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July 27, 1972     The Florala News
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July 27, 1972

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IMAGE SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USE SU~C~.D LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. PAGi~ 4 THE FLORALA NEWS-THuRSDAY, lion Superintendent John Baldwin axmounces a tentative school calendar for 1972-1973, subject to final approval by the school board. The school calendar for the I I II I I lorata ems IOU,d FIFTII STIII[ET - FI.OilAI.A, ALAIIXA $6142 LUCITE McRAE ..........PUBLISHER -EDITOR ~m~ ~s I~ Pa~ at F;oral~, Alabama S$44| - SL~CI~PTION RATES - Cm4ngt~m County, Atslmma ................. M.20 Etmwhore is Aktbami ....... . . . . . ! ..... $5.~ O~er Smt~ .................... H.O0 ,kv'Asu,,.[D... P~L~ll WIIKLT ON TNt~tIDAT III The Truth Shall Make You Free By- REV. JACK E. ROOPER 136 Martin Drive Barboursville, W. Va. 25504 JOHN DOE'S FUNERAL Did you ever wonder what was going on in the mind of a minister just before he begins his message to a church full of bereaved relatives7 They finally got John Doe in church. Yes, they have been trying in vain for a long time to get him to start attending church. Well, the day finally has come; he is in church today. The sad part about his presence is that he is there against his will. He can't see, hear, or talk; in fact, he can't do anything. He's deadl Man, what a shame he's already dead. Why, if he hid still been alive, the preacher could preach to him about Jesus and possibly get him to commit his life to the Lord. Now it's too late for any preaching for him; he has closed his ears for the last time. Now, the minister is on the spot; he's "between a rock and a hard place." He knows of nothing good to say about John Doe; and if he makes up something,God will not be pleased. If he doesn't say a lot of nice things about him, the minister will look pretty badly in the eyes of the bereaved relatives. So he has the big question in his mind, "Am I going to please God or man? Am I going to preach this message like God would want me to; or am I going to try to make his wife, children, and friends feel better'/ If I don't say some pretty words, they may never ask me to preach any more of the family's funerals." The minister thinks for a moment, but now it's time to take the stand for the message. He makes up his mind, "I am goingto pleaseGod and preach this message as I feel God would if he were here." Dear wife, children, family, and friends of John Doe: Today I am sure is a very sad occasion for each of you. You have lost a husband, father, or friend. No doubt, he was a good provider, good to the children, even maybe a pretty good moral person; but I must say you have done wrong by bringing him here for his funeral service. I am sure if John Doe would come back to life that he would Jump up out of that coffin and run down that aisle and out that door and hate every one of you for bringing him here todayl I never did know John Doe very well; but one thing I did know about him was that he never would attend church. Yes, this is one place he never did want to come; and I think you have done him an injustice to bring him here today. I thinkto do right by him you should have had his services conducted someplace where he would have liked to have been, say down at the beer "joint" or one of his favorite places. Why, one of the best friends he had was the bartender. Yes, the bartender would know a lot more to say about John Doe than l. Even his bar buddies could serve as pallbearers. I am sure John would have liked that. Maybe they could have christened his coffin as it was being lowered into the grave with a bottle of whiskey. Yes, dear friends, I am sure you have brought John here against his will. He used to make jokes about the church. He even said severalofthe members were hypocrites. According to God's word, his soul is now in hell; and there is nothing we can say or do that will change that. You may say that a preacher would never do a thing like that. That's right; he may not, because most preachers try to please man rather than God. By bringing your John Doe to church for the pastor to preach his funeral, you have done it against his will and made a hypocrite out of the minister. If you are a John Doe and don't like to attend chWlrch while you are living, for the sake of the church and the ministert please tell your family not to drag your corpse to the church when you are dead. ates 1972-73 school year is as follows: August 17, Thursday, Teachers report to individual schools; August 18, Friday, who the stranger might be, have an extra incentive to be con- scientious. People may also be court-shy because they just do not realize how remarkably open our courts are. The United States Supreme Court once observed: Pro-planning; August 21, 22, 23, "We have been unable to find Men., Tues., Wed., Inservice a single instance of a criminal Education; August 24, Thurs- trial conducted (in secret) in any day, Pre-planniug; August 25, federal, state, or municipal court Friday, Students begin regular during the history of this coun- term; September 4, Monday, try." Labor Day (School Closed); Sep- tember 12, Tuesday, Election (School Closed); October 3, Tuesday, Election (School Closed); October II, Wednesday, Teacher Planning (Students- Out); November 7, Tuesday, General Election (School Closed); November 23, 24, Thurs:, - Fri., Thanksgiving Holidays (School Closed); Nov- ember 27, Monday, Teacher Planning (Students Out); De- cember 19-January 1, Tuesday, Wednesday, Christmas Holi- days (School Closed); January 2, 1973, Tuesday, School begins after Holidays: January 24. Wednesday, End of 1st semester-Teaching Planning (Students Out); February 16, Friday, In-service (Students Out); March 9, Friday, Teacher Planning (Students Out); April 20, 23, Friday, Monday, Easter Holidays (School Closed); April 24, Tuesday, Teacher Planning (Students Out); April 27, Fri- day, Inservice (Students Out); June 7, Thursday, Last school day for students; June 12, Tues- day, Last work day for l0 month personnel. True, access may occasionally be limited for some special rea- son: to prevent overcrowding, to keep order, to protect children. But as a rule, you may walk into a court as freely as into a church, with no one at the door to check your name or ask your business, When the judge in a murder trial ordered that "re- spectable citizens only" ~ould be admitted to the courtroom, hill order was thrown out by an ap- pellate court as "preposterous." Of course, around Law Day each May many people do go to court to watch justice in action. But the courts are just as open (and just as interesting) all year long. In a sense, that is what Law Day is all about. A public service feature of the American Bar Association and the Alabama State Bar Asaocia. tion. Written by Will Bernard. 1972 American Bar Association 6 THE FAMILY/& II LAWYER A "Greatest Show on Earth" Day after day after day in a Los Angeles courtroom, an elderly gentleman sat attentively in a back row seat. He had no stake in any of the cases. He knew none of the participants. But when asked why he was there, he had a ready reply: "Because this is the greatest show on earth." Courtroom scenes do provide the central drama in countless movies, plays, and television pro- grams. Yet, surprisingly few peo- ple go to see the real thing. Unless highly publicized, trials often take place with no spectators at all. Why don't more people visit courtrooms? Perhaps they feel re- luctant to "listen in" on the pri- vate lives of others. But in the eyes of the law, the anonymous spectator, far from intruding, actually plays a useful role in our scheme of justice. It is his very anonymity that makes him effective. Judges, lawyers, witnesses, and jurors, not knowing WHAT DOES JACK F. INABINETT FOR IF ELECTED TO YOUR CITY COUNCIL? No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 No. 5 No. 6 No. 7 No. 8 No. 9 No Garbage Tax of any kind. No additional Taxes to burden our citizens. Work to secure our Lake Jackson Property back from the State Of Alabama. The One Real asset the City of Florala hod. A complete change in the Florala Police Depart- ment and every policeman to live inside the City limits of Florala. Furnished with the best of equip- ment to do a good job in this dept. Have a work program for our local youth in the summertime to keep our city clean in all areas. This too will help the young to earn a living dur- ing the summer months. To work with the people of the Florala Water Board Members to install city water and sewage to every home inside the city limits. To work with the Florala Water Board Members to speed completion of the city sewage disposal plant, at an early date. Secure additional payrolls and jobs for people who are unemployed. Work for a plan of cooperation among our citizens, so that people in Florala will cooperate together and build a better and more prosperous city for the ones that come after us. THESE THINGS AND MANY MORE CAN BE OBTAINED IN THE NEXT FOUR YEARS WITHOUT ANY EXTRA TAXES VOTE FOR SUPPORT PLACE NO. 4 FLORALA CITY COUNCIL (Pd. Pel. Adv. by Friends Of Jack F. Inablnmt) 1612 W, 9TH. A1. POLITICAL WALTON COUNTY, II ~MMMMMMMMM M FOR SHERIFF WALTON COUNTY I hereby announce my candi- dacy for Sheriff of Walton County, subject to the wishes of the voters in, the Septem- ber 12, and October 3 primaries and the General Election to be held on November 7, 1972. It has been my privilege and pleasure to have served as your sheriff since December 10, 1970. During that time I have endeavored to fulfill the res- ponsibilities of the office in a fair, upright and impartial II.l. Crawlers manner and always to the best HOROSCOPE interest of all the citizens of this great county of ours I have (ried to set an example" Week of July 23 LEO-- An individual in every sense of the word, with your life ruled by a purpose. An energetic, en- thusiastic I e a d e r. Your colors are orange and yel- low. Your lucky numbers are 1 and 5. Your lucky day is Sunday. LEO-July 23 to Aug. 22 --Take the advice of an old- er friend about a personal matter you are considering. Your social life should be in a very enjoyable state. VIRGO--Aug. 23 to Sept. 22--An old friend may come back into your life. Weigh the advantages and disad- vantages carefully before you decide to renew the friendship. by, "Doing unto others as I would have them do unto me." I have organized-a Junior Depu- ty Program for the first time in our county to help bridge the generation gap between our youth and us adults. This pro- gram has greatly benefitted those who have put their time into it; it has also enabled the sheriff's office to do a much better job. I want to thank all the people who have assisted us to make my term as sheriff a success. It has given me the happiest and most enjoyable period of my entire life. I solicit your vote, your in- fluence, and your support in behalf of my candidacy so that I may continue the program of upright law and order. Let us continue to enjoy the garden spot of the whole world. SAM CAMPBELL LIBRA--Sept. 23 to Oct. (Pd. Pol. Adv. By L.S. "Sam" 22--Volunteer to help an Campbell, Republican Candidate older friend. Your own fu- for Sheriff of Walton Co.) ture will be brighter if you ,.l, share some of your good ~. ~ i::,~i fortune with someone in .... ~ need. SCORPIO- Oct. 23 to * Nov. 22-Your week to win! The truth will show up in a situation where you have been criticized when some- one else was at fault. SAGITTARIUS- Nov. 23 to Dec. 21--Speed up your efforts to get dull work out of the way. Pleasant events are happening and by getting work done you will be able to participate. CAPRICORN -- Dec. 22 to Jan. 19-Buy new clothes to wear to a special occa- sion. Your good taste makes shopping a joy. You will find just what you are look- ing for. AQUARIUS-Jan. 20 to Feb. 18-Don't wear your f e e I i n g s on your sleeve. Outspoken associates don't mean to be insulting This should be a very nice week with some very pleasant surprises. PISCES- Feb. 19 to March 20-Someone envious may try to put you down. Keep cool! The person who has been h o s t i I e to you will meet with defeat. Events in your area indicate you have finally met with success in your chosen endeavor. ARIES*- March 21 to April 20-Your schedule should now become more relaxed. affording you the opportunity to get much needed rest. You can now achieve more with much less effort. TAURUS-- April 21 to May 20--Unselfishness is the key word for you, especial- ly this week. Do what you can for others without ex- pecting praise. GEMINI--May 21 to June 20--Don't shirk duty! You have a tendency this week to be affected by the mid- summer humdrums. Stay in there and keep pitching. A little relief is right around the corner. CANCER- June 21 to July 22-Financial trends look exceptionally favorable for you this week. Good plan- ning carefully executed will result in successful work projects. Muxed Ip One day a little girl was heard talking to a neighbor child with whom she was playing cowboys. "You be Wild Bill Hick- up," she said, "and I'll be Wyatt Burp." FOR SHERIFF WALTON COUNTY l hereby announce my candi- dacy for the office of Sheriff of Walton County. I am a na- tive of this county and mar- ried to the former Jeanette Mit- chell of Freeport. I have been employed by automobile agen- cies in this area for the past forty years. I am chairman of the of- ficial board of my church, mem- ber of the board of directors of DeFuniak Springs Kiwam~ Club and member of Walton County Quarterback Club. I stand for law and order, fair and impartial treatment of all citizens. With the assis- tance of qualified and exper- ienced personnel I feel that I can and will operate this office with the force and dignity it requires. Your vote and support will be sincerely appreciated. JAY MITCHEM i I III II SCHOOL BOARD }il:!I 2i FOR MEMBER, DISTRICT 4 SCHOOL BOARD WALTON COUNTY I would like to announce my candidacy for re-election for much more remains to be done. It is in the spirit of pro- viding these improved educa- tional opportunitles that I most FLORIDA humbly solicit your continued Member, School Board of Public Instruction, District 4 in the up- coming Democratic Primary: I have served on the board for the past 2 terms, the last four as Chairman. During the past 8 years, con- siderable progress has been made; however, I realize there is much to be accomplished and if you will re-elect me, I will continue to work diligently for the schools in Walton County. has been accomplished during ents. My fa the past twelve years,, while still support, advice, counsel, and prayers. Many thanks. GLEN PARKER SUPERINTENDENT JOHN E. BALDWIN dren's grew up. I Ashby 15 Kirby lone 12 Lake Juniper Iama High Master's degrees State University; lified and tration and I ...... education, eight room teacher, an administrator. Walton ject of my Thesis. It is a economy, ple, and the on all three. file at Florida Graduate School. FOR SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS WALTON COUNTY I am today announcing my candidacy for Superintendent of Schools. I am a Walton County native, as is my wife (the for- mer Essie Lee Alford) and par- My experience limited to public have also hue Officer, U. Geographer, iment Station, in the Army as Officer. I offer you and a leadershi "by, and certainl ton County that will chers, and parents. It is time for a new blood in for Charles F. you what you Superintendency. CHARLES F. ADAMS FOR SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS WALTON COUNTY I wish to announce my can- didacy for re-election as Super- intendent of Walton County Schools. Much educaUonal progress Florala, AId. NEW FOR '72 [] The exgmusive IH Hydro :( New big d*esel$-up to t33 pTO hp(rnfr est max) New big Hydr0s New "look-or-power" slyling New ~Itellgth, sleeting ease, driving comlorl Two new cabs New hydrauhc oullels New wide choice-gas diesel turbo non-turbo, gear drive or Hydro New IH ISOMOUNT isolators to reduce vibration More driving ease, mote p~oductivity lhan ever b~{r~ro BLUE MOTOR & [] 40ptoHPand52ptoHPmodels(gas Precision draft con and diesel) with infinite Lightning flash shift (8F-41q speeds) Hydrostatic synchromesh transmission ableseat, D Planetary final drive tic wet disc Big. rear fuel tank-new 'walk- Options include I through" styling RPM IPTO Big capacity Live independent hydraurics EQUIPMENT NELSON AVENUE AND I1TH STREET 892-3423 @ AS YOUR @ uncl w o I Through my experience and desire I solicit your vote and influence for Place No. S in the Municipal Elect- ion August 8th. As your Councilwoman I will Always be available and responsive to your needs. I will strive to give the people full representation in all Municipal affairs through efficient, progressive and fair operations, devoting my full time to this pos- ition with the interest of the Citizens and the pro- gress of the town first. OUs (Pd. Pol. Adv. by Sybll Mlckl*,, Flomle, AIo.)