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September 1, 2010     The Florala News
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September 1, 2010

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PAGE 4 THE FLORALA NEWS - WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2010 Comments Letter to the Editor The Florala News' editorial section is intended to provide our readers and citizens as complete an opportunity to express themselves with as few re- stnctions as possible. Profanity, direct or implied, and attacks on one's per- son rather than on actions or deeds are not acceptable. Publication on this page in NO WAY REFLECTS AGREEMENT OR ENDORSEMENT BY THIS NEWSPAPER. Remembering... by Joann Cotton e-mail: 'Things Learned Along MY Road of Life' 'They say'...'you can't llve long enough to make all the mistakes yourself... learn from others' mistakes!' Aptly put!! 'They say'...'to have your OWN bone'... 'gnaw on it'...'bury it'...'dig it up'...'gnaw on it again'! 'I am a worthwhile woman... (or person)...God don't make no junk'!! (just a few of the emails sent to me from friends) 'Love unexpressed' 'unreal'! 'It's better to have tried and failed... Than never to have tried at all! 'Don't sacrifice the permanent...on the altar of the im- mediate'! (Let that one soak in...repeat it). 'Obesity is (sometimes) a sign of malnutrition!" Eating too many carbohydrates...or an unbalanced diet. 'Some foods might not be good TO you... BUT...good FOR you!' There are 3 'D's' to losing weight: ...Desire... ...Dedication'...(determination) ...Disciphne...(self control). (or whatever) 'Still learning! You learn to doing! An old song learned in early years; 'Said the Thousand Leg-ged Worm As he began to squirm Has anybody : Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, called Caro- : lina to the North, there was a little girl about to be the : new kid on the block ancr she was nervous. It wasn't like :'she hadn't gone through those motions before. The differ- ence that time was that she was old enough to know about it. And when you consciously know about something, your body reacts and it makes the nervousness that much more unbearable. The Carolina to the "North was a new place for her. She had recently moved there from an island in the pacific and life on the mainland was already feeling a bit strange. The air wasn't as sweet. The sky,, not as blue. That new place was grey. Not black or colorful, just grey. Unable to survey her new surroundings, she was not yet prepared to make a decision about that new place. But it would come. Her family, which consisted of a father, a mother and a child, made their home in a temporary dwelling on the outskirts of town. It was cold and damp and felt so far away from the other inhabitants. They were there, somewhere in the city, going about with their daily duties. But it seemed as though they were moving away from that temporary dwelling, going off to other lands unknown. The family had been making progress in their new world. The father had begun his duties, piloting rotary wing air- craft, and the mother was busy taking care of the home and. the child. They moved to another temporary dwelling. One that was bigger and had a room for keeping and preparing food. It was a step up from the previous dwelling, but it didn't yet have that feeling of home to them. They knew it would do, for they had bigger plans on the horizon. The child was getting more anxious about her first day in a brand new place. To her, it was the only place that counted. You see, you're only as tough as your thick skin will take you and it was in this new place where the inevi- table was about to happen. When you are surrounded by your peers, it can make or break you and being the new kid means you're going in with one strike already against you. And when you haven't yet claimed your true identity, every pitch thrown at you can possibly be more and more strikes. The new dwelling was not far from the building of peers and if nothing else, she had one thing going for her. The day that she would enter that building for the first time was the same day they all entered that building, about to embark on a journey together. It was to be their sixth year of learning and they would all be starting it together. They all would have some sort of trepidation growing in their hearts. What would the year bring? Will they make new friends? Will the person leading the teaching be friendly? Or will he or she be one of whom they would draw not so flattering illustrations of. They were all starting at zero, but it was not on that that the little girl was focusing on. When that day arrived, she got up and the mother dressed her in fine clothes. Her hair was fixed and her sup- plies were accounted for. It was a cold day. Something she was not used to experiencing on her island in the pacific. The father loaded her and himself in their vehicle and off they went. The windows of the vehicle reacted to the heat inside ver- sus the cold outside, making it difficult to see the path they were taking. It would have taken her mind off of what was to come. Instead, she focused on what she thought would surely be the worst day of her life. She trembled. Her teeth chattered. She thought it was the coldness still lingering in the vehicle and tried to get it to stop. But that just made it worse and her father, noticing her trembling, tried to reas- sure her that everything would be just fine. Everything was just fine. The first day came to a close and the days turned into weeks. The little girl made friends easier than she gave herself credit for and the gentleman leading the teaching went on to become one of her favorites. And when they studied about her island in the pacific, it was to her the gentleman turned to for pronunciation as- sistance. When that little girl, now a grown woman with children of her own, reminisces about that town that once was so grey to her, she only thinks of vibrant colors. Colors that are so bright and brilliant, she sometimes thinks she can't possibly describe them. It was only a few years after mov- ing to that new land that she truly became one with her identity. She opened herself up to the music around her and to this day, that music still has a hypnotic effect when coupled with the memories buried deep inside her. She learned that situations that start off covered with clouds, can become ones with the bluest of skies, and sun- shine that will warm your heart forever. Letter to the Editor than receive. Editor, I would like to say a special thank you to everyone who made the benefit for Wanda Holmes a huge success. The participation of the local businesses was a wonderful and humbling experience. You gave so freely of yourselves and your merchandise, and I am forever grateful for your unselfishness to help someone else. I am extremely grateful to the City of Florala/Florala Recreational Board for allowing us ti use the Florala Mid- dle School facilities. I could not have chosen a more perfect place myself. Truly the City of Florala has received a jewel with this property and its rich heritage. This benefit could not be accomplished without the help of the airport personnel. Thank you for allowing us to uti- hze your smoker, and your invaluable help with cooking all 72 Boston" butts. Lastly, thank you to everyone who so tirelessly gave of yourself for this benefit. You never complained and helped out 'til the very end. A job well done by a community that forgot about themselves and thought of someone else. It never hurts to "pay it forward" and each of you have shown by your outpouring of love, that it is truly better to give May God richly bless, Gayle Cassidy First Assembly of Florala Editor, I would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to everyone who participated in the benefit held in my honor on Saturday. I cannot start to name everyone who was involved for fear that I might leave someone out. Words could never express what my heart truly feels. The outpouring of love and compassion from the community was completely overwhelming. I thank God for people who care for one another. I do have to make a special mention to my great church family at First Assembly of God who started this benefit, i also would like to thank everyone for keeping me in your prayers. I know that God has a plan and purpose for everything that we "go through. I only want God's will for my life and I will continue to give Him praise no matter what the outcome is. May God bless you all. Yours truly, Wanda Holmes The Florala News welcomes Letters to the Editor. All letters will be published at the discretion of the editor/pubhsher. No letter will be published that does not bear the actual name of the writer and their city or town of residence. A contact number or e-mail address is required but will not be pubhshed. Letters cannot be returned. The Florala News Seen a leg of mine? If it can't be found I'll just have to walk around On the other nine hundred ninety nine!' We did call them (centipedes or millipedes)... 'thousand legged worms.' A cute joke: 'A young centipede asked his mother which foot should he start using first? She said, 'Shut up...and start walking.' There's a moral to this! Another way 'to tell' if the 'rain is gone'...'if there is enough blue sky to make a pair of kitten britches'! Also, an old friend told me once that she wanted to keep learning as long as she lived! Volu nteer M atch .org Where volunteering begins. 2010. StatcPoint Media, Inc. CROSSWORD THEME: AFRICA ACROSS 1. Supplies issued to troops on a march 6. *Moroccan city or hat 9. Not a hit 13. Yours (nonstandard) 14: *Common African natural resource 15. Move sideways 16. Mistake 17. Chemist's office? 18. *Most common mode of transportation 19. *"Blood " movie 21. School fundraising tech- nique 23. Like a fox 24. "The Forsyte " by John Galsworthy 25. TV network with an eye 28. Slat 30. Builds 35. " Make a DeaF' 37. Pirate's spoils 39. Boise state 40. Bald eagle's nest 41. Storage ceiling? 43. Twelfth month of Jewish civil year 44. Many kids have short at- tention 46. S-shaped molding 47. *It's White or Blue 48. Greek personification of the soul, loved by Eros 50. Resting places of those cre- mated 52. U.S. central banking sys- tem 53. Garner wages 55. Beer faucet 57. *World's largest desert 60. *"Black Hawk Down" (2001) setting 64. More pure 65. Solemn pledge 67. Contribute 68. Turns sharply 69. Lengoria of "Desperate Housewives" 70. Repent 71. Tsar, tzar or __ 72. Put in horizontal position 73. Shampoo, ' and repeat DOWN 1. Looked at 2. Actress Spelling 3, Radiant light 4. High school formal bails 5. Register 6. Church congregation 7. *Long gone state of affairs, as in Apartheid 8. *African equine 9. State of annoyance 10. America's chosen soloist 11. *Another name for Black- thorn tree, located in the north- west of the continent 12. "Game, __, match!" 15. *African adventure 20. *Spiral-horned antelope 22. Wrinkles appear with it 24. *Safari protector 25. Necklace fastener 26. Reverse signal 27. Alley cat, e.g. 29. *Band with 1982 hit "Af- rica" 31. "East of " 32. California, abbreviated 33. Northernmost land of in- habited world 34. Rubber- shoes 36. __, as in updating an iPod on iTunes 38. Wedding cake layer 42. Poetry made of quotes 45. Sheep-trimming tool 49. *Bigger on African ele- phants than Indian ones 51. Common Indian dish 54. Tangle or complicate 56. Basic scheme of architec- tural design 57. *Canal and site of infamous crisis 58. codes that serve as prefix of phone numbers 59. German mister 60. Move to the music, e.g. 61. *"The __ King" 62. Overnight lodgings 63. "A Death in the Family ' au- thor 64. Widely used thermoplastic polymer 66. Female reproductive cells last week's solution