: The Late Hubert J. Evans to ride the merry-go-round", plified the work of operative tainment is incidental to the let us remind ourselves first In the very early days of this section, the Repair Shop; A. B. Joyner, l~lq-~osttO4 In the Edicts of Masonry the The answer the questioner re- masons. Todays lodges are march of the Masons to a pub- of all the motives and purposes only school was conducted in the Universal- & Timber Lands; Byrd White h|! anniversaries of Saint John the ceives is probably based on the speculative in that the mere- lic platform to be installed. A for which this celebration was Evangelist and Saint John the event that the person being ask- bers learn to subdue the pas- proclamation, if you please to born. Secondly, that weareob- ist Church near Paxton, Florida, where ing, Pressing & Dyeing; B.J S b~ Baptist are days for festivals, ed likes best. Surely, it is a sions, act upon the square, keep the public that members of ligated to carry on the teach- there was a flowing spring known as the Contractor and Builder; The Fll ~illg [ installations and celebrations, date on the calendar marked by a tongue of good report, main- the fraternity and their lead- ings of Masonry which built Universalist Spring, Rev. E. B. Arms was ocrat, Oscar Smith, Editor; F. "-1 The above years 1870 to 1975 many as a homecoming. For- tain secrecy and practice cha- ers are bound by moral obli- Faith Hope and Charity the teacher and a good one. Becauseofthe dis- quist, Tailors; D. I. B. Adkison, L~oli~ mark the beginning of an oc- mer residents come back to rity. It is so far interwoven gations to promote Brotherly Thirt~'ly, that the precepts oi tance from Florala to Paxton, Mr. J.E. C. C. Beas]ey, Dry Goods, ~! s. 1 casion which has been observ- visit the city and many who have with religion as to lay us under Love, relief and truth.Masonryare basically theHughes built a school house onthesite of the Clothing; R. A. French Real ry present Baptist Church so that it would be Insurance; The Florala 'News, ] mtur ed at Florala, Alabama for the relatives living here visit them obligation to pay that rational As we approach this 105th strength of our nation today, more convenient. The Florala City School W.J. Cawthon & Company, BI iesartt~ past 105 consecutive years, on this date. homage to the diety which at observance of the celebration, To know what we are cele- The real significance of the once constitutes our duty and first functioned in a wooden building on Green Grocers. Some of the Negl iliz ',ed brating and why we are cele- day is all wrapped up in the our happiness. E~.,AA AA1 ~,,,,,.~ .... I/ ...... East Fifth Avenue where the Curtis Cannon establishments were: Tom Wily )e, wl brating is important. Many Fraternal order of Masons. Master Masons who are rlr~ ~l~[~fl[Ey ~"~[~ and Mrs. Neill B. Smith residences now exist, and Watches Repaired; Adam N dlnid newcomers to the area and Originally, masons were Op- elected to lead their bretheren Prof. J. E. Cheatham was the first principal. Shop; Will Rivers, Restaurant, b~ bas~ also visitors to the celebra- erative and speculati#e. Ope- as officers of the lodge takethe ,~m In l glB the present brick building was erected, and Amusement Hall; Robert Jonl ~nti~ tion often ask the question, rative in that the members pro- highest moralobligations to live I[ Flirlrllllq~lll II~lllPVl At the time, J. P. Doster was the principal, ment Hall. Onofl "What is it all about"? They perly applied the useful rules the precepts of the order. The ~ ~l ~n l~ Minutes from the City School Board in An- The Franklin Ferguson Compel ~acel oftimes receive varied ans- of architure whence a struc- public installation of theensue- gust, 1904, show the following members of ded in 1932 by Israel GitensteiJ / wers such as; "It's the 24th of turn will derive figure, strength ing Masonic officers followed by BY: The Late Edgar Hoover, ning. the Board: J. N. McLean, J. F. McRae, Dr. the present partners Milton a~ June" or "We are having a and beauty and whence will re- the Masons address is the key Aim. as lemple, Director of the The symbolic tools of all E.L. Adams, Dr. A. L. Wynn, J. F. Price, Gitenstein. Mr Gitenstein movl celebration". A childs answer suit a due proportion and a just note of the celebration. Pa- Federal Bureau oflnvestigation Masons - the square, the level C.C. McRae and J. L. Johnston. The tea- rala from Geneva, Alabama in / probably would be, "The car- correspondence in all parts, rades, Water battles, Dancing, .rnls nation, carved from the and the plumb . . . are hated chers at that time were: Miss Mary E.chasing and financial operatiol~ [~ nival is here and I am going King Solomon's Temple exem- Beauty Contest and otber enter- wrgm resources of a new con- and detested by the adherents McLeod, Mrs. Cora S. Sutton, Mrs. Claude ways been conducted in New Y~ IIm '~ [ment, was founded as a God of the hammer and tim sickle. Cawthon, and Miss Rosa Shoals. der the direction of Milton Gll qm q respecting land of justice and The Communists possess aThe Covington County High School building 1046 Bernard Sumberg joined the / opportunity. ManyoftheFound- well-knit, closely disciplined, was erected in 1914. The Floral LandCom- tion and is now in charge of all~ ~'Ad ing Fathers were Freemasons destructive force of approxi- pany, through the generosny ofW. C. McLau- customer relations; however, so ~'~I ~lmJl~lll~ IIWll Ill qllm ~l~m~m 1 They hoped, through the bene~ mately 55,000 members in the ghlin, donated five acres of land, and made in Florala. The factory h~ ;RA~ u u nmn,~a m m nm a n nu mm~ ficial influences of love, tole- United States... Behind.this the people of the town subscribed to the build- primary responsibility of Seymd~ wnul .... ~ll~l~ II~l ~llgl~l~ I1 ~ IIl~ 1 m ~17 m ElF rance, and mutual respect, to force of, trader Commums.ts, ing fund in a very generous way. A Mr. Pettus stein, who has resided in Floral! ,.. _J weld the American people into contmuauy gnawing away lme .... .... --.. ---- l an unshakable unity termites at the very foundation I~ilm[~ ~I[ILiI[I~' l Freemasonry has for cen- of American society, stand a De3 I W 131rlllr/13 l turies meant constructive half-million fellow travelers row' ~mw' m w w --~. w ,. m,,,~" I building, in the hearts of men, and sympathizers. in the life of institutions, and If each of us does his duty, "r~ l in the souls of nationsthe outcome is certain. The - Supreme Architect will give " l The virtue of tolerance and " " " . ~ H a~l~l~ Ill IP dl &,~ the ability to respect differeat us strength,, wisdom and gu)- FLUKALA LOlJ~k 00 r & AM m opinions, beliefs and ideas, has dance to trmmpn against ,n,e ==I-.1,..,.,,=-1. =.1..---.= " ---- onrush of Red fascism and ....................... m enriched the life of America. . . m mmm~ mmim ,~mmmm m-m mm --. . m Tolerance is the eternal vir- Atheistic Communism. Ni) CIIT Uf fLUKALA m h on rs This article was extracted K tun throughwhic goodc que " * ' ANi) IIR OIT O[ 1%O ALA from as eechthat Mr Hoover -- evil and truth vanquishes un- P A t m '!" ~ m truth made at a dinner of the Grand u m m a m The times demand candid and Lodge of New York in New York . _.., ......... ,...1 ...,. ,,, ^,, forthright words. Communists City, May 2, 1950 I ~ ~ ][ n ~ [~ [~ ~ ~1~ L ~ G L G I~ II~ ~ I I ~ ~ have been, and are today, at m worz within the very gates o~ .. - _ ... l America. Their allegiance is Vl. ~-/~~~ to Moscow; their hopes are " ?~l" .... ] /~ spurred by the writings of Marx m mxt uu. m m o0 Lenin not Jefferson and r .~--~K~r~ I y~/ a. ' " ' is AND TR CKS ..... ~~/ 1 L,ncoln; the,r enthus,asm~ /IP$ _~ -~lliflillllql ~~.~/ whetted by expediency andde-KIDS EAT FREE ~ ~ I 1 ~ 1 ceit, not tolerance and brother- ~ ' ~ , f .~./ ,. ,, ., . , _. .... , -- m hood. Atheistic materialism is , ~-LI J~,,i t~ [1"O~111~11y I ne Dank Ut l~IrlllOfl) m their idoi; the destruction of ~,~] ~7-~, ~ I /( [ [ God of our fathers istheirgoal. ~4/1~ ~'~,.') I L~\\ ,L James. R. Calloway, President m Wherever they may be, they ~/~'~,i ~i~ i, I~[~ KINSTON. ALABAMA .... i have in common one diabolic ?'~ ~/~'~ ~'~/ I,~% .,...w,,~,.. r~.,-M..m, i ambition to weaken and even- .~f~..~,~7~ \~) \~ ~ ~ea lml oY c/ac y d;; tsrteYa l t h A mn:r~ c na -~ ~~:7 i:~ ~]c:,l', l()r chi){(I'['/l OD |[It' ~() C;i[1 1)(' +';1'~', ;lie() ill Ill;ill), (';I~('S, 1'~ ('~~ ,\ ~)()ptli;lr pFt)- ~rana :ll t):/l'ti