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August 17, 1972     The Florala News
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August 17, 1972

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INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ;UBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. NEWS-THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 197;) PAGE 9 8-6002 Floralu, Ala. Ill ROL-LATEX WALL PAINT less. Covers most one, easy coat. White and colors available. ECOLOGISTS GREATLY CONCERNED OVER MERCURY Mercury, which enters the food chain through concentration in our seafood, has long been a concern of ecologists. The Naval Research Laboratory, however, has emphasized an- other mercury hazard whicl- has generally been overlooked; the metal enters the food chain AUGUST 17.18.19TH ONLy at its basic element-algae, the grass of the sea, upon which sea animals not only feed bu! depend on for oxygen. Naval laboratory researchers have, for the past several years, conducted experiments which determined the effects of metals and organic pollutants on the growth rates of various algae. They concluded that mercury was more toxic than other metals such as copper, lead and cadmium. It was even more toxic than DDT. During the test, algae were allowed three days to recover from the effects of the pollu- tant, and in some cases, re- covery did take place after an initial slacking of growth. In cultures inhibited by mercury, however, the algae were less able to recover than those ex- posed to other pollutants. High concentrations of nutrients gave the cells a greater resistance to the toxicants' effects, but the presence of nutrients in the experiments was greater than is found in nature. Considerable publicity has been given recently to the con- centration of mercury in large fish. The findings of the Na- val Research Laboratory indi- cate this concentration begins when small fish eat algae. The concentration increases as the small fish are eaten by bigger fish until a very large fish, such as a tuna, inherits the accumlated mercury which has passed along the food chain. Man, of course, eats the big fish. The Naval Research Labora- tory maintains that, if algae growth rated were to decline as a result of men polluting the waters, the ecological con- sequences would be massive. If the pollutant concentration is sufficiently high to kill algae, the food chain is severed. $ GALLON GUtRANTEES MARY CARTER LATEX HOUSE PAINT Quality Latex House Paint for wood, masonry, metal. Fast drying, economical. Lasting beauty. "Bad Guy" on THai Investigating the forgery of sev- eral checks, police uncovered enough evidence to bring a cor- poration official to trial. But they also discovered something else: he had been living with another man's wife. Could this evidence be used against him in court? The judge said no, because it could easily turn the defendant into a "bad guy" in the minds of the jurors. "The deep tendency of human nature," warned the judge, "is to punish not because (the defend- ant) is guilty but because he is a bad man and may as well be condemned now that he is caught." b ~ C;ALLON "' $ PER GALLON Western Auto ssoeiate Store AVENUE FLORALA, ALABAMA This is why evidence of bad character usually cannot be used against the defertdant in a crim- ecent IT WAS :A DIFFICULT CHOICE FOR THE PEOPLE OF FLORALA TO MAKE, AS ALL CANDIDATES WERE FINE UPSTANDING PEOPLE WITH THE INTEREST OF FLORALA AT HEART. BUT, AS WITH ALL ELECTIONS, THE MAJORITY WINS BECAUSE THIS IS THE DEMO- CRATIC WAY. THE PEOPLE HAVE MADE A FINE CHOICE OF THOSE ELECTED ON AUGUST 8TH. • I would appreciate the support and vote EVERYONE in the run-off on September 1 2. IT IS MY EARNEST DESIRE TO SERVE TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY AND RE- PRESENT ALL THE PEOFLE AND TO HELP FLORALA PROGRESS. I BELIEVE I AM WELL QUALIFIED FOR PLACE NO. 1, AS I HAVE THE TIME TO DEVOTE TO THE CITY AND AS AN ACCOUNTANT, I CAN BE A VALUABLE MEMBER OF THE FLORALA CITY COUNCIL. CANDIDATE FOR PLACE NO. 1 CITY OF FLORALA (Pd. Pal. Adv. By Wilson Jonas, Floralo, Alabama) ree eal Announ˘ The Floral• City Board of Education today announced a free meal policy for Floral• City School children unable to pay the full price. Local school officials have adopted the following family size and income scale to assist them in determining eligibility. ELIGIBILITY STANDARDS FOR FREE MEALS FAMILY SIZE FREE MEALS Z $0 - 2450 2 $0 - 3209 3 $0 - 3968 4 $0 - 4727 5 $0 - 5428 6 $0- 6130 7 $0 - 6762 8 $0 - 7395 9 $0 - 7970 10 $0 - 8545 11 $0- 9120 12 $0 - 9695 For each additional member, add: $500 per year to the income level. Families failing within this scale or those suffering from un- usual circumstances or hardships are urged to apply for free meals for their children. They may do so by filling in the ap- plication forms sent home in a letter to the parents. Additional copies are available at the principal's office in each school. Applications may be submitted any time durLtg the school year. The form itself is simple to complete and requests informa- tion needed to determine economic need based on the income and number of persons in the family, and any unusual circum- stances or hardships which affect the family's ability to pay for school meals. The information provided on the application will be confidential and will be used only for the purpose of determining eligibility. Under provisions of the policy, the Secretary to the Suverln- tendent will review applications and determine eligibility. If a parent is dissatisflea wtta me ruling of the local official he may make a request either orally or in writing for a hearing to appeal the decision. Mr. Ersktne L. Ziglar, whose address is Florala City School, P. O. Box 386, Floral•, Alabama, has been designated as the hearing official. Hearing procedures are outlined in the policy. The policy als0 provided that there will be no identification of or discrimination against any student unable to pay the full cost of meals. A complete copy of the policy is on file in the office of the Floral• City School where it may be reviewed by an interested patron. inal trial. Unless it has a direct bearing on the issues in the case, it is considered too inflammatory to be trusted On the ,,:her hand, if the de- femhmt tries to prove that his character is good. that "opens the door" to rebuttal b) the prosccu- lion. For example" A woman was accused of the fatal shooting of her husband. During the trial, she took the wit- ness stand and swore she had al- ways been a loyal wife to the de- ceased. But two men were promptly summoned by the prosecution to give testimony about her extra- marital escapades. The court held that their evidence was admissible, since ~he had already opened the subject by claiming to be virtuous. What about proof by the de- fendant that his victim was a "bad guy"? In a murder case, the de- fendant tried to bring in evidence that the man he had allegedly killed was a rogue and a trouble- maker. He said he wanted to prove that the man's death was no great loss. But the court refused to allo~ this evidence, because it had noth- ing to do with the question of guilt or innocence. "it is just as serious in the eyes of the law," said the court, "to murder a bad man as a good man." A public service featnre of time American Bar Association and the Alabama State Bar Associa- tion. Written by Will Bernard. 'g 1972 American Bar Association SOUTHEAST ZOO QUARANTINED FOR BIRD DISEASE The Jimmy Morgan Zoo of Birmingham, Alabama, is one of three zoos that have been placed under federal quarantine for exotic Newcastle disease for birds by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. The other two zoos are St. Louis Zoological Gardens, St. Louis, Me., and San Francisco Zoological Gardens, San Fran- cisco, Calif. The action was taken by USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service(APHIS) be- cause the zoos received bi-ds i LOU ISA'S exposed to exotic Newcastle. The quarantine is aimed at preventing the possible spread of the disease to poultry and other birds that are susceptible to the disease. While the qua- rantine remains in effect the zoos cannot move any birds interstate. The zoo quarantines were imposed after routine labo- ratory tests were made on birds found dead on arrival at a Los Angeles port-of-entry. The test revealed that the birds had exotic Newcastle disease. The dead birds were part of a ship- ment from Bangkok, Thailand, from which live birds were for- warded to the quarantined zoos. Birds from the same ship- ment also went to four locations within an area already under quarantine for exotic Newcastle in southern California. These included Casa de Pets, a pet store in Studio City near Los Angeles, to whom the shipment was consigned; the San Diego Zoo; Lion Country Safari in Grange county; and Busch Gar- dens in Los Angeles county APHIS officials explained that at the time of this shipment there were no USDA restrictions on the importation of exotic birds, other than psittacines (mem- bers of the parrot family)and Mynch birds. These latter birds were recently placed under import restrictions be- cause they had been implicated as the sources of exotic New- castle outbreaks in this country. Birds in the Casa de Pets shipment included doves, car- dinals, finches, and an assort- ment of exotic song birds. Don't complain about the hot days, this is what you longed for in February. A philosopher is a tum~ tying other people, advice g -. _ L... hasn'thad about troubtes-~ " One's intelligence can be measured by his ability t~) accept constructive criti- cism. Dear Louisa, I am a widow and my chil- dren are trying to persuade me to sell my house and go to a home for older people. I am in fairly good health and I enjoy my garden. I get a good cleaner to come in occasionally and go over my house so that is not a big problem. I do not wish to sell my house and l would rather run the chance of getting sick with no one in the house than to go and live with a lot of other people. I am not rich but I have enough money to care for me and to hire someone to live in my house if I should need them. Do you think I s h o u Id listen to the c h i Id r e n or should I do as I prefer to do? G.M.--AIa. Answer: I never advise people to sell their homes they have been living in for years, un- less these homes have be- come too much of a burden for the owner or if the owner is physically unable to care for themselves. It might be wise for you to have someone living in with you if you are up in years. A young woman or man, who has a job and is away most of the day, could be the answer to your prob- lem. It would pay you to let some desirable person have a room in your home for very little rent. You could try this plan for a while and then go back to your old way of living if they disturbed you. Everyone has to live his or her own life and I think the decision ~hould rest with them, if they are finan- cially able to care for them- selves. Louisa. I Address/'mar letter to [ Louism, i".0. Bog rtS2 Ot-=.-tmrs, S.C.2911S IIII SOCIAL SECURITY I I A veteran who received an "other than honorable" dis- charge from midtary service because of drug use or posses- sion may apply for a discharge review, the Veterans Adminis- stration reminded today. Some months ago, Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird an- nounced that military depart- ments would "review for recha- racterization administrative discharges issued under 'other than honorable conditions' sole- ly on the basis of personal use of drugs or possession of drugs for such use." It was explained the purpose of the review policy is to pro- vide an opportunity for this group of veterans to become eligible for VA medical treat- ment. VA has 44 drug treat- ment centers, but is barred by law from treating veterans with dishonorable discharges. Following the Secretary's an- nouncement, Administrator of Veterans Affairs Donald E, Johnson issued a directive to VA personnel to be on the alert for veterans with such dis- charges, and to encourage them to request reviews. Johnson pointed out that each review application must be sub- mitted to the military depart- ment that issued the discharge, and that self-explanatory review applications (DD Form 293) are available at VA offices and mili- tary installations. III (HIE MNIIJT[ SPOilS OUR 1. Who is Nate Colbert? 2. For whom does Duane Thomas play football? 3. What team is favored this season in the NFL9 4. What team is the AFL favorite ? 5. What are the terms of Joe Namath's contract? &ismn le SlmdS Quiz 1. Sensational slugging San Diego 1st baseman. 2. The San Diego Chargers. 3. The Minnesota Vikings. 4. The Baltimore Colts. 5. He gets $500,000 for two years. A Gem For Thought Know how t~) give with- out hesitation, how to lose without regret, ~md how to acquire without n|eanness. -Grit. (Pd. pal. Adv. By Victor Anderson, Florala, Alabama) / / SIZES UP TO 4 LOAFERS, FABRICS, LACE, SIZES UP TO 14 MANY, MANY STYLES THROUGH OXFORDS, BOOTS THROUGH LAYWAY ANY DRESS FOR LAYAWAY ANY SHOE FOR SCHOOL FOR $1.00 SCHOOL FOR $1.00 ) l