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July 27, 1972     The Florala News
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July 27, 1972

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IMAGE SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED USE S~E~O ~CENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED, THE FL ORALA NEW S - TH UR SDAY, J ULY ~,~~,~ ~~,~~,~,~,~ $30 billion deficit. We have a .50 billion debt and more Students In Title I Enioy Field Trips LH RURITAN CLUBout streets Everyone Weekly Newspeper piling up. I do not see how TO SPONSOR welfare of the we could afford the additional The W.S. Harlan Pre- banks, and a pencil as favors. Clifford Matthews, Tiffany CEMETERY CLEANUP invited to b:ing Summing up, passage of this Schoolers got a thrill Monday At City Hall, Mr. Randell Bradley, Martine Cobb, Sabrine The Laurel Hill Ruritan Club needed tools an i morning when they visited the Stewart gave the group a chance Hutcbeson, Melissa Kimbro, will spearhead a clean-up of this very impor CONGRESSMAN bill would have been totally un- fire department at Lockhart to see the jail. Shannon Kyser, Lurleen Turn- Almantre Cemetery near Lau- project Win. L. Dickinson grams outlined have already on the fire truck and ride a- group into the Piggly Wiggly liams, Regina Tedder, Ann Law, tornadic winds of recent weeks vertising[S ~ to inflationary trends in the con- John Manning explained tothem ferent things that take place in Eddie Baber, Garry Cannon, cedar tree onto the grave- of those who k ection Year structionindnstryinparticular what the fire truck could do a grocery store As theyde Jeff Goolsby Eddie Ha.ell sites of the 'ong and Francis useit ....... ..... ~ ~ and the economy in general; Next the Pre-Schoolers were parted they were given bubble Kevin Kelly George Kendrick. and wuld nt necessarily given an infrmative tur f gum bY Bid' James P~ter Kenneth Skanes family's' and a large limb If **** eglslatlve alleviate the unemployment the Lockhart Post Office by These visits the Pre- and Arthur Wheeler. Teachers a magnolia tree onto tbe grave- . A man who is A situation in the country; andthe Mrs. Maxine Hutcheson.Schoolers make help to carry Mrs Eloise Judson, Mrs. Jo site of the James family. bill was not properly re-Mr. Rex Whitcomb and Mr. out the theme "Preparation Ann'Greene and aideMrs. W.H. There's no apparent damage to Uous isn't intereJ c tion searched before it was sent tc Johnny Smith greeted the group Through Involvement" Cause were with the u ils on the gravesites by the limbs, truth. ,, Y P P but cutting them away will pose the House for passage. Inshort, at the Bank of Florala and Pupils on this trip Monday, this trip. it was a "bad" bill. gave them an exciting trip July 24 were Pamela Harrison, - some problem. Justice is the The club has, for several ~,~A~,~,~A~,~ ,~,~~,~.~.~,~.~ Incidentally, this is the first through the bank. They were Kenneth Boles. Thomas Brown. years been the unofficial care- necessarily the : major piece of legislation that given "A Visit To Our Bank", Rickey Hart, Jerry Hutcheson, taker of the cemetery and has our courts~ ,, Inevitably in an election year to even start to complete the the House has voted down this coloring books which describe Gene Kendrick, Labaron Paul, Congress is barraged withle- grandiose projects the bill set year. cleared additional areas laid forth. Furthermore, the much needed sewer and water pro- jects have already been funded under two other federal pro- grams, the Revenue Sharing Bill, and the Water Pollution Bill, both passed earlier this year. Were we, as members of Congress, supposed to give more of the taxpayers hard earned money to supposedly complete these projects which were already funded? cial ecurity ews Vernon A. Kilpatrick, Man- ager of the Andalusia Social Security Office, says there are three types of disability bene- fits for people who are totally disabled. The first type of disability is gislation that, on the surface, appears to be needed. No one wants to be classified as a "bad guy" because he votes against a bill which would ap- pear to help the majority of Americans. In reality, if we scrape off the surface promises and look deeply into the matter, we find that some legislation is "bad" and is introduced merely to buy votes. Such a misleading bill was introduced in the House last week and was soundly defeated by sharp-minded congressmen. I am referring to the "Emer- I believe this misleading piece of legislation was intro- duced by the majority party to further unbalance the budget, create duplicate federal func- gency Community Facilities and Public Investment Act of 1972" finns and place the administra- for people who work. If you which 1 voted against, finn in the undesirable position are between 31 and 65 years This politically-oriented bill of being against sewage treat- old, you have tc work in era- was supposed to authorize the ment and for pollution--just so ployment covered by social se- Department of Housing and these same congressmen could curity at least 20 quarters Urban Development (HUD) to get votes. But, as I said, (5 years)during the 40 quart- make contracts up to $5 billion one can expect such tactics in ers (10 years) just prior to the in grants to state and local an election year. date you become disabled. You governments for water and sew- As to the portion of the bill can earn 4 quarters of coverage erage systems and other which said it would reduce un- each year. You-are not re- similar facilities, and to reduce employment in the construction quired to work 5 years if you unemployment inthe con-industry, to say that we are are under 31 years old. You struction industry. Ell 2 going to supply instantaneous will need 0nly 6 quarters of The facts are" HUD Se- jobs with these particular pro- l I/2 years of recent work if cretary George 'Romney was jects, is the usual ludicrous you are under 24 years old opposed to the bill. Hesaid pie-in-the-sky political cry of whenyoubecomedisabled.cThis i i vroiect~ nror~s,~d under the bill an elecnon year where some -~,4 ....................... ,,,- CONSOLE SEWING : Dr" /IVIMq~, : ~vo~id l~k~ly be "hastily planned unscrupulous politicia.n.s pro: areover24^~d'a,~.,,,+. | m ,~ -- - v I v : and._ ~envirmentally damaging." mme meve [nem noz_mnPe'P'i'e everyming anu ,. ::.~.~:,~:~ ~.~P~::Z'~:.~:'::y M A CHINE : " ThlsblllwouldNOTreduceun- g" : ROOM SUITE : ALL WALL employment in theportionofthe glma.----hon.cungressmenmust .^.._'le.l;:fr%_:e--re"'ach;~h--;; WAS 5"179.95 . -- ~ ~l : : __ . construction industrythatwould consider where the money to lain nlrz.naay. These people .am ~ 1 r~ ~ : WA' 5449.95 i 1 I /r~ construct these sewer and water fund the great-sounding project n..[ ._~eeQ any ea.rmngs m De systems because these wrkers wuld cme *rm" We already e'IgInie "mr'nenen[s" r|wever' ~l~ O ~l~ 1 l /~ are almost totally employed, have a huge budget deficit and one oL mel.r parems,mus[ De NOWI ~i~ ~ i $) 0~F enoughand there are not, at this time, are nearing the end of anotherofa ln surea mr . nenen[s.., aria : "r" ,,~,.~,.,,,,,,~/ , workers or equipment year with perhaps upwards ~'~n;rjec~emg b~en~,:tl~Swl~ ~~~llll~ : .~, ~ O ~l~ / ~mmmmmI continue as long as you are ~F"~"~i~ ~ . I~u. v ~Am" : WlLI~_ e,~rt al~hll( I .,...,.,,,,,- ..AL.O.q.,,,L..F.~..,I disabled even if you are over ,~T~pT *~'~L( li : I~I11%W Oi/..E gl;llJp I NiWItlH t I.-UN I/KUI,,/lUI I I 65 years old. // / i 9PIECE SET WAS$ I ...................... I The third type of benefit is l ~v, ('~ ~ for dlsabled" widows" who are ~'~" ~'%4~/itr % \. /~ ,~ BOX SPRINGS, SPREAD, , , between age 50 and 60. You B'~T - - -- ~ ----- " -"~~Im..._~.. 12 SHEETS, 2PILLO. CASES, $ Iii ~1 | nr~Tu.u *. * oLu* | have to become totally disabled .~.n.n, .L...... ~ within "/years from the date II 1 8,OOO BTU :, PR~,,,..--~,_N0~I "7 II ~ your husband dies or within II TlFteh #%F I~l~ltl'l'lltl#'~*ll ! 7 years after you receive bene-II AIR CONDITIONER|" ! l I ~ Eu v r ~ [ ~/I [I ~ [ ! fits for yourself and your child- I _ _ I ten who are under 18 years II s~,~ I ,';~ ~t~ NN , YOU "[OO CAN HAVE A NEW BRICK J of age. Thebenefits are re-, duced according to your age,\\ 970 fI~ I~ll~nii~l'lml~]SFOOT'r ~ A~ | HOME WITH PA~ MEHTS AS LOW AS I You do not need any earnings I : ~ to be eligible for disabled # Iri~Ikr-~[-r-~ ~ "W O0 __ ~_ ~ I widow's benefits. However, ' ~ ! ~ A A A A I your husband.must have been ~ls*~u~ i ~ ~ L ~ WAS 5239.95 |[ m~'~"=~.,=i~- I] --'----VV ,insured. ~ : .n eli Ill w~s~9~K I ~ V" ' | One thing these types of dis- a UKTI~K | -- ~ ability benefits have incommon | A ILI/~IILITU ~ is that your disability must be '/0 11,147, | /hi 111~/,I. II ~ expected to last at least one ~/t ' - " 1 ~ year or result in death. How- l ~e~r ,u.-~m~.-r,r,-, ~ ever, you should not wait a SPANISH BAR & 2 rut I nrtJnmm.l%'O ~ year to file claimfordisability. NOW W You should file as soon as you W ' CALL COLLECT OR RITE I ........ STOOLS i~l i~ ~: ~ ...... ~,~r I " | learn youralsaDlll[yls expected | rlAW lN3 %UN3I'U%' ' 'UN | pcpie at the scial security SRR i i l ,-- ~ office will help you file your WAS 5119.95 | ('-I1 ~ claim. Give them a call, dial ,~v. ~ the operator and ask for WX-6300 which is toll-free I P" O. BOX 964 DOTHAN, FLA. 36301 J vn,,o. NOW V V " N'CE " 2 PC. LIVING RO ~ Wife-Iwanttoplay--make *************************** i PC. LIVING ROOM i SUITE 792-8523 or 792.4926 I uPHaug~mn,~'-Okey let's play SERVING CART i w SUITE ~ WAS 5249.95 . ~,otO~l~tI~l ber t~e boast.and AS $499.95 ~ E1 A dl plot th ke, ,s. I w s , 95 : . -,. IC " I . "r_'lii llF : NOWI ' NOW ~ ~ ~ NOW V ~r aT : ~~~'!h ~}~ene; I 10*F*; *RE';RiGERA;OR i "T*RA*;H *M'A;HE*R* ** ! L;Z*Y**BO*;**R*EC;i'I WAS$21995S s') iWAS$2199551 j p a clown to size fast t0 n ' op 'o al a~achments J TI'~ new International-" available. Seven h.p.J : ~ " Caclet 761awn tractor can OtherlHlawnanclgarden engJne. ThreespeeOs] NOWl J I : NOW i V ~ 7, NOWI V,, he,p with those chores trac,o,s tram 8 to,5 hp. torworci, one reverse. I 1 &*I~*IN*G ;~*R* W AS*H ;li~,1 * ** **1~ E*C*LiN;R;** WN~ST I~59E DN ** * * i *** ******~? * WHiRL;'O*OL*WASHER ! SWIVEL ROCKERS 2 PC. LIVING ",( " -- i WASSails :"SUITE WAS 5229 95 . ~ : :~ 1 UU .: 3 i~ : WAS 5139.95 ~11/~ m---~ --~f . NOW ~ ~ . NOW dl NOW U ,If m : ...... ************************ : ..............,.. ', .~ ************************* : PIll/V I IUI li" R IPllkl 7 PC. DINNETTE n . L'rn { 20 FOOT FHIE I~V~t~g~i~l~ ~ ~ ~ .... ~ A b s79: 29 s2,.! WAS $99.95 : WAS $39 95 ~ : " I Now " ~ow .: Now ~k 13UIPITEIt DI I~i Hi. J " FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES / ~IIII~WWa . ,=~ ~~ NELSON AVENUE | FLORALA, ALABAMA PHONE 8- 1 w.~...~ ~ DeFUNIAK SPRINGS, FLORIDA J / ,t