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September 13, 1973     The Florala News
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September 13, 1973

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INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ~UBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. NEWS- THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1973 PAGE 7 pOlice jurisdiction thereof, a distributing storage or sale, either or both, of motor Year - $75.00. firm or corporation selling and deliver- motor fuels, per year - $75.00. But if )Be dealer within the corporate limits and jurisdiction, per year - $50.00, if sell- dealer in the police jurisdiction and none limits, per year - $30.00, if selling to WRhin the corporate limits and also to any jurisdiction, per year -$40.00; if sell- total of more than two dealers distribut- corpOrate limits and the police jurisdiction, - $75.00. LI apply to persons, firms, or corporations to be solicited, accepting or causing orders for such motor fuels and deliver- any point within or without the State of license issued for one station or dealer, and thereof more than one dealer or station is difference shall become due immediately thereof if half year license is eligible or excise tax not repealed by :ed license. - or dealers in, or agents for, merchants in the City of Florala trade, (This section shall include any dealer in oil, gasoline, or related [or, whether such refiner, manufacturer, for, has a place of business, depot or the City of Florala or not, and irrespec- orders for such products by such manu- rs, dealers in, or agents for, are received or verbally, if the delivery of said or completed within the City of Florala, .00. FUELS - FUEL OIL - Wholesale companies direct to consumer, per year -$13.50. 'UELS RET, - Each person selling gas- shall pay a license as follows: year - $16.00; each additional pump - $5.00. auto assories. ;PICTURE SHOWS - Each, per year - $115.50. the above flat license tax, there is hereby of 1% of the total gross sales for which the account to the City at the end of each month. CATALOG SALES MERCHANT - Each, SECTION N - Each, per year - $50.00. - SALES AND SERVICE - Each, per year - SECTION O SUPPLy FIRMS - Local firms see merchants firms, per year - $60.00. IAMOLOGIST, OPTOMETRIST, OCCULISTSS - ZUthorized by the laws of Alabama to prescribe per year - $100.00. SECTION P Card or sign painters, per year - $25.00. ) PHRENOLOGY, MEDIUM PHRENOLO- Fortune tellers, phrenologist, astrologist, other persons practicing palmistry, rues- and all persons using devices for the fortunes and all spiritualist giving sit- s or exhibitions, per year - $500.00. BROKERS - Each, per year $I00.00, ERS - Each person who sells goods, wares at retail from trucks or motor vehicles or who sells at retail from house to or solicits orders for any merchandise ;ifically licensed, to be subsequently deliv- from whom the order was solicited any points within or without the State of Ala- r - $150.00. more persons, per year - $75.00. Lunch stand or carry out $25.00. 117. REPAIR SHOPS - Each person engagedin the following works: Repairing stoves, Bicycles, Furniture, Lawn Mow- ers, per year - $25.00. ll8. ROACHES, ANTS, TERMITES - Each person, firm, or corporation engaged in the busiess of fumigating and/or treating permises for the extermination of ants, roaches, termites, per year - $75.00. I19. ROOFERS OR TINNERS - Repairing roofs, each local firm or person, per year - $50.00; each transient firm or person, per year - $150.00. SECTION S 120. SEWING MACHINES - Each person selling and de- livering, either or both, sewing machines, per year - $75.00. 121. SKATING RINKS - Each per year- $100.00; per month $75.00; per week - $50.00. 122. SOFT DRINKS IN BOTTLES - Selling at wholesale, see bottlers or bottled or soft drinks; selling at retail except at licensed soda fountain, each person, whether pay- ing merchant's license or not, per year - $5.00. 123. SODA FOUNTAINS Each, per year- $30.00. 124. SHOE REPAIR SHOPS - Each, per year - $30.00. SECTION T 125. TRADING STAMPS - Each trading stamp company shall pay a license as follows: per year - $150.00. SECTION U 126. UPHOLSTERERS OF FURNITURE - Each, per year - $30.00. 127. UNDERTAKERS OR MORTICIANS - Each person en- gaged in the business of preparing bodies for burial, in- cluding sale of caskets, embalming, and hearse service, per year - $150.00. SECTION V. 128. VETERINARY SURGEONS - Each person, per year - $I00.00. 129. VENETIAN BLINDS, AWNINGS, SALES AND SER- VICE - Each, per year - $25.00. SECTION W 130. WOOD YARDS - Each, per year - $15.00. 131. SHOPS FOR WOOD WORKING OR BLACKSMITH - Each person operating a shop for doing wood work of any kind per year - $50.00. 132. WATER UTILITIES - Furni-~hing water for Public and Commercial uses - Three percent of the gross receipts of the business done by the utility in the municipality dur- ing the preceding year. 133. GAME MACHINES - Shuffle Board and Baseball game 1 machiz;v, each per year $15.00. 5 and over, each, per year - $30.00. Charity machines - free. SECTION 2 BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, That the above schedule of license and this ordinance shall become effective January 1st, 1974 and shall continue in full force and effect through successive years until changed, modified, amended or repealed, and the amounts fixed for licenses shall be annual unless otherwise specified in said schedule. No license shall be issued for a longer period than the end of the calendar year Of the date of issuance. Li- cense shall become due under this ordinance January 1st of each year for which this ordinance shall be valid, and shall be delinquent March 1st of each of said years. The delinquent date of the license taxes due hereunder may be accelerated at any time the Mayor or City Clerk shall deem the City in danger of losing this license tax, and the fixa- tion of the delinquent date of March Ist, of each year, shall not deprive the City of its lawful right to institute proceedings for the collection of its license tax any time prior to said delinquent date, nor to demand an arrest for failure to pay license tax imposed hereunder at any time prior to said delinquent date. ERS _ Each peddler, whether on foot or with or takes orders for the sale of or who furniture, stoves, blankets, lace, curtains, ks, jewelry, bedsteads, dress goods, window coffee, tea or spice, brother goods, where conditional sale contracts are . retail, vervear- $150.00. The above license de "-- - liveries are subsequently to be made from or without the State of Alabama. ERS - Selling goods, wares or merchandise Provided for herein, or taking orders for year $150.00. Each person buying or selling pecans with of business, per year - $25.00. - Each studio maintaining in Flo- SECTION 3 BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, That no license issued undertheprovisionsofthis ordinance shall contain any element of contract, but that it shall be a mere grant or privilege, subject to alteration, amendment or revocation, at the pleasure of the City Council. But it shall be the duty of the Council upon such revocation to cause to be refunded to the licensee an amount equal to the sum unaccrued during the term of said license. SECTION 4 BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, That any person, firm or cbrporationdealing in two or more of the articles mentioned in said schedule unless permis- sion is given by said schedule to handle under a particular license, or engage in two or more callings or professions, enumerated in the foregoing schedule, and for which a license is required for each person, firm, or corporation, shall pay for and take out a license for each such line of J -y Per year - $35.00. business, vocation, or calling profession or occupation so - Transient, and/or those selling engaged in. No license shall be transferred to another ~res, to be made outside the police juris- without permission of the Mayor and City Council, and there a, and/or who solicits orders for the en- shall be no OBligation to permit such transfer. ographs or pictures, or for picture frames, rge for such picture frames, or not, and/ SECTION 5 isposes ofpictureframes, each; per year - BE iT FURTHER ORDAINED, This schedule has no application to mer- s having a permanent place of business in ~ave taken out City license for the conduct That all privilege license in 1974 and those due for each successive year under this ordinance shall become de- - Each dealer in, per year - $250.00. linquent on the Ist day of March of such current license year. Any person, firm or corporation whose business is d from merchant's or pawn broker's li- subject to a privilege license and who fails to produce the~: same before becoming delinquent shall be liable to an ad- -Each, per year- $50.00. ditional amount equal to ten percent of the amount of the amount of such license, which ten percent shall be ~= AND EGGS - Each personengagod in buying collected by the Clerk in addition to the license, and said amount or penalty shall constitute and form a part of the amount fixed or taxed as a privilege for doing business. at wholesale, for resale or reshipments, merchant's license, per year - $25.00. UTILITIES - (a)-Railroads-Each company SECTION 6 It or passengers for hire, or delivering the 'tate purposes, per year - $100.00. (b) Ex- BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, .~s, Rail or Bus-Each, per year $35.00. That the adoption of this schedule shall not abridge the nmpanies - Each, if engaged in intrastate ear - $10.00. (d) Telephone exchanges (not rights of the City Council to change, alter, or increase any distance), per year - $200.00. (e) Tele- of the above licenses at any time and when increase is to ..~ be made unless the same be paid in thirty days, the former )ng distance, transmitting calls within the shall be revoked and no further business carried on there- a, each person operating or maintaining the under, nor shall it abridge the right of the City Council to n to exchange license if liable therefor, per require a license for any business, occupation, trade, ex- In addition to the above flat license tax, imposed a taxof3%of gross sales for which hibition, vocation or profession not included in the above schedule, and when any license is required, then the same Ill account to the City at the end of each shall be paid on the full year from January 1st, except when business began June 30th, when license for a half year shall be required. No license shall be transferred SECTION R in any event more than one time and never from one bus- iness to another. T. V. REPAIRS AND SALES - Each pc, ~n radios and televisions for pay, per SECTION 7 BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, For vncRtions, occuvations, nrofessions, trade, and for which no license is prescribed herein, the Mayor may cause the same to be issued and may prescribe the amount to be fixed and collected for said license. The Mayor may in his dis- cretion reduce any license herein fixed, but he shallreport such reduction the City Council. SECTION 8 BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, That any person, firm or corporation, or other person subject to payment of license hereunder who shall engage in or carry on any business or do any act in the City of Flo- rala, Alabama, or in the police jurisdiction thereof, for which a license is charged or required under this ordinance, without first having paid for and taken out a license there- for in the manner provided by this ordinance, shall be guilty of doing business without license, any such person who fails to pay license may be fined not more than $200.00 for each offense, and may be sentenced to hard labor upon the streets of the City of Florala for not more than six months, either or both as the Court trying the same may deem proper. SECTION 9 BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, That if any section or schedule of this ordinance or any provision thereof shall be invalid, such invalidity shall not affect or impair the remaining valid sections, schedules or provisions. Be it further provided that this ordinance shall supersede, for the tax year 1974 and subsequent years, all other license schedules heretofore enacted which are in conflict with this ordinance. This ordinance shall not repeal, effect, modify, change or alter any license tax on gasoline, determined on the gallonage basis, but said ordi- nance imposing the license tax of 1 per gallon on each gallon of gasoline sold within the corporate limits of Flo- rala or of the police jurisdiction heretofore enacted shall remain in full force and effect, and shall be in addition to this tax. Adopted and approved the 13th day of August, 1973. Joe R. Evans, MAYOR Authenticated By: Betty Hooten, Clerk I FOR THE m m SCHEDULED FOR OCTOBER 4TH PAXTON, FLA. PHONE 4-0875 BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIALS Vanity Merle Norman Shop Studio SEPTEMBER 13THRU 19 - SPECIAL - PERMANENTS , 00 COMPLETE WITH SHAMPOO & SET OO REG $14 53 ":ROSTINGS s 10.OO 3 HAIRSTYLISTS TO SERVE YOU DIANE JENKINSSANDRA HENLEY THERESA (HOLLOWAY) JONE~ CALL FOR APPOINTMENT 8-0265 REBA DAVIS - OWNER Florala, Ale. mm m mm Room air conditioners drastically reduced for final clearance! GIANT I [ ,*, '* J COOLING POWER 1 lk 2-speed fan ~k Exclusive "flip top" coolinS Concealed touch control center 4r EvenTemp thermostat .-~m Yelr-eed ~ "qtliff +" AGENTS - Each person selling, leas- estate, or collecting rent there for on for compensation, per year - $35.00. - For each restaurant, care, care- Public eating place, a license tax shall It the seating capacity is not more than Trap V~GP ,. qt~n ~N tf r~ t~sr~tts etv. L, ~HTMENIOt iHEIHEAbURV ~,-- l;~. ; I',- OFFICE OF REVENUE SHARING 1900 PENNSYLVANIA AVE. N.W. PLANS" TO EXPEND ITS REVENUE SHARING ALLOCATION WASHINGTON. D.C. 20226 FORTHE ENTITLEMENT PERIOD BEGINNING (K)[~EXECUTI~ ~~thisplsnisbassdon JUL ~ ~-'~?.~." AND ENDING ,;~N 31~., ~._~t Bn executive proposal (L) DEBT How will the avsilability of revenue sharing funds affect the borrowing requirements of your jurisdiction? I~+OOO+*-- ~+-- LESSEN DEBT INCREASE TOO SOON TO PREDICT EFFECT (M) TAXES In which of the following manners is it expected that the availability of Revenue Sharing Funds will affect the tax levels of your jurisdiction? Check BS many as apply. [~ WILL ENABLE REDUCING ~ WILL REDUCEAMOUNT OF RATE RATE OF A MAJOR TAX. INCREASE OF A MAJOR TAX. [~ WILL PREVENT INCREASE IN [,~ RATE OFA MAJOR TAX NO EFFECT ON TAX LEVELS [~ WILL PREVENT ENACTINGA NEW MAJOR TAX ~-~ TO0 SOON TO PREDICT EFFECT IN THE FOLLOWING MANNER BASED UPON AN ESTIMATED TOTAL OF $7, 274 ACCOUNT NO. 2 LDCKH RT TDHN CITY CLERK LOCKHRRT RLRBRHR 26455 OPERATING/MAINTENANCE EXPENDITURES PRIORITY I PLANNED PERCENT PERCENT PLANNEO FOR PtANNE0 F0~ MAINTENANCE NEW OR EXPENDITURE t EXPENDITURES PURPOSE CATEGORIES (A)[ (B) 0~ EXlSnN~ EXPA~OEO (E) SERVICES {C) SERVICES (D) ,o MOLT'- $ PURPOSE AND ;OeL,CSAFE % % - GENERAL GOVT. 11 ENVIRONMENTAL $ 0,~ % EDUCATION PROTECTION I HEALTH TRANSPORTATION I HEALTH $ % % 13 T RAN S PORTATiOI~ 14. SOCIAL 5 $ 5a4~ ~;P0 % ,~,d % DEVELOPMENT RECREATION 15 HOUSING"e' $6 % O/~ ICOMMUNITY LIBRARIES = !16DEVELOPMENT ;OCTAL SERVICES $ % % ECONOMIC FOR AGED& POOR "" IDEVELOPMENT It7 FINANCIAL $ OZ O] IENvIRONMENTAL ADMINISTRATION m 70 70 ]CONSERVATION "'~'+' i ~~ ~~ ' OPERATING/MAIN ;1 8 TENANCE EXPEND $ ITURE~ : iPUSLIC SAFETY iJCREATION + (N) ASSURANCES (Refer to Instruction G) ~CULTURE I~.G OTH eRrspeffv, ThB news media have been advised that a complete copy of this report has been published in a local newspaper of general 121 OTHERfSpecify)= circulation. I have records documenting the contents of this report and thsy are open for public and news media scrutiny. 22 OTHER(Specify)! I assure the Secretary of the Treasury that the statutory 23 provisions listed in Part G of the Instructions accompanying this TOTAL PLANNED report will be complied with by this recipient government with CAPITAL EXPENDI- resoect to the entitlement funds reoorted hereon.TURES CAPITAL EXPENDITURES PLANNED PERCENT PLANNEDFOR: EXPENDITURES .... lLANO 0BT (F) EQUIPMENT CONSTRU~IONACQUISITION RETIREMENT (G} ,1"} P} (JI s % % % % s % % % % = % % % % s % % % % s % % % % s % % % % % % % % $ s % % %i % s IOO % % % % s %1 % % s % % %) s % % % % , SIGNATURE OF CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER DATE _____FLORALA_N t/S NAME OF NEVVSPAP~R 3 N LE o TIMMERNAN NAME & TITLE -- PLEASE PRINT DATE PUBLISHED THIS REPORT TO BE RETURNED TO THE DEFT, OF THE TREASURY JULY ll73 t