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August 17, 1972     The Florala News
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August 17, 1972

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INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. NEWS-THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1972 PAGE 11 Matthews, was shower Mrs. Robert Co-hostesses Jack Goolsby Lurie. Guests the door by ee was yel- BY CLAUDE W. PIKE AND ROBERT E. LINDER - EXTENSION FARM AOENTS m were served COVered with an cloth. Centering t PUnch bowl made water- tray filled with surrounded by button taurus. ~e surprises, congealed and pound delicious were served enjoyed opening ;. The hostesses length gown soft, cotton after convic- Wal- my life, liked it if so- PrOtected me from What are those little yellowish-green specks on the top of soybean leaves? We have a disease known as Downy Mildew that is very com- mon in many of our soybean fields at the present time. The disease in the early stages can be identified by indefinite yellowish-green areas on the top of the leaves. As the dis- ease gets worse, diseased areas become dark brown and are surrounded by yellowish-green margins. A gray fungus growth develops on the lower side of these diseased areas. There is nothing that can be alone and chances are it will not affect the yields very much if any. Resistant varieties are being developed. Are foliage feeding insects doing much damage to soybeans at the present time? We have not observed very much foliage feeding to date on soybeans. We saw more Mexican Bean Beetles than any other insects in the fields last AUGUST 22- AUGUST 26 week. Some adult white fringed beetles and stink bugs were observed. May we suggest that producers check fields at least twice per week for in- sects. Very often insects will do lots of damage before the producer realizes he has a problem then it takes time to apply insecticides. Play it safe and keep an eye on all crops. What can I do to control Southern Blight(White Mold)in my peanuts? There is no material or prac- tice known that will control this disease at the stage of growth that our peanut crop is in now. This disease will be increased by dead leaves that drop from the plants due to leafspot, there- fore, it would be beneficial to control leafspot. Other prac- tices that will help to control Southern Blight are: (1) Rotate peanuts (2) Turn peanut land early in the year and bury surface trash several inches deep. (3) Soil test and lime if necessary to correct soil pH (4) Plant peanuts flat (5) Use chemical week control. (6) Set plows flat when cultivating pea- nuts to avoid throwing soil on the plants. How long should I continue my peanut leafspot contol program? Continue spraying or dusting peanuts for leafspot every 14 days until 2 weeks before digging time. The last ap- plication of materials quite likely will be the most profit- able one due to a build up of. infestation. $1S.O0 ELAINE L. PETERSON MICHELLE MITCHELL LYNDA TRUMAN Elaine's Beauty Shop , AVENUE PHONE 8-2301 NOTES, COMMENTS A compliment makes more friends than the truth. Light is to reading what facts are to intelligence. Kindness has never yet done anyone serious harm. $* $ * When in doubt about a controversial poin t, say nothing. @ @ g< ,k The happiest people go to church; there must be some- thing to it. REAL- ESTATE FOR SALE ZORN ROTH ERS STRAIGHT ABOUT OMOLENE vs. OATS of you have asked me how raolene compares to straight Let's take a step-by- at Omolene and oats and then their relative value. PROTEIN vary from 7% to 12% Purina guarantees the feed tag that Omolene 10% protein. ' does this guaranteed analysis DIXIELAHD DRIVE-IN You? It means that the In our store contains the you can buy in this You're guaranteed that will provide the in the right form so can use them. ENERGY ~ight grains break down as energy, but here's where stands out. Look at energy needs of a 1,2oo- 1,2N.-pound Horse day 16,400 Calories 'hours 17,400 Calories -4 hours 27,400 Calories 4 hOurs, of light work for an Calories, or just 18 pounds of Omolene. That's because Omolene contains 2~% more Net Energy than oats, when you compare them pound for pound. FEEDINGS PER BAG If you use a coffee can or a scoop to measure feed, your feed cost depends , on how many times you can fill a feed box with a 50-pound bag. One 50-pound bag of Omolene fills a feed box almost one-and-a-half times as often as a 50-pound bag of horse oats. That's because Purina Omolene has 42% more feed by volume. OMOLENE=BARGAIN Whether .you buy Omolene for its guaranteed analysis, its high quality ingredients, or because it gives your horse more net energy and more feed- ings per bag, you'll see why Omolene is America's biggest bargain in horse nu- trition. You'll see a difference in your horse. You'll see a difference in your feed bill. And you'll see why dependable Purina Omolene goes into over 300,000 feed boxes every day. ZORN ROTHER INC. o horse must eat about ~ hea oats to get moo N 0 RT H 6 T H S T. PHONE 8-0445 Home of the Horse Feeding Authorities CONSUMER INTEREST CONTINUED FROM FRONT scription costs nave mcreasefl. I then went to see the priest at the church where these sales- people got my name and address. He "stated they were not church sponsored and personally wrote a letter for me asking for my money to be refunded. They an- swered my letter and cancelled the Bible order but would not return one cent of my money. I was forced by extreme coer- sign to make the purchase, and now that I couldn't get my mone3 back had to do without medi- cine which resulted in my being hospitalized. Please help me get my money back as I need it to buy medicine. I neverdid want the Bible in the first place and told these arm-twisting super salesmen that I didn't. However, a sick old man who lives alone cannot protect himself against the people who simply would not take no for an answer." This despicable act is an ex- ample of methods used by high pressure super-salesmen who prey on the elderly, poor and handicapped people who are so Jefenseless agamst such tac- tics. Had this man known ot the three day "cooling off" clause contained in the newly enacted mini-code, he could have cancelled his contract and received a refund on his down- payment. Because of frequent high pressure sales techniques ann often shoddy and over-priced merchandise, the law gives con- sumers a right to cancel a home solicitation sale until midnight of the third business day fol- lowing his execution of the pur- chase agreement. The method of cancellation can be by "de- livery" or when deposited in the mail properly addressed to the seller, postage prepaid. No- tice of the buyer's right to can- el must be conspicuously set out on the sales contract. A home solicitation sale does not include a sale, wherever consummated, if it is financed through a pre-existing open-end credit plan, or a closed-end plan providing for a series of sales; nor does it include a sale made at the buyer's residence after prior negotiations between the parties at the seller's place of business. We hope that you will be able to avoid consumer problems but you should have no hesitancy in complaining when you have a justifiable basis for a complaint. To file a complaint, simply write a letter stating all of the pertinent information. Be sure to enclose copies of any docu- ments pertaining to the transac- tion. Send it to Mrs. Annie Lau- rie Gunter, Office of Consumer Protection, 138 Adams Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama 36104, or you may call our toll-free HOTLINE number, 1-800-392- 5658. Persons living in Mont- gomery should dial 269-7477. Timely Football coach: "Things look so bad for the fall that 1 may have to use students on the team." -Record, Columbia, S.C. True Your character is built by what you stand for, your rep- utation by what you fall for. -Globe, Mason City, Ia. LEGAL NOTICE ESTATE OF R. F. ANDREWS DECEASED PROBATE COURT Letters of Administration of said deceased having been granted to the undersigned on the 14th day of July, 1972, by the Honorable Leland Enzor Judge of the Probate Court of Covington County, notice is hereby given that all persons having claims against said estate are hereby required to present the same within time allowed by law or the same will be barred. /s/James F. Andrews James M. Prestwood, Attorney 8-17-3tc LEGAL NOTICE STATE OF ALABAMA COVINGTON COUNTY Default having been made in the terms of a mortgage ex- ecuted to Lillie Judson and A.D. Judson by Creedell Thomas and wife, Dialine Thomas on the 19th day of October, 1968, said mortgage being recorded in the office of the Judge of Probate of Covington County, Real Property Book 623, Page 724 and said default continuing, Lillie Judson and A. D. Judson will sell at public outcry for cash to the highest bidder, in front of the Court House door of said County, between the legal hours of sale, on the 18th day of August, 1972, the following described real estate, towit: Lot One (1) in Block Fifty (50) in the Williams Sub- division of the City of Flo- rala, Alabama, together with all improvements thereon. This lot is 100 feet in length and 36.67 feet in width. Said sale is made for the pur- pose of paying the mortgage and costs and expenses of foreclos- ure. Lillie Judson and A. D. Judson, Florala, Alabam~ 7-24-4tc ca nnouncemen the 'Municipal Election August 8 and September 12, 1972. I want to serve the people of Florala in the growth of ot~r wondbrful city. Your vote and support will be deeply appre- ciated. I promise to fulfill the job entrusted to me. FIOR CuUNCILMAN "" CITY OF FLORALA FOR COUNCILMAN PLACE NO. 1 PLACE NO. l l hereby announce my candi- I respectfully announce my dacy for City Councilman of candidacy for councilman, Place Florala. Place No. 1. subject No. l, City of Florala, subject to the run-off election of to the Municipal Election of Au- September 12. 1972. gust 8 and September 12, 1972. Your vote and support will I believe I am well qualified certainly be appreciated, and if for the position I seek and will elected I pledge to you, the ci- tizens of Florala that I'll work hard for good, progressive gov- ernment, get involved in doing something for this city of ours, so that Florala can be an even better place to live for all of US. stand up for what is best for Florala as a whole. I pledge to cooperate in up-dating the police department with better equip- ment, pride, efficiency, and integrity. Your vote and support is sin- cerely appreciated. MAX WILLIS Candidate for Councilman, Place No. 1, City of Florala, Alabama. WILSON JONES Candidate for Place No. 1. Councilman, (Pd. Pol. Adv. by Max Willis, Florala. Alabama) PLACE #4 I GOLDEN GLEAMS .o. co..c,,... PLACE NO. J No man is really honest; none of us is above the influence of gain. -Ari stophoJms. IACK INABINETT Candidate for Place No. 4 Councilman, (Pd. Pol. Adv. by friends of Jack Inabinett, Florala, Alabama, 1612 West 9th Avenue) FOR COUNCILMAN PLACE NO. 4 I hereby announce my candL dacy for Place No. 4, Florala ?ity Council, subject to the Municipal Election of August.8 and September 12, 1972. Your support and influence 3n my behalf will be appre- :fated. I am especially in- crested in our young people and ~eing the mother of five I have irst hand knowledge of the needs of our youth. If elected I pr,~=Ase fair and impartial represe:tation to all the people. dRS. CHICK HUTCHINSON ;andidate for Council Place No. I hereby announce my can- (Pd. Pol. Adv. by Mrs. Venia didacy for FloralaCityCoun'cil- (Chick) Hutchinson, man. Place No. 4, subject to Alabama) NEWS VIEWS George McGovern, Demo- cratic Presidential nomi- nee: "The most serious nation- al security questions involve health, safety and schools, not defense." Edward Brooke, Senator (R- Mass), on troop withdrawal bill: "It tells the White House the Senate believes it has a constitutional responsibility to act in peace and war." No Worry Don't wor~, if a rival imi- tates you. While he follows in your tracks he can't pass you. -Tribune, Chicago. LOST - LOST - Garment Bag containing shirts, ties, slacks and coat. Lost from auto in Florala or between Florala and Kinston. Finder phone 8-3175, Florala. Reward. A1 Jackson. 8-10-3tc In an honest man there is always something of a child. -M arti al. His words are bonds, his oaths are oracles. -Shakespeare. To be honest is nothing; the reputation of it is all. -Thomas Congreve. An honest man's the noblest work of God. -Alexander Pope. Men are disposed to live honestly, if the means of doing so are open to them. -Thomas Jefferson. A thread will tie an honest man betterthan a rope will do a rogue. -Scottish Proverb. LEGAL NOTICE ESTATE OF J. C. GAUTNEY DECEASED PROBATE COURT Letters of Administration of said deceased having been granted to the undersigned on the 12th day of August, 1972, by the Honorable Leland Enzor Judge of the Probate Court of Covington County, notice is hereby given that all persons having claims against said estate are hereby required to present the same within time allowed by law or the same will be barred. Elmer Gene Bass, Administrator, Alien Edward Cook, Attorney for said Administrator 8-17-3tc Large Dwelling fronting West 5th Avenue with 2 complete apartments; also one 2 bedroom house ad- joining this excellent buy. Good investment, conven- ient place to live. 2 bedroom dwelling, wood frame with asbestos siding, located on N. 8th St. Good rental property. Comfortable 2 bedroom dwelling, convenient loca- tion, priced to sell. The Manuel W. Warren re- sidence situated on the cor- ner of N. 8th Street and W. 6th. Avenue. 2 city lots. A real buy. Brick store building. West 5th Avenue, Florala, Ala- bama. A real bargain. 228 acres cut-over land with 45 acres cleared for cultivation. Tracts this size are hard to find. Priced right. Nice lot at Choctaw- hatchee Bay near Navarre Beach. Ideal for vacation cottage or trailer. If you have property to sell or if you want to purchase a certain kind of property, see us first. ROYCE & CO., INC. Mrs. Lucille S. Cox Licensed Real Estate Bro- ker Telephone 858-7373 I I LOST - White Miniature Poodle. NEW & USED Farm Tractors Reward for return or informa- and equipment. LAMBERT tion. Phone 4-4925. TRACTOR CO. DeFuniak 8-17-tpd Springs. Phone 892-7414. 8-17-tfc GLOXINIAS - Several different varieties. Plants have very good foliage. Reasonable prices on all plants. Call Joe Rasberry, Phone 8-4435 or come see af- ter 3:00 P. M. weekdays and Saturday. 200 East Fifth Ave- nue. 8-17-4tc HOUSE FOR RENT on North Sixth Street. Phone 8-3395. 8- 17-tfc FOR SALE - Trailer; 50-gallon gas tank; lawnmower; extension ladder. Trailer by sealed bid to Mrs. Lucile Cox. For other items see MOSE WARREN. FOR SALE - Lady's Oriental Embroidered Shirts. Hand carved Brass. For information call 8-5777. 8-17-2tpd FOR SALE - 3-bedroom brick home with dining room, living room, combined kitchen, den, utility room, bath, carport. On four and 82/100 acres of land. Located two and one-half miles out of Florala on the Florala- Samson Highway. B. J. CAR- MICHAEL. Phone 8-7387. 8-17-3tpd WANT TO BUY - 55 to 60 head of feeder pigs from grow- er. Approximately 80-pound~ each. Phone 4-2070. J. C. Tew. 8-17-1tc FOR SALE 14 foot Fiberglass Boat and trailer. 18-horse Evin- rude motor with electric starter. Only 5-hours running time. DAD and LAD. 6-22-tfc WANTED - A good part time job open for person with car delivering Montgomery Adver- tiser. Contact CONNIE L. JACKSON, Phone 8-0643. 8-3-tic The entire stock and machin- ery of R. F. (Ferris) Andrews, Florala, Alabama. South Fifth Street; the only Shoe Shop there, is for sale. The above described may be seen on Friday and Saturday of each week until further no- tice. 7-27-tfc 8-17-3tpd SOME ONE TO CLERICAL ~;-,ANTED - To work in Florala. General Book- keeping expemence needed. Must ~e neat in appearance and enjoy meeting people. Re- putable firm with favorable working conditions and bene- fits. Please send resume to P. O. Box 467, Florala, Ala- bama. 8-17-tfc HOUSE FOR SALE - To be moved. Can be seen at 25 Cher- okee, Lockhart. Contact J, R+ Henderson, same address. 8- 17-tpd TAKE OVER PAYMENTS ON THESE MOBILE HOMES 64 x 12 3 BEDROOM, BATH, WITH AIR CONDITIONER & WASHER 52 x 12 W BEDROOM FRONT KITCHEN NICE CLEAN 1972 MODEL CALL: (205) 222-7589 WANTED -Any job you have that you want done or need help doing. I have a pick-up truck, lawn mower, most tools for yard work. Call 8-8504. DANIEL PETERSON. Satisfac- tion guaranteed. 6-22-tfc LOSE weight with New Shape Tablets and Hydrex Water Pills. Moody Drug Co. 7-20-7tc SIGN PAINTING - Shop loca- ted two and one-half miles south of Florala on Hwy. 85 (Clear Springs). Phone 4-1825. STARS & STRIPES. Thos. Holley, Own- er. 6-8-tfc IF YOU ARE BOTHERED with roaches, ants, rats, mice, or water bugs, call 8-1765 in~lor- ala, or 493-4336 collect in Opp. ATOMIC EXTERMINATOR of- fers bonded and insured termite control. The number to call is 8-1765, Florala. 10- 12-tfc +, TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: l am not responsible for any debts made by any person other than myself. DAVID BRUCE NANCE. 8-10-4tpd OPENING - September 1st for regular sales lady. Apply Fri- day and Saturday L. M. WEST 5 & 10 STORE. 8-I0-3tc HORSE BREAKING - Experien- ced. Free board. Call 8-7618 for information. No animal re- fused. 8-10- 3tpd WANTED TO BUY - Beer cans. We pay up to 2 each for empty beer cans. Will buy any amount. Send name and address and $1.00 for complete handling, packing and shipping instructions and sample buyer's contract. $I.00 refunded on acceptance of con- tract. Address all mail to HUGHES MANUFACTURING CO. P. O. Box 187, Crestview, Florida 32536. 6-8-lfc FOR SALE 14 foot Fiberglass boat. l0 H.P. 1969 Johnson Motor and trailer. Phone 8-4955. BILL GRANTHAM. Only $300.00." 8-3- 3tpd FOR SALE - nos. I00 pia- IMPORTANT - Back issues of The Florala News can be se- cured only when available and a charge of 50 each will be charged for any papers more than 4 weeks back. After copies of the papers are taken from the front office there will be the ex- tra charge because of the time involved in getting them. Please remember that a charge of 50 each will be charged ~or all back issues of more than 3 to 4 weeks back of this news- paper. 7-20-tfc CHAIN DSA-W LAWN MOWEk REPAIRS ALL WORK GUARANTEED ALSO PARTS FOR MOST ALL LAWN MOWERS AND SAW nos from wAtch to select. Rebuilts, trade-ins, and new Wood, row Adams Spinets. Just say - Charge It. $195.00 and up. HARPER FUR- SALES AND SERVJCE niture co., Evergreen, Alabama. PAXTON, FLORIDA 1N'-, R. FRI. $Rr F+~,o t'f 1~ Did .Y