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Florala , Alabama
August 17, 1972     The Florala News
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August 17, 1972

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!SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 3JECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED, NEWS- THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1972 Not Met of a large Schools that ret met all the or approval that the new state of 1971). Some due to negli- not taken action problem of non- Is to the schools' Well as the hilly approved program of training and study. In order for a school to be operable, within- the realm of Alabama state law, according to Dr. LeRoy Brown, State Su- perintendent of Education, the school must publicly display a permit and license in a pro- minent place where it may easi- ly be seen. If this is not done, the public should make further inquiry into the validity of the school. The school should furnish certain information as to its authenticity and standards con- cerning courses, curriculum, and instruction. No person, representing any school or other individual or organization offering courses in this state, or from a place of business in this state, whether located within or outside this state, shall sell any course or solicit students in the state for a consideration or renumeration unless he first secures a per- mit from the Alabama State De- partment of Education. If the agent represents more than one school, a separate permit must be obtained for each school re- presented by him. Upon approval of a permit, the Alabama State Department of Education shall issue a poc- ket card to the person whose name apl~ears. ~ivin~ his namp and address, the name and ad- dress of his employing school and certifying that the person whose name (and photo)appears on the card is an authorized agent of the school. Any person who knows of, or suspects that a school may not be in compliance with the Alabama law regarding school approval, should contact E. C. 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An average size pond of from one to two acres should fur- nish enough water for the far- mers cattle and fish for the ave- mers cattle and fish for the average farm family. Things to think about in pond site selection is the type of soil in pond area. Does it have wa- ter holding soil? Does it have good clay for core fill and good material for building embank- ment? Does the site have fresh water from springs or seepage to supply enough water for pond during dry weather. A farm pond is good. insur- ance of water for livestock, wildlife and fishproduction for the farm family. If you are thinking of build- ing a pond contact your Soil Conservation Service for pond site investigation. We will be glad to assist you. Farmers that have recently built ponds are: Quinton Bass, Fred Kelley, Barney Kelly and Charles Stallings. I I |m PAGE 5 COLLEGE KIDS CAN'T READ? What's the matter with college kids today? Many of them can't read! According to the National Reading Center in Washington, D. C., about one third of all freshmen entering college this fall lack the basic reading skills they need to meet minimal requirements for college study. Motivating these students to want to read better is one of the more difficult problems facing college educators. Conferences With students enrolled in college reading classes and studies of their academic backgrounds indicate that many have no occupational goals. Frequently they enter college simpl)~ because they have nothing better to do. They assume that college will be as easy as high school where, in spite of frequent absences, low test scores, and low marks on assignments, they were pro- moted from grade to grade. Such students view reading as a frustrating experience devoid of pleasure. They have had years of remedical reading in- struction but little sahsfaction in using a textbook as a source of knowlege. As colleges attem~)t to create reading programs suitable for these students, they are en- countering a lack of basic read- ing instructional materials for the college-age individual. Daniel Boone and George Wash- ington Carver are dull reading for today's turned-on genera- tion. More important, not many professional educators are qualified to teach reading skills, particularly on the college level. With the recent influx of college students in need of reading help, and the lack of reading specialists at these in- stitutions, colleges often have assigned readmg instruction to the English department. Fa- culty members with expertise in expository writing and litera- ture generally have little or no formal knowledge or interest in teaching reading fundamentals. The National Reading Center, however, reports that colleges and universities are beginning to formulate certain guidelines for helping the college student with reading problems. According to Dr. William Furlong, assistant director of the National Reading Center, "College educators are faced with a challenge: to motivate the high-risk student to help himself; to deal effectively with his reading needs; and to help him apply his new skills to other course work before he becomes an educational casualty. "Our colleges and univer- sities are beginning to realize that they must take on the added responsibility of giving each student the preparation and as- sistance he needs to profit from his college experience," con- cluded Dr. Furlong. Truth Shall : REV. JACK E. ROOPER 136 Martin Drive barboursviUe, W. Va. 25504 HELLO, well, here we are again to rem~ntl folks of another long- forgotten verse of scripture. ItYS~range, isn't it, how we somehow let the word of God slip our minds? It's even more strange why the spirit never leads or inspires (or something) the ministers to preach on these forgotten verses of scripture. For instance, the verse on my mind today is found in Deuteronomy 22*.5, "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment*, for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God." From what I have been observing in women's attire, surely few professed Christians know about this scripture. Let's see what the word pertaineth means. According to WEBSTER'S NEW WORLD DICTIONARY~ it means to be connected or associated with, to have reference. Now remember, friends, it's God's Word, not mine, that says that a Woman SHALL NOT wear that which pertaineth unto a man or that which refers to a man; and if a pair of trousers doesn*t refer to a man, I'm away out. you know what God is saying, and don't you try to twist this verse all out of kilter either. It says that if you women wear clothing like unto men's apparel, you are an abomination to the Lord. To be abominable means to be disgusting or vile. You holy. roller, sanctified church members who run around looking like a mister, God's word says you are disgusting to Him, that your appearance to Him is vile. It is no wonder God put this verse of scripture in the Bible. He knew that it was the woman who was in the first trans. gression, I Timothy 2:14. Yes, like it or lump it, the woman sinned first; and ever since then Satan knows who to prey upon. Satan gets the woman to sin, and the woman gets the man to sin. It seems that everything the devil wants a woman to do, she's ready to do it. If he wants her to drop the neck- line, she's all for it; raise the hemline, makes her happy; but, boy, putting on a pair of trousers and trying to act like a mister is too much. Have you ever walked up to a something and said, "Hello, Mister;" and the thing turned around and to your embarrass. ment, it was a she with men's clothes on? If God had wanted a woman to look like a man, I am sure he could have arranged it. He so decided to make them a little differently, didn't He? According to the scripture, He wants them to dress a little differently too. I am aware that this verse in Deuteronomy 22:5 also says that a man shall not putonawoman's garment. Well, I haven't, as yet, seen a Christian man with a dress on; but I have seen many professed Christian women with men's trousers on. You might call them hot pants (that's trousers without legs), slacks, or pants suits (that's shirt and trousers to match); but no matter what version you wear, God said you look disgusting. ..... ........ (Note: From time to time I receive letters, personal visits, phone calls, and suchlike from people who don't like my articles. If my articles make your blood boll, hair fall out, head ache, WALT DI, ILW macmm' EcJwm Ek ~ lt)e MUTt r## a~ lra t. r ll lN~ 0"1-11"]9 tL . Fmm UEE NICN J, SBRMT JI T [CHNICOLOI "-- P&hL VIS*ON" _ - - ~$ .... 5 I#MP WOHE# USTI~~II - -- xu.- - -I BP. Y I Sor~ ~o~ I or cause you to be unable to sleep at 0ight or make you want to go out and get drunk, then, for gooclness sake, quit reading ~a'llX~'~'~t~~'] them.) ~ ,, ,$ Take a good look at the newspaper you're holding. Without oil, it might not be there. From the film in the press camera to the rollers in the presses-today's newspapers depend on products that come from oil. Even the ink comes from oil. To get a newspaper out takes a lot of energy too. And 75% of all our energy comes from oil and natural gas (including 40% of our electricity). But today, we're using these petroleum fuels faster than we are finding them. That's why America faces an Energy Gap. We're your local oil companies. Working to bridge the growing Energy Gap. Because it shouldn't be news to anyone that a country that runs on oil can't afford to run short. Your Load 0il Companies For more information, write Alabama Petroleum Council 660 Adams Ave,, Suite 188 Montgomery, Alabama 36104 A country ttmt runs on can't e~Fbrd to run short. t